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Saturday, April 4, 2009

EXAMPLE for Personality & Life Path

EXAMPLE for Personality & Life Path

B-dates from: Autobiography of a Yogi (Easily available on internet for free)

[1] Sri Sri Yukteshawar: B-date 10 (SUN: The Pioneer, Entrepreneur) And complete addition 7 (Neptune: Adhyatma / spirituality)

(a) 10 made him run his OWN Math/Ashram (Serampur). We was a loner, KADAK disciplined person etc 10 (Zero adds philosophy -- being wise – knowledge / wisdom)

(b) BUT his life path was 7 :: Spirituality or Adhyatma (Neptune). His life purpose was the understanding the existence of the invisible, telepathy or the magnetism that bonds the things on earth, the superlative connection between the Earth and the Heaven & so on. So he USED his personality of a pioneer/doing something different than family for his LIFE-PATH.

[2] His Shishya/disciple who was the chosen one (The author on this Autobiography) Swami Paramahans Yoganand to interact with the Western World:

(a) Stayed in USA for 25 years or so.

(b) He was born by the great creator (call it God or Brahma) purposely on 5th but again complete addition of 7!!!

(c) 5 is BUDH expression; Speech, Short-Writing, Engaging crowds (Balasaheb Thackeray and Raj Thackeray are 23 and 14 born resp; Lokmanya Tilak is also 23rd born).

(d) He used this above personality to achieve spread of Adhyatma/spirituality in USA.
(e) His autobiography is regarded by the most western associations etc as one of the 100 most influential books of all times (Rank#1: The Holy Bible!) :)

What I have written above is an observation and thinking that struck me when I was reading the Autobiography -- meditation done at leisure (if you will).

When it STRUCK me the 1st time (above thoughts) -- Mala Shahara aala angawar (Rongate khade hona) -WE ARE PART OF A VERY VERY BIG PLAN --- We are just an ATOM or Drop in the ocean BUT with as much power as an Atom (E = m*c*c) :)
The bdates in this book is purposely given for folks to check horoscope - position of Neptune and also make sense out of numerological aspect of it? These books including Linda Goodman's STAR Signs have tons of hidden information -- our eyes are not good enough to spot them!

NOW Imagine: Person born on 4th (4, 13, 22, 31) and a Life path of 8 :: THAT is difficult.


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  2. My son is 31st born with a life path of 8. So what does kind of difficulties can we expect?