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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Effects of Shani Mahadasha / Shani Antardasha

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There have been various questions on Sadesati and my 1st post here on Sadesati has helped meet most of the expectations. There are also questions about Shani mahadasha and antardasha. Most of the people think that it is a troublesome period in life. Well, it is not correct. Rather, many great people become "great" in the real sense in Shani mahadasha. Shani mahadasha lasts for 19 years so you understand how important this period could be! :)
To understand "Shani effect" better (Sadesati), you can also read my article on Sade Sati:
1. Why do you think the masses that didn't even earn 20 Rs per day, spent 10 Rs to watch Bachchan's movie (Single handed movies), why more so from 1970/1971 to 1989/1990 in VERY large numbers? (If you call him Big B or Amit-jee -- you are not his fan -- his fans call him either Amitabh or plain simple Bachchan).
2. Balasaheb Thackeray gets mass frenzy and great mass support all his life but more so from 1980 to 1999. He has Shani 11th house (the best place) to lagna and 3rd house to Moon (Kanya rashi) in aggressive Scorpio sign in uchcha navamansh. Shani is VERY strong as it is 3rd to moon and 11th to Lagna and Surya of Makar (Capricorn).
3. Music director O.P Nayyar had a great success from 1954 to 1973 (19 years). He was not doing bad at all in his Guru mahadasha for for 16 years until 1953/1954 but OmkarPrasad Nayar became “OP” we know today in his Shani Mahadasha.
4. Michael Jackson got stupendous mass support and mass frenzy from 1973 to 1992. (19 years).
5. The best of it all: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had 3rd house Shani (Parakram sthan) in uchcha raashi of Tula (Libra).
6. Atal Bihari Wajpayee and Margaret Thatcher have Libra Ascendant with Shani there (1st house)! (Uchcha Shani 1st house)
7. YashawantRao Chavan had Shani in 1st house (self) in Vrushabh rashi. (Shukra signs are great for Shani). He is still regarded the best politician/CM etc of Maharashtra.
8. Sharad Pawar Saheb has Shani in 6th house with Moon (6h house: Service sector, Economic zone)
9. Salman has a very strong Shani in Kumbh rashi (10th house: Career!) with Moon and is running Shani Mahadasha from 2002. Shah Rukh also has a well placed Shani in the 4th house (Sukh-sthan) in Kumbh rashi & running Shani Mahadasha from 2006.
10. Indira Gandhi had 1st house (self) Shani in Kark rashi.
11. Raj Thackeray will start his Shani Mahadasha from 2012. I guess he is going to become a “Saheb” real soon! J

But all these folks suffered/will suffer accidents, injuries and problems in Shani Mahadasha whenever their EGO got better of them in this period. Each one of them had some Ego clashes and suffered due to it. Many of them had severe illness in this period too. Especially when Sadesati coincided with the Shani mahadasha!! :)
Shani's position, its raashi, its nakshatra, its navamansh raashi and position/sthan in the birth-chat, its relation with other planets (aspects/drishti) is very important to analyze the effect of Shani mahadasha / antardasha on your life.

Shani represents or is "karak" of masses, crowds (mass mentality), it-Gadha-cement, slow-but-steady things in life, Peeda (troubles), Dainya (Garibi), Reality Check, Wilamb (delay), night.

Shani is usually well-placed in the horoscope if your past life(s) karma with respect to masses is good. If you have donated money, land to masses and overall helped masses in overall aspects like building hospitals, schools (for poors), Anna-chhatra (Fed poor people): You have good karma with masses and better position of Shani in the Horoscope. The subtle yet omnipotent & omnipresent Law of Karma would make the masses pay you back in this life/birth in equal and opposite manner -- As simple as that.

Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed -- Every force has equal and opposite force but they act in opposite directions. All these are nothing but spiritually – which represents the "law of karma" in scientific manner.

The same way the folks mentioned above must have done a LOT in their past life(s) to do betterment of masses. The masses paid them back in their Shani mahadasha.

Shani in 3rd, 6th and 11th house shows that previous Karma with masses has been good. This Shani usually shows very good Shani mahadasha/antardasha results. Of course, assuming Shani is not in ill-aspects of Ravi (Sun) or Mangal (Mars). 1st, 10th house Shani shows mass-support “overall in life but more so in politics” in the 1st house and in career/workplace/production etc in the 10th place. Again, assuming it is well placed!

WHAT IF WE ARE NOT THAT "LUCKY" and have a badly placed Shani in the horoscope. Well, we would then tend to suffer in the Shani mahadasha at the hands of the masses and also some issues with respect to the chart-houses (& what they represent) of which Shani is the owner or shani is placed in (5th house Santati/marriage, 7th house Marriage/Relationships/Partnerships, 10 house father, 8th house inherited land/money etc etc).

