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Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Heroes since Childhood and their Astro Connection on Shani Mahadasha

I do not have a well placed Shani in the horoscope. Although, the navamansh-Horoscope shows it in 11th house and 10th from Moon; the main horoscope does show ill-placed shani indicating some karmic debt towards masses. The well placed navamansh Shani indicates chances to make amends through good deeds and not only thru sufferings. A badly placed Shani in navamansh too, could have forced to pay through sufferings also.

I believe that, without any knowledge of Astro/Horoscope, we do have conscious and sub-conscious awareness of our positive and negative aspects.

I have this observations on my childhood (& also adult life) heroes -- They all shared great mass support and had a great mass-mentality knowledge -- Basically folks with very STRONG Shani resulting in very strong Shani mahadasha results. One either gains or looses (gives away) to masses in Shani mahadasha depending on their past-karma with masses (as reflected by Shani's strength in their horoscope).

Following have been my heroes since childhood in Chronological Order:
1. Amitabh Bachchan
2. Balasaheb Thackeray
3. Imran Khan
4. O. P. Nayyar

These folks have a very strong/well placed Shani in their horoscopes.
Bachchan: Shani Mahadasha from 1969 to 1987
Balasaheb Thackeray: Shani mahadasha from 1980 to 1999
Imran Khan: Shani mahadasha from 1976 to 1995
O.P. Nayyar: Shani mahadasha fromo 1954 to 1973

These folks had mass-frenzies and mass-hysteria in their shani mahadasha. Tremendous mass-support in their Shani mahadasha. (They might have donated a lot of money, land and overall done service to masses in their previous births and hence the payback from the masses.)

Rather, their birth allowed those masses who were profited/benefited in earlier life to pay them back in respective shani mahadasha.

The points I want to make is :: You are always aware of your improvement areas and always find role models/heroes that have this style in abundance in them or their past karma! :)

My other 2 heroes Dilip Kumar and Sunil Gavaskar had a great Raahu/Rahu mahadasha in their peak times. Dilip Kumar from 1945 to Oct 63 and Sunil G from 1971 to 1989.

By the way both Sunil Gavaskar and MS Dhoni have Makar lagna and Mangal in 5th house in last 2 degrees of Vrushabh raashi in Mrug Nakshatra owned by Mangal. 2007, 2009 were very good years for Dhoni when current Guru aspected his horoscope Mangal. May 2010 to June 2011 will be great away from home for him and July 2012 to July 2013 will perhaps be the best year in his career when Guru will be in Vrushabh rashi.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

3 Idiots!! Wow!!

"3 Idiots" rocks!!

As a person who will enter sadesati after 2 years, Aamir Khan gives me a lot of hope. He is just out of sadesati and all set for next 25 years or so.

Before sadesati until Dec 2002 he had a great time. He gave so many cult movies like Dil Chahata hain and Lagaan (Farhan needs someone like Aamir else you get half-baked/confused movie like Lakshya or pseudo-intellectual ending Don -- the end negates the complete movie).

Aamir is Kirk rashi and 14th born. As per Kabbalah, 14 shows magnetism with masses using spoken or written word. 14 is not a lucky as 23 but 14 does show similar ability to market, speech and expression. (Lokmanya Tilak 23, Bal Thackeray 23, Raj Thackeray 14).

Coming back to Aamir: In sadesati, first 3 years there was no movie from him -- almost an exile. Later, he came up with Mangal Pandey which was, well, a disaster. His personal life was also not doing the best in this period.

Chandra rashi Kirk people came back to some form in 2007 when Guru was 5th to moon. We saw Taare Jamin par (5th Guru) and later Gajhani from Aamir (7th Guru).

Now, completely out of sadesati, he has come up with a masterpiece like 3 Idiots. The movie deserves a full review on maybe but just wanted to highlight here that sadesati is "worth it". The maturity, the tests that sadesati subjects a person can change the complete outlook of the person. I am sure we will see a lot of more from him in future.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Astro discussion while having a tea at Tulsi (Deccan)

I meet my friends at Deccan as it is a central place for all. I used to be @Tulsi (Chaay restaurant?) every week previously, now a days it has reduced a bit but still once a month is always there.

