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Monday, April 23, 2018

Imran Khan: a Quick Astro Angle

IMRAN KHAN a Quick Astro Angle!

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AstroQUICK -- Horoscopes of GREAT folks gives you chance to understand the BIGGER Scheme of the things or how Bhagwan, God, whatever you call it works at a higher level (Spirituality supersedes and is & should be  the MOTHER of all religions!)

Pakistan Cricketer IMRAN KHAN is a great example where you can easily co-relate his life to many of his planets directly!
(1) Mars in the 5th house like Gavaskar and Dhoni, Sports Responsibilities as 5th is inspirations, go-getter house BUT it is DUTY-Triangle of the horoscope. It is TACTICAL.
(2) Mars in Sagittarius like Nadal -- Use of feet/leg is predominant as Sagi rules legs (Federer use of arms as Mars in Gemini, Dennis Lillee broad shoulders). There is LOUD-MOUTH and Extrovert nature to his bowling action due to Mars in Sagittarius!
(3) Mars in MOOLA Nakshatra and that too in 1:39 degrees --- Mars owner of the Mom house and also owner of MOON Sign MESH/ARIES (Rasho-Swami)--- Mom had blood cancer -- blood related issues. His first born would also do well do test blood-contents from time to time! Mangal 9th to Chandra so destiny desire in sync whereas sports concerned. (Feb2017 to June2017 and Nov2017 to Dec2019 tough for him as shws some accident or injury just like Sept2009 to Aug2012 period election time crane fell etc)
(4) Rahu in 6th house --- Providing service or working with people from different caste, religion, language etc background -- A Pathan working predominantly with Punjabis or Sindhis (Muslims but they have MORE Punjabi and Sindhi identities than Muslim identity) -- A Pathan brought up in England! :) is more a English man the way he calls Sunil Gavaaaskar like Brits do!" :) :)
(5) Moon in the 9th house and Guru with Moon: Temperament, fast mind and comprehensive thinking. Importance to knowledge and more so SMEs and EXPERTS or specialists! Mom a great soul and a great influence on his family. Strategic and long-term thinking -- lots of travels all his life.
(6) Moon in Aries -- Aggression and Positivity and action prone nature.
(7) SHUKRA Venus in LIBRA and that too in SWATI - Do we need to speak more here! :D :D Venus in Rahu nakshatra so different caste, culture, religion aspect also in his relationships - Venus in own and the BEST for Venus Sign and Guru drushti ensures higher placed relationships.
(8) Sun Saturn yuti -- Relative lack of support from father or very different from father? At odds with authorities -- Saturn in second house -- voice is not as impressive as his personality...? Nov2017 to Dec2019 some tussles with authorities possible. Back pain from time to time due to Surya Shani yuti.
(9) BUDH uchcha in 2nd house so good articulation and but with Shani doesn't like to speak much -- expert commentator and not ball to ball commentary!

IMRAN was relevant due to MESH rashi from 1988 to 1995 quite a bit. His biggest successes came in those periods at personal levels and what he desired. Now again from NObv2017 to next 7 years he is again IN-FORM and set to go in the right direction etc. Just that the detailing about Mangal Surya Shani Budh under Shani scrutiny from Nov2017 to Dec2019 and so on will continue to happen below this long-term bull-run. Similarly, SHARAD PAWAR MESH rashi was at the peak of his career from 1987 to 1995 and now again he will become vastly relevant and major contributor.

Similarly charts of Shivaji Majaraj, Balasaheb Thackeray, OP Nayyar, Sunil, Kapil, Sachin -- These charts TALK TO YOU! :) Just keep eyes and ears open -- and don’t get lost in Navamansh, Dashamansh and dwa-dashansh and etc detailing! :) :)

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Wakri SHANI 2018 / Retrograde Saturn 2019


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SHANI / SATURN has gone wakri from last week April 19th at around 15th degree of DHANU / Sagittarius.
It will be wakri till Sept 7th 2018 at 08:26 degrees Then it become maargi.

Following are the degrees for Shani for tracking.
APRIL END: 14:53
MAY END: 13:39
JUNE END: 11:31
JULY END: 09:31
AUG END: 08:28
SEPT END: 08:54
OCT END: 10:41

Wakri planets in stock market language are about “range bound” movement. Of course, they wipe out recent gains or even recent losses too. Means, they reverse the trends. SHANI being a very influential of masses and CONSUMERS / Customers at the bottom of the pyramid is imp especially for any mass-market producers or FMCG stuff (which hardly will see any problem - -folks must brush teeth every morning and have tea!) :) But yes, it could impact some of the movies or expenses which are seen as “not entirely necessary”. But again, not diamond etc as they are not mass-market but say clothing or such.

On the whole, this Shani slows down things for everybody and makes it rangebound. Individual signs are seen below.

