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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

SHANI GURU Effects and Roles in Our Life

SHANI GURU ROLE for Each and Every Entity – personal success or corporate success
NiMo,Mallya and Lalit Modi cases again prove that there is no substitute for Shani (slow, steady & legal) and Guru (good intentions and right direction). All other planets can cause success for the "time being" and for some time period but it is SHANI and GURU that result in long lasting and broad success. The moment you do something illegal you are disrespecting SHANI, when you do not treat employees or masses or workers with respect you are disrespecting SHANI. When you do not involve EXPERTS then you are disrespecting Guru. It is not about temples and Gods disrespect only. The REAL respect comes from KARMA. Else, adverse Shani and Guru movement would take away your own success from you. Political exile or physical exile is imminent if you are not respecting SHANI and GURU. Again it is NOT the superstitious AWE of Guru or SHANI as the planets BUT What they represent.

"The Toyota Way" is nothing but the combination of Guru & Shani combined in their philosophy (Shani: Eliminate the waste, Shani: just in time, GURU: brainstorming - Take decisions SLOWLY and with complete thoughts & no hurry! BUT *implement* them faster (Mars); SHANI: Live the customer, know the customer; SHANI: Go see for yourself (assembly line with workers). SHANI/GURU: Continuous (Shani) Improvement(Guru); SHANI: Be Humble - No Hubris...!

It is the combination of SHANI (relentless slow steady Karma, continuity of karma in one topic) & GURU (knowledge, direction, NIYAT) that makes an entity successful. Surya starts something brilliantly, Mangal propagates and implements it vigorously, BUDH conveys and trades it will and Shukra beautifies it and make it presentable and harmonious, Neptune brings in innovation imagination, Uranus brings in disruptions and change and latest tech, RAHU brings in GREED and people of diff caste culture religion, Ketu brings in sukoon calm and HIGHLY qualified 2% people of society and so on. BUT it is SHANI and GURU which keep the things going and sustain them for a long-term success like Toyota.

When you are being humble and working hard and respecting & involving people/masses/customers, studying people /customers / customer-surveys and so on – you are praying or doing Upasana of SHANI. No need to go SHANI Shinganapur – well it doesn’t hurt at all but without the former it is of NO use. SHANI Shinganapur will try to INSTILL this SHANI qualities in you by making your humble and balance your Aura and approach.

When you are studying a subject, increasing knowledge, consulting an expert, involving an expert, brainstorming, consulting people - you are doing upasana of GURU. Visiting DattaGuru Temple will always help but it will help by instilling these qualities of Guru in you. Asking a question to someone for information or knowledge needs TYAAG of EGO and “I me and myself” – to be able to ASK is THE first major step worshipping GURU! :)

Shraddha (Guru/Ketu) and Saboori (Shani) -- Belief and Patience are KEY ingredients for any success story. (Saboori assumes you have perseverance and hard work in it,)

~Milind (

Sunday, March 18, 2018

WAKRI GURU 2018 Effects

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GURU was almost stambhi (motionless) for the 1st week of March and became Wakri / Retrograde on March 9th night. TILL JULY 10th, It now travels back to 19:14 degrees means almost 10 degrees BACK in Tula rashi. From JULY11th it becomes almost Stambhi for a week and becomes fully maargi from July18 to 20 period. The Stambhi is as bad or worse than middle wakri period as wakri period lasts for say 3+ months so it is NOT a major differentiator for a BIRTH-CHART or natal horoscope. But stambhi does show major karma deficit for sure. But that is another topic. This article is about wakri Guru effect on various moon signs.

GURU moved from Sept 12th 2017 to Feb 28 2018 too fast and travelled the whole sign in this period which it does in say in a year! Obviously, not all effects or karma delivery or “fruits” delivery to all sign was or is supposed to happen in this period so fast. Now Guru Wakri means the delivery becomes SLOW and stagnant and gets postponed. Is it GOOD OR BAD? Depends on whether you were supposed to get good or bad fruits! :)

(1)    For those who have adverse Guru they will see slower adversity and decisions that hurt them getting postponed like a law not getting approval in upper house! :) Or upper court stopping the execution of the verdict of the lower court. Those who are struggling due to adverse Guru movement, would struggle less, could get a bit of breather and “range-bound” movement like stock markets would start happening – just like Mahindra Scorpio ride on a bouncy road – yes yes no no – yes no yes no..”!  :) :)
a.     GURU is not great for VRISHABH (Taurus) and KIRK (Cancer) so they would see slow movements or rather some solace as some not so good decision would be delayed.
b.     GURU is adverse to MEEN (Pisces) and VRISHCHIK (Scorpio) they would see slower environment and misaligned efforts also lesser now for Meen and lesser adversity or some tough decisions implementation could get delayed as get some breather. Vrishchik will need to REPLAN and re strategize and make calculations again.

