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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Numerology TABLE, Friends/Foes and Harmony of your Signs and Dates

[A] Numerology Table for all Dates१: रवि (Sun): Ego, Soul, Pioneer, Inspirational; Fire, Gold, Original, Stiff, aloof, loner, SELF, Father, Entrepreneurs
२: चन्द्र (Moon): Sentimental, People Contact, Water, Silver, Mother, Viral/Carrier, People contact, moody, People leadership, Populist
३: गुरु (Jupiter): Optimism, Individual achievers, Thought leaders, Unpopular, Learned, Educated
४: हर्शल (Uranus): Weird, Absent minded genius, CHANGE, Electricity, Electronics, 50 years ahead of time
५: बुध (Mercury): Expression, cartoons, jokes, Humor (Shabdik), Short Writingm essays, press reporters, Dalal -- Share Market (Day traders), Natak / Drama / Stage etc
६: शुक्र (Venus): Well mannered, Harmony, Balance, Lucky, Artistic, Piyakkad, all-rounder
७: नेप्तुने (Neptune) वरुण: Spiritual, BIG, Fast, Body language, secret message decoder, state between known and unknown, visible & invisible etc.
८: शनि (Shani): Conservative, slow, steady, lawful, mit-bhashi, serious, control, depression if excess control, elderly, KHADUS, thinker, philosopher.
९: मन्गळ (Mars): Aggression, Arrogance, Childlike energy, sports, CHARITY, Dedication to Cause, ENERGY, Hullad-baaj

[B] Friends and Not So Friends [1] Raj Saheb and Uddhav Saheb Thackeray: Raj Saheb: 14 : 5 Budh, Raashi Makar (Shani) Uddhav Saheb: 27 (9) Mangal and Raashi Sinvha (Surya/Sun).
Numerology: 5 and 9 are different Buidh and Mangal are totally different Raashi: Shani and Surya ; Need I say more? This is well know Shad-ashtak of Sinvha and Makar.

[2] Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev
Sunil Gavaskar 10th June : 1: SUN
Kapil Dev: 6th Jan: VENUS
1 and 6 are also numerologically not in sync.  MESH Mangal for Kapil aggressive and Vrishabh Mangal for Gavaskar pragmagtic. DHANU RASHI for Gavaskar and Kapil Vrishchik Rashi 12th (Wyay) to Dhanu

[3] Greg Chapel LIKED DHONI the best and said he has leadership qualities even before the World cup 2007 etc.
Greg: 7 August 1948 Dhoni is also 7 born 7 July 1981
Greg's complete addition is 1: Sun :: He didn't like Ganguley born on 8th!!

Well, let us not simplify too much as I have done to some extent but purpose is to give an idea. You might like or dislike someone just because some "Vibes" and not ACTUAL "Criteria" that can be used for better decision making.

[C] HARMONY of your Own Signs and Dates
Your Moon Sign -- Sun Sign can either assist/harmonize the b-date magnetic vibrations (personality) or oppose it.

If your past deeds are complex and need very complex personality in order to cope/pay off with past karma and take a new direction:: Your personality and life path could be COMPLETELY out of sync with the Moon Sign and Sun Sign.

In such cases WILD SUCCESS of GRAVE BAD-LUCK both are rules out. As there are so many forces that are pulling you towards different directions to pay-off your confused past-life deeds!
In order to have a WILD Success or Wildly unlucky life OR to put it better way: In order to have Good/Bad (BOTH) effects of the Horoscope 100% in this life: There has to be a harmony in your numbers and also horoscope/palmistry etc.

For example:
(1) The date 23 and Raashi Kanya like Balasaheb Thackeray (Both Budh) Cartoonist, Press, Sun Sign Makar, Ascendant Makar (8#) : SHANI dominated: Politics/Masses.
(2) Dheerubhai : Moon Sun and Ascendant all Dhanu :: 3 dominated and b-date 1 (28) so there is a GREAT Harmony in this.
(3) 3 shows success/achievement by hook or crook (Michael Shumacher is 3rd March, Brian Lara: 3rd May: Individual Achievers)

MOON SIGN  BASED Mismatches:
(1) Signs that are 6:8 to each other usually are different. Like MESH VRISHCHIK, Mithun-VRISHCHIK, KANYA-MESH, KUMBH-KIRK, KUMBH-KANYA; VRISHABH-DHANU and VRISHABH-TULA

When it is MESH VRISHCHIK and TULA-VRISHABH it is not in sync but it is more like TOM and JERRY...! And not venomous or very bad. But Mesh-Kanya and Mithun Vrishchik can't stand each other much. Same with KIRK and KUMBH.. It is usually the 6th Sign from any sign that does not like other more. Like KIRK does not like Kumbh as much as 8th house Peeda sthan rashi. But KUMBH makes fun and troubles KIRK and hence might enjoy it. Kirk then would employ Kanya rashi services to trouble KUMBH as KUMBH is troubled easily by KANYA...! :)

Same with any sign that is 12th OR BEHIND the other sign  like MESH troubles VRISHABH and VRISHABH troubles MITHUN. They ask them good questions (planing) and why and etc and keep POKING the sign ahead of them. It is expected that the next sign has learnt lessons of the previous sign and hence when the next sign says something or starts something -- the previous sign is able to point the missing links and unplanned aspects of the initiative. The 8th sign from your sign is direct peeda and difficult to handle and needs patience but the 12th Signs troubles but helps with planning and sense of purpose and "WHY" you are doing something all the times! :)


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