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Friday, March 13, 2009

SADESATI: The 7.5 years of Saturn's travel near your Moon Sign

Annual Horoscope 2016 for all signs:

[A] What is Shani Sadesati (Sade Sati, Sadesati)
It takes approximately 30 years for Saturn to orbit around the Sun. i.e. it travels 2.5 years in one sign. When Saturn enters one sign previous to your Moon sign, you enter the period of “Sade sati”. It literally means 7.5 (2.5 + 2.5 + 2.5 years of Saturn’s stay around your sign).
Saturn teaches “by-example” in this period, does a reality check about various things in your life that you find important. It makes you think neutral about the things you feel very strongly about. It prepares you for the next 22 years. After Sadesati is over, you are fresh out of Saturn’s college to take on the world. You just need to put a lot of effort in Sadesati.
[B] Summary
Sadesati is seen as a problematic period with lots of troubles & hardships. Well, it’s half-truth. Sadesati is an “Atma-shudhdhi” period where a lot of “reality-check” is given to the person. Saturn doesn’t “give” anything; it just shows anomaly or problems that already exist in and around you.
[C] Effect of Current (Gochar) Saturn’s travel on Horoscope Planets:
It is Saturn’s KARAKtva to give peeda and try to drive you away from extraneous “Asakati” of any thing you may have. Basically, Saturn gives such “reality check” every time it goes over any planet in your horoscope (the planets as they are at the time of your birth).
  1. When Saturn goes over your Sun/Ravi, it hurts your ego, it makes you deal with seniors better, it teaches you do deal with father better. Shows illness or health issues of your father. It shows your health w.r.t heart and spine (ruled by Ravi). Ravi is “karak” of Raj-satta / administrative power, Father, Soul, Ego, Heart & Spine, bone structure apart from several other things. Check examples of this at the end of the article.
  1. When Saturn goes over your Patrika Mars, it gives reality check w.r.t siblings (especially younger). It shows issues w.r.t blood (health), diabetes. It also shows side effects of wars, sports activities, extra competitive spirit that you might have. It also shows side effects of hard work, aggression and also at times shows issues with the land that you might have purchased or own. Mars is Karak of Sports, Wars, siblings, blood, aggression, land, and copper apart from other things. Check examples of this at the end of the article.
These are just effects of Saturn’s travel over two planets that are in nature TOTALLY different than Saturn. Saturn doesn’t have or like ego, it doesn’t have a asakti of anything. It is a nishkam karmayogi! So it takes you away from the things that you love the most by some peeda / haani just to make you aware that there is life beyond these things.
7.5 years before Sadesati: A Great Success: Support from Saturn
This is explained in great detail with examples in my article:
To understand practical aspects of Sadesati, it is very much necessary to understand the previous few years before the Sadesati starts. These are the years when the person is in the “sweet-spot” of his abilities. He is perfectly ‘right there’. Unlimited support from masses is in these years of 9th, 10th and 11th Saturn. (12th, 1st and 2nd Saturn are of Sadesati). The person appears to have halo behind him and many think of him as a role model or a hero.
The person seems to have a lot of things that can be leveraged during this time period. There is no need to do any retrospect or think twice before delving into something as natural support is assumed due to your abilities being better than other’s at that point in time. Everywhere you go, people seem to take notice and treat you in a special way. You develop a habit of being always heard and being important at almost all the meetings. You get quite a bit of power (empowerment) that you can use the way you want to use it.
Basically, the support from 9th and especially 10th & 11th Saturn is the culmination of last 17/18 years of karma: acquiring knowledge, overall struggle, efforts and hard work. What ever you have learnt on what Saturn represents (masses, law, discipline, and economics apart from other things) in 18 years is given to you in 10th and 11th Saturn. (10th Saturn gives power from masses and 11th gives money.)
Now you can understand, what would person think when the support from 10/11 Saturn is no more with them! Even not doing great would be considered as bad! Doing above average would be considered as a failure! à it is all about expectation management. In Sadesati you don’t do worse than you were doing in say 7th/8th Shani! But the sorrow after lots of joy is always more troublesome! J
[D] SADESATI: Effects of current (Gochar) Saturn on Moon
Of all the planets, the Moon (karak of mind, mother, water, and silver) shows the MOST of the asakti, love, affection of various things in your life. Rather, all other planets are also studied in the horoscope w.r.t Moon-sign too to understand what ‘you’ think about your own horoscope consciously—subconsciously.
So it is natural that when Saturn comes closer to the Moon in horoscope, it gives THE toughest reality check in your life. Many of your misbelieves will be shattered in this period. Is it good or bad? Saturn doesn’t want you to live in fool’s paradise. It wants to make you wiser!
IMP: Saturn doesn’t seem to affect other planets apart from Moon when Saturn is in the previous sign of say, Sun or Mars or other planets BUT for the moon the “fun” starts when Saturn enters the previous sign itself and continues until Saturn is in next to next sign. i.e. for other planets reality check lasts for 2.5 years but for Moon it lasts for 7.5 years.
The natural support of 10th and 11th Saturn is no more there! The 12th Saturn shows that your risk profile should not be extravagant now. You need to invest for future and not expect the “Alice in Wonderland” effect of 10th/11th Saturn.
First 2.5 Years: Bad-mouth, oppose from masses, Sudden unwanted expenditure/low liquidity
The biggest effect of 12th Saturn is bad word of mouth/rumors that hurt you. The folks that got sidelined due to your might in last 5 years, regroup and their collective efforts are out of synch with you. You are suddenly “wrong time wrong place”, where you are seating on big gains but going nowhere! The factors that you HAD to neglect/overlook in the last 5 years due to various correct reasons come to haunt you! Depending on your harshness or any deeds that are against the law and you can find yourself behind the bars or in deep litigations.
So the 12th Saturn is about bad publicity (Masses thinking badly about you), loss of money/liquidity, litigations 7 public/masses thinking of you as enemy. It can make you cry many times. Health-wise: eyes (especially the left eye), ankles, stomach at times.
In your horoscope planets behind moon or 6th house from moon make matters worse in this period of Sadesati as they have affected factors mentioned above right from the start!!! (Good/bad Karma)
Middle 2.5 years: Mental, Viral/Water, Personal Issues
The bad mouthing, economic losses of 12th Saturn now start recovering. The focus is now on your personal life, parents’ health, mental peace, health/viral fevers. It also tests your temperament by difficult situations with close relatives, siblings & friends. Saturn represents masses/workers/voters and Moon represents social contacts with similar level folks (both economically, culturally). Saturn takes you away from near and dear ones, either mentally or physically. You have tons of reality check with the people you thought were close to you. The folks that stay close to you in this period are self less and not expecting any material gains form you. They are the “real” friends. Nastha-paani friends don’t even come to say hi in this period! J
