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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shani Badal 2014 (Saturn Change in 2014) -- Nov 2 2014

Shani Badal 2014 -- Article posted - - Saturn Change to Scorpio  in Nov-2014

Shani changes approx. every 2.5 years and hence around 30 years to move around 12 signs. Saturn is an AUDITOR, a Judge who delivers exact karma of your own this or past life deeds – good or bad it doesn’t’ care. In a way Saturn is the mother of Newton’s 3rd law of motion! J It is nothing but the law of karma. Saturn is an astute, relentless, utterly serious observer who doesn’t miss a thing! It is NOTHING but YOUR OWN KARMA. If you eat something nasty in the night – you WILL have some issues in the morning! J As simple as that. Saturn shows long term & slow but steady movements of things. It shows very tangible & practical fruits of your karma.

Shani IS in some house of your horoscope and shows that you have some deficit with the things shown by that house and would get fruits of that house only after hard-work – it is NOT denied or destroyed but it is certainly conservative and step by step manner and not a lottery sorts! J Saturn is about “slow but steady” wins the race philosophy. Let us look at Shani movement effect on to various signs.

Shani in Scorpio from Nov 2nd means various power centers would be shattered slowly but surely. People born from Nov 16 to Dec 16th would be under EGO hurt process (Pawar) – they will know the difference between Ego and Self Esteem very well in this period. SCORPIO is the Sign of POWER – Shani in this sign not only affects Scorpio but also LEO (Singh). 3rd aspect on MAKAR / Capri also gives some HINTS to Capri but overall not that big a worry! J Shani in Scorpio also shows some issues with seniors and police, law etc to folks born from May14th to June 14th who are Taurus Sun Sign. The same is applicable to LEO Sun sign that is folks bron from August 16th to Sept 15th. Try to separate ego from self-esteem please!

Shani moving away from the 7th house of partnerships / spouse and kaam-trikon shows some solace on those fronts. It has shown you all issues & problems you had with your partnerships or relationships and now you are all set for next few years. Shani forced you to take right decisions on these fronts – painful or otherwise but correct ones. NOW Shan in the 8th house from Moon Sign is not the greatest of the news! J It shows your circle of influence could reduce significantly. Means people who report into you or your mass base will be minimal compared to normal periods. Imagine 96 97 predominantly – then also you were away from your mass base with lesser power. 8th Shani shows that you have reached saturation with mass-base and need to learn new SKILLS and NEW abilities in order to get next level or mass-base – new area or expanded area like Corporator becoming MLA & then becoming MP and so on. This requires soul searching, preparation, hard-work and so on. 8th Shani means you are part of initiatives that don’t stay with you for a long period of time! These initiatives are not supposed to succeed greatly but your hard-work is appreciated in them. They are sort of mission impossible ones. This is particularly true as you get some mass-base which is transient and not supposed to stay with you or work with you forever. You are also at odds with this mass-base as there could be some worker unrest or trouble with people working for you. It needs to be handled with tact and diplomacy. 8th Shani also forces to take right decisions with inheritance! It makes you take VERY calculated decisions without emotions with such family matters of wealth. 8th Shani is not the best news for health as you could certainly benefit from better disciplined life style – Yoga, Ayurveda and Homeopathy etc – Indeed 8th and 12th house planets show need for adopting alternate healing methods. 4th Guru from July2014 to July2015 is NOT helping this situation – Things would feel like standstill – but that’s the time for rejuvenation and replanning and re-architecting your future – USE IT WELL.

8th Shani also shows some long pending issues with Kids – pay extra attention and diligent and careful one with kids. Don’t try to do a temp fix – try to understand complexity with patience with kids. They need your help and attention to guide them but they don’t know it! J Similarly – check what father needs – any indicators with father’s health are to be taken seriously.

However the 8th Shani is chaotic, busy and forces to act unlike 12th Shani which makes person PLAN more and act less. 8th Shani forces for some haphazard actions which are at that time necessary until strategic and long term solution are put in place. Any planets in the Spiritual Triangle (Moksha-Trikon of 4 8 12 houses) shows need to do a course-correction, soul searching, rejuvenation! Earlier you realize this easier the 8th Shani movement for you.

This Shani movement is seen for 2.5 years but more so in the year or 6 to 9 months when Shani is + or – 3.5 degrees away from your Moon Sign degree or when it is in your Moon’s Nakshatra/Constellation. i.e. MESH moon Sign in 28th degree would feel this heat in 2016 more than 2015. Folks with Ashwini Nakshatra and in first 2 3 degrees would feel it in 2014 itself!

