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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Well known examples of 4


Born on 4, 13, 22, 31 are ruled by Uranus:
This shows"change" or transition for the soul. The Uranus is nonconformist, different and at least 50 years ahead of their own time.

1. I mentioned in the previous blog about Barak Obama born on 4th who ran presidential campaign on "change" which is the basic personality that is given naturally to born on "4, 13, 22, 31".

2. Well, USA was also "born" on 4th of July which also indicates that this state would not follow the same old bitten path but adopt a new way of life which wasn't available on mother Earth at that time.

3. Kishor Kumar (4th of August): The singer, the musicial, the actor, the absent minded genius who didn't have 'much' formal education of singing : Born on 4: He was completely different than his mlostly conformist brothers like Ashok Kumar and Anoop Kumar. He changed the style of singing quite a bit and this had offended the "bujurg/experienced" folks quite a bit. (Life Path: Kishor Kumar had life path of 6: Venus Art, Music, Worldly pleasures, Beauty and Harmony in life etc).

4. Priety Zinta: Born on 31st Jan: Her Capricorn Sun Sign (Jan 14th to Feb 14th) shows a conservative/traditional family and especially the father. The b-date of 4 shows a personality that would lead the life completely differently. If I am not wrong she came from a military background family? (Mars in Saggitarius and Leo Navamansh also represents this connection).
She is the one to do roles like "Live-In" relationship, pregnancy without marriage etc. Of course, her Capricorn Sun shows a sincere, very boring kind of approach towards (homework etc) work. It also allows her to to be perfectly fine and happy with the family she has got.

I will add more examples here.


  1. What a keen observation on numbers? Very good information to know about. It helped me knowing me more. Actually, got mild shocks while reading the examples as there is much resemblance with my experiences in life.

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  4. Anks: Thats great! Thanks for sharing !!

  5. Rutu:

    I think it is due to Shukra in neech raashi and with Mangal Raahu and their owner wakri in 7th hosue -- The biggest issue is that Shani is in 7th house VERY VERY close to Wakri budh..Which could explain alternate life style...


  6. Hello Milind,
    you are quite correct on 7th house Shani..
    Can you possibly explain a bit more on the patrika in this case?


  7. Rutu: Please send me details to