SHANI has been PRO for MESH, TULA, KUMBH and KIRK predominantly and “happening” for MEEN and Singh too. Now these folks would see a bit slow movement. It IS positive but slow. Rather initial Nakshatra of these signs like Ashwini or Chitra or Dhanishtha or Punarvasu etc saw Shani moving very fast ahead from Nov2017. Now they will start again getting ACUTE Shani movements and hence what was not paid to them will be paid well and in full. It is mostly good for these signs. The later-Nakshatras like Krittika, Ashlesha, Vishakha, PoorvaBhadrapada or Uttara and Revati have not joined the Shani pro party yet so they would not feel negative or positive impact form this bunch of PRO SHANI Signs!

DHANI SHANI has been WORSE for VRISHABH, MITHUN, MAKAR and KANYA and DHANU and VRISCHIK. So initial nakshatra of these signs would now see more adversity and slow but steady getting screwed! :)  Krittika, Uttara, Chitra of Kanya, Moola and Vishakha/Jyeshtha of Vrishchik would see more adversity - -like an auditor sitting next to them and questioning them on everything they did in the past few years! :) The later part or later nakshatra of these signs would have lesser issues as SHANI the AUDITOR is yet to arrive at their desk! :)  So say MRIG of Vrishabh, Punarvasu of Mithun, Chitra of Kanya, Poorvashadha or Uttarashadha of Dhanu and Jyeshtha of Vrishchik might not have much impact of this wakri Shani as anyways it is not yet at the Shani’s desk!!

So you can see that WAKRI SHANI increased adversity of the signs it is adverse to and reduces greatness of the signs it is PRO too. BUT it does help quite a bit to nakshatras of the rashi it is PRO to as it completely delivers good stuff to those nakshatras and it is NOT GOOD for Nakshatras of those signs which are directly under focus now from those adverse Shani signs!

To summarize this Shani is GREAT for following rashi and Nakshatra (it is SLOW and steady and not fast – but it IS PRO)
(1)    MESH – Ashwini
(2)    KIRK -  Punarvasu 4th Charan and Pushya first 3 Charan
(3)    SINGH - Magha
(4)    TULA:  3 4 Charan of Chitra and 1 2 Charan of Swati
(5)    KUMBH: 3 4 Charan of Dhanishtha and 1 2 of Shatataraka
(6)    MEEN: 4 of PoorvaBhadrapada1 2 3 Charan of Uttara-Bhadrapada
It is good but to make it more good – CONSUMER SURVEYS needed – What customers want and need. More you study “end-customers” more beneficial for you. The moment you start speaking language of customers (the one who actually spends money) - they “zak maarake” listen to you and give you orders.  (Consumers and not just customers as in supplier company officials)

It is not the best and shows adversity and tests and audits and reviews for following signs and nakshatra
(1)    VRISHABH: Krittika 2 3 4
(2)    MITHUN: Mrig 3 4 and Ardra 1 2
(3)    KANYA: Uttara 2 3 4 and Hasta 1
(4)    VRISHCHIK: Vishakha 4 and Anuradha 1 2 3
(5)    DHANU: Moola
(6)    MAKAR: Uttara 1 2 3 Shravan 1

REMEDIES: For adversity reduction– needs patience -- acceptance of issues and hard work. Om Namah Shivaay 121 times morning and 21 times 2 more times a day helps a lot. Hanuman Temple Darshan helps, Hanuman Poster or Wallpaper of mobile helps. EGO reduction dies 50% of the job. (Do not compromise self-esteem.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Science behind the temple bells


Most of the old temples have large bell at the entrance of the temple and you need to ring it before you enter temple. A Temple bell have a scientific phenomena; it is not just your ordinary metal. It is made of various metals including cadmium, lead, copper, zinc, nickel, chromium and manganese. The proportion at which each one of them mixed is real science behind a bell. Each of these bells is made to produce such a distinct sound that it can create unity of your left and right brain. The moment you ring that bell, bell produces sharp but lasting sound which lasts for minimum of seven seconds in echo mode good enough to touch your seven healing centres or chakras in your body. The moment bell sound happens your brain is emptied of all thoughts. Invariably you will enter state of Tran’s state where you are very receptive. This Trans state is the one with awareness. You are so occupied in mind that only way to awaken you is with a Shock! Bell works as Anti-dote to your mind. Before you enter temple – to awake you and prepare you for taste of awareness is the real reason behind temple bell.

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Numerology Thoughts about gaps in calendar and related discrepancy

Voluntary Payments: (1) https://PayPal.Me/AstroMNC  (2) From India: UPI is milind.chitambar@icici OR AstroMNC@UPI (From BHIM APP or even many bank apps) Will help with posting more articles with objective analysis without fear mongering with purpose of de-mystifying astrology as a probabilistic science or better yet "art of probabilities".

