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Monday, July 27, 2009

Travel Advice -- Accidents in next 15 days or so!!

There is a great Shani -- Mangal stand-off going on right now. Mangal is in Vrushabh raashi in 17th degree and Shani is in Sinvha rashi 25th degree. Mangal is aspecting (drushti) Shani (4th drushti) and Shani is aspecting Mangal (10th Drushit).

This is going to cause a lot of traffic issues and more importantly it would have issues w.r.t accidents QUITE a bit. Do not travel in the night (avoid as far as possible) and drive carefully and take all preacautions like checking tyre pressure, brake situation etc. Drive thru water taking in to account possibility of potholes etc.

Every 1.5 day Mangal would advance by 1 degree and when it comes exactly in close aspect around August 8 :: Be VERY careful. August 8 is also a Saturday -- So DOUBLE Whammy !!! Saturday and 8th : Double Shani effect. --> ANY hurry or aggressiveness wil be dealt with very harsh response by the conditions.

So basically from today onwards until August 16 be very careful w.r.t driving.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Born on 28th of Any Month : Ratan Tata, Dheerubhai, Lata M, Ratan Tata -- What is common??

There is something about date 28 that fascinates me from time to time.

1. Dheerubhai Ambani: 28th december
2. Ratan Tata : 28th December (Sun sign Saggi)
3. Bill Gates: 28th Oct (Sun Sign Libra)
4. Lata Mangeshkar: 28th Sept (Sun Sign Virgo)
5. Jon Stewart ("The Daily Show" Comedy Central): 28th Nov (Sun Sign Scorpio)

You would say what is common with these 28 folks? Well, there IS something VERY strikingly common out there!! Will get to that in a while.

This date 28 of course shows some of the properties of numerological 1 (2+8 = 10 = 1+0 =1)
The 1 properties are:
a. Entrepreneurship,
b. Pioneers
c. Doing something which nobody in the family did before
d. Forming / Making their own circles/spheres of influence like their ruling planet :: the SUN.

BUT there is something unique to 28:: Which is their MASS-CONNECTION. They always want to make something for masses.

1. Ratan Tata: Maybe interested in makng the fastest car, may be the bggest car etc etc but MORE THAN that he was interested in making something for the masses & hence the Nano !! So Nano owes its roots to the 28 data.

2. Bill Gates: His interest/focus was NOT towards making the fastest operating system, nor the most efficient one BUT it was to make an operating system that would be used on each and every desktop in the world.

3. Lata Mangeshkar: Was she a Pandit, Was she like someone from Kirana ghanare or was she interested inly in "Sadhana of Shastriya sangeet" like her father (to a large extent). NO, she ended up creating as sacred and as beautiful and as wonderful things but they were MADE for MASSES and not for critiques. Maybe thats a reason she liked Lakshmi-Pyare very much as they also connected to masses quite a bit. Critiques never seemed to acknowledge LP apart from some 2-3 sentences about their variety!

4. Jon Stewart: He is brilliant guy, almost a nurd type quality to him but he is spending his life time to create something for the masses.

5. Need we say anything about Dheerubhai Ambani ?? King of mass-production !! Even for RCOM his vision was mobile to every Indian !!

One thing is quite common, these are all 1:
SUN dominated, SELF-Sufficient folks and sometimes it reflects in their ways that are of a loner/staying alone etc. Somewhat aloof at times. They are quite stiff and stubborn from time to time.

The biggest problem with 28 is that they are deceived many times by their own people with the intention. Their folks become over enthu/zealots and want to help them by doing a few things that are against the law etc. Courts, friction with the law is a common thing for 28 personalities. 2 is moon and 8 is Saturn and these two combine to give 1 (the Sun) -- So you can understand how completely different things are adding to come up with something totally different.

The presence of 2 makes these people friendly, moody, people friendly. 8 makes them good with masses/workers etc. And they use these skills for 1: Entreprenuership, Starting a venture, Doing something on their own etc.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Orkut/Facebook Friend Circle and 2, 11, 20, 29 born connection !!

Ever wondered why some folks have thousands of scraps and hundreds of frineds in Orkut/Facebook and some have hardly a few friends in their profile? Well, one simple numero tip would help you understand it ! :)

Anybody who is born on 2, 11, 20, 29 of any month are by nature supposed to be highly friendly and populist folks. They are emotional and worry a lot about what others think! These are the folks who are the carrier of the good news and information sharing is their motto. They are purposely given birth on date 2 so that they pay off karmic chains of their contacts from previous life(s).

So obviously these folks tend to have hundreds of friends and thousands of scraps in their Orkut/Facebook profile. Not that others don't have friends but these 2 borns are very easy to share friends, information for free without any hisitations or insecurity. I know a 20 June born girl who has 100+ fans, 7000+ scraps and some 500+ friends on orkut! :) Comments on snaps are around 30+ per snap!! :)

One of them born on 20th July (Today) has snaps/comments going on almost ALWAYS! :)

Just watch around, when you say Happy B'day to someone on Orkut next time on 2, 11, 20, 29 :: Just check the # of friends in their profile! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

KARMA : What you need to know about Karma

I have always recommended AUTOBIOGRAPHY of a YOGI to everyone I met. Now, adding one more book (as easy to read as for 5th grade student.) to the list "What you need to know about Karma" by J.P. Waswani.

