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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Born on 4, 13, 22, 31

Born on 4, 13, 22, 31

1. 4 people are NEVER conventional.

2. Their personality is against the status quo.

3. Their job is to get their family; their surroundings AHEAD of the time and bring CHANGE in them.
4. The VARY reason the Soul chooses the magnetic channel of 4 is to bring a COMPLETE change in the direction of the journey of life.

5. You would find it surprising that THE GOD/Brahma/The Creator puts 4 born people in the MOST conservative of the families. These people then get these families towards 21st Century (so to speak).
6. 4 people live a time at least 15 or rather 40 years ahead of their time so they are often misunderstood and are proven correct later in the life.

7. I just came in touch with a person born on 13, who has 3 immediate siblings born on 4 in the family...!! I asked if their family was conservative: The answer was that the women were not allowed to go to school and this lady was now helping run a construction company!! :)

SADASHIV Peth sees the MOST 4 # born people. J Highly conservative Muslim families in India see a lot of 4 born people. This is to help them get up to speed with the changing world.

Barak Obama was the most suitable candidate to carry the message of "change" as he is born on 4th August.
Kishore Kumar himself was 4th August born and Maharashtra famous personality Pralhad Keshav Atre was 13th Augut born. He was very well know for his very unorthodox speeches and literature.

The diametrically opposite to 4 is 8.... 8 is CONSERVATISM personified. These people have a mandate of taking their families to the same old conventional direction fiercely. Maybe too many 4 born people have taken them ahead of the times quite a bit!! :)

BOTH 4 and 8 are FATE numbers with not so LUCKY lives as the VARY purpose of soul is transformation in life-path and also pay-off the Karmic Burden of previous lives.

The 4 and 8 should not be mixed when it comes to relationships as the personalities could be very different as 4 (4, 13, 22, 31) wants to move ahead with new / lateral ideas and the (8, 17, 26) wants to adopt the same old tactics. Or rather that is why they were "allowed" to take birth on those dates! :)


  1. Hi Milind,

    That was superb information on No. 4 people. I am a no. 4 person. Are there any more traits which you can discuss about no. 4 people ?

    Also I have sent you an email regarding some questions. Could you please answer that ? Its a bit urgent.

    Thanks and Regards
    Mandar Puranik

  2. Hi Milind, Nice article. Just checked my hotmail emails after a long time and came to know about your blog. Can you please discuss people born on 14, 15?


  3. Please email on

  4. Hi. Milind, I am also born on 13 January 1959 at 1.05 am Deoria ( U.P.).Please reply my email.

  5. hi milindji perfert
    i am born 22nd jan 1974
    thanks for post

  6. dear milind, i come back very often to read ur blogs. i have two children, a girl and a boy , 13 and 22 born; strange but both are number 4, both belong to makara rasi and both are geminis (22 may and 13 june).in ur assessment, both are taurus. anyway, i found it quite strange; blessed to have these children;

  7. True I m 4born n my husband is 8 born. We always have that discussion on what is right-moving ahead or going back wards.