The way to reduce Shani mahadasha issues are NOT any Puja or Yadnya or Mantra or even the Gemstones!!! There are two ways to pay off the Shani Mahadasha's past Karma:
1. Thru the sufferings and delays (Santati/ Marriage 5/7 houses etc)
2. Paying off the Karmic Burdens in Shani mahadasha or beforehand.

To pay off the burden some "good" astrologer needs to analyze the horoscope, analyze/find out the direction of the karmic burden and suggest some actions so that masses benefit from your actions. It is better to start as early as possible to avoid severe issues.
1. If 5th house Shani then help friends/relatives in their marriages and also donate to Orphanages/charity for kids.
2. 7th house Shani: Help in marriages (money, time/energy) Help business partners
If Shani in 10th house, do seva of your father no matter how your relation is with him.
3. Donate/spend time for Vruddhashram etc. I hope you get the idea.
If Shani-Mangal close to each other: Help your siblings in life as they need it.
4. Shani Mangal in say Sinvha raashi -- Donate to heart trouble R&D institutes.
5. Ravi-Shani yuti: Help Father/Seniors/Govt and not always oppose them. You have to do what you have to do but whenever it doesn't affect your values, try to adjust with authorities.
6. Shani in 4th house: Take care of your mother, house etc. Same for Shani with Chandra (mother)

The earlier you start with this the lesser the issues in Shani mahadasha.

Of course, regardless of good or bad: Shani Mahadasha requires discipline of all the actions, conservative approach in spending, in eating etc. EGO should be avoided at any cost as folks who do not have much money are spending money for you!! Just imagine if they find out you are being egotist when they are spending time and energy for you.

If Shani mahadasha and Sadesati at the same time affects your temperament and moral too much then HANUMAAN Sadhana is THE ONLY upaay for getting enough courage to face the effects of this. Finally it is YOUR OWN creation of this life (Sadesati) or past life/lives (Mahadasha). :)

Hanuman Sadhana:
a. Have a Hanuman purnakruti poster (as aggressive / balawaan etc as possible) it should be Dakshina-mukhi (facing South).
b. Every morning after bath, concentrate on Hanumaan poster for 3 - 5 minutes (eye to eye contact); No disturbances what so ever.
c. Every evening when it starts to get dark, recite Hanuman stotra and Raam-Raksha (sanskrit).
This will help in a MAGICAL way, Can't explain ALL the effects here for the lack of time BUT it IS magical.


  1. This is the best article ever about Shani maharaj. Dispelling the unncessary fears about Saturn is very necessary. This post does that well. Thanks


  2. Alos, this article comes on Saturday with a date of 26 !! (8)! :)

  3. "his fans call him either Amitabh or plain simple Bachchan"

    My husband loved this sentence. to "bachchan cha movie ahe" asach mhanto. He has a grin on his face coz here's proof of his tru fan status. :)

  4. :) :) Ay Bachchaaaaaan.....!!!

    Only we know what it meant in the 70s and 80s...(Also 90s too)

  5. Milindji, ek prashna ahe.
    4th house shani - take care of mother/ home.
    4th shani means distance from mother/ motherland. Cannot enjoy mother's love due to mother's death or her job etc.
    Now, if a child has 4th house shani, isn't it mother's past life karma which distances her child from her?

    here do we mean biological mother or a mother figure? Whoever did mother's job? Like Yashoda for krishna bhagwan

  6. What i really mean is, shani will cause you to be away from mother in above case. And if you want to minimise bad effect of 4th house shani take care of mother. How wierd is that.

    Mhanje vaagh mhantla tari khato ani vaghoba mhantla tari khato.

  7. Hi Milind,
    Your writings are very simple and comprehensible. Great! :)
    I wanted to know more Saturn. My chart shows 4th house Saturn - exalted and retrograde and with Moon. I have been lucky to take care of my mom and been more associated with motherland! I am passionate about both as well :) I had also dropped a mail to you for further advise - being a libran am into Sade Sati and my Shani Dasha starts in couple of months! Where do i go from here? Also Some say Shasha Yoga is present, if true when and how do i experience it?

    1. sir i hope you are doing good in your shani mahadasha. please tell me.

  8. Hi Milind,

    A great read once again!!! :) :)

    But I was just thinking , isn't it unfair to have sufferings or happiness in present life due to your deeds in past life, which you don't even remember. I mean most of the people don't even know why they are suffering... and however good they may be today, it just doesn't end.

    1. It may seem unfair, but the soul remembers all the births and the past deeds. As one suffers in present life, soul is experiencing that and is paying the karmic debts.

    2. I fully agree with you Mugdha,
      As per logic,the punishment is given to stop the person to repeat the same mistake again. Therefore, in case of punishment due to our past karma, we are likely to repeat the mistake as we don't even know, for what we are being punished. This is really weird.
      Moreover, if it is believed that nothing happens without the wish of God, doesn't it mean that god is making us do those bad karmas, then why is he/she punishing us for that. Isn't it a hypocrisy, that whatever good happens to us, it is believed to be done by god, and whatever bad is done by us is believed to be our Karma.

