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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Effects of Shani in 2010 (Shani in Kanya rashi)

Effects of Shani in 2010

Shani has changed to Kanya raashi on Sept 9th, 2009. It will stay there until Dec 2011. Shani will be both maargi and wakri in this year but here are the broad but significant effects of Shani in Kanya raashi:

1. Those born from Sept 15th to Oct 14th of any Year
a. Shani is traveling over you Sun Sign. This results in a "transition" period and unless your Moon sign is Vrushchik, you could see adverse effects in career.
b. Suport from seniors will be non-existent. Rather, Seniors could affect your self esteem, self worth and overall hurt ego quite a bit.
c. Your circle at workplace could reduce a bit.
d. Stomach issues need to be taken carefully in this year. Your father could also suffer some health issues and might age faster than previous few years.
e. This is a period to do a hard-work and ignore any EGO-Hurt issues for now. The same flks who hurt your ego would not even be able to look at you eye to eye after Dec 2011.
f. Patience is the key and HARD WORK a necessity in this period. Guru coming in Meen rashi in May 2010 will surely help and seniors will start some collaboration but still need to use tact and diplomacy when dealing with seniors/figures of authority or Govt for that matter.
g. You will be FORCED to take decision where you usually try to differ it. You will be shown side effects of your chaging-arguments or changing-positions quite a bit.

2. Those born from March 14th to Aril 12th of any Year
a. Similar effect to above BUT less troublesome to yourself but more troublesome to your seniors and father.
b. Collaboration with seniors need to happen (if at all) with tact and diplomacy. You might have a new seniors half-way thru the year and get back to the one earlier by the end of the 2010!! So be diplomatic! :)
c. Take care of father's health and keep an eye on it.
d. Govt related matters need to be handled very carefully until May 2010. After that they will solve themselves.

Overall, Shraddha and Saboori is required for these two b-date periods until May 2010 for sure and later on some improvements but still TACT and Diplomacy is imp until Dec 2011.

3. Those with Chandra raashi as KIRK
a. Kirk rashi folks -- Shani is in 3rd house which is supposed to be very powerful. Fresh out of sadesati you are allowed to play "games" (Bhai-language) and "Ganimi Kawa", "Fielding set" karana etc. :)
b. 3rd house Shani gives you power and use of the power in a judicious way is a must.
c. There could be a travel from Sept 2009 that you might not have liked or you might not like much.
d. This Shani will make you express you at levels you might not have imagined earlier.
e. You will get some excellent people working for you in this period which you might not get again for next 22 years. If you are not able to hold on to them, it is your very bog loss.

4. Those with Chandra raashi as MESH
a. The 6th house Shani is very good for politicians, it increases mass support (Mr. Sharad Pawar is Mesh raashi). Even when Balasaheb got the "Yuti" in power in 95, Shani was 6th to Kanya raashi. Similarly, Barak Obama Mesh raashi will have a good time until Dec 2011 now.
b. Service Sector folks and those doing jobs will find a lot of work and a happening environment BUT a lot of stress and tensions. You would see people leaving you for better opportunities.
c. This Shani is very good for competitive success. CAT etc exams and overall, to get victory over the opponents.
d. Health wise, this Shani is not the best. Stomach issues could upset some of your plans.
e. This also an adverse period with respect to pets and home servants. There could be troubles on these fronts.
f. There could be some court trouble if not taken care in public speaking or public interfaces (any interfaces with the masses)

---Will be adding more b-date Periods and also Various Chandra-Raashis here----


  1. Ouch! This one hurts. Hubby falls in the first category and me in 2nd. Sept 16 and 24 March. You are right there with us...:)

  2. But I would say, all this came to pass for hubby when shani was in Sinha. July 2007 shani entered sinha, and Aug 18, we came to US for the first time. He had some issues with seniors before that. In Jan 2009, whole Ramalinga Raju thing turned everything upside down. HE lost the prject and we moved to Texas. Here, he had problems with seniors everyday almost. He has Sun in Leo, even if its 29:57. I have hopes that, all these problems are now a thing of the past. Please confirm it for me :(

    And why Pisces sun-sign has above issues? Because Guru is 12th? When Guru enters Pisces, it should be very good second of 2010, right?

  3. Shani is opposite to Pisces and hence the issues to pisces sun sign. Yes your Hubby doesn't fall in this range as his is Leo sun sign.

  4. Hi Milind! I am actually a Kanya by Moon sign and here when u give the dates, that signifies Sun signs right? So what is more applicable to a person? His sun-sign or the moon-sign?

  5. Deepa,

    You have Moon in Kanya along with Shani and Mangal -- It shows some stomach/acidity related issues -- Shani inKanya indicates that the these issues will be brought to notice until Dec 2011.

    Both Moon and Sun signs are important and hence I put the b-date ranges for better reading.

    The Virgo Shani will also expose any issues with blood that you migh have.


  6. Hello,

    I am vrishaba and seems my career has problems. I am being let go from my job. What should I do? Any poojas or shanthi i should do? My daughter is virgo(swathi), is that affecting me because shani is in virgo?