(1)    The dates/numerology influence (magnetic channel the soul takes birth for) does work – regardless of how many months added or removed or paid leaves or Gregorian Calendar or what not.
(2)    For example, let us say if you declare 2 SUNDAYS this week. We will go to office on NEW MONDAY and not on the 2nd Sunday!
(3)    Yes some people might go to office BY MISTAKE On 2nd Sunday assuming it is Monday but not all. :) Similarly – the dates and numbers of people born JUST after addition or removal of months or days or whatever will need careful scrutiny but the “calendar” and souls will adjust to the new calendar.
(4)    You can see specific patterns in the people born on 1, 10 , 19 and 28 and so on. Similarly, 9 18 27 have specific aggression and more so 9 and 18).

(5)    So, the dates of today are just fine --- WORST CASE You can analyze all (already) pregnant ladies’ child as per previous months when kids are born but new conceiving etc would be analyzed per new dates – THE WHOLE world adjusts to the new dates! :) So of course, birth cycle will also get adjusted.

(6)    The “postulate” that Sun stone Ruby is good for all 1 10 19 28 – is highly debatable. If they are Sun Moon and lagna as Capricorn then u might not advise them about Ruby! So yes, I agree that numero can’t be used to change names and last names spellings and numero should not be used as a stand-alone faculty but along with horoscope.
(7)    Horoscope will be always detailed – much more accurate and more about future and events than palm (good for broad events), numero (again broad events) and face (further broader events) etc etc. Horoscope is VERY VERY detailed which is also an advantage as even every hour could be analyzed – which is impossible using numero and certainly impossible using palm or face!

(8)    So numero folks who have experience of 20 30 etc years might have some broad tenets and case-studies and observations. They can use them to that extent but spelling etc changing based on numero only should be taken with a grain of salt. Also trying to detail events in like job, education, admission, career-path, promotions or business path or whatever JUST using numero is highly doubtful! The same day hell lot of people are born and also on a given 2 11 29 and 20 dates of a given month & year all folks have similar numerical formations.

(9)    So yes, your Horoscope a MUST for any detailed analysis but numero is very useful and complimenting analysis for any astrological analysis.

Monday, April 16, 2018

MARRIAGE / Relationships: Delays and Marriage Quality, Issues & WHY delays help in many cases

MARRIAGE: DLEAYS, Issues and Related Recommendations

Voluntary Payments: (1) https://PayPal.Me/AstroMNC  (2) From India: UPI is milind.chitambar@icici OR AstroMNC@UPI (From BHIM APP or even many bank apps) Will help with posting more articles with objective analysis without fear mongering with purpose of de-mystifying astrology as a probabilistic science or better yet "art of probabilities".

This is a HUGE topic and let me try to address this as much quickly as possible and as objectively as possible. The RIGHT question to ask an astrologer is NOT “When will my marriage happen”. The right question is “When I should or I should not marry”! That is the right usage of astrology and an astrologer. The answer you or your parents might not like and they will find another astrologer who will suggest a POOJA and Yagnya and some “Wiwaah” with a tree etc. Despite Aishwarya having 2 serious broken relationship again some wiwaah was done with some tree (I heard – I have NO clue if they did this.) Her chart showed younger guy (7th Mangal), Dhanu Shukra Rahu Chandra), Abhishek Chart showed older/more matured lady (7th Shani) and Uchcha Shukra. Anyways – let’s not change the subject. :)

Marriage Quality, Partner Quality: Personality or Appearance, Age etc: in D1 (Lagna-Kundali) Check following.
(1)    The 7th house planets (BHAAV),
(2)    The owner of the 7th house (BHAAVESH), and
(3)    KAARAK Graha SHUKRA.
All these 3 need to be checked for marriage – SAADHAK-BAADHAK thoughts (360 degrees thinking).

Also add secondary and supplementary stuff when D1 is non-committal and shaky with mixed signals!
(1)    7th house from Chandra in D1
(2)    NABVAMANSH Kundali
a.     L7 from D1 – How it is in D9
b.     Shukra in D9 how it is
c.      How D9 itself is with above (3) things mentioned for D1

SHANI drushti on any of the above 3 shows delays.
(1)    Means Shani in 1 5 7 10 houses shows delays in marriages – or rather “recommends” delays in marriages.
(2)    WHY? Shani drushti is on the house which contributes greatly to hormonal make-up of a person and overall hormonal progress, pace of progress and quality etc.
(3)    So, this being slow – common sense is to delay the marriages. Else, you are trying to get fruit out of a tree which is just about to churn out flowers.
(4)    The same is applicable when SHANI drushti is on L7th and SHUKRA and L7 from Chandra also. More the drushti collection – means SHANI drushti on 7th and also L7 and also Shukra or all of the 3 would only start adding further delays. At times it is seen at 32 34 or even 36 or a person marrying very late for companionship and might not be for kids or a typical “traditional marriage”.
NOW – Women have speedier hormonal changes & physical changes than men.  So this “delay” is not same for men and women, Usually for women it is 25+ and for Men 29+.