  9. I just happened to calcualte that I have sade-sati from 2017-2023 and shani mahadasha from 2025. Jeez, I am going underground until 2044 :)
    I have 7-8 years to clean up my act and avoid any karmic boomerang.

  10. Mugdha:
    :) Actually it is your own deed. You can hace access to it if you medidate and reduce "noise" around you. Many times we have an INSTINCT" to do something good and that is why it is about.

    Vanessa: :) hummmmM!!

  11. hi Milindji, Nice and very informative Post as always.

  12. Wonderful and mindful read..Thnak you!

    Wondering if the acts of say giving eatables,charity or good deeds are what going to subsidise or reduce our Karma then does that mean all the pooja one does has NO lighting a diya near peepal tree on saturday,doing hanuman chlisa,shani chalisa and giving oil.???very confused as this has been the only solution to ease Sade satti..Isnt it?

  13. puja--karma kaand is to gain Sad-buddhee!! and not ease our burdens. We need to collect Good-Will and wishes to ease our troubles... so instead of puja and etc etc -- need to do GOOD KARMA which God also loves !!

  14. Thnak you regarding pooja gyan!

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  16. Wonderful article and well said! All your planets are under your control, through your soul and God. I have gone through the most painful time of my life (DOB: Jan 17, 1963 at 18.45 pm, Delhi). I am not sure if it was Shani Mahadasha with sade-sati with affliction from rahu and ketu, all were mixed malefics, bombarded my body, mind and soul with extreme pains, was even almost at death bed last year, but that is when I held on to God. My soul cried and repented for the sins I did in the past. It is not over as yet, but my soul was led in to deeper, deeper meaning of life and my relationship with Creator and its creations whom I failed terribly. Though most painful, it was also most graceful and mysterious time of my life and journey of my soul. I rather be in pain and tears with God now, then to be happy and without Him. Let your inner voice lead you in painful moment, that is the "Voice of God".

  17. hi, i am influence in SANI MAHA DASA 10th House(Kanya), and in SANI ANTERDASA 2nd House (Makar),
    Can any one help me to explain what does in mean? and what should I do? I am very confusued... Please help me...

  18. so wat abt sachin tendulkar, Ghandhiji n such other mass pullers ? do they also have shani mahadasha ?

  19. Hi Milindji,

    My DOB:23/06/1960.Place:Kolkata.Time:3-30AM. Going thru Shani Mahadasha since 28.09.2000. present situation is worst in my life.lost job of 15 years in Oct'2010. Doing a job of sales & mktg. But not getting orders from customers though I am trying a lot to enhance sales. May have to quit this job also. When my situation will improve? pls help. -----Chandan

  20. hi i am male 20 april 1980 1:39 pm mumbai
    i am still suffering in shani mahadasha and asi had suffering in sade sati my suffering is very different and wired how much to suffer i dont know

  21. Desimaalz: Please send an email -- I will check it out..

  22. Nirmalya -- instead of public comnment - please send an email and I will wroite back

  23. the best post on shani mahadasha ever!
    i am going through it since 28/8/09...

    its just speechless ....
    for the first time in my life , i went to a temple.... :)
    i was atheist before... :d

  24. Sourabh: Thanks buddy...Temple is just the start =-- it should make us do good karma..

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Wow what a great blog... I have been on death bed for 2 months. So started going through your blog. I swear I am just amazed by the level of accuracy you have!
    I am also having shani antardasha till September 2011 nd it all makes so much sense..

  27. NG:
    I will analyse your chart today and reply back with details.

  28. As a lot of people are getting this article when searchign on internet -- I will upgrade it with more information for their QUICK use etc.

    1. In an attempt to know more about the saturn ( I am a fan of him), I read your blog on saturn and its effects good or bad. I liked the article very much and I must say its an eye-opener for the masses as it clarifies the doubts and misconception about Saturn. Certainly its our karma which as per judged by the unbiased judge saturn, which results in a good or bad effects. A very good work. I have also mailed you my query. I need your help. please help.

  29. NG:

    After checking your horoscope, I also got to re-affirm the importance of the lagnesh and Tritiyesh in the horoscope!!

    I pray and hope that you get out of it as soon as possible.

    Take care!!!

  30. Dear Milindji
    Before 2008 i was not aware of this sani or sadasati though i had some knowledge regarding that but when sani enter in leo and virgo started the effect i felt lots of pain from that point and still i am suffering from that and as a result i lost all my happy family life now i read or listen everyday sunderkand so the effects of sadasati can be minimize but yesterday when i read on your blog i become your unknown fan and it made me to ask one q regarding the effects of sani mahadasa which will start from 27-5 2011 and my dob is 07(july)3-1957 pob is vadodara (gujarat )india how much i will suffered though i suffered a lot in last three years or will it be good or bad for me i just want to know if you throw some highlight i will apreciate

  31. hello,
    Name: Tanesh Gagnani
    Time of birth: 4.35AM,
    Place of Birth: Kota (Rajasthan)
    I have shani mahadasha with shani ardhdasha, shani is in 11th house and shani is also retograde (vakri).
    i am a armature so i may have made some mistakes.

