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Saturday, November 7, 2009

OP Nayyar and Navamansh Horoscope !!

Pardon my spelling mistakes - I finished this post in 10 minutes...Will format it later! :)

O.P. Nayyar is my 'the' most favorite of the music directors. Well, all music directors from 40/50/60s are irresistable anyways but somehow OP's songs have an exclusve "lock" on my heart right from childhood when I didn't even know what a music director was about! :) Well, the reason for OP is just a "Case Study" and a selection oof a famous person to explain something basic about the "art of horoscope analysis".

Someone asked 2 days back "Why the hell Navamansh Horoscope is SO important??". Very simple question, very complex answer: To start with 9 is the # which is found in nature (and in astrlogy) in abundance!

1. 9 planets (Including Raahu/Ketu) excluding Harshal, Neptune.
2. 9 nakshtra-swami (of 27 nakshatras) each planet "owns" 3 nakshatras. Vimshottari mahadasha has 9 planets (obviously all 9 nakshatra swami(s)
3. 9 digits
4. Every sign has 9 "charan"(s) i.e. 9 equal parts of 3degree 10minutes for each charan.
5. 360 degrees (3+6+0) = 9
6. 72 heart beats per minute? (Normal rate).
7. 1440 minutes in a day -- again 9 or for that matter 525600 in a year (9!)
To cut it short, 9 has a mystical importance in all esoteric things.

The Navamansh horoscope calculation is a simple one: Every Sign is divided in 9 parts (called charan or navamansh) and each of these parts is assigned to 1 of 9 planets(their signs. Start with Aries sign-- Assign 1st part to Aries (Mars), seconds to Taurus (Venus) and so on. The Taurus sign would start with Capri navamansh and so on. You have to start over once you finish 12 signs in the sequece. (Same rashi, Same Navamansh is called as "Vargottam" navamansh).

Now, your ascendant point degree will belong to some sign & some navamansh in it, it wil become the 1st rashi in your Navamansh Horoscope. i.e. even if your ascendant is Aries -- You Navamansh Horoscope ascendant could be from Aries to Saggitarius (9 charans in Aries sign). Basically, For a day, Navamansh increases 12 ascendants signs and lagna-patrikas to 12*9 = 108. This helps horoscope analysis as most of the Grahayog are similar in a given day and folks born in given 2 hrs have a very similar horoscope! So navamansh horoscope is used for "Sukshma-wichar".

O.P Nayyar born in 16th Jan, 1927 (it is NOT 1926) 7 days before his dear friend Shivsena-Supremo Balasaheb Thackeray (23rd). From my calculations and "backtracking" he must be born under Aquarius lagna rashi (height) and also Jan 1954 marks the start of his Shani mahadasha for 19 years where he gave unforgettable music & got a great mass-support-frenzy. (I have mentioned this in my Shani Mahadasha post a few days back).

Have a look at this navamansh Horoscope (of 16 Jan 1927):
1. Shani is in Vrushchik rashi in main horoscope but it is in Uchcha navamansh of Libra (Tula) in navamansh horoscope! (Same as Balasaheb).

2. Mangal is in very strong Aries sign in main horoscope but it is in artistic Libra navamansh in the navamansh horoscope -- hence music etc instead of say sports! :)

3. Guru is in kumbh raashi in main horoscope but it is in swa-navamansh (Dhanu) in navamansh horoscope. -- Before Shani mahadasha he had Guru mahadasha for 16 years -- he must have got a great education and Guru as Guru is well placed in 1st house, 9th to Moon and in Dhanu navamansh inhis horoscope. He leveraged this knowledge in Shani mahadasha.

4. The Sun is in Vargottam navamansh. Makar raashi and makar navamansh.

5. VENUS(Shukra) although in a conservative Makar rashi in main horoscope, is in Swa-navamansh of Vrushabh is the Navamansh horoscope!!!

6. Raahu is with Moon in Mithun rashi uchcha for Raahu -- Rahu is in Kumbh navamansh -- very strong for Raahu.

Now, you can start to appreciate the power and importance of the navamansh horoscope. Any planet in the main horoscope HAS to be analysed in Navamansh horoscope in order to guage its power and resultant effect in its Mahadasha or AntarDasha.

It is very interesting to note that Balasaheb also had a GREAT run in Shani mahadasha from 1980 to 1999 due to uchcha navamansh Shani : it is located 3rd from Moon and 11th from Lagna/Sun sign in main horoscope (3, 6, 11 are VERY good positions of Shani for a politician or for anyone who wants mass-support). OP had Shani mahadasha from 1954 to 1973. Of course, Shani in Vrushchik raashi in main horoscope and Vrushchik raashi's owner Mangal in self raashi increases power of this shani in main horoscope quite a bit. Shani mahadasha was important as very imp planets in Shani's sign (Sun, Venus in Makar, Guru in Kunbh) -- OP Kumbh lagna - Balasaheb Makar Lagna.

But, ONLY navamansh horoscope analysis would be a complete NO-NO. It has to be used #2 after the main horoscope. Astrologer Late M. D. Bhat, elder brother of great V. D. Bhat had published a MUST have book "Navamansh Rahasya" on the power of navamansh analysis for each planet and has shared his experiences and of course LOGICAL reasoning/analysis and praachin grantha's thought for each planet in each navamansh in this book. He especially explains very well the specific STARS that are in a given charan/navamansh & proximity of any planet to those stars makes that navamansh powerful in a given horoscope.

Only recently I realised that my Guru is in Kumbh raashi Kumvh navamansh and VERY close to a star which is known for Gudh-tatva Advance Studies. My Sun is in Revati nakshatra Meen rasshi Meen navamanash (B-date : 11th April) -- It also has a similar effect (esoteric knowledge, short writing, plays etc), My Neptune (owner of all that is GUDH, unexplainable) is in the 1st house with Moon and Raahu and is in again Vrushchik raashi Vrushchik navamansh -- relates again to GUDH, mystic and hidden stuff. Harshal is in 12th house (Moksha-Trikon) and again is in Libra rashi Libra navamansh -- again indicates mystic study & mystic "gatee". Date of 11 is also called as Master number and some cultures call it the date of the mystiques/psychics. Total b-date addition of 9 doesn't hurt! :)

Apart from the main horoscope (5th hosue Ravi, 1st house Neptune with Raahu/Moon, 4th house Guru- Gajakesari) that shows mystic/astrological studies or past-karma -- It is NAVAMANSH that puts the cement in the bricks of the main horoscope. Without this cement the main horoscope analysis is not good enough.


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