(1) The book details importance of omnipotent and omnipresent but "Subtle law of Karma". Everything happening to you is due to YOUR OWN deeds in past or this life.

(2) The examples given are so easy and relevant that it becomes a common sense. Some examples are from mythology and that explains how Lord Rama and Dasharatha and many more had to pay for their bad Karma: either the same or previous life.

(3) It also details the ways to create positive Karma: Good deeds,Passing good information,Doing everything that benefits someone,Charity of material / worldly things that come to you,Returning LOVE for EVERY Hatred & so on.FORGIVE AND FORGET is also equally important mantra.

(4) Actually, some Chinese culture used to have a TABLE of earning good karma/points. 10,000 points earned guaranteed a GREAT santati who would bring great name to family.

(1) Sanchit Karma: The massive unpaid / un accounted for karma accumulated for your thousands of births. This is continuous process.

(2) Kriyaman / Instant Karma: This doesn’t go to the Sanchit Karma. You do something and you get back something. Or you pay for something and get something in return etc. If one thing is missing then it would go to Sanchit karma (not paying a friend back after a udhari etc)

(3) Prarabdha Karma: At the time of the birth, a minor part of the Sanchit Karma is carved out for THIS BIRTH to work on. It is popularly called as the Destiny for this birth. You are supposed to have taken birth for this Prarabdha karma and DO NOT have access to the rest of the Sanchit Karma in this life. -- That is why sometimes Sad-GURUs are able to give you something to make your life a bit better to make you go thru the rest of the pending Prarabdha Karma. Probably, they are borrowing from our own Sanchit Karma!!?? (Not sure, just a thought)

(4) Despite limited to Prarabdha karma, we have a CHOICE: called as "Free Will" which should go hand in hand with Prarabdha Karma to pay off our bad deeds by suffering or good deeds. "Hand in Hand Example:: If you can’t have kids due to previous bad karma: Adopt someone or spend time/money for orphanages etc or pay thru sufferings w.r.t kids. Doing a pooja or a yadna or making some 100 Brahmans eat is not going to solve it. However, pooja, prayer & yadnayaag can certainly help cleanse the mind, the aura and the mind so that good karma can start with uncluttered mind. So that is the first step and not the last one. Free Will can't be taken as completely lateral choice of actions or running away from your karma. It is a "choice" not to indulge in A hits B,  B hits A back in an infinite loop. Free-Will is to be more matured and not carry the grudge when everything is done & dusted. It is NOT about running away from your "Dharma" (Duties) towards parents, sibling, spouse or kids -- but a willful choice to make their lives better by not getting entangled into complex and revengeful cyclic /recursive acts!

(5) IMP: Any other positive/negative bonds we create are added to Sanchit Karma -- This is a continuous process. So you can't take out from Sanchit Karma but are always adding +eve or -eve to Sanchit Karma.

(6) The best part your soul is ALWAYS aware of ALL your karma, part of which you can access thru deep meditation!! Interesting, isn't it? It is so logical, it has to be true!!! :) 

When this conscious or subconscious memory is lost or "Viveka" or Sat-Buddhi is lost and forgotten --- generations are wiped outs. As Al Pacino says in "Scent of a Woman" --  "Haven't you heard, the conscience is dead" --- when this happens some very bad things happen in the society. Krishna says, "yada yada hi dharamasya ...." which means he will manifest & take an avataar -- whenever there is complete apathy and absence of dharma". I tend to believe that this is coupled with Krishna saying that he is present in each human being. So Krishna has to manifest thru humans alive! So maybe he might or might not come when there is total apathy, but he has left a part of his in all of us which reacts thru actions, what app of facebook posts or protests or marches etc when we see something bad. As long as we react to bad things around us, we are good! The day we withdraw and stop reacting -- we are practically inviting bigger calamities. The tsunami of unpaid karma and injustice manifests thru wars / World-Wars!