So the 1st Saturn is about Disturbed Mental peace, temperament, loss of social status/time to socialize, parent’s health, issues with relatives, siblings & close friends. Viral (or thru water) diseases is a possibility.
In your horoscope planets with or opposite to Moon make matters worse in Sadesati as they have affected factors mentioned above right from the start! (Good/bad Karma) That’s why people born on Poornima (full moon Moon 180degrees opposite to Sun) and Amawasya (Sun Moon in the same sign) have more troubles in middle 2.5 years of Sadesati.
Last 2.5 years: Family / Hereditary Issues, Investments (Share Market, land, bonds etc)
The focus is now your (overall) family: common issues with the family. The investments that you have made or you might need to make. Health wise, it’s about eyes, eating habits, tongue, nose/breathing & some minor indications of future issues with lungs. You may even need to spend/lend money in situations not under your control (duty) and many times the money won’t come to you for a long time (say at least 3 years or more).
In your horoscope planets in house next to moon or 8th house from moon make matters much worse as they have affected factors mentioned above right from the start! (Good/bad Karma) 8th house is peeda-sthan & shows how/how much/what peeda you get in life. It also shows hereditary estate etc.
  1. A person (apart from health), doesn’t suffer much in Sadesati expect for his own deeds.
  2. It is your misuse of power and irregularity of temperament, mishandling of relatives, friends that comes to bite you in the axx once the mighty support of 10th and 11th Saturn is over!!
  3. Negligence of several aspects of life due to increased importance of some aspects is also brought to notice in Sadesati.
  4. You need to deal with your own issues and nothing else. They could be of money, masses, politics, relatives, studies, career and what not.
It is the natural life cycle which is mirrored into stars most of the times & not the other way round. We should rather thank Saturn for Sadesati as it gives us the reality check of our life. The lessons are Sadesati are good enough to shine and enjoy life in real-sense with a newfound wisdom for next 22 years after Sadesati.
That’s why Saturn is referred in Hindu Mythology as “Shani-Maawuli”.
[E] Examples of Shani’s Bhraman from Sports, Politics and Movies:
  1. Amitabh Bachchan (Tula rashi) was #1 to #10 when Saturn last time was in Cancer and Leo sign (9th, 10th and 11th to his Moon sign:: from June 1973 to 1980 end. He is having similar period from May 2005 to Sept 2009. Especially, from July 2007 to Sept 2009, there could be mass-hysteria, making contemporaries look like chicken.
    1. From 1981, his Sadesati started and initial 2.5 years were very bad for him as he has 5 planets in Kanya rashi. i.e for him Sadesati was much more troublesome as multiple planets were before the moon & that too in 8th house of horoscope (peeda-sthan, mrutyu-sthan). i.e. 12th from Moon and 8th from 1st house of horoscope (ascendant--lagnarashi)
    2. What happened in 1981 is VERY well known. When Saturn was close to Mars and Sun, he suffered a great accident. (Kanya raashi shows stomach.)
    3. His Sadesati continued until end of 1987. His politics tenure happened completely in Sadesati and you are well aware of the problems he faced in Sadesati.
  2. Dhirubhai Ambani is moon-sun and ascendant Dhanu raashi. When Shani was 10th and 11th from 1981 to Middle 1985, he used his money and political power a lot and was able to get almost anything done! He entered Sadesati from 1985 to 1992! J
    1. First 2.5: From Oct 1985 entered Sadesati. First 2.5 years must have been all badanami, court-baaji, police inquiries due to 12th Shani. V.P. Singh was troubling him a lot.
    2. Middle 2.5: Health-wise almost a hell as Shani going over Moon, Sun and lagnarashi. Also a lot of issues from Govt (V.P Singh had become the PM, whom Dhirubhai had allegedly removed from finance ministry using Amitabh’s contact??)
    3. Rest 2.5: A bit better and regrouping of business and also recuperation on health front.
  3. Sachin Tendulkar: From May 2005, Saturn is exactly opposite to Sachin Tendulkar’s Mars. Mars shows sports, running apart from other things. Especially, from last Oct 2006 until end of July 2007, Sachin was going thru a very rough patch of Saturn, as it was aspecting his Mars in close degrees (Pratiyog). (With this logic he would have the best year in 2009 as Guru would be traveling over Mars at that time)
  4. The famous “Prince” episode in 2006: Saturn was in cancer sign and opposite to prince’s Sun (14th Aug b-date?). Cancer sign shows gatare, bhuyare. Small rivers etc. Similarly even from last week Saturn is again in last charan (Ashlesha) of cancer, yesterday Jun 17th (Saturn’s date: 8), one 5 year old kid went in a boar-well. (read eSakal), Even Sachin got a flue two days back.
  5. From Midyear 1990 to Jan 1993, Saturn was in Makar rashi. Sena Supremo Balasaheb Thackeray’s sun sign (23rd Jan) is Makar. During this time his ego was hurt when Chhagan Bhujbal parted ways along with some 16/17 MLAs. (Actually, it was a very good thing to happen in long term as except for Bhujbal saheb, everybody else was former Congress/Congress-S person, so not Sena-man anyways).
  6. Similarly, from May 2005 to July 2007m Saturn is in Cancer and going over Uddhav Thackeray’s Sun Sign Cancer: B-date 27th July). During this time his ego was also hurt and Narayan Rane parted ways from Sena. I am 100% sure that is a very good thing in the long run. As Uddhav’s moon sign is also Leo (Sadesati), the impact is doubled for him. (Also, this Saturn is in direct pratiyog with Balasaheb’s Sun Sign too.)
  7. Vilasrao Deshmukh (born from May 14th to June 14h: May 26th), lost his CM position the 1st time when Saturn was in Vrushabh sign. Saturn was going over his Sun Sign. (From 2000 end to Jan 2003).
  8. Most of the calamities (Tsunami, Stock Market crash, Mumbai Flood) usually happen on saturn’s date i.e. 8, 17 or 26.
  9. Dilip Kumar goes into oblivion every time Sinvha rashi is under Sadesati.
  10. Sanjay Dutt is moon sign Vrushabh had was under Sadesati from Apr 1998 to May 2005. From May 2005 to July 2007, Saturn is going over his Sun Sign. (Born on July 29th) (He paid or is paying for the mistakes(?) he did when Shani was supporting him from early 91 to April 98.)
  11. Bill Clinton, Sharad Pawar all are Aries Moon sign (Mesh). Saturn was 10th and 11th to Mesh rashi from 1991 start to Feb 1996. From March 1996, Saturn went 12th and these all were seen on the wane. They all were under microscope and suffered several losses until 2002 end.
    1. Bill Clinton: who allegedly misused power, was impeached in this period. Saw several law-suits, inquiries.
    2. Sharad Pawar: Lost election etc and had hard time in sade sati, had to defect from Congress in middle 2.5 and form a new party etc. Had to again adjust with congress and support an opponent like Vilasrao in CM post. Sharad Pawar started doing well personally from Jan 2003 when Shani entered in Mithun and sade sati for Mesh rashi was over.
  12. Bill Gates Moon sign Meen: That would make period of April 1993 to 2000 end troublesome but observations below would be quite valid)
Microsoft allegedly misused money power, OS dominance & irritant pop-ups while installing Java s/w (monopoly) had to undergo anti-trust lawsuit. As his Sun sign is Libra (born on Oct 28th from Oct 16th to Nov 16th), Saturn in Aries from, April 1998 to 2000 end was highly problematic to him. He was at odds with Govt during that time. 1996 to 1998, 12th / 1st Saturn showed him what he did wrong my not giving internet enough importance. After end of 2000 he came out of Sadesati.
------------------------------- More examples to follow ---------------------------------