  32. Dear Milindji,
    Name: R Seshadri
    DOB : 19-05-1958
    TOB : 07:00 AM
    Place: Chennai

    I have entered into Shani Mahadasa in the month of July 2010.
    I am jobless since Oct 2009.
    When will i get a new job sir ?

  33. Milind, i think u write fabulously,in a way that people understand.Also,this article is so empowering when u realise that ur results/experiences will be based on Karma, present life's and past life's too.

  34. Thanks Pragna -- Please keep visiting..Just posted an article on Palmistry "The Thumb"

  35. Hi,

    What is the effect of saadesati when it occurs during the first seven and a half years of life, how can it be effects of karma of this life?


  36. Geeta:

    I think it would affect health wise and it would be a period of gaining health -- But it could show some issues to Mom's health as Shani goes over Moon in Sade sati - Moon is Mom's karak and is affected.

    Sade sagti often shows issues with water in the and out side the body -- desease etc..

  37. Pragna:
    Yes indeed -- Everything that happens to us, good or bad, is our own creation. And I have "SEEN" that selfless good deeds change your situation dramatically along with "Forgive and Forget" philosophy (VERY difficult!!)

  38. Sesho:
    You are born on a magnificient date of 19 which is a VERY luck one and date of rulers or simply the date of people with their own dominated circles.

    Will need to analyse the chart for current situation - I will get back. If you have not -- please drop an email so that I can reply back in private.

  39. sir this is the best ever i read about saturn ,sir i need ur advice as i have libra ascendant ,my saturn in taurus with moon in 8 th house and also my son in 5th house in aquaris with ven (lagnesh),there is interchange of sat and ven ,sir my saturn mahadasha start in july 2013,sir please advice how it will be and any precaution or remedy,as somebody told me that my sat is yogkarak from lagan ,moon and sun ascendant so it favours me ,but still i want u to please tell something i will be highly greatful to u. I AM VINAY DUA DOB-11 MARCH 73,TOB -9:34 PM ,POB -DELHI(CENTRAL)

  40. Sir, Iam affraid because from 24/02/2011 my Shani mahadsha is going to start. Shani in 8th house in my chart my DOB :24-04-2955 time 3.55 am place Chapra (Bihar). Rajesh Kumar Singh, Nagpur

  41. Hi Milind ,

    Shani is placed in 7th house and is exhalted.And shurka in 6th house debilated .Is this position bad for marriage and relationship ?I read somewhere that it leads to bad experiences and extra marital affairs ?

  42. I'm meena lagna, and I have shani and shukra in dharm bhava. currently undergoing shani mahadasha. Is it good or bad for me? should I wear neelam?

  43. Thanks, Milind . Thanks for helping out people in trouble with your in depth understanding of shani and it's effects.


  44. Hi,

    I am Jayshree Gohel, I want to know about my shani Mahadasha strat on 2012. Which detail you required for this.

  45. Dear Milind,
    I shall send you an email with details of my horoscope.
    My Saturn is in 3rd house from Lagna and 11th from Moon.
    My Rasi"Makara" and Virgo is Lagna.
    My Saturn Mahadasha starts on May 22nd,2011 I think.
    How will it be? I am very much afraid.

  46. Gopal and others -- PLease do send an email but UI am having a VERY hard time replying back due to work load! :( I will try though!

  47. please help..i am in shani mahadasha and from april my sun antradasha will will that effect on ketu antra dash got me lot of physical pain date of birth dec 19 1974 at 9.15pm..will appreciate your response

  48. Please advise,

    I am going through shani antardasha/mahadasha

    Date: 4th September 1971
    Time: 3.43 am
    place: delhi

    I am suffering huge problems related to child/work (had to quit working due to child's issues)/domestic/elder sibling front. Please suggest remedies.


  49. DOB:26 DEC 1969
    Place of birth:Kolkata,India

  50. my saturn is in 8th from the dasha lord i.e. venus...i have lost everything during this period and i am not able to get settled in life because of this...

    i have saturn in 2nd House...kindly help me out...

  51. my shani mahadasha is going to start in my horoscope shani is lord of third house and present in seventh house.and lord of seventh house is present in third are the effects?

  52. hi sir,
    my name - Binit kumar
    birth place- Khagaria (bihar)
    Dear sir, i am suffering from sani mahadasha, pls predict abt. my me pls.

  53. will my shani mahadasha be bad for me

    i am very tensed because during my childhood i suffer many injuries.

    my dob is 3 june 1992

    dop is gopiganj

    time is 11:15

  54. Hi Milind
    I hope all is well.
    I was wondering if you could look at my horoscope and let me know if my shani madhasha will give me happiness or obstacles.

    4th November, 1972 at 5:05pm Dehra Dun, India

    Thanks in advance for your kind reply.

