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Monday, July 24, 2017

Mathematics & Chess Champions: #Maryam #Mirzakhani

Mathematics & Chess Champions: #Maryam #Mirzakhani
I have written about relation of Budh/Mercury connection with Mars (Mangal) or signs of Mangal. I have taken her birth-time as 10AM Tehran just for illustration purposes. It shows Budh/Mercury in Aries (Mesh). Mercury in Aries is Gary Kasparov, Korpov and so on. Mercury Sun in Scorpio is Vishwanathan Anand. So Mercury and Mars are very much related to the math and chess stuff. Maryam has Mercury in Aries too. She has Sun Mercury in Aries. Ketu is in the very first degree of Aries (Rashi-Gandant) which shows something with brain and head or nervous system with the maternal grandfather (intense events).

Her chart:
 aspect is very close on Sun & Mercury. Chandra-Rahu could show lack pf patience but Shani/Saturn drushti on Budh/Mercury Surya and MORE so KETU in the very first degree of Aries does show a very high brain activity and a busy mind. The date of 3 ruled by Guru shows broad approach thought leadership and academics & individual achievers. The total addition of 14 again is BUDH/MERCURY which is conductive for numbers anyways. Uranus bang opposite Mercury only increases the speed of the mind and also keeps it very busy – unconventional, unorthodox and challenging the status-quo.

She had a breast cancer - -so may be Makar/Capricorn lagna or rather even Mithun/Gemini ascendant/lagna with Surya Ketu Budh/Mercury in the 4th house. Don't know for sure. She developed the breast cancer in 2013 when transit Shani/Saturn/ was traveling on her Chandra-Rahu-Uranus and was opposite/drushti on her Surya-Budh/Mercury-Ketu and also her natal . Will try to find her birth-time. He forehead is quite decent size.

"Stanford mathematics Professor Maryam Mirzakhani, the first and to-date only female winner of the Fields Medal since its inception in 1936, died Friday, July 14. She had been battling breast cancer since 2013; the disease spread to her liver and bones in 2016. Mirzakhani was 40 years old. She died at Stanford Hospital."

Face-Reading Common useful Observations

Face-Reading Observations (Will keep Adding in this articles as time permits)

(1)     A big forehead shows the desire of soul to do thinking, planning, strategy (Say Swami Vivekanand)-- overall shows deep thinking than downright actions. A narrow forehead shows that the soul wants to execute things in this life and there is a focus of thoughts on select few things only (Bharat-ratna Lata Mangeshkar). Two mounts on the forehead shows all rounder or multiple interests (Sachin Tendulkar) whereas only 1 mount shows specific 1 interest only (Brian Lara). We can elaborate stuff and have multiple variations of this theme --- but this is a generic stuff which will apply most of the times. Bigger forehead shows desire but also need to spend time on thoughts than actions.

(2)     An abrupt ending or narrow (say sharp angle) chin shows lack of temperament, aggression, agitation & anger management issues. If broad forehead and abrupt chin then too many thoughts but less but sudden action also which is not rational after all that thinking.

Usually a broad chin shows good execution consideration, good temperament and a stable minded person. Industrious people who build big businesses have a prominent chin or rather the part of face below mouth/lips. JRD Tata is very good example and MANY folks who build BIG things -- they will never have an abrupt chin. BUT Abrupt chin also shows popularity or NAME/IMAGE some time in their life ----- Good/Bad can't be commented...!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Astrology Question & Answers :Astro Q&A (AstroMNC)

46 Questions answered:

Random Thoughts Nov -2012
1. Milind: I read Random Thought-13,: being Libra lagan and Rashi..Lagan lord venus in Arda Nakshatra and Moon in Swati nakshatra ( both are Intense Nakshtra ) L3 and L6 in 8th house.. Are All these Thing shows Short lived (Alpaayu) ?? Despite of Sun in Magha in 11th and JUP 8th in Rohini…Will help the native little bit? Seeking your View Please!!!!