  1. Hi Milind,

    First Of all Congratulations for your Blog on Jyotish!!, and indeed a nice, informative article on Sadesaati!!

    Now, I just have a doubt in my mind, that which sadesaati has more impact on anyaone's life?

    Sadesaati according to JanmaRashi OR
    Sadesaati according to LagnaRashi?

    Can you please throw more light on these?

    Kedar Joshi


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  2. Kedar:
    It is as per Moon Sign i.e. Janma Raashi and imagine that Moon sign and Lagna-raashi is same! :) Double effect of sadesati.

    That is why people who have Moon in the 1st house i.e. their birth is at "chandro-day" (when moon is rising) are said to taken birth to have both good and bad BHOG as much as possible in this life.


  3. Hello Milind,
    khoopach chaan info aahe ha. Mala khoop interest aahe hya sub madhye. Me varchevar bhet deinach ani kahi prashna(padalech) vicharin.

  4. Hi Milind,
    Congratulations on the blog -- very useful and impressive.
    Isn't it true that for some rashis the sade-sati is actually a good period?

  5. Good or bad is relative! :) But it is a period to pay off your Karmic Burden of this and also past life and becoming MUKTA. So materialistically it is a period to regroup as yuou are done leveraging your most of the abilities to control masses in 10th and 11th shani !! :)

  6. Milind,

    Great! Right now which Rashi(s) going under Sadsati.

  7. Pradip:
    It is Kirk, Sinvha and Kanya.
    In Sept, KIRK would ocme out of it and TULA would enter the club! :)

    Bhanas: Thanks much!! Do visit again!

  8. Very interesting blog and very true!!
    Om sham shanaishwaray namah!

  9. मिलिंद - फारच छान ब्लॉग आहे. ह्या वर्षी तुला राशीची साडेसाती कधी सुरु होणार? अणि त्याचे तीन phases तुला रासिच्या लोकांना कसे जाणार?

  10. Hi, Happened to see your blog when I googled for information on sade sati...
    Very informative...thanks!!
    My rashi is kataka and I am going through this. I can relate to most of what you have said (especially regarding few years before sade sati).
    I think for katak it ends in september 2009.
    Can you tell me if there will be any effects after the period?