Well, sometime in the year of 2007, I was waiting for my friends to arrive. As usual, I bought the new AutoCar and an astrological weekly magazine for TP. A guy in mid to late 30s joins the table. He requests for the astro magazine & starts going thru it....I think of surprising the guy and after some observation, I ask him if his birth-date is from Feb 14th to March 14th...He says "yes, but how do you know!?"..I further ask if he was born in the evening, 5 to 7 p.m. He is further amused....!! He requests me how I was able to tell this. He had an idea as he was going thru Astro magazine that belonged to me but my attire wasn't (at all) of what you expect of an Astrologer! :)

I guessed that his Sun sign prob'ly was Aquarius (Feb 14th to March 14th) and from his face/forehead, he appeared to be Leo (Sinvha) ascendant guy and hence the time of evening when Sun is descending in Kumbh and Leo/Sinvha sign is ascending he was born. (ascendant rules the face more along with Sun and Moon in that order).

I couldn't place his moon sign -- no clue -- but I felt it was Earth-Sign looking at his "Square type fingers" (ref: Palmistry). Earth signs are Vrushabh, Kanya and Makar.. ---> He indeed was of Makar raashi!! :)

He was really curious to know what was in store for him and I did give him various projections based on his Moon sign of Makar and Sun Sign of Kumbh for 2005 to 2007 -- It did match 90%!!! This didn't give ME much kick! :) I was curious, I thought the guy was from the late 1960s...So Shani in either Meen or Mesh raashi. From his Voice, I couldn't conclude if it was in Meen as voice was a bit raspy. Shani in Meen rashi would have been 8th to him and voice would have been weaker (2nd and 8th house Shani is good for voice for girls only!) But, as there was a good possibility that Shani was in Meen raashi; I thought of checking some of his life events.

As I knew that Raahu was in Meen raashi in 68/69...I asked him if he had issues with ankles and flat feet -- and also if he hurts his feet/ankles/fingers from time to time --- He was flabbergasted -- :) :) He confirmed it indeed was the case....!!

So, Raahu and Shani in Meen raashi and that too 8th house of this guy (Mrutyu sthan, Peeda sthan). Now, it was the time to ask his birth-date and year -- The b-date added to 8!! The year made me realize that I had a friend from that period with Mangal also in Meen raashi !!!

So we have Shani -- Mangal and Raahu in 8th house of this guy and that too quite close from what I thought!!! TIME for confirmation ---!!!

I ask him if 96/97 until April 98, he had accidents and issues with ankles/feet and also issues with inherited property/land etc etc --> He was now completely DONE! -- He wasn't able to digest the proceedings...He started suspecting that I had some "ghosts" at my disposal! :) I ensured him that it was plain mathematics and PURE LOGIC (Astro).

He did confirm of various weird events (strange accidents/getting hurt etc) in this period and also issues with land/inheritance etc.

NOW, It was the time for the Masterstroke (for me, not him!) : I ask him, If one of his grandpa's brothers had died on a farm due to "bhau-bandaki" fights due to land etc. The land could be near or in the village that starts either from "D" (as in Dilip) or "Ch" (as in Chittagaon etc).

He was very uncomfortable with this, I told him not to share the details but just to confirm if that was the case. He did agree that it was absolutely correct! Looking at his discomfort, I suggested some remedies to him (Raahu's Gomed gemstone, Some Puja, Upasana and various health related Dos/Donts, Inheritance related dos/donts and not to get in any struggle for land etc from Sept 2009 to Dec 2011 when Shani will be in Kanya raashi opposite to his Shani Mangal Raahu).

He wrote them down and mentioned to me that he was completely opposed to the vary concept of astrology and thought it was stupid....I told him to continue with his beliefs and not to compromise them based on one such experience....! :) We exchanged cards and he was surprised to see "IT/Project Mgmt Angle". He said, despite being in IT you believe in this -- Again I reminded him that the laws of nature do not depend on his or my belief...! :)

He still looked a bit confused so I had to ask him -- if his mom had a miscarriage after his birth -- !!! It was the last straw! -- He requested if we could meet again and if I could explain to him how I reached all these conclusions...! :) I told him to send me an email and to take it from there.