Taurus Moon Sign (VRISHABH)
6th Shani for Taurus moon sign from Nov2011 or Aug2012 made them go out of their comfort zone. It changed their complete circle – the people they worked with were completely changed but it increased mass base and increased ability and ensured money increase / stability. Now the 7th Shani is now going to bring the focus to relationships. All sort of relationships – spouse, business, colleagues and so on. As Shani raajyogkarak for Vrishabh and oner fo bhagya and work place houses (9 10) – it shows that the 7th Shani promises success after careful choice of partners, careful scrutiny and clear black and white understanding in partnerships which is crystal clear and is based on facts and figures. Slow but steady and patience is needed with relationships – i.e. they become fruitful only after hard-work and perseverance. This Shani also shows or brings to light previous mistakes in partnerships and matters if not handled well could go to courts too. It will expose all that is wrong with your partnership – if at all there is anything wrong with it. If Horoscope shows - Guru in your 7th house with say Shukra – How much damage there could be with Shani going on them – but if Mars is 7th to Moon – then of course all the aggressions and hasty decisions would be exposed in Shani transit! :) This Shani also reduces water retention somewhat as it aspects Moon (water) and also it advises to take health issues of your mom very seriously even if minor. Some issues could be exposed. There is a good chance of going away from mother and also spouse for some period of time in this Shani bhraman in the 7th house until late early 2017 (say 6 to 9 months or more). It is time to check what your wife/partner wants. Don’t ignore personal relationships at any costs. The 7th house shows sphere of influence which could reduce a bit in this Shani bhraman. 6th Shani increases it whereas 7th brings some order thru reduction to it. You keep what is “actually needed” and not the excess caused by growth of the 6th SHani until Nov2014. 7th Shani shows some masti and collaborations with workers – it advised to connect with them informally from time to time “(masses and workers) and spend quality time with them. They will show “sahanubhut” to you and support you – if you invest time and energy in them.

7th house belongs to Kaam Trikon and hence Shani in this house is not that significant despite being digbali as it is in the western side of the hemisphere or it is uchcha in the 7th house. So this Shani brings some scrutiny and audit to your “extra-career activities”! ;) It brings discipline and reduces your peripheral activities which don’t add value to your life.

7th Shani drishti on the 9th house shows travel that is necessary and not what you might enjoy or always wanted to do – it is more of a need and obligation which you could have avoided for some time. Drishti on the 4th house again point to Mom or native place or house and advocates you to pay attention to domestic needs.

Gemini Moon Sign (MITHUN)
Until Nov2014 5th house Shani showed slow but steady success only after a lot of hard-work and perseverance with the matters of studies, romance, inspirations, kids, short-writing. It made you think in a conservative fashion completely driven by facts and figures and almost lawyerly! The 5th house Shani is usually shown by best of the lawyers (horoscope). Now Shani enters the 6th house – This means you sphere of influence is about to increase but also change! You will get a new mass-base which is different than before in terms of cultural background such as religion, language, caste etc background. It means you will interact with new set of people. This is certainly out of comfort zone as you need to evaluate each & every person in a methodical & careful manner. Do their SWOT analysis and assign them the work as per that. 6th house Shani forces you to grow and deal with this increased mass base. This obviously means increase in money for you. Social status, money and sphere of influence only increases and you can win over competition using your mass-base or simply rallying your team members in a correct manner. The 6th house also shows health which warrant some careful look and scrutiny too. Some Mama Mousi related matters could turn nasty or at least would need some notice and time money and effort. The 3rd aspect on the 8th house – indicates some minor trouble with inheritance (if any) – some early indicator of such trouble (if any) that would happen a lot after 5 years! Stomach needs to be kept clean and walking, eating sweet curd etc is highly recommended. The 6th Shani is predominantly about “economic” matters as this house belongs to the “Arth trikon”. It is also service sector and hence one needs to serve people, org or the mass-base they got until Nov2014 in the 5th house Shani movement. It is time to nourish and nurture what you got in the past 2.5 years and take it ahead with growth in a step by step manner. 3 6 11 are the best houses for Shani from Moon or lagna rashi. (6 3 and 11 in the order of favorable positions). So despite “out  of comfort zone” and ability test – it is a good time for sure to become big(er). MRIG nakshatra folks would see results in 2014 and H1-2015 itself whereas Ardra nakshatra would see effects from H2-2015 and H1-2016 whereas Purnarvasu would see these impact predominantly in H2-2016 (& some 2017 days).