  11. Hi, i am makar rashi, was looking for when I had sadesati and stumbled on ur blog.
    What would be firt 2.5 yrs of my sade sati:
    In 1989, I was in 6th std. I had some health issue during that time I failed in history geog in first term (even 5th std. i had just passed. 1988-89) So, my mom sent me for a tuition in 1989. I passed the final exam. 1990-1994 (which would be the main part- including the middle of sadesati) were golden years academically. I excelled in studies from std 7 to 10th. Don't remember having any problems in any areas - heath and academics. (thats all mattered at that time).
    And in 1995-1996 towards end of my sade-sati, I was average. Scored average in 12th, did not clear medical entrance. but i never studied, cannot blame sadesati.
    Later college years(after end of sadesati) were pretty bad, very average scores in TY. Was not happy about being not beautiful, having no boyfriend in college :))

    The reason for telling u this boring life-story is: on hindsight it looks like the middle part of sadesati was the best period I had.
    Does it mean that sadesati is indeed good for makar rashi?
    Shani is also rashi swami for Kumbha, Is it good for kumbha also?

  12. ok, i got it wrong, my sade sati started when saturn entered saggi. So that would be around 1987. 1987-1989 were bad periods for various reasons. 1990-1994 were very good. So only first 2.5 years of sadesati were bad for me. And middle was very good.

  13. Vanessa:
    1. I think middle shani has effect on emkotiona profile: increased maturity etc. LAso Mom's health is a concern in this period...Shani in your raashi can't be the reason for your success
    2. BUT Guru maharaaj were in Kanya Tula and Vrushchik raash in 92/93/94 years (9th, 10th and 11th to Makarraashi) and that caused the success (by your own karma). When Guru went 12th it would have similar effect as 1st 2.5 years of Saadesati...
    i.e. GREAT 3 years of Guru over and next relatively down 3 years sharted! :)

  14. Vidya:

    1. Yes Kirk would come out of Saadesati in Sept 2009.
    2. Kirk would have avefrage 2010
    3. Kirk would hav a GREAT bhagyoday in 2011 first 6 months and overall have 2011, 2012 and 2013 as GREAT years !!!


  15. Dear Milind Sir,

    I am entering Sade Sati in September 09...for the SECOND TIME in my life. IS IT TRUE THAT SADE SATI will bring GOOD EFFECTS..during the SECOND TIME.

    My DOB: 11th October 1980; place of birth: Pondicherry; time of birth: 9.30 PM - indian time.

    It would be great if you can give me some insights...and the last two years has been pretty bad too...which means 2 years prior to sade sati..which should have been a good..but i was very unhappy....why?

    Please tell me more about sade sati and i am 28 yrs old now...and this sade sati will exist till i am 35. i should be getting married in this period.

    - Vetri Kumaran

  16. I am Kanya raashi and simha lagn and going thru first gochar of shani. Really facing trouble in career. When do you think will excel in career.

  17. HI Milind,
    Thank You for the information. But I am not interested in AB's life. Can you shed some light on my life. I treated like shit at work. I have tried several jobs and am not able to find one. I have reached a point where I want to commit a suicide because coming to work is so stressful. My d.o.b. is oct., 11,1963. place of birth Veraval, gujarat. Time 09.40am

  18. Hi Milind,

    Really good and informative site on the subject.

    Karka rashi's Sade Saati will end on 10th September 2009. However, Neptune is already in the 8th position and Jupiter will enter the same in the 3rd week of December 2009. How will these affect one's life even though the Sade Saati comes to and end?

  19. I will send analysis to individual folks...pplease contact me on

    1. This is my husband date of birth
      VENKATARAMANA RAO, 11.11.1986.... 2:30pm... birthplace-godhavarikhani, telangana.
      We are phasing really hard time to get a job plz kindly tell us whats the problem..
      I have a doubt can my daughter's jatakam effect's my husband career.

      Here is my daughters birth details
      AMSHU. 16.05.2011, 6:18 PM,

      Thank You so much :)

    2. This is my husband date of birth
      VENKATARAMANA RAO, 11.11.1986.... 2:30pm... birthplace-godhavarikhani, telangana.
      We are phasing really hard time to get a job plz kindly tell us whats the problem..
      I have a doubt can my daughter's jatakam effect's my husband career.

      Here is my daughters birth details
      AMSHU. 16.05.2011, 6:18 PM,

      Thank You so much :)

  20. Hina MS SUnayana and others, please use:

    Your profiles are not avalable for any contact! :)

  21. Hi,

    Does toddlers get affected by by sadesati? May daughter will be 3 in sept, having lot of health problems last whole year. her rashi is sinha.

  22. Hi Milind,

    I have send an email to you from my email account - Kindly let me know whether you have received it.

    Anil Talpade

  23. Dear Milind,
    My compliments on your mastry on the subject and your easy way of explaining things.
    In my case two of the renound astrologers have different views. One says that the sade sati will bring in good results for me for first 5 yrs and the other astrologer says that i will suffer the first 5 yrs.
    I would request your views on this. My birth details are as under:
    DOB: 28/12/1975
    TOB: 06 35 Hrs
    POB: Lucknow

    Kindly help me with your views.


  24. hey
    milind ..
    wich rashi we shud look at
    according to my birthday i have kanya rashi
    but according to my name dat is HARSHIT is kirk rashi
    so wich rashi we shud look at??