(2)    Those who were in a strong run due to support of GURU could see slower and lesser strength and postponing of payments etc.
a.     DHANU (Sagi), MESH (Aries), KUMBH (Aquarius), MITHUN (Gemini) who are enjoying favors from Guru would now see slower movements. This helps mostly as going ahead with too much speed could make things a bit tough. Now you get to “re-view” things and make amendments etc to further cement your offerings and products and so on. BUT YES, some GREAT NEWS or GREAT RESULT could be delayed or given in partial and come step by step to you.
b.     SINGH (Leo), KANYA (Virgo) had quite good GURU movements. Now Singh will see some delays in travels or presentations or KICK start of new things. Kanya which was supposed to get payment or that monthly income hike could see delayed stuff or partial income increase one by one. Good stuff but coming slower than earlier.
c.      MAKAR who have 10th Guru of stress and tests at workplace and too much work and pressure cooker goes in to “lower flame” of getting cooked!! :) Stress is reduced and comes slowly but is NOT released. But yes, pressure to DELIVER and EXECUTE would be lesser as upper level folks get busy with something else. BUT it is THE TIME to ensure you are in surplus of work by July 2nd week as they will come back start shouting from July!! --- Assume NO reduction in pressure to ensure you are SURPLUS in July! :)
d.     TULA the 1st Guru effects of additional responsibility, some permanent office and 9 to 5 duties will keep coming to you but now FORMATION of duties could go in loop. There is more brainstorming needed at upper level to exactly where your power & responsibility and reach starts and more so where & with whom it ends. Who you report and who report to you is under debate and hence delayed. But it IS coming! :)

Share-markets go rangebound in this period. SHANI also goes wakri April end hence adds to the effects of reverting of some decisions and also delaying for some decisions. So, you if you are expecting some bad decision coming your way in employment –try to postpone it by a few days and you will get it postponed to July! :)  Use some tactics like leaves or whatever stuff possible if you are certain of some bad decisions. FORCE to execute bad and good decisions is going to be lesser till July now.


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Numerology: Play to your Strengths

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Always play to your strengths. आद्य management guru Peter Drucker says the same thing -- Work on your strengths and you would become genius in them, working on weaknesses would only make you mediocre or above average at best that too after a lot of efforts.

(1)    A person born on 2 20 11 29 born (CHANDRA RULED) would become a great sales guy (Mahatma Gandhi was great at people connect and arguably a sales/marketing expert as called by many folks with his Salt related movement which engulfed EVERY Indian as it was daily use item!
(2)    8 17 26 SHANI RULED:  born would become a great auditor. Asking 2, 11, 20, 29 born to be an auditor causes stress as their nature is to be friendly, sensitive, caring and goody goody first & foremost! :) 
a.     Exceptions would be too Moon in the first house or too many plants including moon and sun in the nakshatra owned by Chandra (Rohini, Hasta, Shravan) or in Kirk rashi. Or total birthdate addition of 2, 11, 20, 29. These things would give ability to connect with people and override or reduce Khadus nature of 8, 17, 26 born folks.
b.     Asking 8 17 26 born KHADUS folks to do people contact and sales is also unnatural. They don't like to meet (झेलना) a single more person than necessary.
c.      1st 3rd 5th house SHANI or SHANI drushti on Budh would make them amazing auditors or lawyers and critiques etc. So chart could add or reduce these numero major effects.

(3)    1 10 19 28 SIRYA RULED: are natural entrepreneurial folks, independent and “swayanmbhu” who start something new or build a platform for future generations to thrive upon.
(4)    3 12 21 30 GURU RUELD: are based on knowledge and education and though leadership and individual achievement and EXPANSION of what they get from the family. 12 and 30 natural for teachers, professors and principal etc careers.
(5)    4 13 22 31 URANUS Ruled: are change agents, modern sciences, using latest tech & methods to bring change to the society!
(6)    9 18 27: Mangal ruled: Land, Engg, Agri, friends, Sibling, land property, sports, engg. BUT, usually 9 18 27 give POWER to the rest of the chart than showing one particular area. But they are not about discussions and debates and so on! :)  So, they are in a way opposite of 5 14 23 folks. Do not like much debated discussions and are aggressive in talk and body language.
(7)    5 14 23 are natural at expression, writing, blogging, media, critique, trading and so on.
(8)    6 15 24 are artistic, tasteful, harmonious and natural at anything to do with art.
(9)    7 16 25 Neptune ruled: Innovation, imagination, helps artistic stuff, people connect like 2 11 20 29 but also like 9 18 27 too helps power other yog of the chart!! Especially the planets NEPTUNE is with..!