Cancer Moon Sign (KIRK)
Finally relief from the 4th house Shani moving away! J 4th house Shani is slow but steady DOMESTIC trouble – ask Manmohan Singh and also Hrithik Roshan! :D How they suffered from MOv2011 or more so from Aug2012 to Nov2012 on the “domestic” matters! 4th Shani is NOT at all bad etc – it is just good for some things which not many people care for! J Anyways – Now the 5th house Shani will start something for you in a slow but steady manner. The 5th house is the house of intelligence, inspiration, short-writing, romance, kids and overall go-getter stuff – a highly tactical house. Shani in the 5th house (horoscope) is great for layers. So this 5th house Shani is certainly going to be helpful for policing, auditing and for lawyerly matters. It shows “success” by slow but steady hard-work for 2.5 years of the 5th house Shani. This Shani like any 5th house planet – starts something new for the person in a non-flashy or non-big-bang way! This Shani also mandates to spend time and money on kids and check what they need. It is important to go in deep and ask right questions to the kids. The 5th house Shani is great for any publishing any research paperwork (Shodh-Patrakarita). It is also great for press reporters who could uncover some serious and long term matters of economic or related topic. As the 5th house belong to Dharma Trikon – it begins things that give a person daily, weekly or monthly duties which usually belong to an office or specific designation. Commonly speaking this is seen as success at the most of the times. This Shani has drushti on the 7th house which means some stay away from spouse or partners. Also there could be some indicators with partnerships as to what is going to happen after 5 years (zalak). Shani drushti on the 2nd house indicates that one should not go for quick money or satta-bazaar! Shani mandates to earn by hard-work and not by luck!  Don’t let this Shani increase your skepticism and cynicism – limit it to curiosity and auditing & asking good questions to clarify things. Excess of auditing is not great for  creativity. This Shani will teach you taking calculated risks and ROI analysis before jumping into anything! The 5th Shani will (re)establish yourself in the subject of your interest and expertise. More often this Shani increases people working under you. It is more of a duty and dharma than “mazaa” or even “obligation” towards this mass-base.  The 5th house Shani forces you to do your job without pride and prejudice!

Singh Moon Sign (LEO)
Indeed a tough time ahead as your nature tends to be egoistic (to others). For you everything is always about self-esteem and respect. If someone disrespects you – they can’t get anything done from you! But now 3rd Shani’s power is over and 4th Shani’s domestic trouble is starting (Ask Mamohan Singh how was Aug2012 to nov2014 J). Internal fighting and domestic trouble could impact you which you need to handle with patience and maturity and without ego which is difficult (for you). Ego would make matters VERY bad in no time for you. Of course, Self Esteem needs to be kept intact at any costs. 4th Shani shows slow environment as Shani is not helping with Any post or position with daily, weekly or monthly responsibilities! It is an OFF position for Shani or any planet. As 4th house is about SUKH and internal peace and internal unworldly/non-material happiness which is not much valued in today’s world! J TO make matters worse – Guru is in the 12th house which adds to this exile of sorts! So this is the time for regrouping, strategizing, re-planning and overall rejuvenation! All aspects of your life need careful scrutiny and predominantly health for sure. The 4th house Shani advises to take care of Mom’s health and also maternal family (mama mousi , cousins etc). The 4th Shani for farmers is tougher. For I students this Shani shows study of some complicated subjects and success only after a lot of hard-work and studies and deliberations – no quick success or quick trick or short cust for success in 4th Shani especially for academic endeavors. However, the 4th Shani shows some sympathy and support from workers and masses from time to time – from poor people especially! It is almost necessary to show patience for any domestic and relative matters! It is likely to get friends with some older or retired folks in the 4th Shani as 4th house also shows people close to heart! It is highly likely to go away from mother land and home to a distant place which makes a person completely out of comfort zone. Need to adjust to new people and surroundings which is especially unnerving to Singh/Leo people. Leos don’t like live their den and are highly uncomfortable at unknown or new places! When 2 MAJOR planets are OFF – it is advised to be careful and avoid some adventurous moves. Unless you have a lot of planets in water signs or in Capricorn sign in your horoscope – this advice is very important. Water sign planets or Capricorn planets in your horoscope would bring in great results and some feel good for you!