  25. Folks, thanks for the feedabck. Please put feedbackhjere and send any queries to

    But do leave a comment here, it surely does help! :)

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    Very informative and well written congrats and thanks for sharing
    Aditya Patil

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    Very impressive post!!! I am very interested in astrology and am always on the lookout for material that can explain me the concepts of it. The way you explained sade sati, it was very easy to understand.

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  32. Hi Milind , My Date of birth is 28-09-1979 Can you please let me know if i am under Saade Sati now and which phase is it in and also how long would it continue

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    Thanks for a very informative, to the point blog on saade saati. I hope this will help saade saati club members on whole. Ravi

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  37. Oops! I think there are a lot of comments that I missed. Will try to get back if the email address is given in them.

  38. Milind,

    I live in NY. I am from Kolhapur. Read your article. I want to share my experience. I am vrishabh rashi and when I went thru my sadesati, I had a major career change, landed with my MBA and a great job, and revolutionized my relationship with my spouse for the better...but all through great challenge and pain and hard work. At that time, I felt the world, as I knew it, was coming to an end. But retrospectively, destiny/god whatever you may call it, was paving a new life for me. I came out totally humbled and knowing who my friends were and what is most valuable in life. My spouse is now going thru his sadesati. His rashi is kanya. He does not believe in astrology. So I sent him your article. So that he mentally prepares for this roller coaster ride.

    In essence, it is a thorough cleansing of your beliefs and starting as a new person. Reducing your bad karmic load....! All said and done, we truly are cosmic dust...!

    Sai Ram.

    Sunetra Chavan

  39. This is very fascinating! Does rahu mahadasha impact in a similar manner? If u give you my birth details, can u help predict?

  40. Ashwini" Why not...As mentined at the top of the page please send in your details...

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    D.O.Birth : 20 November 1957
    Place of Birth: Mehrauli, New Delhi
    Time of Birth: 6.30am

    Please tell my horoscope, and guide me to come through a difficult period now a days I am having at work place and around.


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  45. Radhika: Have been checking emails and will certainly get back to yours too.

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  49. Milind Sir

    Ur article on Shani Dev is jus amazing & so deeply insightful...even a layman can easily understand such deep & complex astrological facts & concepts..


    What about the 2.5 yr periods when Shani dev is in 4th & 8th house from birth MOON (small panoti OR Dhaiyya)? I feel it would be like 2 "crash courses" on ones' reality checks between 2 sade saatees.. :)What is the effect during these phases?

    Kindly do post an article on the same in times to come...

    Can u suggest some remedies for "facing with strength the reality checks of Shani dev" neutrally...

    I feel Hanumanji gives one this strength?

    What can 1 do during facing his "reality checks" apart from being patient, calm & cool?

    What do you suggest?

  50. Hello Milind,

    Your blog is really informative. It covers a lot of interesting aspects.

    Also, I have mailed you my horoscope details. Please respond.


  51. Hi Milind,

    My birth details are as below
    Date - 26/01/1978
    Place - Itarsi, MP
    Time - 08:20 AM
    Kindly analyze my horoscope. I am currently going through my last phase of sadesati. Sadesati started troubling me even before 2004 when it started i.e. from 2003 mid itself. This has been toughest and most painful period of my life.

    One observation - During Sadesati few things happen which do not get recovered fully till end of life. For example you tend to take wrong decision for which you have to pay till the end.

  52. Hello Milind,

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  54. Hi Milind,
    Greetings from Prasad. I have send my details on your Gmail account. Can you please reply me for the same. I am suffering from Sade-Sati and having lot of problems, likne no jobs and negative publicity about me in the job market.
    I would like to meet you personally. I stay in Narayan Peth,Pune Please do the needful.-Prasad from Pune.

  55. Amazing, all that you said for the 1st 2.5 year period is what I am suffering. Left eye, ankle, all the bad mouthing, bad image and all that you wrote it happening in my life.

    I was wondering if I can get more information on my personal horoscope.

  56. Very enlightening, I am a Tula Rasi with Mesh Lagna and I thank you for your interesting blog, which I stumbled as I was searching for attributes of Sare-Sate. OM TAT SAT.

  57. My DOB is 23/09/1968.
    I lost my father during the first sade sati and I am finding things worsening and I feel I am going through the same phase now can you tell me as to when this period will end? You said saturn in the 10 and 11 th house gives money and recognition but the money which I should enjoy is locked up for the past 8 years for no apparent reason. Please tell me as to when it will come to me.

  58. Sir i have sent u an email from
    please do reply

  59. Sir my DOB is 26/12/1965, POB is Ajmer (Rajasthan) TOB: - 08.20 a.m.
    am facing lot of problems is there any phase of Sade Sati or some other reason? Financial problems, & tension,

  60. will Mega star chiranjeevi become CM in 2014?How will be his Future?I heard he is on Shani maha dasa it true that shani will get all his fortune at the last stage?

  61. I need this astro's email id and conact number becos i have sade sathi.. My rashi is kanya rashi.. kindly send me. my email id is

  62. Pratibha PayyadiJune 8, 2011 at 2:32 AM

    Kudos Milind..very informative blog..keep posting more...:)

  63. Hello Milind,

    I am also going through sade-sati. I am thula rashi, swathi nakshatra born. Last year, i had a premature baby born before 7th month. He was there in the hospital for 5 and a half months with lots of complications due to prematurity. Literally, i am feeling like living in a hell, please advise when things will get better? thank you,


  64. dear sir
    my self devendra dua dob 28-01-1970 time 4-00 AM p- alwar india, my mail id , pl. reply on mail id too,

  65. Hi Dear Sir, with due respect, I am Rakesh, my date of birth is 14 April, 1976, time 22:15. i faced lot of problems in my life, my wife does not live with me,she told me for divorce. i have no job. Please tell me when will i get the secure job and live with my wife???