Why ardra and swati "intense"!!!??? They are actually very good ones and especially Swati is a blessed one!! It is a “Dev-Guni” nakshatra. L3 and L6 in 8tth house i.e. Guru in 8th house is Wipareet Raajyog. Also Guru in 8th shows some mastery or expertise in alternate medicine or yoga or some healing methods etc etc. No Guru in 8th can't be a Alpaayu yoga unless it is VERY VERY troubled with Shani & Mangal drushti and L8 placed very badly along with L1 & L3 too!!!

2. I read that Jupiter mahadasha + Venus anatardasha is testing period and that if Jupiter and Venus and 6th and 9th then it is again a testing period.
Guru and Venus should be very good unless obviously VERY VERY BAD placement of either one which shows bad karma with relations or kids or mentors. But regardless of houses they own -- this period usually should not be THAT bad... Of course, assuming they are not in some intense nakshatra and very badly placed.

3. Which planets responsible for depression or psychological problem?????
Moon and actually the faster moving planets like Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars in that order when troubled -- are wakri and close to Ketu & Shani AND their owner wakri in shatru rashi etc causes WEAK temperament and weaker alignment of "chemicals" in the brain. Wakri planets and their owners also wakri does show some weakness for sure. Budh wakri in some intense nakshatra or near a very karmic FIXED STAR could cause nervous system issues (neurological etc) -- MOON The most IMP --- Ketu shows spiritual heights in Guru drushti and its owner in Guru drushti and in good sign but it also shows detachment or pessimism or poor temperament etc. so Ketu and Shani wakri with wakri smaller planets and their rashi swami also wakri could cause a hell lot of depression.

4.Sir IF suppose moon(leo) weak in 2nd house and Saturn passes over this that time the person might be in depression or feeling damn nervous and short temper???
yeah -- temporary though...

5.Sir, when we have Sun in ashwini nakshatra in the 1st (ascendant) house .. What does this position of surya signify in terms of father and the native?
This is GREAT & Parakrami combination provided Sun is not ill-aspected etc. Ill aspected one would show head injury and also spine heart issues to self and father also.

6. Milind by which we make sure prediction or can say about result Horoscope or palmistry????
Which one you more prefer??
Combined result of horoscope palmistry face reading. Also in horoscope it is dasha gochar and fixed stars and also Chandra kundali bhavchalit navamansh etc etc etc  family history very limp if rahu ketu with lots of planets.

Lines change quite a bit but existing ones do not go away and also the basic ones do not disappear....Palm could also show physical weakness (Venus mount: Kidney and renal system, Guru -- thighs/legs and lever etc etc) -- So yes Palmistry is very good supporting one for horoscope. For example a Horoscope shows a drastic event around say age of 35 and the same time using "system of 7" on the lines of palm also shows some issues - better to plan for it and try to reduce intensity = Forewarned is Forearmed!!

7. Milind, what does the family history say, if rahu on 3rd house makar with moon, Budh and Guru?
Great successful paternal grandfather for sure...!! Material success and he lived life with panache I guess!  He must have liked expression or some sort of art or even living life on his terms -- free spirit.

8. I born in Jyeshtha Nakshatra, Vrishchik Rashi (I think U also?), is it considered bad. What effect this Nakshatra gives to the person.
It is not bad etc it is just that the person is always supposed or forced to behave like an elder brother to even their elder brothers/sisters and is always a senior in the family -- this nakshatra also shows tremendous survival instincts and also ability to take stress. Usually Vrishchik rashi and Sun is given to people to exact some revenge and channel rage for some constructive or destructive things -- Worship of SHIVA and actually HANUMAN helps this sign which ruled nuclear power!! JYESHTHA is indeed a Jyeshtha person and this applies to also Sun sign in Jyeshtha. Moon Sign Jyeshtha shows this more towards FAMILY and Sun shows in career but not every time but most of the times...