  55. pl tell me when this native will get married
    date of birth 05.12.1979
    place of birth bangalore
    time of birth 03.05.PM

  56. dear milind,
    what is the meaning of planets at ill-aspects with shani? if shani is in 3rd house, where does sun have to be in order to call it ill-aspects?
    incidentally, i am in shani mahadasha and sade sati. double whammy!

  57. an amazingly well written article about ShaniDev.....

  58. sir i m very impressed by ur article i also willing to know some things abt myself. my life is not going smoothly lots of kalesh at home and very monetry prob not satisfied by my job too tell me the solutuon pls my perticulars are
    Name tejinder singh
    dob june8 1978
    place of birth moga(punjab)
    time 6.15am
    status married (two sons)
    wife in service and i m law grad and in service from last 3yrs but not satisfied

  59. Dear Milind,
    A query about Hanuman Sadhana. When you say the effect is magical, is it that it soothes your mind into seeing positive events during tough times, or that it makes positive events happen (divine intervention) despite tough times? I am indeed feeling some positivity after starting the Sadhana.

    Actually -- We always get chances and SIGNALS from people and environment ALL THE TIMES -- it is just that Sadesati Shani Mahadasha (if Shani not well placed) -- create CHAOTIC environment that does not allow you do decipher them and use for your benefit. The HANUMAN SADHANA allows you to ignore the chaos around you and FOCUS on those beneficial signals and messages.

    Also RamRaksha and Hanuman Stotra create positive VIBES in and around you which tend to protect you from negative vibes around...


  61. Hello Milindji,

    I am going through shani dasha and am facing lots of difficulties on marriage/child/loss of job. My son is going through Sade sati and has developmental delays.
    My details 4th September 1971 3:43am Delhi
    My son: 30th September 2005 1015am new York
    Please advise when and how can things get better for me and my son? Your input will be highly apple Oates.


  62. Dear Milindji,
    Please respond. What I know about my horoscope is that I have shani in 11th house and am going through shani period since march 2009. Although my shani is in 11th house my shani dasha has been a very bad period. I have had loss of job, issues with delayed development of my child, no support from family and friends. I am on downhill path going down in all directions. Please explain how and if at all things will get better for me. Is it because I have a cancer ascendant that shani dasha has given me lots of sorrows.

    Kindly reply soon.


  63. Dear Milind ji,
    This is a very useful article ,People are very much misguided by Media and Professional Astrologers for "Shani".your writings clarifies the doubts and give the message to Improve upon ones conduct and Moral towards Humanity.

  64. It is very hard for me to believe that I have had an immoral conduct to deserve such a harsh result. Even if I unknowingly have, why does shani make an innocent child suffer? Shani is excessively harsh and cruel.

  65. Please respond Milindji,


  66. i have been hearing a lot about shani mahadasha these days...not sure how much is true and what impact it really holds on people

  67. sir i am curious as to how often does one face sade sati in life...and after the effects of sade sati how long does it take for things to improve for the individual? does it get better or the same as the condition was before he faces sade sati? I would really like to know milindji.
    thanks so much!

  68. Milindji,

    Please respond, I have sent you email and asked repeatedly on this blog, hope to hear from you,


  69. Milindji, What about shani in 9th house(leo-simha) and moon on 10th house(kanya) and mars on 8th house(katak)

  70. Hi,
    Milind i got a lot of stuff to learn from this blog ......... i come to know about shani Mahadasha in much detail .........u explained very well .........


  71. Hi Milind Sir!! i AM undergoing mahadasha and my studies have ruined.i don't know what to do. i can't concentrate whatsoever.dob-26/10/1993

  72. hi my date of birth is 15 may 1972 time 0 7 .45 am ...i m going thru shani mahadasa since december 2010 ...starting months were gud but since may it started getting worst health ,money or relations everything is going thru a very bad phase....

  73. Hello
    My d.o.b is 21/12/1983 at 1235 hrs . presently i am facing lot of problems , in my job nd fed up of seraching my life partner . i hv never faced such problems in my life . i hv been always good at my job . When i contacted my astrologer, he told u r facing kantaka shani . Could any one , tell me when my kantaka shani will get over nd job position will b good nd when will i get married

  74. Hi my d.o.b is on,march 30 , 1983 @ 8 am . born at hyderabad, india. i am facig saadesati, i want to know which house i am i and what should i do. please help. thanks

  75. name:siva sankar vara prasad(Chiranjeevi-South indian SuperSTAR)

    DOB:22-08-1955, time:10:10AM, at narsapur,Andhra pdesh.

    how will be his political future?

  76. Hello,, Milindji
    I have 12 saturn with Kumbha Lagna and Kanya Rasi. Currently under sade-sati and the saturn dasa starting from Oct'2012. How will be the Saturn-Saturn dasha ?

  77. Hi Milindbhai, I have sent you an email with subject-line " Shri Guru Dev Datta. Urgent " please go thru it and please reply asap. Thanks.