  66. Hello Dear Sir, with due respect, I am Rakesh, my date of birth is 14 April, 1976, time 22:15, Delhi. i faced lot of problems in my life, my wife does not live with me,she told me for divorce. i have no job instead i am well qualified. Please tell me when will i get the secure job and live with my wife??? will i have to get another marriage?

  67. Hello Dear Sir, with due respect, I am Rakesh, my date of birth is 14 April, 1976, time 22:15, Delhi. i faced lot of problems in my life, my wife does not live with me,she told me for divorce. i have no job instead i am well qualified. Please tell me when will i get the secure job and live with my wife??? will i have to get another marriage? my email id is :

  68. Hi Dear Sir, with due respect, I am Rakesh, my date of birth is 14 April, 1976, time 22:15 PM, Delhi. I faced lot of problems in my life, my wife does not live with me, she told me for divorce. I have no job. Please sir tell me when will i get the secure job?? Will my wife come back or i get another marriage?? My email id is :

  69. Respected MilindSir,
    Your article I read today is very informative.You are doing a great work.Fascinating article Thanks!

  70. Milind...
    During Saade Saati What will happen to a person who did satkarmas during the golden period of 7.5 yrs before saade saat ?

  71. Milind,I am regular visitor of Maayboli. Learned about your Jyotish blog there so googled.
    Congratulations! This is very informative blog on Sadesati.


  72. Milind,

    Its an interesting article. My moon sign is Thula, star:swathi. One astrologer told that till May 2013, I should not start looking for brides for marriage. Can you advise on this. I am already 28.

  73. That is a very STRANGE advice actually! Not to marry until May2013! Will need to check horoscope Shukra and saptamesh position to say anything about it. But Tula has a very good chance to find somone until May2012.


  74. hi I hve been trying to get some answers to some qquestions and your description about sade sati really impressed born on 22 jan 76 and kanya rashi..lost dad last is down how much more and how many more days and is the impact goin to worsen..plzzz help me with these very disturbed..

  75. Hi. I'm vrishchik rasi and will start my 2nd sade-sati from Dec 11 onwards. What is the diff between 1st and 2nd sade sati.

  76. Dear Sir,

    Great information on Sade Sati....i'm Pallavi...and my DOB is 3.10.78, 11:53AM. I've been told by some astrologer that this is my phase of Sade sati. My main concern is my career..wherein i'm highly confused as i'm not satisfied with what i'm doing and looking to my future i'm not getting any direction. I want a job wherein i can take care of my family and devote some time to my son also...when is this phase ending and will i ever get a good profile job wherein i would be satisfied. Rgds, Pallavi

  77. hi Milind,
    Great article and have gone thru some of them, i read these article whenever i get time... planing to learn astrology... have broght some per one of u r artical u have mention V.D Bhat books are good to start with,,, so will get all books..... i have rahu and moon in 7th house in kanya rashi... could please tell me impact of this and effect of saturn trasist in yr 2011 and 2012.. please check u r mail i have send my birth details thnaks and regards Shrikant D

  78. hi milind
    superb article, very impressive and easy to understand. i have mailed you my details, looking forward to hear from you. kindly get back. thanks and regards mrs bhasi

  79. Hi Milind,
    Thanks for helping people with their concerns. It selfless and very kind of you. Rajan

  80. hello sir,
    yor work is really impressive and was easy to know my present conditions are due to ths saturn effect.i have mailed you my details,pls try to consider it wishes for your future works regards linu

  81. dear sir
    i am pravin mali aurangabad
    when in janmpatrika shani in 7th house so thats whats iffect

  82. dear sir
    when shani is in 7th house in janmpatrika so
    this is what is iffect give

  83. Great job Milindji! Your article is an eye opener, answered some of misgivings. Saw many by you.
    Keep up the good work.
    Can I contact you for personalized predictions and advice, how?

  84. Hi Milind,

    U really seem knowledgable and ur selflessly helping people out here.Really impressed. Have sent out a mail to u.Would be great if you could help.


  85. hello milind
    i am kanya rashi vrishchak lagna, 29th dec 1961 4.50 am , presently passing a guru mahadasha with surya antardasha -

    I was decenty enjoying a simple career phase but suddenly for no reason wahtsoever- my seniors have plotted against me for their vested interests - which by chance i stumbled upon and discovered - I have been regelated and sidelined- sort of a road block on my career and even my credibility- these are very powerful people with high level contacts chairman level - I am at cross roads again -stay in job or look for another one and move on - the latter puts me a great inconvenience to move from my present location to another country - can you guide me please I sent you an email which was not responded by you - probably it never reached you.

  86. Dear Milind,

    My DOB 23/08/1966 at 7:30 am at Kolkata.
    Pl advise regarding Sadesati as I am undergoing it.

    When will it end? When Can I expect positive & better times?

  87. Dear Milind,

    My DOB 01/01/1970 at 00:05 am in Ahmednagar ( Maharashtra ).
    Pl tell me hw wl b the 3rd phase of sadesati to me.& wht precautions shld i take in this period if 3rd phase is bad for me.

  88. Hello Milind,

    Very happy with this blog. I have sent you email with my details.


  89. i wanted to know mines...DOB 06/09/1987, daly city, california, USA... : time: 21:38 PM

  90. I came across your blog and was very happy to go through so much of useful info. Thanks for that. I have question about what will happen when most members of the family are in same rashi (kanya) during sadesathi?