Also, these dates show which planets must get MORE importance in the horoscope analysis. This planet needs more careful study for the field and career and overall approach of life.

Of course, L10 and Moon Signa & Sun Sign and planets in the 10th house – the subject is as complex as anything in astrology but when multiple things point to the same direction you have a specific direction. Still l the birth-dates as mentioned above make HUGE contribution as PERSONALITY is defined quite a bit by these birthdates.

Astrology is THE best tool for SWOT analysis -- future prediction is only one branch of astrology!! Psychological profile, health, overall strengths & weaknesses is what astrology is great about!!

As an astrologer, ignore numerology as your own disadvantage!


Irrfan Khan (Actor: Irfan Khan): Quick Planetary comments

IRRFAN KHAN Quick Analysis And An Analysis about a Child-Birth

Irrfan Khan birth-time is not conformed so talking only about the planetary formations.  Anything with nervous system or “neuro” stuff is about (a) Budh-Nervous System & Mangal-Blood (b) The 1st house obviously as 1st house is the head. He might have MESH lagna with as MESH is rashi of head and 1st house MESH rashi brings in more firm analysis.
(1)    Mangal 6th house in Kanya shows Shatru-Naash and success over competition but
a.     MANGAL in 6th house itself is an issue and is opposite SHANI which we know is an issue.
b.     They are NOT CLOSE as Mangal 24th and Shani 2nd degrees so not a BIG issue.
c.      Chandra in the 8th house could be an issue in Vrishchik and from Nov2014 to Jan2017 and July2017 to Oct2017 SHANI was testing his Chandra in Vrishchik.
(2)    BUDH is also in Shani Drushti – Good thing is BUDH is out of MOOLA Nakshatra and is in good Nakshatra. From FEV2017 to June2017 and Nov2017 to Dec2019 SHANI tests his BUDH – Audit of nervous system
(3)    Mangal gets lot more importance as Mangal is Rashi-Swami. If Lagna of MESH then Lagna-rashi Swami also. If Lagna Mesh then Sept2009 to Aug2012 was of great income but some accident kidney or some heath issues with stomach to him or his sibling (or some blood content missing etc).
As none of the planetary stuff is extreme it should not be a big issue and should resolve. From March2025 to next 2 years again would need some care. WISHING him the BEST recovery and minimal pains etc etc. 

This write-up is NOT for TRP but I get individual questions on whats app and messenger and hence the write up! :) Will add more details if I get more info about the chart / time etc.

(Stephen Hawking chart also shows Shani drishti on Budh; SHANI-MANGAL Yuti and that too in Mesh rashi. Wakri Shani in Krittika Nakshatra intense degrees.) So MESH HEAD and Brain but also BUDH and Nervous system and Mangal all is underscored here too. Birth of 8 to Hawking Saahab also shows some  indications of SHANI being imp.

[2] Kids: Miscarriage and related analysis
At times it is hard to answer despite you getting everything correct! Sometime in 2003/2004 I came across a couple - While analyzing the charts I thought there could have been a miscarriage. It was indeed so and it was mentally painful as it happened last 2 week s(cord around neck etc). While analyzing I saw issues in both the charts but one YOG was predominant as Both L5 and Wakri in Moola Nakshatra & transit Shani was in Gemini and opposite to this when this happened and also when the consultation happened. I saw that Guru Antardasha was ending in that year July. So it was obvious that the kid should happen after July as Guru in Moola wakri intense was not right. But NOW -- whether conception can or should happen before July was a very very critical question as it was still 4/5 months away. I checked Prashna-Kundali but STILL it was very tricky question to answer. Eventually, it was OK to go ahead but couple had a stressful experience so they waited. What I could tell them FOR SURE That they would have very healthy child and mostly a Son in 2008! :)

(At that time my experience was not as vast but it was not bad either and questions were specific and also charts were very specific too.)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

DNA & Astrology Part1

DNA & Astrology (Part1)

Voluntary Payments: (1) https://PayPal.Me/AstroMNC  (2) From India: UPI is milind.chitambar@icici OR AstroMNC@UPI (From BHIM APP or even many bank apps) Would help with posting more articles with objective analysis without fear mongering with purpose of de-mystifying astrology as a probabilistic science or better yet "art of probabilities".