Overall, There is a phrase in Marathi "Chamatakarashivay namaksar nasato" :) But, I suggested him that Astrology should be saved more from Astrologers than the folks who oppose it -- So his "andhashraddha wirodh" should continue as it is an imp need of the society.

Will share a few more such incidents later. Ability to do fast calculations (due to Engg background) and of course astro-LOGY from past 20 years could be a deadly combo... :)

I was happy that without any Laptop, software, panchaang or any calculator at my disposal, I was able to give many correct observations to this guy! I did tell him various others things based on Makar raashi moon in the 6th house and Sun in the 7th house direct drushti by Guru from 1st house etc etc.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Effects of Shani in 2010 (Shani in Kanya rashi)

Effects of Shani in 2010

Shani has changed to Kanya raashi on Sept 9th, 2009. It will stay there until Dec 2011. Shani will be both maargi and wakri in this year but here are the broad but significant effects of Shani in Kanya raashi:

1. Those born from Sept 15th to Oct 14th of any Year
a. Shani is traveling over you Sun Sign. This results in a "transition" period and unless your Moon sign is Vrushchik, you could see adverse effects in career.
b. Suport from seniors will be non-existent. Rather, Seniors could affect your self esteem, self worth and overall hurt ego quite a bit.
c. Your circle at workplace could reduce a bit.
d. Stomach issues need to be taken carefully in this year. Your father could also suffer some health issues and might age faster than previous few years.
e. This is a period to do a hard-work and ignore any EGO-Hurt issues for now. The same flks who hurt your ego would not even be able to look at you eye to eye after Dec 2011.
f. Patience is the key and HARD WORK a necessity in this period. Guru coming in Meen rashi in May 2010 will surely help and seniors will start some collaboration but still need to use tact and diplomacy when dealing with seniors/figures of authority or Govt for that matter.
g. You will be FORCED to take decision where you usually try to differ it. You will be shown side effects of your chaging-arguments or changing-positions quite a bit.

2. Those born from March 14th to Aril 12th of any Year
a. Similar effect to above BUT less troublesome to yourself but more troublesome to your seniors and father.
b. Collaboration with seniors need to happen (if at all) with tact and diplomacy. You might have a new seniors half-way thru the year and get back to the one earlier by the end of the 2010!! So be diplomatic! :)
c. Take care of father's health and keep an eye on it.
d. Govt related matters need to be handled very carefully until May 2010. After that they will solve themselves.

Overall, Shraddha and Saboori is required for these two b-date periods until May 2010 for sure and later on some improvements but still TACT and Diplomacy is imp until Dec 2011.

3. Those with Chandra raashi as KIRK
a. Kirk rashi folks -- Shani is in 3rd house which is supposed to be very powerful. Fresh out of sadesati you are allowed to play "games" (Bhai-language) and "Ganimi Kawa", "Fielding set" karana etc. :)
b. 3rd house Shani gives you power and use of the power in a judicious way is a must.
c. There could be a travel from Sept 2009 that you might not have liked or you might not like much.
d. This Shani will make you express you at levels you might not have imagined earlier.
e. You will get some excellent people working for you in this period which you might not get again for next 22 years. If you are not able to hold on to them, it is your very bog loss.

4. Those with Chandra raashi as MESH
a. The 6th house Shani is very good for politicians, it increases mass support (Mr. Sharad Pawar is Mesh raashi). Even when Balasaheb got the "Yuti" in power in 95, Shani was 6th to Kanya raashi. Similarly, Barak Obama Mesh raashi will have a good time until Dec 2011 now.
b. Service Sector folks and those doing jobs will find a lot of work and a happening environment BUT a lot of stress and tensions. You would see people leaving you for better opportunities.
c. This Shani is very good for competitive success. CAT etc exams and overall, to get victory over the opponents.
d. Health wise, this Shani is not the best. Stomach issues could upset some of your plans.
e. This also an adverse period with respect to pets and home servants. There could be troubles on these fronts.
f. There could be some court trouble if not taken care in public speaking or public interfaces (any interfaces with the masses)

---Will be adding more b-date Periods and also Various Chandra-Raashis here----

Rashi bhavishya for 2010 : Guru badal in December 2009 / Effects in 2010

Addition: Rashi Bhavishya for 2011





Effects of Guru Change on 19th December 2009

Guru has changed from Makar raashi to Kumbh raashi on Dec 19th, 2009 @11:23 PM IST. This Guru has great speed and now changes to Meen raashi on May 2nd. It will move in Kumbh raashi very fast and will be beneficial to folks with a lot of planets in Kumbh, Sinvha, Tula and Mithun raashi. Of course, Moon Sign Mesh folks will benefit quite a bit due to 11th house Guru.