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. Hello Milindji,
    I have Shani Mahadasha which has taken everything away from me: marriage turned into divorce, unemployed, homeless, ill from last 5 years and need your advise. Your above article is very impressive and knowledgeable. Can you please tell me when this dasha will be over and what should I do in the mean time? My date of birth is October 4th, 1956, 3:15 am, Lucknow, India.
    Thanks a million

  80. Hello Mr. Milind
    I have Kanya lagna and rashi(both) with saturn in 6th house and jupiter in 8th, currently under jupiter mahadasha since '99 and sade sati since '07, my shani mahadasha will start from early 2015, I have seen tough time since 2003 both career and financilly, I want to know about how saturn dasha will be?

  81. Hi, my DoB is 08.10.1972 2.20 a.m - Karkataka lagna, 2nd house - Shukra, 3rd House - Ravi, mangala & Chandra, 4th House - Budha, 6th House Guru & Raju, 11th House - Shani (Rohini Nakshtra) & 12th house - Ketu. presently i am under shani mahadasha & shani anthardasha besides sade sathi last phase (last 2 1/2 years). Pl. tell me my future period during shani mahadasha

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  84. Hello Milindji,
    I have Shani Mahadasha which has taken everything away from me: marriage turned into divorce, unemployed, homeless, ill from last 5 years and need your advise. Your above article is very impressive and knowledgeable. Can you please tell me when this dasha will be over and what should I do in the mean time? My date of birth is October 4th, 1956, 3:15 am, Lucknow, India.
    Thanks you

  85. Hello Milind,

    You mention shani is good in 3,6,11 except with Ravi or Mangal. I have shani surya in sixth house. I am kumbh lagna with chandra in kumbh. So Shani chandra parivartana. How will be my shani mahadasha ? Rest of the horoscope is fairly strong. How will be my shani mahadasha ?


  86. I am told that i am going through shani mhadasha as well as shani antardasha and also going through last phase of Shani sade sati. My DOB is 20/08/1955, time 08.15 AM place Kanpur, please advise about health and financial position during this period.

  87. plz mail me if any one get solution of shani mahadasha and i have solution all related problems becouse no one help in this problem and the best solution is that shani maha dasha wala person ager shani maha dasha wale person ki help kre toh hi uski problem solve hogi becouse jaise tum log kisi shani mahadasha wale person ki help nhi krte toh shani dev tumhari problem kyu solve krege so selfless help kro shani mahadasha wale person ki kyu ki dard ka ahsas wahi janta hai jise dard hoti hai so plz ik atleast ik person mail kre mere ko main puri koshish kruga problem solve krneki jai ho shani dev ki miland ji plz forward this msg to all the shani maha dasha persons.

  88. hum apni problem nhi solve kr sakte but hum log jab dusro ki problem solve krne ki koshish krte hai toh problem solve hoti hai this is true same as hum log daan nhi le sakte iron, urad, etc but daan kr sakte hai but hum se normal admi daan accept nhi krta but shani mahadasha wala accept krta hai is it true so plz daan your problem those person which is also effectef by shani mahadasha this is the solution? think about it??? so send your problem on

  89. There is a very famous Shani Temple in Thirunallar Tamil Nadu. Oering worship there is known to reduce the ill effects of Shani Dev and increase good aspects. The website gives more information about this temple and one can also order puja on this website

  90. Great information. I will send you out details to ur email address, request you to provide me with a detailed analysis

  91. Iam Mary, my DOB is 25-01-84, 8.30 in night, born in rajampetai in Andra pradesh. Please advise whether iam under sani mahadasha and what should i do according to my horoscope to reduce ill effects of sani.

  92. Hi milind iam reya my dob 22-9-1971 born 12.50 pm. Iam under shani maha dasa and Sade sati, janma shani. I have been losing jobs. Let me know when is my situation likely to get Better? My Saturn is in 6th place from lagna but sun and Venus in 10th place from lagna. I presume this is good for career but iam at severe loss of career. Pls advise me if it can get better? Do I have career hereafter? Will I survive this situation?

  93. hi Milind, I would be starting my Shani Mahadasha in 2013, Shani is placed in 7th house libra and my Asc is Aries, while Mars is in my 8th House scorpio and second house has Rahu (DOB - 22 Aug, 1984, 9:50pm, Lucknow)

    How will my Mahadasha be, splly for my health and marriage?