9. Milind, What to expect during Rahu maha dasha and moon sub dasha, both in 10 house Kanya?
Increase in workplace power, people working for you -- some IMAGE award by May2013 and also some prestigious -- great image project or initiative that would land in your lap -- but imp part is WHERE is BUDH and also Rahu and Moon's nakshatra-swami will decide HOW BIG this award or project you get it...!! But overall publicity or getting famous at workplace is very likely... Budh consideration is THE MOST imp in this case but gave you a generic idea. Rather Moon Rahu conjunction in 10th shows a deep desire to get RECOGNITION at workplace and also their owner in the 1st house ONLY UNDERSCORES it -- -!!!! I am sure you must be running your job like your own business anyways!! So I am sure that you will have image enhancement and support from some ladies by May2013 at workplace.

10. Milind what about akshay kumar`s comming movie KHILADI 786 .........a HIT or a MISS?
From trailer looks a HIT J  He is Tula rashi which has 8th Guru which shows personally doing well but the programs you are part do not do as well...Could be mixed results

11. if one has moon in Swati nakshatra 1 pada what does this 12 house say?
L9 in 12 shows travels -- long term ones and strategic ones -- abroad connection s for sure

12. I have budh and shani in lagna (Virgo), what effect it gives on personality and attitude?
At times OVER analytical -- over critical and SKEPTICAL -- But yes this formation also gives good ability of trading and making order out of chaos -- too much worrying and control on FREE thinking is seen when Shani Budh together without any other impact -- Need to keep thoughts positive --- Hanuman Sadhana a must!!!

13. Milind: Do you believe IN OMEN??
Quick post: -- 1 chain of events leads in to some result at say place 1 ---- Some different chain of events which mimics the same planetary position -- also ends in some result which is similar at the same time --- this is OMEN --- So omen does NOT cause or CANNOT cause ANYTHING ---- BUT it MERELY gives an indication ------BUT BUT --- If the OMEN you observed is due to LONGER sequence of events than the one you are going thru -- it will not be of any use to you -- i.e. 5 people going in a CAR --- 5 people have different stops and different work to do with different chain of commands -- How something happening at one time APPLY to ALL of them -- ??? So yes something happens in say Alaska at this time which is reflected in some planetary positions -- similar thing could be happening some other part of the world -- those two events are shown by similar planetary positions BUT they are NOT causing each other!!!! 

Q: Milind, suppose we r going 4 some good work & then got few mixed type OMENs WHAT TO do??
Go for the good work and do the good work!    Again as I said how to you know that the omen has the same “frequency” as the work you are doing -- if they are out of phase --- you would NEVER know that -- UNLESS someone asks you -- Kidhar ja rahee hain -- and EXACTLY at the same time someone falls down .....Now again it is a short omen and if you work is small could apply... but else IGNORE the OMENS -- Your MIND HAS SO MUCH POWER and Good Karma is a Good Karma...

14. How Natal chart position of any planet is significant while studying the effects of GOCHAR planet position for same planet and vice versa ? if can plz explain with some examples...

ABSOLUTELY IMP -- I got some cash flow when Shani was in 20s degrees in Kanya exactly 11th to my Moon - I had a minor accident when Shani was aspecting my Mangal in close degrees --- hurt my arms -- 30 years back same position had broken my arm (plaster!) AND SO ON!!!!   When Shani was aspecting natal Mangal in close degrees -- I was away from my friends in that 6 months...Even Guru in 20s was VERY rewarding to me in Meen -- so YES ABSOLUTELY imp and Western astrologers despite having WRONG signs can predict pretty well as they only check angles & degrees!!! Usually 7 degree minus and 7 degree plus works for Gochar and more son in the same nakshatra swami and even more when same # of navamansh in the signs -- Exact degree Gochar affect the most!

