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Monday, July 27, 2009

Travel Advice -- Accidents in next 15 days or so!!

There is a great Shani -- Mangal stand-off going on right now. Mangal is in Vrushabh raashi in 17th degree and Shani is in Sinvha rashi 25th degree. Mangal is aspecting (drushti) Shani (4th drushti) and Shani is aspecting Mangal (10th Drushit).

This is going to cause a lot of traffic issues and more importantly it would have issues w.r.t accidents QUITE a bit. Do not travel in the night (avoid as far as possible) and drive carefully and take all preacautions like checking tyre pressure, brake situation etc. Drive thru water taking in to account possibility of potholes etc.

Every 1.5 day Mangal would advance by 1 degree and when it comes exactly in close aspect around August 8 :: Be VERY careful. August 8 is also a Saturday -- So DOUBLE Whammy !!! Saturday and 8th : Double Shani effect. --> ANY hurry or aggressiveness wil be dealt with very harsh response by the conditions.

So basically from today onwards until August 16 be very careful w.r.t driving.


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