Here are broad level significant effects of KUMBH Guru from Dec 19, 2009 to May 2nd, 2010:

1. Those with birthdates from Feb 14th to Mar 14th (of any year)
a. Great support from seniors, Govt and authorities.
b. Past 2+ years have been mostly confrontational with seniors. They didn't listen to you much and your ideas were not appreciated as they should have been.
c. NOW, your ideas will be treated much more seriously and patiently. Seniors will entrust you with more responsibility and position.
d. Health of father which was under stress in past 2 years could improve (the legs especially)

2. Those with birthdates from Aug 15th to Sept 15th (of any year)
a. Quite a bit a similar effect as mentioned above with increasing support from seniors, Govt and authorities.
b. Seniors will collaborate with you and think of you as a trusted partner.
c. Major EGO-Boost, Self Esteem boost in this period. Pats 2 years have been BAD in these regard. Anyone coming to you with some advice -- your patience was tested quite a bit. :)
d. Family might have had some heart related issues -- These will improve quite a bit. Backbone/Heart issues of your father could see good improvement or a good doctor advice is in the offing.

3. Folks with Chandra Raashi as Mithun
a. 9th House Guru -- Bringing in logical profile change and a possible promotion, change in job profile/upper level.
b. A travel may be required due to this bhagyoday.
c. Your logical thinking will be appreciated quite a bit.
d. You will be inmvolved in some presentations/marketing events but as part of your chaging job profile only.

4. Folks with Chandra Raashi as TULA
a. 2008 must have brought some half-bhagyoday, with some job profile change and short term travel. Now until May 2010, you could reap benefits with salary rise, promotion etc of that effort done in 2010.
b. 5th House Guru is a GREAT news after 11th Guru that happened in 2004. 12th house Guru, 1, 2, are okie-dokie - forcing you do learn/start new things without immediate gains.
c. NOW, it is THE TIME to gain from the new efforts of past 2-3 or rather 5 years!!
d. Promotion is possible, NEW Assignment which results in "your idea of success" Fala-Shruti will happen until May 2010.
e. What you call as success will be achieved as per your karma/hardwork of the past 5 years.

5. Folks with Chandra Raashi of SINVHA
a. 2008 started new things, 2010 first 6 months will see INCREASE in circle or people reporting to you.
b. If you were handling business of 10 people in 2009, it will grow to 40 or 100 depending in your Karma in 2008/2009.
c. Guru will bring in optimism at work place and PARTNERSHIPS. You will have a good collaborative efforts with many folks. You will build alliances in a much better way after not so great experience in 2009 (Do you know Uddhav Thackeray?) :)
d. Overall a much better period until May/June 2010 despite saadesati.

6. Folks with Chandra raashi of MESH
a. 2009 was the year of great stress and tensions and increasing work load. 2008 was a bhagyoday-karak with many new things happening around you.
b. NOW, 2010 will see ALL the GAINS of the effort done in the past 2 years. Every contact you have acquired in past 2 years will bring some gain to you.
c. You will see increase in monthly cashf-flow for sure. Great salary hike.
d. But be aware, 2010 later part, you have to start new things and plan for next 12 years as Guru will be 12th soon!!

More to follow in next article, Thought of publishing this ASAP...!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Event BEFORE the birth of the person from the Horoscope!!

This is about a very interesting horoscope which I analysed a few weeks back. The horoscope was for a kid born in 2007. I looked at the horoscope and the thing that struck me the most was the the position of BUDH (Mercury) in the horoscope.