  91. Hi,

    sir i am facing lot of problem for past 54-5yrs
    my moon sign is Virgo and my do.b is 14-04-194
    time - 11.05 pm
    when this 7.5 Saturn period over and good time came


  92. Hello Milind,

    I came across your blog and found it very good. I have emailed you regarding few queries. Any help is appreciated.

  93. Hi,
    please can you say some words on what one must do as remedy for sadesati period. I mean what is to be done to make situation better during this time. Also why does one's parents health gets affected in sadesati period. If it is our karma it should affect only us. and not anyone related to us.

  94. i am going through lots of troubles in my career can you help me. my birth date is 5 nov 1959

  95. Hi Milind,I am also going thru sade sati effects currently.I have mailed you my details,could you please help me for solving my queries.

  96. Hey Milind,

    My moon sign is Kanya. I am going through Sade Sati, Rahu Mahadasha and Kal Sarp Yog , all at the same time :(...Difficult times...My Rahu Mahadasha ends in Dec 2014, almost same time when Sade Sati ends.

    Can you pls guide me on how difficult my next 2.5 years could be ?

    Thanks so much!

  97. Hi Milind

    Would be really thankful if you can take some time frm your busy schedule and share your viws on my Msg above.


  98. Hi Milind
    I am meena rashi as per my Hindu rashi.. Born 01-12-1981.. Going thru very difficult time at the moment.
    I think it's Sade sati.. Can u pls suggest me remedies cause I am planning do some new business?? Shall I do it or not??
    Pls do let me know it would be a great help.. I am uk at the moment but things r not going right so have to back to my country..
    Many thanks

  99. hi milind sir,
    my d.o.b is 12-5-1984 @ 22:00 hrs hyderabad andhra pradesh,going through lot of problems i know my rashi is kanya when will the troublesome period end for me,and when will i ll be relieved of guilty feeling for the mistakes i have done in past and when i will be able to spread joy for others especially for my family e-mail id is ji plz help me out

  100. Sade sati is a transition phenomenon of Saturn. According to Indian Vedic Astrology it through twelfth, first and second house from the natal moon of birth chart, the period is termed as sade sati.

  101. Want to consult u for my problems.
    Please reply to my mail so that I can write to u in details.


    E-mail :

  102. Hi Milind Sir,

    A very informative blog, gave a very good insight. Had not given a thought to the buildup to the events before the Sade Sati before reading this.
    My Sade Sati,the 9,10,11 saturn and after sadesati seem to have turned out exactly as per what you have mentioned.
    Infact Sade Sati made me a better person and changed my perspective on life and relationships in general.

    Thank You
    Sinh Rashi

  103. Hello sir m posting my query with lots of hope
    DOB 29.03.1985
    TIME OF BIRTH - 9:45 PM

    1. If comfortable,Pls send your mail-id on my mail

  104. Hi Milind,

    Vrushika rashi cha sade sati period kiti divas aahe ajun?

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  106. HI Milind, It was really nice to go through your post. My date of birth is 4th March 1982. Time of birth is 04:45 AM. Place of birth is Dibrugarh, Assam. Please give your view on my Shani Mahadasha which is about to start from 2018, as I found this in an online horoscope website. My mail id is-

  107. my dob is 16 june 1977 i need your intention throughout the whole life and my place of birth is kashmir budgam and time is 11:30 pm day was sunday,please let me know the wealth status as well as health status etc.

  108. Hi Milind,
    This is ravi, Tula rasi vishakha nakshatra. Simha lagna. I am having Shani madasha and rahu anthardasha along with sade sathi.
    I am facing problems in carrier. State of mind will always be disturbed. Can you please guide me.
    Place of birth: Belgaum, Karnataka
    Dob: 10-12-1985
    Time: 00:45

    Thanks !!

  109. Hi Milind,

    My name is Deepak, my DOB is 08 February, 1978, and time is 03:10 PM (15:10) Place of Birth is Vuyyuru(30km East to Vijayawada). As per my birth chart I am in my second year of Shani Mahadasha, 3 months back I lost my job, week back father expired, financially in a very weak position, can U please suggest me how to handle the situation.


  110. hi milind,
    my name is deepika DOBis 28.3.1965.time 6:50 am delhi.facing a lot of problems with job . brother ,mother have cheated me regarding my property.don't know wht to do plz help in distress.

  111. hi milind,
    Pls help me. DOB is 30 september 1970 time is between 9-10 PM . Facing a lot fo problems father expired recently lost my job. Pls suggest some remedy

  112. Hi Milind Ji,
    Very impressive blogs , I am facing more than a person requires , Huge loss of money due to that huge debit , friends almost ignored me , social life is over , seems like society doesn't like me , feel ashamed , My DOB is 4 january 1978 time of birth is 10:15 PM ,KULLU HIMACHAL PRADESH , Currently feelin like why I am living ? But my little baby daughters keeps me smiling ,I feel very frustrated and sad. whenever goes for int I feel lack of confidence inside , I have commited to pay some one 's debit in coming days ,but no light seems me to get through . Is there any hope where I could get light of hope .this time feels like to run away from home and get hide . but have to face problems .

  113. Hello MilindJi,
    I have sent email to your mail id ,please go through it and respond me. I am going through very bad phase in life. please reply .

  114. Hi Milindji,
    I have sent all my details for your mail id. Pls respond to it and pls do the needful for me. Pls i am in very bad condition in my life.

    Mail id-

  115. Hi Milind,
    I am going thru bad phase of my life and under sadesati effect as I am of kanya rashi.
    Kindly send me your mail id on - as i want to discuss some problem with you.
    Thank you and hope you wil send me your id.

