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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rashi bhavishya for 2010 : Guru badal in December 2009 / Effects in 2010

Addition: Rashi Bhavishya for 2011





Effects of Guru Change on 19th December 2009

Guru has changed from Makar raashi to Kumbh raashi on Dec 19th, 2009 @11:23 PM IST. This Guru has great speed and now changes to Meen raashi on May 2nd. It will move in Kumbh raashi very fast and will be beneficial to folks with a lot of planets in Kumbh, Sinvha, Tula and Mithun raashi. Of course, Moon Sign Mesh folks will benefit quite a bit due to 11th house Guru.

Here are broad level significant effects of KUMBH Guru from Dec 19, 2009 to May 2nd, 2010:

1. Those with birthdates from Feb 14th to Mar 14th (of any year)
a. Great support from seniors, Govt and authorities.
b. Past 2+ years have been mostly confrontational with seniors. They didn't listen to you much and your ideas were not appreciated as they should have been.
c. NOW, your ideas will be treated much more seriously and patiently. Seniors will entrust you with more responsibility and position.
d. Health of father which was under stress in past 2 years could improve (the legs especially)

2. Those with birthdates from Aug 15th to Sept 15th (of any year)
a. Quite a bit a similar effect as mentioned above with increasing support from seniors, Govt and authorities.
b. Seniors will collaborate with you and think of you as a trusted partner.
c. Major EGO-Boost, Self Esteem boost in this period. Pats 2 years have been BAD in these regard. Anyone coming to you with some advice -- your patience was tested quite a bit. :)
d. Family might have had some heart related issues -- These will improve quite a bit. Backbone/Heart issues of your father could see good improvement or a good doctor advice is in the offing.

3. Folks with Chandra Raashi as Mithun
a. 9th House Guru -- Bringing in logical profile change and a possible promotion, change in job profile/upper level.
b. A travel may be required due to this bhagyoday.
c. Your logical thinking will be appreciated quite a bit.
d. You will be inmvolved in some presentations/marketing events but as part of your chaging job profile only.

4. Folks with Chandra Raashi as TULA
a. 2008 must have brought some half-bhagyoday, with some job profile change and short term travel. Now until May 2010, you could reap benefits with salary rise, promotion etc of that effort done in 2010.
b. 5th House Guru is a GREAT news after 11th Guru that happened in 2004. 12th house Guru, 1, 2, are okie-dokie - forcing you do learn/start new things without immediate gains.
c. NOW, it is THE TIME to gain from the new efforts of past 2-3 or rather 5 years!!
d. Promotion is possible, NEW Assignment which results in "your idea of success" Fala-Shruti will happen until May 2010.
e. What you call as success will be achieved as per your karma/hardwork of the past 5 years.

5. Folks with Chandra Raashi of SINVHA
a. 2008 started new things, 2010 first 6 months will see INCREASE in circle or people reporting to you.
b. If you were handling business of 10 people in 2009, it will grow to 40 or 100 depending in your Karma in 2008/2009.
c. Guru will bring in optimism at work place and PARTNERSHIPS. You will have a good collaborative efforts with many folks. You will build alliances in a much better way after not so great experience in 2009 (Do you know Uddhav Thackeray?) :)
d. Overall a much better period until May/June 2010 despite saadesati.

6. Folks with Chandra raashi of MESH
a. 2009 was the year of great stress and tensions and increasing work load. 2008 was a bhagyoday-karak with many new things happening around you.
b. NOW, 2010 will see ALL the GAINS of the effort done in the past 2 years. Every contact you have acquired in past 2 years will bring some gain to you.
c. You will see increase in monthly cashf-flow for sure. Great salary hike.
d. But be aware, 2010 later part, you have to start new things and plan for next 12 years as Guru will be 12th soon!!

More to follow in next article, Thought of publishing this ASAP...!


  1. Posting more effects on different raashis soon

  2. Thanks Milindji for this article.

    Didn't get the last line for Mesh, " Plan for next 12 years"

  3. Great Milind was soooo acurate and so most astonishing that i simha rasi got a wonderful opprtunity to conduct on 21st/today and also lot of hopes in terms of promotion in days to come....i was guessing how well Jupitor has played its part bang on time...i had been restless since past 1-2 yers.

  4. Mahesh: When any planets goes 12th a Rashi it forces or requests for plannig for next 12 raashi bhraman --- Guru takes 12 years for 12 rashi so planning for 12 years.

    When Shani goes 12th (i.e. also start of sadesati ) it forces to plan for next 30 years.

    Mangal forces to plan for next 18 months as 18-20 months taken to go thru 12 rashi.

  5. Thanks for the feedback Harsh...Glad you liked it...

  6. I had send my details on your mail Id. Kindly please reply me ASAP.