  94. I will give you my details can you tell me somthing

    Name: Robin Roy
    Date of Birth: 14/09/1969
    Time: 09:35am
    Place: Habibgunj (Bhopal) MP
    Father's name: Sukumar Roy
    Grand Father: Kalicharan Roy
    Mother: Kusum Roy
    Gotra: Kashyap
    Phone: 9175333019

  95. hi.
    i am from of birth23/04/59 kenya nairobi born 11.45 am.husband 19/03/55 india bombay born 07,03 am.makar rashi.having afair with pakistani women.pls help me.lossing every things.any me pls

  96. AnonymousFebruary 8, 2012 9:09 AM
    Hello Milindji,
    I have Shani Mahadasha which has taken everything away from me: marriage turned into divorce, unemployed, homeless, ill from last 5 years and need your advise. Your above article is very impressive and knowledgeable. Can you please tell me when this dasha will be over and what should I do in the mean time? My date of birth is October 4th, 1956, 3:15 am, Lucknow, India. My email address
    Thanks a million

  97. hi
    sir ji,
    i have shani dasha that started from 21 july and as in my kundali, saturn placement in 7th house. and also I have one case against me recently came on 25 th of july, and also i won after some metal tension (police case) and in it I get help from my close friend and a police employee with respect. my birth details are 17 09 1984
    0855 pm
    this dasha will end on jan 15 .
    and my family is looking for my marriage also and i have a lot of options, but the problem is , I am scared of shani dasha in jupitar mahadasha , pls guide me, is my marriage done in this period will helpful or not?
    pleas guide me, if any suggestions give me sir.

  98. hi..i was born in mumbai on 9th november 69 at 2315..i am going thru sadesati now..please suggest some upay as per my charts with regards to earnings..marriage and social commitments if possible..regards abhijeet

  99. dear milindji
    my date of birth 23.11.1960
    place allahabad
    time 10.20 pm
    plesae tell me about my shani mahadasha

  100. Hi Milindji

    My dob is 6july1976
    pob is durgapur w.b
    time 2.40 am

    How will by Shani mahadasha be? it has started from jan2011 and coupled with Sadesati

    things are very tough uniformly



  101. Dear Milindji,

    my DOB is 22/JULY/1968, 7 AM, @ Mehsana, Gujarat.
    having malefic Shani ( 2 degree ) in 10th house,( lagna or ascendant cancer - karka ) but vargottami also in navmansha. What would be the effect of Shani mahadash and Ketu anterdasha ? what would be the effect of Mercury anterdasha also ?

    pls revert to me on and oblige.

  102. Hi MilindJi ...... I am parag parandkar from indore m.p. My DOB is 15-10-1975 TOB: 6.35 am and POB: Indore. I have entered into shani mahadasha last august 2012. Lost my earlier job and entered into the job with compromise on salary, though with more responsibility and at my hometown, near to my family. I would like to enquire about what all shani in its mahadasha and anterdasha is going to do in the near future.

    Kindly reply with more details to : As I am going through a bit of vulnarable phase where what I have decided to do, am not able to do it as of now ..... when will be able to do it with full flow ?

    Kindly reply .........on my email.

  103. Dear Sir please tell me what mahdasha and antardasha iam going thru?? I ve my Horoscope done my emailidis please give me your emailId so I can email my Patrika.

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. I have a Meen lagna and saturn placed in the Ninth house in Anuradha Nakshatra....which is lord of houses 11 th and 12 th...

    Saturn is Aspected by Moon(Rohini Nakshatra) from third house not affilicted by Mars(in lagna) or Rahu(2nd house) neither by Jupiter(which is in labha sthana in Makar rashi)...

    In navamansh Shani is in Sinha Rashi in 11 th house aspected by Jupiter from 7th house

    So will the Shani mahadasha be beneficial to me or it will be troublesome?


  106. hi Milind

    I have a Meen lagna and saturn placed in the Ninth house in Anuradha Nakshatra....which is lord of houses 11 th and 12 th...

    Saturn is Aspected by Moon(Rohini Nakshatra) from third house not affilicted by Mars(in lagna) or Rahu(2nd house) neither by Jupiter(which is in labha sthana in Makar rashi)...

    In navamansh Shani is in Sinha Rashi in 11 th house aspected by Jupiter from 7th house

    So will the Shani mahadasha be beneficial to me or it will be troublesome?


  107. hanuman picture dakshna mukhi means? should the Hanuman picture face Southwards or shouls we face southwards? i am having a dn devoting Hanuman carrying Sanjivani picture. is it okay?please clarify about directions
    dv sastry

  108. Sir can you tell me about my life
    Ramandeep Sharma
    14/08/983 4:50 am

  109. sir,
    worst example of saturn and its punishment is mine
    DOB 17-08-1971 02-48 AM -place coonoor ,TN -india
    i will be arrestted any time for a cheating (though i regret now ,actually i definitely dont know this is fraud or i would say my mind never wworked properly--i am planning for a suicide too
    my wife
    great women -she is a government servant-innocent --i hate god why he made me to marry her as she is not destined for a bad life but see her saturn too
    DOB 21-11-1975 chennai
    i have two beautiful girl children
    i stopped crying -though i beleive in karma why i didnt get a hint that i should not cheat,eat non veg,drink alchol etc.,, before the start of sani dasa
    i worshipped shive like any--
    pl mail me if there is any escape to me and my family or i may not be here to see your reply after a week or so
    DN--pl dont ask my name
    my email is

  110. Dear Milindji,
    Name: MANOJ
    DOB : 18-10-1970
    TOB : 22:30
    Place: BARABANKI (U.P.)

    I have entered into Shani Mahadasa from 10-11-2012 and currently facing Shani Antardasha in Shani Mahadasha. The Sani is also placed in Neecha Rashi (Mesh at 27:32:32 degree) in my horoscope.WHAT SHOULD I DO ?? KINDLY SUGGEST !!

