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Saturday, March 21, 2009


The CREATOR, you call it GOD or call it "BRAHMA, The Creator" wasn't fooling around when he did that BIG BANG!!! Check below:

Here are some details about every sign & its owner. i.e. the characteristics that these planets posses are also 'seen' in these signs.

1. Aries (Mesh) Mars/Mangal
2. Taurus (Vrushabh) Venus/Shukra
3. Gemini/Mithun: Mercury/Budh
4. Cancer/Kirk: Moon/Chandra
5. Leo/Singh: Sun/Ravi
6. Virgo/Kanya: Mercury/Budh
7. Libra/Tula: Venus/Shukra
8. Scorpio: Mars/Mangal
9. Sagittarius/Dhanu: Jupiter/GURU
10. Capricorn/ Makar: Saturn/Shani
11. Aquarius/Kumbh: Saturn/Shani (High level subconscious mind owner: Uranus)
12. Pisces/Meen: Jupiter/GURU (High level subconscious-mind owner: Neptune)

Now, observe the pattern of ownership of the signs below. You can see that 1 sign before Cancer and 1 Sign after Leo the owner of the sign is the same and this owner is the same sequence as the sequence of the planets from the Sun.

1. One Sign behind Cancer is Gemini AND One sign next to Leo is Virgo == BOTH owned by Mercury: which is the 1st from the SUN

2. Two signs behind Cancer is Taurus AND Two Signs next to Leo is Libra == BOTH owned by Venus: The 2nd from the SUN

3. 3 Signs behind Cancer is Aries AND 3 Signs next to Leo is Scorpio == BOTH owned by Mars: The 4th from the SUN (obviously not including Earth here)

4. 4 Signs behind Cancer is Pisces and 4 Signs next to Leo is Sagittarius == BOTH owned by GURU/Jupiter: 5th from the SUN

5. 5 Signs behind Cancer is Aquarius/Kumbh and 5 Signs next to Leo is Capricorn == BOTH owned by Saturn/Shani: 6th from the SUN

Isn't it intriguing!! :) The assignments of signs and their owners are so structured. i.e The actual ZODIAC which is MULTIMILLION light years away from our Solar system in a way MIMICS the characteristics of planets of our Solar system.

i.e. it is observed that Mars’ characteristics are seen in Aries and Scorpio. Similarly Guru’s characteristics are seen in Sagi and Pisces and so on. This “structure” indeed is mysterious.

P.S. Uranus is co-owner of Kumbh/Aquarius and Neptune is owner of Meen/Pisces. Incidentally both sign are at the end of the zodiac as per the planets' sequence in the Solar system.


  1. Very Nice....good analysis

  2. You are the Robert Langdon!

  3. Hi milind ji. :)
    i have seen this observation mentioned in Jyotish Ratnakar book by DevkiNandan Singh.
    he has used this technique to learn the signs and their planetary ownerships.
    also, one interesting thing i leaned from that book was that the solar system can be seen as a family where :-
    sun - the king/head of the family
    moon - the queen/wife of the king of the family
    mercury - the mantri/chief minister of the family
    venus - daitya guru/chief materialistic comforts provider
    mars - senapati/chief warrior
    jupiter - dev guru/chief wisdom provider
    saturn - servant/chief karma analyzer and result provider

    also, it was mentioned that the signs have been accredited to these planets in this particular order.
    since Leo is the most powerful sign in the whole zodiac (possibly because of being represented by Lion, the most powerful creature of all) Sun was given this sign and hence forth all the planets followed.

    quite interesting it is to read this story type structure.

    however, with the discovery of uranus, neptune and pluto,i think this whole system goes for a toss. :)

    1. Pluto I never used for any analysis. Didn't need to. Uranus is coowner of Kumbh and Neptune is the coowner of Meen. So their sequence and the sequence of signs is maintained in the mysterious arrangement.

  4. I feel Uranus and Neptune are relevant for historical events as it might hardly complete one cycle in a human lifespan (84 and 160+ years respectively) Uranus has just completed the 84 year cycle of zodiac and entered Aries in April 2017.

    1. They MUSt be studied with other planets for sure. Like Neptune with Moon gives 6th sense.Uranus with or opposite 6th sense makes one rebel or unorthodox