Kanya Moon Sign (Virgo)
Ata kasa watata? J A big era is almost getting over which started from July2007! A tough period of transition in life with some tests, trials, and a complete revamp of life! You are out of Shani’s tough graduation program of 7.5 years. You are all set and ready to take on life of increasing growth and increasing success slowly but surely for the next 22.5 years! Shani movement to the 3rd house would make you right time right place. It will allow you to play your cards and be a king-maker. 3rd house means expression, parakram which means you would use masses and workers very well to make a difference. The 3rd house belongs to Kaam Trikon which means you will work on things you love to work and not exactly you HAVE to do. Some travel to a place 6 to 8 hrs away is possible for a short term. The 3rd Shani is a power that needs to be used judiciously else it backfires in the 4th Shani. You will get chances to get even with the folks who troubled you in sadesati but again be careful and don’t compromise your values just because you have positional advantage. Kanya tendency or ability to analyze or think too much makes matters worse in Sadesati as it is difficult to explain behavior of others as everybody is driven by their own agenda which might without any intentions against you! Anyways – now you have next 2.56 years of 3rd Shani which would allow you to take advantage of all the suffering and hard-work you did or had to do from July2007. Of course, Guru’s support from 2009 every alternate year and more so from May2012 onwards has given some solace to you. Guru 11th now with Shani moving 3rd – things would start looking a lot better in all sectors! You will shine slowly but surely unless there is a tremendous antardasha of some great karmic-burden which forces you to address deficit of past life karma. In short – this life karma is now about to be paid in the 3rd house Shani movement for the next 2.5 years and you are all set for a NEW LIFE which is clearly defined with your role and maturity matching exactly to what surrounding want you to do! Visible and intense effects: UTTARA nakshatra sees the results in 2015, HASTA from Mid-2015 to Mid-2016 and CHITRA from Mid2016 onwards. However, 3rd Shani is here and to help you get what you deserve for sure.

Tula Moon Sign (LIBRA)
Last phase of Sadesati! Shani entry in to Arth-Trikon moves focus from duties/responsibilities to economic matters. Shani would now START NEW INCOME in your life as it has made you struggle in the past 5 years with something or the other! This tough learning and hard-work will now result in NEW source or arena of income for you which wasn’t there until say August-2012. However, Shani 2nd shows any in-efficiency in the investments done earlier! It will show all the issues (if any) with your investments done in haste/hurry without proper analysis. It will force you to take correct decisions which are driven by data and less by emotions! Some family matters will also need hard-decisions without emotions. This Shani is also very good to make very long term investments but with a step by step and careful manner. It is highly advised NOT to take risky or very overt or big-bang approach with the investments. The 10th house Guru keeps this Shani impact in check until July2015. However 10th Guru is a test at workplace and reporting to a person of equal ability. The 2nd Shani can make it a bit better as at least money matters are not that bad! J Shani is Raajyogkarak for TULA rashi and as Tula shows balanced approach without extreme actions – hence this Shani doesn’t impact family as it would to Aries or Scorpio signs when 2nd to them. This Shani also recommends checking mom’s health as 3rd aspect of Shani would show some indications of what is going to happen after 5 years! Shani aspect on the 8th house also recommends patience with inheritance issues if any. As 2nd is “wachaa-stha” – If you have been nasty with someone and have used bad words  -- this Shani comes to haunt you for sure! J Be patient and let it go! This Shani is significant for industrialists as it allows them to raise money thru IPR or thru masses. Tula people now would start getting money proportional to number of people working for them which was missing in the past 5 years as such a direct proportion was to power and duties but not to the money directly! CHITRA would be this impact in next 6 months, SWATI in mid-2015 to mid-2016 and VISHAKHA would see the impact on 2nd Shani in 2016 predominantly but overall it starts from Nov2014 for sure.

Having fun yet? J The 12th Shani is doing its job to send you away physically or logically in a political exile of sorts or away from your “core mass-base”. It has been forcing you to get new skills and PLAN carefully to get new level or higher level of mass base (don’t think Sushma or Jaitley “deserve” to report to Modi) J This Shani’s 12th movement is almost over now which has FORCED you to take a step back, analyze and architect / plan for next 30 years of life. However Guru for you is in market which is keeping you “in-market”. NOW the 1st house Shani period brings you back on track slowly but surely like Pawar lost power in 95 in 12th Shani and formed NCP in 1st house Shani in 1998. This Shani starts giving you new mass-base and new daily, weekly & monthly duties i.e. specific duties as Shani is in Dharma Trikon for you. As per ascendant sign the areas and subjects of these duties and posts would be seen as that shows desire of the soul for this life. Shani going over Moon means (desire) side effects of your desires are shown by Shani via health issues or some other issues where you might have done things in an opportunistic ways! IMAGE could get somewhat tarnished by Shani or REALITY check is given with your image – what is real and what was just – image! J Shani over Moon means you are at the minimum of your physical weight and also image in the areas you DESIRE the image the most! :D Shani makes you detached and more to get attached to material things (money, relatives, kids, vehicles, etc) – Shani makes you go thru tests and trials to get rid of extra “Asakti”. Of course – it can also make you take asakti of things you completely ignored so far! J It is a TOUGH test of your temperament and you WILL be subjected to events that will TEST your nature, personal and family values – be PATIENT, Calm and do not REACT but always RESPOND…!! There is a difference between these two which you need to learn FAST! J As this Shani is owner of 3rd and 4th house – it could make you travel away from your current “home” to earlier “home” --- i.e. travel against your will but at places which you like! :D Don’t ask why – it is logic – 3rd house is travel – 1st house is SELF, Shan is must do things and 4th house is about close to heart things! Combination is travel against will to places which you love! J VRISHCHIK sign is about passion and about EXCESS --- this excess and passion is not what Shani especially likes!! So it shows you side effects and negative effects of this side of the personality but VRISHCHIK is also about stickiness, perseverance and so on which Saturn likes so after hard-work you are awarded. Watch ANGER and Agitation and act with patience and forgiveness and things would settle in slowly but surely. 9th Guru will make some bhagyoday by July2015 so no worries!