When 7th house planets or L7 or SHUKRA is wakri or combination of these 3 – then THE FIRST choice of the person goes wrong & they correct themselves eventually. This could happen with boyfriend (Wakri Mangal for Aishwarya) etc or actual marriage for a traditional family. Some traditional women would LIVE with this arrangement forever! Some modern families would walk out etc. So again, later marriage gives enough maturity – as YOUR definition of what your spouse should be changes at certain age - -again 25/26 for women and 29.30 for men. & you start looking at the same spouse with different criteria!! UNFAIR to everyone!!!

URANUS wakri with Shani or in drushti of Shani or Wakri Uranus opposite Wakri Shukra in intense nakshatra or opposite to L7 also can cause real weird people coming in touch with hiding information (missing lung or some operation or spot on skin somewhere etc). some information comes at the 11th house before marriage or just before engagement etc etc.

(1)    If BHAVARAMBH of 7th house o L7 or SHUKRA is in intense degrees – there is tremendous intense bad past karma. So this life those contacts try to come in touch and give troubles to you.

(2)    Delays ensures that “A hurt B in the past birth” and now “B would hurt A” does not continue! So this bad kaarmic link is broken forever due to delays. SHANI likes delays and most times one has choice to delay. These contacts can’t just hang around to hurt you – they have their further destiny and kaarmic connections to fulfill.
a.     Disclaimer: If you have been TOO NASTY in the past birth – this is unavoidable
(3)    HOWEVER, they will keep coming every 7.5 years to try to trouble you. THIS IS A LOADED statement coming thru case studies.! Some hurtful contact tries in year X and again they come back in some form now a days FB and whats app etc etc at X+8th year and X+15th year again.
(4)    INTENSE degrees L7 or Shukra can even show mentally unstable, inefficient or physical different priorities or lifestyle priorities person coming touch – forced in India for marriages due to social pressure. Happens lesser in the west *now a days*. So delays ensures that these people also move on. (had some case studies where I asked the girl to ensure the boy has physical needs—and turned out he had different lifestyle choice – did not share earlier due to pressure.)
a.     A Well-known example: of SHUKRA in last degrees of ASHLESHA for Karishma.

Does everyone have this choice – Might not! As too much of a bad past karma would result in some planetary formation which would get you into a relationship. Like Mangal Shukra Yuti and Mangal drushti on Shukra & Shukra Rahu yuti and so on. These compulsive action-oriented formations make one eager to get in to something. Mangal Shukra overrides hormonal issues of badly placed 7th house and hence the person is physically ready and eager for marriage or relationship but then it becomes a problem due to intense past karma.

1st Step is Awareness: THAT is WHERE Astrologers come in picture!! Early detection and early life analysis would show you such issues and quality of marriage life and why so etc etc explanation by a neutral astrologer who isn’t trying to do fear mongering for expensive shaanti and pooja. Pay astrologers well for analysis and logic so they do not have to sell you poojas unless absolutely necessary!!
2nd Step:  Acknowledge: To God, to Nature, to the souls you might have hurt (astrologer could give you a good idea where the direction could be - -at times it is within the family with maternal or paternal cousins itself!!)
3rd Step: Saying sorry repentance to the souls impacted – not all might have been reborn and they are listening to you! :)
4th Step: Dong good KARMA with the institution of marriage itself in general and specific to people who you might have affected (specific to the chart).

As you can see earlier you begin for you begin for your kids – good karma can turn-around some souls or at least allow you to SPOT and “sense” and realize” the patterns of “incorrect” people or “situations” etc etc. SWOT analysis of kid’s chart never hurt as long as the astrologers are not putting some INCEPTION and WORRIES in your head. Not to dilute the message but look to it from opportunity to pay back by good deeds and not by suffering.

P.S. At times we need to be practical also – and not nitpick stuff. A friend of mine said to another one jokingly – it is better to be divorced at the age of 34 than not married at all! So these delays and related aspects are imp and can change here and there as per community norms and society norms but bring careful never hurt anyone. Some background checks or direct question to the prospects in person without offending or in front of everyone (ego!) would only help. Give astrologers a chance to help you by NOT asking tthem to SOMEHOW match the charts by pooja or donations and some MAGICAL REMEDIES! :) Again, it is about extreme charts - -you should also question astrologer as to WHY it is bad – just one Mangal in 7 or 8 or – Shukra in 6th alone etc can’t be a reason to make people afraid.