15.Milind,as 10th house indicate father...& I have sun(mesh)around 10 degree...hows the relationship with father????
GREAT --- However your L10 is in 12th house so you have obligation also towards father. But yes Sun in 10th degree itself is ATI_UCHCHA means father must have some abilities. April 14 to May 14 birth shows that father must have done well or will do something good -- My Kido on 3rd May

16. Milind, "Panchada maitry of particular horoscope" is different or not? Mean mars and sat are universal enemy So is it(Enemy) remain for every horoscope? what is Panchada maitry ? Please tell...
I have NO clue what this "Panchada maintry" is about -- Sadly, I am not at all a pustak-pandit...!! I can only use logic, case studies and experience etc to answer a specific question...

17.sir,.what house is Shani for Meen rashi ,,, and what does it mean???
Did not understand the men current Shani - it is 8th -- which means mostly a desk job away from mass-base and building new expertise & abilities in career for future bullish period from mid2014

18.sir marse+shani(dhanu)in 10th is  the career & life???
10th house Shani Mangal in Dhanu shows broken arm or leg for self and also father --- if very close. Also it shows some accidental nature from time to time. It also shows great adhikar at workplace but ups & downs from time to time with conflicting priorities.

19. What happens when a planet is in a enemy's sign and goes retrograde... Eg: Jup in Libra retrograde?
Any planet is Libra very good for field of Art -- music movies, painting etc (2) Guru in Libra means the person's past karma is very good in the field of art and also the person has love for more worldly pleasures and is a balanced person. Also it means money is an imp aspect. (3) Right now Shani going over this Guru means this person needs to be careful as they might get some mentors who could try to exploit under the mukhota of being senior or so! (4) Guru wakri means 1st pregnancy could be delayed BUT in Tula rashi -- I think not... Guru Shukra enemy is more on philosophical level than Say Surya Shani enmity... Guru is teacher/kids -- Shukra is partner! 

 20. Moon & Rahu in Tula @ 11th house?
It means great income 11th house Moon Rahu. Also the owner of 11th in 12th shows that you and your paternal grandpa have some karmic unpaid connection with people 9 to 12 hours or plain simply abroad --- i.e. you will provide them service and get paid and vice versa.

Planets in 12th house often "gilli uadate hain" astrologers! 
It means Astrologers are "bowled" or "stumped" the most by 12th house planets. They forget that these planets have CHOICE to either reach GREAT heights and swim against the tide or go with the tide and be submissive!! The first way is the BEST WAY!  The 12th house planets show great planning ability and also ability to connect to "higher Self" at platonic level without going to temple or church etc. Thats why 12th house planets are VERY VERY imp --(You have 12th house Moon in own house in a very good nakshatra -- great planning and inner wisdom) Usually -- not always but MOST OFTEN -- 12th house planets are given to BORN RICH person ---- They mostly inherit the wealth and 10th hosue 11th house or 3rd and 5th house planets make people earn money in this life.
21. Dude what is mercury is in 1st house and the lord of 3rd n 12th house.. on top of that mahadasha of mercury is going on...and with mercury we have moon sun n mars

3rd in 12 shows long term travels or short term travels that end up being long term ones!  It shows some connection with people abroad of 9 to 12 hours away

Mercury in 1st house with Sun and Mars is good and not bad at all -- signs we do not know and not nakshatra or degrees but planets with Sun cannot harm beyond certain limit ---- Sun increases their darja but also reduces their ability to give good ro bad on their own. i.e. Surya Mangal very close -- despite Mangal say uchcha -- might be good in sports but not make a career in sports (which is ruled by Mangal)

22. Greetings Milind!!! Does any planetary change or transit indicate when does a person get relieved of past karma or is it that you keep giving & giving & don't receive means you are still in debt??