DHANU Moon Sign (Sagittarius)
Time to read this article now J START of Sadesati from Nov 2nd for the next 7.5 years of graduation program. Think about Sachin Tendulkar or Aishwarya Rai & VVS Laxman – now they need to decide “WHAT NEXT” – The earlier product, skill or career has paid off handsomely from 9th Shani start from July2007 for 7.5 years! Now need to prepare NEW product, new service and new focus for next part of the life. The first 2.5 years of Shani or any planets in the 12th house means “political exile” – time for “spending” money, effort and time to start something new! Everything in this world could be divided in 12 parts and the initial part would ALWAYS be planning – Something not planned and time-spent in the first part would fail or make one spend a lot of energy later on. This means the 12th house Shani is VERY VERY IMP 2.5 phases for anyone – THEY DEFINE YOU for the next 30 years of life just the way Guru going 12th for Singh right now defines them for the next 12 years of life. This political exile, getting away from mass base etc is all needs to be used for rejuvenation, re-calculations and blueprint creation. FIRST DECIDE WHAT NEXT and then decide HOW! The 2.5 years is the time for you to decide what to do for the next 30 years of life and HOW to do it. Don’t miss it please. Obviously Shani 11th has paid off everything to you for all you did from July2007 and more so from past 22.5 years! Now Shani is OFF for you. Guru until July2015 is 8th which adds to the 12th house Shani issues - -You become part of initiatives that don’t go anywhere – So it is IMP to take long term decisions VERY VERY SLOWLY & Carefully after lot of calculations & deliberations. I would advise not to make big changes until July2015 as 9th Guru after that would help with that. Until then hold on to what you have and if forced only then make changes – but be ready for adversity as 8th Guru which is Rashi swami shows health issues and fatigue due to overwork trying to do “Mission Impossible”. Guru will support for 3 years from July2015 reducing Sade-sati 12th Shani’s SLOW SLOW EXILE! J You will go away from mass-base and you are mandated to learn new things, new skils and new ability to get or deserve the next level of mass-base which is also more skilled and as skilled as you are today! The 12th house Shani can also mean literal exile/jail time for any illegal things done in the 9 10 11 house Shani! Forewarned is forearmed and patience, hard-work would help a lot. Modi had 12th Shani to moon signs from Nov2011 or August2012 to Nov2014 - -not all is bad (Shani was 1st to him to Lagna rashi). 12th Shani is planning done well – can make wonders (it allows IIM level work actually as 12th house planets have ability to assist with planning for several decades and years!). 12th house planets show GREAT success if PLANNING is done meticulously and actions are started ONLY after carefully completing the planning.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Narendra Modi Horoscope Analysis and Impact on Election 2014

Narendra Modi Horoscope Analysis and Impact on Election 2014

NARENDRA MODI Horoscope Analysis and Impact on India Elections 2014 -- NEW Article Posted.

The time is right to post it as he is officially declared candidate and also I got some time! :) Being a Vrushchik rashi and Vrushchik Lagna and I am also interested in checking how NaMo does (same Vrushchik Rashi and Vrushchik Lagna but with Mars also there!!)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Annual Horoscope for 2013 (Rashi Bhavishya)

2013 All Signs Horoscope (Rashi-Bhavishya) published here:

Hi All,

A very happy new year to all of you!!

I have completed Annual Horoscope for 10 Signs so far and they are available at Please check it out

Aries Annual Horoscope (Mesh) 2013:

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and so on.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Aries Annual 2013 Horoscope -- Mesh RashiBhavuishya 2013