I mentioned that
"this kid's Mama or Mousi could have had a very bad patch from Dec 2000 to Dec 2002, there could have been some extreme event or "gotcha" with Mama in this period". The observation hit the bull's eye and the father of the kid was awestruck as how one can comment something about a Mama of a kid in 2002 when the kid himself is born in 2007!!! :-)

Here is some explanation:
1. In any Horoscope, the 6th house is about Maternal Family and Mom's relatives (Mama, Mousi etc).

2. BUDH is also karak of MAMA(or Mousi) -- as it is karak of Buddhi / overal Brain's functioning, Trading, Expression, Basic speech ability.

3. The owner of 6th house in the horoscope will also play equally important part.

In this horoscope as it was Mesh-Lagna (Aries Ascendant), the 6th house has Kanya raashi, which is owned by BUDH --> So Budh is Mama-Karak (for everyone) and in this horoscope it is also owner of the 6th house --> Double impact!

1. BUDH in this horoscope was in the 8th house -- Called as the "Peeda sthan" or "Mrutyu sthan". Budh was in Scorpio (Vrushchik) and in the LAST DEGREE (30th) of Scorpio --> This degree is called as "Raashi Gandaant" -->

*****Planets in the last degree of Ashlesha (Cancer/Kirk), Jyshtha (Vrushchik/Scoprio) and Ravati(Meen/Pisces) Nakshatra shows some Kaarmic burdens for sure.*****

2. Budh was with Mangal (Mars) adding to the issues to Mama.

3. As Guru was also there --- The Mama would have had long enough life and not very short lived etc or even the event from Dec 2000 to Dec 2002 should not even have resulted in a fatal issues. (The Scorpio sign shows rivers, canals, Reproductive organs, Kidney etc.)

WHY Dec 2000 to Dec 2002? Well, The "Karma delivery planet" Shani was bang opposite to the horoscope Budh in this period.

Some Thoughts to Meditate-over and also Debate:
This example shows that our Karma is "reflected" in stars and planets. They do not directly affect us by some magnetic force or an invisible string BUT they merely provide a channel for "cause-effect" equilibrium of the world. Every action has a reaction and everything happening in your life IS your own karma. This birth's destiny is previous birth's (your own) karma!!

In this case, the kid has some Karma with Mama/Maternal family which shows issues to Mama and he got a person as Mama who's Karma was in HARMONY with this Kid's Karma...So this kid got this birth at the said time and date when Budh was in last degree of Jyshtha/Scoprpio due to "mathematical harmony" of the cause-effect equilibrium.

The Karma is QUITE COMPLEX and not as straightforward but in many horoscope when some planetary combinations come together there is a definite analysis about the past karma. The owner of the house, the house itself and the karak planet need to show the same direction in order for something to happen for sure.

The timing of events is an art and complex at that! Dasha/Anatrdasha, Gochari, Dinvarsh paddhati, Prashna-Kundali and other methods are used for time-factor.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The taste of Success : 9, 10, 11 movement of planets to moon sign

"Current" planetary positions/bhraman and birth-time horoscope is always correlated in order to give any predictions. i.e. say (current) Guru is 5th to (birth) Moon so you would get the fruits of your efforts of past 2-3 years of efforts and What YOU call a success will be awarded to you. OR say, (current) Shani is 3rd to (birth) Moon so it will allow you to set fielding, play your cards, use Guerilla tactics etc. Current Guru is going over your (horoscope) Mangal so your siblings do well, you could score good runs, you would get good friends etc.

This brings us to movement of planets from 9, 10, 11 houses from our Moon Sign:

(1) 9th house is about natural support, bhagyasthan, journey due to bhagyoday, start of new things, getting new position/designation in life as this is Dharma-Trikon last house (1-5-9) “Dharma = Duty”

(2) 10th house is Workplace, power, production, stress but happening, what started in 9th increases multifold in 10th house bhraman of the same planet

(3) 11th house is GAIN/LAABH house - All sorts of LAABH/GAIN are shown by this planet. All the efforts of past 12 movements and especially past 3 movements of the planet give you some sort of gain!