  111. Dear Milind
    Thanks for your informative blog
    I suppose I am going through Sade Sati
    Please let me know what I can expect in the next 9 years in respect to health of self & family and career.
    Date of Birth 26th Nov 1959. Time 18:05 Hrs, Place Kolkata, West Bengal

  112. Really nice and meaningfull stuff. Thank you Milind JI :)

    Sir my DOB is 5-Dec-1979,time 19.30, siwan(bihar) India. I am currently running throu shani mahadaha. My growth from last 2 years is very minimal. Can you please provide me some tips and abt my kundali what to do???

    1. my email id is ::

  113. hello milind father is going through shani mahadasha and sade sati too{virgo rashi)and his shani is in sixth house kumbh rashi..but he suffered a lot financially..and nobody supported him...and still he is not financially stable...according to you sixth house shani is good so why he had to suffer?and one thing more his shani is retrograde..plz help..

  114. Dear Milind,

    Nice article on Shani Mahadasha. Was wondering if you could take a look at my horoscope and let me know what it has in store for me. My details are. DOB-19.1.1969, Time & Place of birth:5.05 PM New Delhi. My mahadasha of Shani for 19yrs is about to start end Jan13, I was told. Would like to be prepared. Thanks in advance

  115. Dear all

    Please learn Vishnu Sahasranaama and also chant it daily. Even I have Sani in 8th house in Cancer & my Sani dasha will be coinciding with my 71/2 Sani. I got advice that Vishnu Sahasranaama recitation in early morning (before 6 am) will give some relief.

  116. LATEST Articles are now on http://www/ site. There is a good forum for discussions also

  117. My date of Birth is 27/06/1976,Birth Time :- 02:10 am ( 24 hrs),Birth Place :- Jammu. At Present I am going thru Shani Mahdasha phase of 19 years and Saturn is placed in 4th House of my birth Chart. Please tell about my career/ future life.

  118. I have a question about my horoscope::
    Mahadasha of shani would be start from 21 may 2013.and next three yr would be again in shani anterdasha. How will life in this time peroid.
    On horoscope my Shani place is 4th number (Don't know 4th house or any things, It's shows 4 where written shani.) Please reply and suggest.

  119. My Name is Raghavendrachar J
    My date of Birth is 15 Aug 1962
    My Time of Birth is 03:10AM,
    My Place of Birth is Bellary, karnataka, India
    Lattitude is 15:09 and Longitude is 76:56
    Makra Nakshtra, Shravana 2nd Pada.
    Shani Mahardasha started from Sept 2009.
    I am loosing lot money in trading and facing
    lot of tension and stress, due to which I have become diabetic.
    Please suggest remedies and how long I will face this problem.

    Thanking you,

  120. hi,

    my date of birth is 13.6.1981 05.05 am ,mumbai.some astrologer has told me that i should get married before my shani mahadasha begins that is august 2014.otherwise i will not ever get it true.

  121. MY shani mahadasha started in 1997 and is still sitting on my head and it will be there comfortably seated till february 2016. During the past 16 years I have seen hell in my life and with no end in sight. My DOB:24-10-1966, Guntur, AP, India. Can any body help me Pleassseee...

  122. my shani mahadasha will star from 2032 in lagna kundali it is in 7th place and moon is in 11th place so what will be the effects of this kindly dob-16/07/1984, mumba. (marol).india. rashi- kumbha, nakshtra -dhanista, time -approx 06.12am so pls can u advice me about above mentioned how it will going to be....

  123. Hi Milind, i think u write fabulously,in a way that people understand.Also,this article is so empowering when u realise that ur experiences will be based on Karma, present life's and past life's too. My name is pavneet Dob 30 july, 1989, Time 15.55 Hrs , Place Ambala Cantt. I am going through shani mahadasha, have suffered alot, lost my job, my health, my near n dears, my wealth. Please tell me till when i have to suffer.Please do something needful.

  124. Dear Sir,

    DOB: 14-Sep-78 Time: 1:15 AM Chennai.
    Please suggest when I can go to foreign countries in the next 10 years.

  125. Respected Sir,

    I M Daljeet Kumar, 14th Feb 1982, Bilaspur ( Near Moga, Punjab), I am getting continuous troubles in life & have a good flow of Income but before the end of Month..I am Empty, would like to mention here that 4-5 Years back i constructed a House of my own & we are living in there, but after that moment all is going bad to worse. Pls Suggest...

  126. Hi Milind Ji, what about Shani Mahadasha effect when Saturn is placed in second house in kundali?