You would often see planetary formations repeating quite a bit in previous and next generations which is not surprising but amusing. This is simply DNA repetition I guess. So how good Karma can avoid bad DNA configuration repeating in the future generations? My speculation is that: Good karma creates serotonin and other hormonal changes which help heal your issues. Also, such changes and “feel-good” can keep you away from imp things such as conception etc at a time which would make bad DNA aspects repeating. I mean you might not avoid Shani in DHANU for your kids but good karma could make it in and out of Moola Nakshatra or avoid the last 3 degrees of Vrishchik and first 3 degrees (for Shani). Of course, this is a VERY DELICATE matter as if Imran Khans parents did this kind of stuff and avoided Moola Nakshatra Mars for him – he might have world cup in 1992!  :) But then, maybe he could have had it in 1987? Maybe he wouldn’t have given Salim Jaffar the last over which Steve Waugh got 17/18 out of it and 17 runs is what hey lost the game by!  :) So as I said it is a VERY delicate matter and highly subjected to debates!

YES – Mantra, Pooja Path Pathan and Gurudwara Church Mosque and meditation will help with the feel good and feeling of LOVE can help you avoid many mishaps of your life. (trust me!) BUT – BUT – THERE IS NO SUBSTITUE for good old “Good Karma” that not only cures your own mind and DNA bur also reduces the deficit of karma and injustice and pending things you OWE to others or the society. Curing yourself by pooja, mantra or temples and churches or meditation might not reduce the imbalance of karma from the system and one day you would have World Wars happening around to get rid of this imbalance.

This discussion above was a digression – let us come back to some DNA repetition thru examples!

(1)    It is obvious that the FIRST DELIVERY happens MOSTLY when transit MOON is travelling over mom’s natal/horoscope Moon or Horoscope Mars. So it is QUITE natural that your Moon sign could be around the Moon Sign of your Mom or her Mars’s Sign. Your Moon Signs or your Mars sign would be around your Mom’s Moon or Mars’ Sign if not exactly the same. Else how would delivery happen! THIS IS THE REASON I am always skeptical about C-Section delivery – it is a separate topic! :) There is also a possibility of transit Moon opposite to the natal Moon or Mars as a secondary imp time for delivery to happen.
a.     My Moon sign Vrishchik and My Mom’s Mars Sign Vrishchik. Her Moon Sign Kanya – she said I came in almost like 2.xx days after she was admitted. She must be admitted when transit Moon of Kanya went over her Horoscope Moon of Kanya!
b.     My Sister was born with Mars in Kanya! :) Means Transit Mars was on my mom’s Natal Moon at the time of birth! Her Moon was running towards Kanya but not actually in Kanya. Her L10 in Singh and my father’s L1 in Singh! :)
c.      Tanish (My Son) is Kumbh moon Sign and Bela is too. Doctors had given 2 weeks later – was pretty skeptical about 3 to 5 May. Even Transit Mars was also in Kumbh (Tanish has Chandra Mangal in Kumbh!!) So, both MOON & MARS were close to her natal Moon at the time of delivery.
d.     Tanish’ Moon in Kumbh Rashi Kumbh Navamansh: My L5 Guru is in the name rashi same Navamansh (Guru Santati Kaarak and also Guru owns 5th house of kids for me!)
e.     Your Moon Signs or your Mars sign would be around your Mom’s Moon or Mars’ Sign if not exactly the same. Else how would delivery happen!
(2)    My Rahu is in Vrishchik Rashi in Meen Navamansh. Tanish is Meen Rashi Meen Navamansh! :)
(3)    My Surya is L10 and Surya is anyways father’s kaarak. It is in Meen Rashi Vargottam and My father has Meen lagna and Meen Surya. My Meen Surya Vargottam shows connection of father to his Mama mousi folks and mu father has L1 Guru in the 6th house of Mama/mousi or his maternal relatives! :)

(4)    Your Surya & or L10 and your father’s 1st house or lagnesh would have some common aspects.

I will add more things here and elaborate this article further.