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Friday, July 17, 2009

KARMA : What you need to know about Karma

I have always recommended AUTOBIOGRAPHY of a YOGI to everyone I met. Now, adding one more book (as easy to read as for 5th grade student.) to the list "What you need to know about Karma" by J.P. Waswani.

(1) The book details importance of omnipotent and omnipresent but "Subtle law of Karma". ==> Everything happening to you is due to YOUR OWN deeds in past or this life.

(2) The examples given are so easy and relevant that it becomes a common sense. Some examples are from mythology and that explains how Lord Rama and Dasharatha and many more had to pay for their bad Karma: either the same or previous life.

(3) It also details the ways to create positive Karma: Good deeds,Passing good information,Doing everything that benefits someone,Charity of material / worldly things that come to you,Returning LOVE for EVERY Hatred & so on.FORGIVE AND FORGET is also equally important mantra.

(4) Actually some Chinese culture used to have a TABLE of earning good karma/points. 10,000 points earned guaranteed a GREAT santati who would bring great name to family.

(1) Sanchit Karma: The massive unpaid / un accounted for karma accumulated for your thousands of births. This is continuous process.

(2) Kriyamani/Instant Karma: This doesn’t go to the Sanchit Karma. You do something and you get back something. Or you pay for something and get something in return etc. If one thing is missing then it would go to Sanchit karma (not paying a friend back after a udhari etc)

(3) Prarabdha Karma: At the time of the birth, a minor part of the Sanchit Karma is carved out for THIS BIRTH to work on. It is popularly called as the Destiny for this birth. You are supposed to have taken birth for this Prarabdha karma and DO NOT have access to the rest of the Sanchit Karma in this life. -- That is why sometimes Sad-GURUs are able to give you something to make your life a bit better to make you go thru the rest of the pending Prarabdha Karma. Probably, they are borrowing from our own Sanchit Karma!!?? (Not sure, just a thought)

(4) Despite limited to Prarabdha karma, we have a CHOICE: called as "Free Will" which should go hand in hand with Prarabdha Karma to pay off our bad deeds by suffering or good deeds."Hand in Hand Example:: If you can’t have kids due to previous bad karma: Adopt someone or spend time/money for orphanages etc or pay thru sufferings w.r.t kids. Doing a puja or a yagna or making some 100 Brahmans eat is not going to solve it.

(5) IMP: Any other positive/negative bonds we create are added to Sanchit Karma -- This is a continuous process. So you can't take out from Sanchit Karma but are always adding +eve or -eve to Sanchit Karma.

(6) The best part your soul is ALWAYS aware of ALL your karma, part of which you can access thru deep meditation!!Interesting isn't it? It is so logical, it has to be true!!! :)



  1. Hi,
    Very simplifies way..Thnaks.

    Here by KARMA you mean good and bad both karma or just the bad karma(esp in sanchit karma)??


  2. Mr. Hirabhai Thakkar from Gujarat has written an excellent book on principle of Karma having beautiful examples and analogies.

    Book name is "Karmo Na Siddhant". It is available in various languages including english as well.

    Read the book at

  3. Explorer:
    Thanks much -- I will certainly check it out.


  4. @explorer

    what an extraordinary book! sums it all

  5. how are 'Kriyamani karma' and 'free will', different from each other?

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