  116. Looking for some comments from you for Scorpians in 2014

  117. Hi..
    I am Tula Rashi born in Vrischika.. I am facing so many problems in life currently. Can you please let me know when does Sadesati / Elinati sani / Elarai sani end for Tula rashi vrischika nakshatra

  118. Hello Milind,
    My DOB is-4.9.1980, Time-2:39am, place-town:Lakhna, district: Etawah (U.P).
    I am facing many problems since 2004. From 2004-2006, that period was toughest period I had every face. Since 2004, I am very frustrated.....and it is almost 2 years had gone and i am not getting a job....Kindly have a look on my horoscope and suggest me something.

  119. You're certainly a star. You've awesome well researched knowledge. We need more astrologers like you who can speak the nearest to reality fact. Kudos!! I could relate to most of it :)

  120. Namastey, family problems are there in my life from last 3 years , please tell me about my Sade sati phase and hows my upcoming life.. M very tensed. 3 may 1988, 2:40 pm, Gwalior madhya pradesh

  121. Sade Sati is a transition phenomenon of Saturn (Shani).The seven and a half year period during which Sade Sati. When Saturn or Shani permeation through twelfth, first and second home from the natal moon of birth chart, the period is termed as Sade Sati. Famous astrologer the Mazzaroth provides Sade Sati 2014 and Kaal Sarp Yog. contact on 9210073737 and visit our website

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  125. Dear sir,

    I was reading so many articles of yours and many predictions. I already requested your guideline in many articles.

    Sir this article related with me in many ways. I am meena rasi revathi nakshatra born in 01/06/1978. Sir I was never afraid in any of my problems but first time from past one and half years i am facing such a situation that i am fed up with my life and waiting for death. I am having two female children which is making me to think. I lost my job with such a situations that i my self felt that i cannot continue and unexpectedly i lost that job without my conscious just before 10 days of my promotion and increment. From past one and half years big conflict is going on with my husband unnecessarily. I will think that i should not argue but when both of us come in contact we fight. my daughters education is spoiled and each saturday some one will be ill. my both children went under jaundice and typhoid and so many silly things from this two years. My body is burned with simple half cup tea in 2 degree and my husband met an accident and was on bed for one month. All such many things happened i was patiently managing with lot of difficulties but in october’ 14 my situations made me like that i resigned job. Now i am going in so much depression. Unable to bare and one more thing is my husband is vrishika rasi anuradha nakshatra born on 26/12/1970. Sir will my problems continue like this. or will i get relieved. Our fight is increasing day by day. What is the solution.

    Please help me.

  126. I was reading so many articles of yours and many predictions. I already requested your guideline in many articles.

    Sir this article related with me in many ways. I am meena rasi revathi nakshatra born in 01/06/1978. Sir I was never afraid in any of my problems but first time from past one and half years i am facing such a situation that i am fed up with my life and waiting for death. I am having two female children which is making me to think. I lost my job with such a situations that i my self felt that i cannot continue and unexpectedly i lost that job without my conscious just before 10 days of my promotion and increment. From past one and half years big conflict is going on with my husband unnecessarily. I will think that i should not argue but when both of us come in contact we fight. my daughters education is spoiled and each saturday some one will be ill. my both children went under jaundice and typhoid and so many silly things from this two years. My body is burned with simple half cup tea in 2 degree and my husband met an accident and was on bed for one month. All such many things happened i was patiently managing with lot of difficulties but in october’ 14 my situations made me like that i resigned job. Now i am going in so much depression. Unable to bare and one more thing is my husband is vrishika rasi anuradha nakshatra born on 26/12/1970. Sir will my problems continue like this. or will i get relieved. Our fight is increasing day by day. What is the solution.

    Please help me.

  127. DO NOT WASTE your time in all these things.
    Bcos nothing like God exists.
    All that matters in life is planning, working hard and logic.
    If you thing praying someone called GOD and expecting that so called GOD to come and rescue ... you are just giving
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    Think about it.

  128. My dob 23/11/71. An astrologer said my sade satti has begun. Does it depend on d sun sign which is obviously sagi? Im doubtful cos i v e been reading it depends on d moon do v calculate?

  129. Sir, I am born on 20 Aug 1960 at 2.35 am in Berhampur, Orissa. I was told I entered Sade Sati in 2002, but my situation continues to be the same. I was told by a Shani temple priest that some people pass through double Sade Sati periods. Is the observation true and if so, am I passing through such a Phase please? If so, is there any remedy please? With very kind regards, Pakala Goutham Babu.

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    Astrologers claims that a person faces a lot of challenges during this period. The impact of Sade Sati is supposed to be felt differently by people of different moon signs. It is said that people of Moon sign Aquarius do not have any ill effects from Sadesati, while people of Moon sign Leo feel the most impact.

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    Sometimes this also happens due to ARUDHA LAGNA; image of oneself that we calculate in the chart on how the world sees and perceives us.

    If the Saturn is going over your birth moon and your moon is in the ascendant of your ARUDHA LAGNA that is when we feel really depressed in this 2.5 year period. From Arudha Lagna if the moon goes into the ascendant 6, 8 or 12 house there one can feel the effects of negative sides of Arudha Lagna.

    But for some, it leads to a good time period

    When moon is situated in the sign like Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius and Libra, it produces better results especially when it is sitting in the nakshatra of Jupiter.

    If moon is in the 10 house from your arudha lagna and Saturn goes over it, it gives rise to your career and image in the world and then this DHAIYA is considered to be good for your career


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