 Yes in a simple word. Some past karma is already reflected in your physical appearance, your family economic situation (good/bad etc) so it does not need any paying back. Now it is about the people you meet on various legs of life where that karma needs to be paid -- which means YES you got to keep working on good deeds and the ship will start turning slowly but surely...Mahadasha long antardasha and Shani transits change would often indicate chnage of times

23. Milind is pitra dosha in horoscope creates hurdles in professional growth...

Pitru-Dosh means two things? (1) Either your elders - past generations have some desires incomplete and they want you to do something about it (2) they did something not so good and if you take corrective actions -- they will be able to move on. So I guess doing good karma with your karmic obligation and also using Rahu Ketu position in the horoscope to check what you can do. But how would that affect career or profession -- there is no direct connection but yes it could affect your mental peace and also your mental stability & could affect every area of your life? just thinking out loud.

24. rahu in tula in jan what r its affects and side affects
Why you want to attribute it to Rahu -(bad situation) --- rather imagine what would have been the situation if it wasn't 11th & was say 12th -- additional issues with paternal family health /elders

25. Milind which house and planets indicate true and best and great friends???
Uchcha mangal or Mangal in Guru Drushti -- Good 4th house Guru drushti on 4th house (close to heart people) etc.

26. What should people with debilitated moon such as moon in Scorpio do? It seems like one bad thing after another. Ah it's sadesati one down 6 and a half to go.

It is again Indian philosophy of moon being debilitated in Scorpio as it shows revenge taking mind, too much passion, and extreme thought process and so on --- so I would not take it too seriously but rather i this world kaliyug Scorpio could be considered uchcha! But yes Sadesati and Shani is particularly harsh with Vrishchik Moon and Sun folks! Also they FEEL it harsh due to extreme attitude and a bit TOO sensitive nature.

27.sir IF MANGAL+sukra (sinh) (saumya mangal as read in ur articles) in 7th house then the person will consider as a manglik or not???

It is Manglik for sure with Shukra it is more effective for sure but sin Sinvha it shows uncompromising behavior with partner --- sometimes partner could be driven around by these folks

28. How will be the marriage life and relationship with mother-in-law for Gemini lagna and Jupiter in 8th place

 Jupiter aspect on 4th house so you would get good outage info available so commenting only based on given info Jupiter aspect on 4th house from. 12th house And also 10th house

29.One person told me that he has been getting health issues in the month of June for more than 10 yrs. every year hospitalized in june either accident or chicken fox etc.. 
Any astrology reasons???
ASC: Cancer
1st house: mars, sun
5th house: Rahu
8th house: Jupiter
11th house: moon, ketu
12th house: mercury, Saturn, Venus
 Mithun Sun 12th to Lagna and Lagna Surya and Mangal - that too on horoscope Saturn...apart from that I do not have any other explanation!
30.for marriage wht is most impt - upapada lord, 7th lord of birth chart , lagna lord , 7th lord of navamas , navamas lagna lord or current mahadasa

Planets in 7th, L7 and SHUKRA in the main horoscope -- Same things to be checked from CHandra -- Just ignore Navamansha and you will still be 90% correct!  

31.Milind sir , what is the importance of " SUDARSHAN CHAKRA " while predicting a chart
 I don't use it can't answer

32.Sir....shani(makar) in 7th it possiibbllee AT 22???I mean shani related to delay...
Yeah delay recommended -- As per cast religion delay could mean 23 25 or even 29 or 32 -- SO I guess as [er family history -- it would be a bit delayed but again it could be a somewhat more matured or more educated or more age person --- Serious or scientists etc (Most likely a CA or finance consultant) but yes Shani shows all these possibilities. with Guru drishti it shows delays and not separation etc kind of pains...
But that Shani in Mangal drushti also so hence it is a bit advised to be delayed..

33.Hey Milind...small query........I read that planets in 9, 10 and 11th houses give good results.....Is this from the moon sign or ascendent....thanks
 Moon sign....mostly..good to check from ascendant but moon very significant ad moon shows deep desires of this life unfulfilled in the past planets in 9 10 11 help these desires..... thru what channels u get it can be checked by asc ...use LOGIC always...

