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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Birth Date Number 11 (& 29): Bachchan, Dilip Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Bejan Daruwala

The Birth Date Number 11 (& 29): Bachchan, Dilip Kumar, KL Saigal, Rajesh Khanna, Bejan Daruwala, Osho

The number 11 is almost always attached to psychic abilities. It also shows high level of people orientation which borders quite often on being a populist. The person with 11 as birth date most likely is liked by people around them due to their approachability and ability to easily comfort others.

This number is also termed as the MASTER number. This means, the number "knows" esoteric things without learning them and has ability to recall subconsciously the lessons learnt over various previous lives. They do not need a GURU/Mentor in the field they choose for their career(s) -- 2 of them! :)

The number 11 reduces to (1+1) 2 which is represented by Moon which shows tendency to find harmony, balance things in life, creative things in life. However usual 'Moody' nature attached to number 2 is found curiously absent in number 11. The reason could be "two Suns" (1 1).

A soul purposely decides the magnetic channel of number 11 to pay-off many people related Karmic debts. Most often than not, previous birth has seen aligning to one side of the quation too much (say a religion against other, a group social against other group or 1 person against other person etc). So this karmic debt has to be paid-off by balancing two things in life. These two things could be two religions, two people in their life or two BIG interests in their life.

The balancing HAS to be done in such a way that:

1. The two entities, people, groups etc maintain their unique-ness and separate existence BUT
2. They learn to find some harmony between them to CO-EXIST together.
The complete life of people 11 can be termed as trying to balance between two things.

It is hardly a surprise that in a country like India where we have so many ethnic backgrounds, numerous religions and groups, cultural divsersification: The people in number 11 are always in demand! :)

The people born on 11 are often wildly popular, which is also a side effect of their karmic reward and also their populist tendency. The horoscope, family background, the palm would give a good idea about the FIELD these folks choose to implement their abilities but the basic theme of being "popular"/"populist" and the balancing act is always present in them.

The b-date 29 is also (2+9) 11 but a different kind. 11 is an OVERT 11 but 29 is about being populist but also "Peer-Group". 11 might sometimes lack a peer groups but 29 would always be found with a peer group. The 29 often comes under pressure due to wrong advice of friends or mis-deeds of near/dear friends they trust.

The two most prominent celebrities that come to mind are: Sanjay Dutt and Rajesh Khanna (29th July and 29th Jan respectively). They were also wildly popular which is inherent to the MASTER Number Power of 11. But like issues of near and dear friends they get in to some trouble from time to time. (Their horoscope would decide the "detailing" of subjects/things they trusted their friends with etc). Rajesh Khanna being 29th December had outspoken Sagi Sun Sign side (16th Dec to 13th Jan) and Sanjay Dutt with 29th July has a typical SENTIMENTAL profile of a Cancer sin sign (15th July to 14th August).

Other Prominent 11: Bejan Daruwala (11th July) -- Gemini Sun Sign -- A Talker (14th Jun to 14th July Sun Sign is Gemini) Well, I am also counting on number 11 (April 11) :-)
Isn't it intriguing that the 3 (rather 4 including KL Saigal) super-stars so far are born on 11??

The other popular / populist folks are also 2 born: Shah Rukh 2 Nov (Libra Sun sign), Ajay Devgan is also 2nd April.


  1. interesting this. :) looking forward to more.

  2. good one...being born on 11th....feel good abt it after reading above blog

  3. What about number 22s? I have read that 22 is also a master number. Shouldn't you consider the month and year of birth to, or should you just look at the day?

  4. Its informtive as well as perfect...

  5. I am born on 11th March'83 but luck seems to be faar away from me. My inlaws just want to blame me inspite of my efforts to please them. My husband is also blaming me ...donno what to do. ANy help please?

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