Your correct / real SUN Sign

Article updated in 2011. Published first in July 2009. This is not  to be confused with Moon Sign or as folks call it Indian sign or Chandra-Rashi, Birth-Rashi or simply Indians call it Rashi. The Western world that follows Sun Sign Calendar is tropical one and is wrong. The REAL Sun signs are the side-real ones as given below. So when you read Linda Goodman Sun Signs you should read it as per the sign below. But you can continue to check ENGLISH Dailies or Western predictions as per your birth-date range (say times of India if you are born on April 11 -- you will continue to read Aries BUT when you read Linda Goodman Sun Signs or any characteristics -- PISCES is your Sun Sign. So characteristics would be as per real sun sign calendar bellow)
Know your REAL / Correct Sun-Sign below. Check the Side-real dates in the table included below and then read Linda Goodman again but now the correct Sun Sign! :)
Lately there have been a lot of discussions and articles on “additional sun sign” which is downright bogus and not even worthy of taking a note of it. There have been some other (FoxNews) talks such as “Your Sign is different and all the weekly and monthly predictions are worthless etc etc”. These articles are written by folks based on discussions with some HALF-Baked Potatoes! J It is partially true:
1. They are correct in the sense that the “Real Sun signs” are different than the Western Astrology follows. i.e. Aries REAL Sun sign is from April 15 (USA) to May 14/15th (USA) and not from March 21 to April 20 etc.
2. But they are WRONG in saying that the predictions by Western Astrologers are wrong! The reason is simple: They also calculate Saturn, Jupiter and other planets with the same (wrong) calendar! J So two wrong cancel out and they get similar results! (Well almost!)
3. If you are born on say April 9th – You are Piscean Sun Sign (and not Aries) and you should read Linda Goodman in that way but prediction would not change that much:
4. EXAMPLE: If you are a 9th April Born or
a. Indian Astrologer would say – Pisces Sun – From May 2011 to Dec 2011 – Shani will be in Kanya (Virgo) directly (close degrees) opposite to your Sun – This shows issues/trouble from/with seniors/authorities at workplace or Govt.
b. Western Astrologer would say – You are Aries – The Saturn is in Libra and hence opposite to your Sun and hence this shows issues/trouble from/with seniors/authorities at workplace or Govt until Saturn is in Libra! J
c. There will be some differences due to SIGN characteristics considered but Western astro predictions would not be completely out of place.
The Indian Astrology has been using CORRECT SUN Signs for thousands of years as explained below by correcting for “Procession of Equinox” which is caused by Earth’s Axis being wobble! J
(There have been some debates in India which “Ayanash” to use. (Lahiri, KP, Chitra, Tilak Panchang etc). I found Lahiri the most trust-worthy! B. V. Raman’s Astrological journal uses incorrect Ayanansh. It is a great journal though – One of the best! The difference is not huge though!)
Know your REAL / Correct Sun-Sign below. Check the Side-real dates in the table below and then read Linda Goodman again but now the correct Sun Sign! :)
1. Basically the Axis of the Earth is not stationary and also rotates in a gigantic circle and takes 84600 years to complete the rotation. (It is called as "Paranchan Gati" of the Axis).
2. Due to this movement of the axis, every 72 years, the Equinox moves 1 degree farther -- Called as "Procession of Equinox". This process goes on for 26,000 years.
3. So every 72 years the Sun Sign Calendar needs a movement of 1 day ahead. (I will need to check if this has to happen endlessly – at some point in time, due to rotation of the axis – the reduction could also start happening?? – I will need to get more information.) I just wanted to add that some 1728 (aprx) years back – TROPICAL Sun Signs coincided with the SIDEREAL ones. After that every 72 years it is going 1 day/degree (aprx) ahead.
4. That is why Makar-Sankranti was celebrated in India on 14th of Jan in last century and now slowly becoming 15th of Jan.5. Makar (i.e. Capricorn) Sankranti is the day when SUN enters Capricorn sign. This is the RULE OF THUMB if you do not remember complete calendar of Sun Signs.

You can search it on wiki with "sidereal" keyword:

Check Sidereal Dates below (In BOLD FONT are the real ones – They are American Dates, Subtract 1 for Indian dates)
March 21 - April 20
April 14 - May 14
April 21 - May 21
May 15 - June 15
May 22 - June 23
June 16 - July 15
June 24 - July 23
July 16 - August 15
July 24 - August 23
August 16 - Sept 15
August 24 - Sept 22
Sept 16 - October 15
Sept 23 - October 23
Oct 16 - Nov16
October 24 - Nov 22
Nov 16 - Dec16
Nov 23 - Dec 21
Dec16 - January 14
Dec 22 - Jan 19
Jan 14 - Feb14
January 20 - Feb 18
Feb14 - March 14
February 19 - March 20
March 14 - April 13
“Vedic astrology is based on the sidereal or Zodiac" href="file://wiki/Sidereal_zodiac"visible zodiac, accounting for the shift of the equinoxes by a correction called ayanamsa. The difference between the Vedic and the Western zodiacs is currently around 24 degrees. This corresponds to a separation of c. 1700 years, when the vernal equinox was approximately at the center of the constellation Pisces and the tropical zodiac coincided with the sidereal one (around 285 AD according to N C Lahiri). The separation is believed to have taken place in the centuries following Ptolemy, apparently going back to Indo-Greek transmission of the system. But earlier Greek astronomers like Eudoxus spoke of vernal equinox at 15° in Aries, while later Greeks spoke of vernal equinox at 8° and then 0° in Aries (cf. p.16, S. Jim Tester in ref.), which suggests use of sidereal zodiac in Greece before Ptolemy and Hipparchus. The ayanamsa correction has always been made in Vedic astrology, whose existence spans around thousands of years.”