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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Arrogant, Aggressive, Noble 9, 18, 27

What is common between all 9 people: Sports, Action, Aggression, Initiative, Arrogance, Irritation and Agitation from time to time, Commitment to cause, Charity

These folks are ruled by fiery RED Mangal / Mars. They are given birth on 9, 18, 27 so that they find it easier to pay-off their Karmic-burden using manglik ways mentioned above. Everyone is given birth on the date that is most appropriate to pay off their karmic-burden and make use of their karmic-good deeds.

1.       Is it a coincidence that most of the fierce fast bowlers are 9, 18, 27 (total 9) born and remaining are 7, 16, 25 born (total 7). But the most fierce and aggressive bowlers are 18 born.
2.       Is it a coincidence that most action Heroes (or short-tempered ones) are born on 9. Salman Khan 27, Akshay Kumar 9 and so on.
3.       Many of the successful military leaders are 9, 18, 27 born. (It would be a good exercise to check b-dates of fighter pilots)
4.       Malcom Marshall (18 April) sent many players back on stretchers!
5.       Harold Larwood: 18: Bodyline series: The First baller to use bouncers and beamers
6.       Dennis Lillee: 18th July: His temper etc was well known. YouTube would show you his 4 consecutive bouncers to Viv Richards
7.       Glen McGrath is 9th Feb (Also known for his temperament, didn't like taken for runs, sledging was his nickname) :) 9th Feb gives Makar Ravi (Capri Sun Sign) and His Moon sign and Mars both in Pisces (Meen) make him very frugal with action/efforts. Mars in Leo/Capri/Saggi would make person take a lot of efforts in action.
8.       Andrew Symonds is 9 June

Here are some observations on the 9 18 27 born people:
1.       The 9 18 27 people are very straightforward, there would not be much of a politics in their approach. They will find it very difficult to "muh main Raam, Bagal main chhuri".
2.       These people are highly committed to their cause : what they believe in. They can give their life for the cause.
3.       Highly friends oriented. Can do anything for folks they call think as friends. Spend a LOT of time for/with friends.
4.       Tend to be politically-incorrect from time to time as they do not think about what could be interpreted form their comments.
5.       Expect others to be as straightforward as they are.
6.       Not very expressive. They need to find a way to get their ANGER out. Gym is a MUST else this energy comes out in wrong direction, wrong method.
7.       HIGHLY Energetic, Many times find it VERY difficult to channel all this energy. They can take a lot of physical pain while doing something they really believe in.
8.       Lack of Patience: Like their ruling planet Mars, these people seem to lack patience when they are convinced about something. They want it to happen NOW!
9.       Lesser tact and diplomacy when dealing with authorities, rules, discipline etc.
10.   These folks need to get highly disciplined in life and need to learn to respect themselves and others: Martial Arts can instill it in them quite a bit.
11.   Sports comes naturally to 9 folks. Anything to do with grounds. They are a much better person when there is sports in their life.
12.   They show that they are nor much worried about their appearance etc but "inside" they worry about it like a kid.
13.   They are the 1st one to jump for charity, help others in need etc. 
a.       CHARITY is other name of 9 born folks.
b.       18 is well, a Karmic-Burden date that needs to balance Materialism and Spirituality 50%. 18 needs to respond to every hate by love (VERY difficult being 18 BUT that is why you have been given birth on 18). If 18 responds to hate or any action with rage or anger :: BE CERTAIN that they will have health issues (Gall bladder, reproductive organs, Blood related issues) along with many other issues. Birth-date of 18 not only MANDATES Anger Management but also demands returning LOVE for every adverse action by someone. Think about every adverse action as a reaction to your own action of past life(s).
c.        9 is a pure numero-9. There is a childlike purity of 9 thoughts. 18 and 27 have complex Karma of 1/8 and 2/7. 9 is pure in their approach and less complex to analyze.

Here are some observations about 9 people (9, 18, 27):
(1)    Overall 9 is a lucky b-date but with extreme good/bad results of the horoscope inclinations
(2)    27 is the luckiest of b-dates and not just lucky 9 (Don Bradman, ShivSena Leader Uddhav Thackeray, Salman Khan). But many times, 27 doesn't get to face many issues that 18s do and could come across as more naive than other 9s).
(3)    27 folks have better ability to channel their energy than 18 and 9.

*****The other fast bowler category (Neptune dominated) which we would not venture today is a bit subtler and very good knowledge of body language and reading minds (7 born): Waqar: 16; Imran 25, Holding 16, Hadlee 7 (Was he 3?) and so on.


  1. ही पोस्ट मला वाचायलाच हवी ना...:)
    काही गोष्टी पर्फेक्ट. काही जरा... शेवटी व्यक्तीसापेक्षता असणारच. आर्टिकल आवडले.
    ( अवांतर:ते मगल नाही बगल आहे- बगल में छुरी )

  2. :) Bagal takal ahe typo! Thanks much for the feedback !!

  3. Chaminda vaas- Jan 27
    Irfan Pathan - oct 27
    L Balaji Sep 27

    Parthiv Patel March 9. Childlike? Sure. :)

  4. A lot of things are pretty on the spot!! I am a 27 born .. :)

  5. Hello Milind, Very nice post indeed. My husband has numerology number 9 (birthdate 18).All the observations which you have mentioned fit to him to the T. In fact two of my close relatives are number 9 and they are the same.

    Few suggestions though

    1) Relationship of number 9 with othe numbers:- would be better if you elaborate on this as well.

    2) why start with number 9 first? what about other numbers? I hope for entire series from 1-9. Are you going to elaborate in descending order of numbers?

  6. Hi Milindji,

    My Sis is Dec 18 born overall description suits her.

  7. Saili: Thats great!! But 27 is a lucky date, people friendly and mostly serene but you know that 9 comes out from time to time!! :)

  8. Arundhati:
    Thats great to know. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. Yes would write on other numbers for sure. I have already written on 4 and 8 quite a bit. more on 4 less on 8 though. (Have also posted on 28 b-date)

    2. No, no order etc...whatever comes to my mind first...thats what I choose.


  9. Aruandhati: SURE. Will poste a spearate blog on relationships of 9...

  10. Mahesh:

    Thanks for the feedback buddy!!

  11. Actually I have also posted on 11 and 29 birthdates previously

  12. Nicely composed.. very detail and interesting to read.. Great job !!

  13. Hello Milind,Thanks for the update :) Keep posting.:)

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  16. great !
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    hope to get more on this!

  17. Hair sir namaskar .
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  18. Hair sir namaskar .
    Pls tell about the 26 Date personality pls sir