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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Numerology : Amusing Example from Real Life : Friend Circle !!

As an Astrologer I come across amusing things in life. It is a well know fact that people born on same numerological number become very good friends due to obvious harmony and synchronization of body language and approach towards life or overall "personlity" (Personality Number described in one of the blogs).

So folks born on 6, 15, 24 become very close friends.
2, 11, 20, 29 are also a group
3, 12, 21, 30 is other group and so on.

Even 2, 7, 9 are highly compatible; 6, 8 are VERY compatible, 1, 5 are so and so on.
Some obvious mismatches are: 1 and 8 ; 6 and 3; 9 & 5; 2 & 8 and so on.
In the blog about TWINS: I mentioned about this friend of mine who is born in the 75 to 76 period (his wife too) and he has TWINS. HIs 4 other friends born in the same period also have twins (Refer my post on Twins). Well, I was attending brithday party in August 2008 at his home where he had invited his close friends. Interesting scenario:

This friend let us call him AI is born on 11th June.
1. My friend introduced me to his good frined from his workplace : His birth date : 11th July.
2. They both mentioned about one more common friend of theirs who;s birth date is 11th Feb.
3. AI's wife : his batch-mate is also born on 11th Feb...Love marriage, despite Shad-Ashtak of Scoprio-Gemini, it is going perfectly fine!! They are numerological 36 Gun case! :)
4. There was a very close friend of AI's wife there (class-mate) : Her birth-date :: 29th May (2+9 = 11 which is not reduced further as 11 is a master number).

5. Did I mention that I am born on 11th April?? :)

Now, what's this for God's sake? Coincidence?? :) Well, Jayant Naralikar might call this as coincidence but we "common" people can't be THAT ignorent. :)

People who give challenges about validity of astrology need to look at such examples and try to disprove it. But anyways we need them as Astrlogers take people for a ride and we DO need such people who challenge astrologers from time to time BUT the challenges are MOST of the times as childish and as ignorent as the astrologers who say that everything is predestined (it is NOT : N - O - T !!) ---> NO FATE BUT WHAT WE MAKE :: but yes our current life's most of the issues are our own past karma but it takes a "sage" a "REAL" Guru to guide in such matters to pay that off by good-deed of equal or more value.

Till then let us marvel at such examples I mentioned above !!

Did I tell you that my closest friend from last 18 years is born on 29th April and he has at least 5 friends born on 11th! :) (One common friend of both of us born on 11th Feb!!)

One more: There are 5 of us everyday at Chaay-Tapari for the tea-brake: Two born on 2nd; myself 11, 1 more on 29th and one on 20th !! Ab bolo! :)
~Milind (


  1. Information is a very helpful and I like it most. I want to learn Numerology Can you recommend a good book on Numerology for beginners?
    Numerology Expert

  2. Thanks Evan..I would suggest to read some articles on the internet and start ovserving as many people as you can..You would start spotting patterns very soon. I will check if there are any good books out there. BUT the BEST STRAT is Linda Goodman's STAR Signs.

  3. All my friends(chuddi-buddy) are 4 born - each one of them. My college friends(MCA friends) are all 1 born.
    I was born on 13(1+3=4),13-XX-XXXX is a 4 again.... and i was born on ganesh chaturthi - 4 again!!!!!!