34.if i say that malefic's do well in upachaya houses, 3,6,11. Then the natural rashis of upachays are, Gemini, Virgo and Kumbha..Mars is just ok in Gemini, not good in Virgo and bad in Kumbha..similarly, Sun not so good in Kumbha (shatru khsetri or enemy sign). Why these contradictions and huge differences in natural house and its karakatwas vis a vis corresponding Rashi quality contradiction
 Why mart's bad inn gemini?? Federrer Dennis lille and many great sportsman have this....prakash padukon
 Mars is not at all bad in kumbh....rather many friends and intellectual....jagadmitra
 Yes mars in virgo shows acidity and stomach issues..not great for health....

35.Milind da, which planetary position in a chart shows strong sense of responsibility?
 Yeah planets in 1 5 9 houses....and owners of these houses also in 1 5 9 only....

36.What does saturn in 5th house in cancer show? Does it have any effect on ones personality? Kids related issues?
 Conservative nature late kids our marriage...samshayee swabhav good vote lawyers etc hardwork required for getting good scores in exams...

37.what type of planetary position makes a man ever jolly' happy go around? People love his/her company???
Moon mercury Venus dominated personality both microscope and numero point off view

38.what indication of sukra(vrishabh)11th house...7th drishti on 5th house???L5 in the 12th house. & also surya(mesh)in 10th house...same as 7th drishti on 4rth house...???
 Great gains especially until May2013 as Guru going over Shukra and could find a partner until then. L5 in 12 is good for training education and PLANNING board etc. L5 in 12 and Shukra drushti on 5th from even rashi would shows 1st Girl child -- L5 in 12 also shows connections with powerful people and this person tries to bypass some steps or step by step approach to connect at the highest level directly -- so they tend to depend on people in these positions who are in mostly execution or post of responsibility. Surya Mesh in 10th house so whats the need of an astrologer!??   L10 also 12th house also shows abroad connection --- people around coudl thinkn that they can "get" you but you woudl find someone abroad and UD jaayegi hawaa main!  

39.I am not sure how many leo and aries ascendant/rashi folks have faced it here but given by my experience the current saturn and sun transit in libra has played havoc to the mental peace and "pride" of these 2 ascendant/rashi folks...any views on similar experience ...@Milind Chitambar ...would appreciate your expert opinion on this...coz to me this combo experentially could be worse compared to standard 8th Sun to rashi transit

JUst Sun Saturn of Gochar do not disturb the whole balance of the nature. It happens every year actually! for Leo Ascendant except for health this is not a bad combo to have actually! Mesh rashi -- relationships or partnerships issues....
40.I have a suggestion for all aspiring astrologers that only take up this subject if you can draw a line between your world and astro world and don't start seeing the world thru planets only. When you do that you end up losing the essence of life and stop enjoying it and get so bogged down that you lose interest in your day to day living. You start calculating every step you take every degree all the aspects and what not in every little thing you do. Astro advice should only restrict to making major decisions and dealing with problems or preparing for future bad phase and not let it rule your life. Look at our gurudev Sri Sri Milind Chitambar swami. He knows the right blend and so looks so balanced and at peace all the time :))
It happens in early days of starting with astrology one should not forget that the world existed 10000s of years before and will afterwards. Just that we learnt something does not change the world!  I guess God is is small things and all things are equally small or equally big? ---- only our lack of knowledge makes things big or small?? Astrology is a just a tool or map and not the destination

41.Which planet represents height (not physical) but heightened places and danger from such places?
Mars Ketu fire at heights -- Guru Ketu Cyclones, Shani Ketu bigger cyclones etc etc...i.e. wind on height.
yeah 9/11 Mars Ketu in Moola nakshatra !!!

sir In general case mars in Magha nakstra what will it show? Most of planet in ketu nakshtra..?

