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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Event BEFORE the birth of the person from the Horoscope!!

This is about a very interesting horoscope which I analysed a few weeks back. The horoscope was for a kid born in 2007. I looked at the horoscope and the thing that struck me the most was the the position of BUDH (Mercury) in the horoscope.

I mentioned that
"this kid's Mama or Mousi could have had a very bad patch from Dec 2000 to Dec 2002, there could have been some extreme event or "gotcha" with Mama in this period". The observation hit the bull's eye and the father of the kid was awestruck as how one can comment something about a Mama of a kid in 2002 when the kid himself is born in 2007!!! :-)

Here is some explanation:
1. In any Horoscope, the 6th house is about Maternal Family and Mom's relatives (Mama, Mousi etc).

2. BUDH is also karak of MAMA(or Mousi) -- as it is karak of Buddhi / overal Brain's functioning, Trading, Expression, Basic speech ability.

3. The owner of 6th house in the horoscope will also play equally important part.

In this horoscope as it was Mesh-Lagna (Aries Ascendant), the 6th house has Kanya raashi, which is owned by BUDH --> So Budh is Mama-Karak (for everyone) and in this horoscope it is also owner of the 6th house --> Double impact!

1. BUDH in this horoscope was in the 8th house -- Called as the "Peeda sthan" or "Mrutyu sthan". Budh was in Scorpio (Vrushchik) and in the LAST DEGREE (30th) of Scorpio --> This degree is called as "Raashi Gandaant" -->

*****Planets in the last degree of Ashlesha (Cancer/Kirk), Jyshtha (Vrushchik/Scoprio) and Ravati(Meen/Pisces) Nakshatra shows some Kaarmic burdens for sure.*****

2. Budh was with Mangal (Mars) adding to the issues to Mama.

3. As Guru was also there --- The Mama would have had long enough life and not very short lived etc or even the event from Dec 2000 to Dec 2002 should not even have resulted in a fatal issues. (The Scorpio sign shows rivers, canals, Reproductive organs, Kidney etc.)

WHY Dec 2000 to Dec 2002? Well, The "Karma delivery planet" Shani was bang opposite to the horoscope Budh in this period.

Some Thoughts to Meditate-over and also Debate:
This example shows that our Karma is "reflected" in stars and planets. They do not directly affect us by some magnetic force or an invisible string BUT they merely provide a channel for "cause-effect" equilibrium of the world. Every action has a reaction and everything happening in your life IS your own karma. This birth's destiny is previous birth's (your own) karma!!

In this case, the kid has some Karma with Mama/Maternal family which shows issues to Mama and he got a person as Mama who's Karma was in HARMONY with this Kid's Karma...So this kid got this birth at the said time and date when Budh was in last degree of Jyshtha/Scoprpio due to "mathematical harmony" of the cause-effect equilibrium.

The Karma is QUITE COMPLEX and not as straightforward but in many horoscope when some planetary combinations come together there is a definite analysis about the past karma. The owner of the house, the house itself and the karak planet need to show the same direction in order for something to happen for sure.

The timing of events is an art and complex at that! Dasha/Anatrdasha, Gochari, Dinvarsh paddhati, Prashna-Kundali and other methods are used for time-factor.


  1. So, you mean to say there is previous birth? If this is so, how come nobody remembers it? Do you know who you were in your last birth? Do you remember?

  2. THere IS a previous and many more births and there IS going to be next birth -- Your comments sounds a bit derogatory but still thought I should reply! :)

    This is a very nive question or pretending to be nive. Explore yourself -- Start with Autobiography of a Yogi -- Horoscope is a VERY GOOD TOOL to LOGICALy analyse the past Karma and mandate for this life...

    You WILL go thru birth and detah cycle until you get completely WIRAKT of this cycle and want to get out of itg (Mukti)


  3. Well - -My Horoscope and mad dad's horoscope are SO OBVIOUS that we can very easily say who we were in the past births! :) I traced it quite a bit with some surprising findings. They are personal - I have written about it in my RAHU related article.

    Science will try to explain it thru DNA etc.


    1. Dear Milind, you made quite an explosive statement there! You know who you were? You know who your dad was?
      CAn you link the Rahu related article here?

  4. milind,
    i love reading yobtur articles. i have my shani in ashtam and i am makar w/ moon. i lost my 3 maternal family members during the period of ashtam shani. it was tough. i will have sade-sati with shani mahadasha starting from 2018. can you advise what surprises should be prepared for. :(