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Saturday, April 4, 2009

MANDATE of your Life / This Birth

MANDATE of your Life / This Birth

As the time of the birth: Your soul chooses (or forced to choose) the numerological channel that is most suitable and in synchronization with the previous life(s) Karma. The purpose is to take birth on a date which gives you a Personality and Life-Path that is BEST suited to pay-off your Karmic debts and leverage your Karmic rewards.

The birth-date shows your PERSONALITY and the complete addition of the birth-date shows the "LIFE-PATH". They could be very much in synchronization (say 6,8; 1,3; 2,7 etc) or out of sync (say 1,8 ; 4,8; 5,9 etc).

One is supposed to "use" his personality to stay on course with the life-path. This is always done without noticing it. You don't need any numerology/astrologer to advise you to do the same. At times, surroundings, friends, institutions, close relatives etc can cause you to focus ONLY of Personality and forget about the life-path. This causes imbalance to the soul or your "higher self". The soul then purposely (yourself) hurts the body -- Health / relations / economic situation to REMIND you to get back on the life path which is ultimate for you to pay-off the Karmic Debt.


1. By Sufferings OR

2. By Good deeds or equal or greater amount.

Sometimes, due to a very intense past karma, the choice of paying thru good deeds might not be available and only way would be to go thru the sufferings – this is reflected in birth-defects and also some some VERY close degree planetary formation in the horoscope.

You must have seen various couples having problem with conceiving / having their own child. Why do you think that 75% of these couples have their own baby after 3-4 years after they ADOPT a child and give their love to the child?? This is a proven statistic. The proof of any theory is in the pudding!! By giving love to a child who doesn't have parents, you pay off your karmic burden of some ill-deeds in the previous life and then you have your own baby after the Karmic burden is paid-off in full. Even, giving donations to orphanages, spending time for less privileged kids would make wonders for you.

It is ALWAYS better to PLAN and Prepare by understanding the MANDATE of YOUR LIFE than be a clueless pawn on the chessboard. You don't need any astrologer for this. Some spiritual activities/aspects in your life WOULD always GUIDE YOU FOR SURE.

Astrology is JUST A TOOL or a MAP which you should not throw away until you reach the destination. Astrology is NOT the destination or Sadhya: It is just a Sadhan to understand the mandates. SADLY, we tend to use astrology exactly for opposite things!!


  1. hello milindajee,
    nice blog.
    i have few questions. will you please look at my patrika?
    my bdate: 4 th june 1981
    time: 10:30 pm
    place: latur, maharashtra, india
    i am worried abt my job. i am getting feeling as i ll be given pink sleep. can you please see this.
    also i have a daughter, 17 months old. i unnecssarilly feel worried abt her & constantaly keep cheking if she is at par with other children. can you pls tell me if everything is ok & no reason to worry.
    looking forward to ur response.
    my mail id :
    thank you very much.

  2. Hi Milind,
    very good post!
    I was about to ask about Life path number. In numerology, what should we follow, characteristics of birth date or life path number?
    People born on same dates do have different personalities, is it because there is great impact of life path number?

    Thanks for posting very good information on your blog.

    When are you writing about other numbers? Also,would like to know more about the master numbers 11 & 22.


  3. Chimya,
    I took liberty to refer to your post on my blog. I know you will never mind.

    This is exceptional post!!!


  4. This,

    The soul then purposely (yourself) hurts the body -- Health / relations / economic situation

    and the example of parents with no children...just awesome, dude!

    and the last paragraph was very true..many ppl dnt undrstnd that horoscope is jst mirror image of our soul...they thnk we r d mirror image of horroscope and either get afraid or refuse to accept astrology!

    we see into mirror to knw hw r we soon as we change our hairstyle it reflects in mirror..astrology, palmistry, face-reading, numerology, chakra-psychology etc all r jst mirrors..some r mre clearer than others...nd our own self is in control to change the reflection..if we r nt able then ther r ultimate beauticians, siddh-gurus :)