Maternal family connections and maternal father must be good or some active person and you have karmic connections there --- Mars in Magha shows blood quality from maternal family

42.Whenever shani or guru is 11th - there will be Paison ki Barish --- Is it ? as you have mentioned for Dhanu & Kirk for Nov ? which other graha 11th denotes what like above mentioned ? Can we have in GENERAL each house-graha (or may be important ones only like 5/6th house Guru and 9/10/11 houses and 12/01/02 specially for shani and for any other graha) article "irrespective of rashi and other dasha's etc" ?
yes every planet gochar in 11th causes money/cash or "gains" given to you. This is the effect of your collective karma in 8 9 10 movements -- all the unpaid stuff during these movements is paid to you. Guru and Shani cause bigger effects and longer term as they spend 1 and 2.5 yrs aprox in one sign -- so it is MORE significant than say just 11 th Mangal. Smaller planets bring in additional supporting or opposing forces to the bigger and longer term forces of Guru and Shani.

43.sir if everything is happening accorning to cosmos will.. what we are doing here.. please take this querry seriouly...and please dont refer any book..and reference.. i want to know what we are doing here... I am now confirmed that there is no free will.... I dont say anyword without confirmation.... now this astrology has given me truth.... but I dont want to accept that truth... because chemicalimbalance in my mind dont want!! But truth is there is no free will... everyone is katputli.... why we are made like this.... sir please give your real exprience..... today I predicted for my friends will be leaving the place at 12:11 pm.. and exactly it happened... now I want to ask... are we fooling ourself..?????? what the nature wants from us???

-> if everything is happening according to cosmos will --<--- class="apple-converted-space" span="">    MATHEMATICAL answer ::: The % of WILL that is controlled by Cosmos and the % by you is ALSO decided by your past karma ---- So everything is controlled by you -- YOUR QUESTION is that ****THIS BIRTH*** seems to be Cosmos controlled -- BUT Cosmos is just a BASIC law of Karma --- >>>>Subtle yet Omnipresent & Omnipotent <<<<< You are the way you are is due to your OWN past karma and past free will and so on ---- WHY WE ARE NOT **ROBOTS*** Why we have BRAIN and WHY DO WE *****THINK**** -- Have you seen a LION asking this question that you just asked?? Have you seen birds thinking to have a FAST for no reason!    The FACT that you THINK and are allowed to THINK shows that you CAN choose....again you are talking about journey after the latest birth -- which is causing this apparently intellectual but otherwise "BASIC or Fundamental" main problem query -- THis happens -- as you study subjects -- not putting ALL OF THEM IN ONE picture makes this happen -- again after 2 .3 days you will find answer to your quesiton -- I or someone else can only help you find the answer and cannot define it for you!!!

44.Mercury and Moon both are related to mind in 'somewhat' same manner. Now what I am thinking is - How the conjunction of Rahu with each one of the planets differ in producing the negativity in thinking, behavior and life?
 NOT Negativity but extreme materialism extreme passion and desire and agitation etc etc

45.any precautions for all Rashi's during Solar Eclipse ,this month?
Well Vrishchik should NOT fight with bosses and be very careful with them -- Meen should be careful with bosses too -- Vrishabh -- stromach -- Mithun kids -- Kirk with Mom -- and so on --

46.What is it - that is specifically different in a a male and female horoscope? 
I mean all women have this physical trauma to go thru labor and men dont! so kuch toh planet responsible hoga! what is that?
 Nop - No difference in horoscopes - At the same time male female child is born -- so not much of a difference. Yes Women birth IS difficult and the soul really wants to do some favors to give birth to other folks -- be nice to parents and almost serve all the folks around! It is really a tough birth physically and mentally -- and that is why Women are more celebrated in literature than men –
But no -- no difference etc in the horoscope and that is the MAIN reason people opposing astrology use - same horoscope -- male female life is SO different -- then how it is a science!!

 It is usually a VERY positive feeling of giving birth to someone --- say someone like Shivaji Maharaj -- it is not kamric burden but rather a reward...Yes but it IS a difficult birth...
- karmic debt to all women and all men is flawed thinking -- yes Woman birth is of more duties and responsibilities for sure but it NOT necessary a bad karma -- it is a side effect of a good intention and desire to do good karma....