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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Encounters with Number 18 !!

1. My complete addition (LIFE PATH/PURPOSE) is 18 (9) and HENCE you might have seen MANY posts on Astrology sites where I advise people born on 18 to balance the life with material and spiritual BOTH else there could be serious repercussions

2. BHAYANKAR ! Numerology Observations! :)
a. Now, my ids on mouthshut or other sites is MNC123 which adds to 18
b. My Car # in USA was MILBEL9 (my and wife's name) which adds to 18.
c. I wanted 27 addition (lucky) for my Safri but dealer kept 9 in his mind after discussions and got me a number plate which adds to 18 !!
d. My name in 1974 was kept M I L I N D by grandmother: It adds to 18. She had no clues about spellings or even numero! :)
e. I went to USA 1st time on 18th (April).
f. Except for one date ALL My USA travel dates are either 2 (2, 11, 20, 29) or 9 (9, 18, 27).
g. AstroMNC for this blogspot was chosen without ANY numero calculations but fortunately it adds to 27 !! (9 again though)

SO MY LIFE-PATH number ALWAYS chases me and reminds me of my obligation to life-path of number 18.

3. Persoality or Life Path of 18 MEANS
a. Need for Balance between spiritual and material things. (EQUALLY)
b. Need to Return LOVE for EVERY HATRED thrown at you from people you really don't like.
c. NO bitterness about anyting or anybody ELSE BIG (real big & serious) deseases !!

That is why when I chose to (purposely for some fun and tests) respond to the MARATHI typing requests on in a derogatory manner: MANY hit-chintak (well wishers) got worried and sent me emails to ignore those posts. There was a serious concern from the friends requesting me not to respond...EVEN THEY knew that I should NOT respond in such a manner !! :)

We are all guided by our "Higher-Self" : We JUST need to LISTEN TO it.

Interesting isn't it?
~Milind (


  1. sirji main bhee 18 born hoon...

  2. Hi,

    very good info. thanks a lot


  3. Coool Very Coool.. I never knew this and I am no. 18 and have created a blog today (18th) .. which is a coincidence :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. i am also 18 born
    but 3 is unlucky for me
    is there any relation between 3 n 9 (1+8)

  6. Megha: there is NO coincidence in this world !! :)

  7. Pankaj: 3 is good for is not at all bad...

  8. Milind ji, as a newcomer to your site i have only now read this old blog of yours.As i am 27(9) and the total of DOB adds to 6.
    Kindly clarify which is life path number or the important of these two.yours is total 18 or date is 18?
    I n my sis(also 9nov1984 born and addds to 6)have always been attracted to the number 9.

    And also if you may have a blog on how to add up names to find the MILIND=18

  9. HARSH:

    Some nice quesiotns. Wil post Numerology Table to add characters...

  10. never read this before !
    but my life path number 36 adds up to 9!
    does that makes any difference to the no 9 life path!i'have found that i don't forget the bad experiences but i let go off them!is that the right way! or i need to confront them to throw love in any form or forgive them!

  11. I have also found that whatever u give to number 9 u get it back!
    for example if you add 6 to 9 u get 9+6=15which adds to 6(1+5)and so on!
    and the same applies to the number nine personalities!They mirror the one in front of them to an extent!
    If u love them ,they love you,if you stand by their side,u will find them by your side always and so on!

  12. Yes thats true to some extent...9 refletcs back the same thing with more power and vigor.

    The way you are to them, they will reciprocate the same with lot more energy!!

  13. Milind, 1974 chaa life number 18 kasaa kaay howoo shakatoa?warshacji bereej 21hote shiwaay
    ajun mahina anee taareekh bakee aahe ? gajanan

  14. Milind, Isnt it correct: 1+1+0+4+1+9+7+4=27=9
    or is 11+4 +(3) =18=9? Yhanks Gajanan

  15. sir,i got every time number as 2 either my examination number,iether my roll no. either my ticket number,either my examination room number,either my house number,either my bike number,either my atm card number everywhere i got 2 i dont know why??but i am tired of this number,even my second hand bycle number is 2 which has been painted by his owner... i bet with my friends that i will get 2 surely as sum or single digit... and they loose everytime... i dont know why 2 has been made for me... i got everything related with 2... dont know why?? but i do get.... even my new hostel number is summed to 2... dont know how many times i will get 2... but i know 2 fabvours me everytime.. :) but sir i want to ask what this 2 signify??

  16. Additions are done like

    11 - 4 - 1974

    11 stays 11 -- 4 stays 4 -- 1974 = 21 =3
    so 11+4+3 = 18


  17. Hi Milind,
    How abt 15/06/1971 Bdate? - Shivaji Bhosale

  18. i cant understand this much. but , i have some question minlind sir, dat i had always been attracted to the number 72.
    i get this no. 72 in my every day life. can u plz explain......

  19. Dear Milind

    in my personal life no. 2 works well , all detail till now comes to value 2

    regards /Suhas

  20. Milind Sir,
    how does MILIND adds to 18?plz explain...

  21. [3] M I L I N D -->
    4 1 3 1 5 4

    USE Cabalah Chart
    A 1
    B 2
    C 3
    D 4
    E 5
    F 8
    G 3
    H 5
    I 1
    J 1
    K 2
    L 3
    M 4
    N 5
    O 7
    P 8
    Q 1
    R 2
    S 3
    T 4
    U 6
    V 6
    W 6
    X 5
    Y 1
    Z 7

  22. Thanku Sir!!! :D :) :)