The movement of ANY planet from 9, 10, 11 houses FROM MOON always brings following effects as per YOUR OWN Kriyaman Karma which is in line with your Mahadasha and Antardasha but (there are many things where pull of destiny is very weak due to no activity in the past birth, in these things Kriyaman affects you much more):

1. When a planet comes 9th to your Moon Sign: It brings logical profile change, one step up in job, some new things start in the job, it often requires some travel to some different location. Depending in if it is a fast moving planet or a slow moving one -- the effects are seen likewise. A planet in 9th house brings "Bhagyoday". The direction of these things depends on which houses this planets OWNS in your horoscope AND also the "Karakatva" of this planet. (For example: MOON is the "Karak" for a person's MIND/Emotions, Mom, Water, Silver, women in life; MARS: Blood, Siblings, Sports, Aggression, drive, Energy, SUN: Seniors, Govt, Authorities, FATHER, Backbone, Spine, Heart, SOUL, Self Esteem, EGO etc, Gold).

2. Next move for the planets is to change the sign and go in the 10th house from your Moon Sign: This brings "MORE OF THE SAME". The new work brought in 9th bhraman increases in magnitude as per your own efforts, actual hard work due to the new work -- increase in stress, activities -- overall happening but quite stressful without any direct Laabh/GAIN.

3. Now the planet is 11th to Moon Sign i.e. 2nd sign from the reverse side: Now, all the efforts, contacts, stress etc brings in Actual GAIN, Money, Accolades when the planet is in the 11th house/Raashi from your raashi. It is your OWN Karma of 9th and 10th house of this planet that brings you more and more gains in this period of 11th movement.

Now, the planets moves ahead to 12th house - i.e. the sign behind your sign (12th house: expense sthan, Wyay sthan, Planning sthan )---> NOW, You have to PLAN for the next 12 movements of this planet -- do new certification, reading, study etc w.r.t this planet and the houses this planet represents and also its karakatva.

The 12th movement seems VERY BAD due to glorious things of 9, 10, 11 movement of the same planet -- You are used to it but they have been leveraged completely like the cane that comes out of the machine. Now you need to plan and work for next 12 movements of this planet within your own sign , 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc and then again it comes to 9th house which bring LOGICAL change in your life depending on your efforts w.r.t this planet in the past 8 movements of this planet!!! :)

This is classic Kriyaman KARMA cycle -- Astrologer can only suggest when you are entering which planetary movement of 9, 10, 11.

The 12th movement of Shani is called as start of the sadesati (7.5 years) as it is LONGER etc. Guru's last for 3 years (1 year each in 12, 1, 2nd houses). Moon for 7 days (2.25 days in one raashi) and Mangal for 4,5 months and so on.

Popular--Well Known Examples:

1. Akshay got HERAPHERI When Guru was 9th to Moon sign of Tula -- Guru stays 1 years in 1 one sign -- So 9, 10, 11 movements of Guru were helpful to him until end of 2004.

2. BUT from Jan 2003 -- He also entered Shani's movement of 9, 10, 11 houses -- Which ended just now in Sept 2009. He has leveraged the COMEDY pattern completely and needs to plan new things now. Shani stays in onew sign / house for 2.5 years so this period is loonger 7.5 years -- compared to 3 years of Guru.

3. In 2005 He had to replan and regroup due to 12th house Guru for a year and not from Sept 2009 to Dec 2011 -- He will have to regroup due to 12th house Shani -- Saadesati 1st 2.5 years!!

4. Aamir Khan had GREAT Shani support until Jan 2003 -- Later 12th house Shani until May 2005 -- Not much happened there except planning/study etc.

5. Vrushchik raashi folks had 2003, 2004 2005 as Guru's 9, 10, 11 bhraman -- after that immediately Shani's 9, 10, 11 bhraman from May 2005 to Dec 2011 ....But 2006 was of issues due to 12th Guru and after Dec 2011 it will be start of Saadesati itself (12th shani).

Every year, the Sun becomes 9, 10, 11 and 12 so do the Budh & the Shukra -- EVERY MONTH (27 days) the MOON goes 9, 10, 11 houses bring in similar effects but very fast, quick ones. So these are studied for that kind of things -- Guru Shani (Raahu, Ketu are reverse 11, 10, 9) are slow moving hence their effects are seen more slowly and long lasting.