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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The taste of Success : 9, 10, 11 movement of planets to moon sign

"Current" planetary positions/bhraman and birth-time horoscope is always correlated in order to give any predictions. i.e. say (current) Guru is 5th to (birth) Moon so you would get the fruits of your efforts of past 2-3 years of efforts and What YOU call a success will be awarded to you. OR say, (current) Shani is 3rd to (birth) Moon so it will allow you to set fielding, play your cards, use Guerilla tactics etc. Current Guru is going over your (horoscope) Mangal so your siblings do well, you could score good runs, you would get good friends etc.

This brings us to movement of planets from 9, 10, 11 houses from our Moon Sign:

(1) 9th house is about natural support, bhagyasthan, journey due to bhagyoday, start of new things, getting new position/designation in life as this is Dharma-Trikon last house (1-5-9) “Dharma = Duty”

(2) 10th house is Workplace, power, production, stress but happening, what started in 9th increases multifold in 10th house bhraman of the same planet

(3) 11th house is GAIN/LAABH house - All sorts of LAABH/GAIN are shown by this planet. All the efforts of past 12 movements and especially past 3 movements of the planet give you some sort of gain!

The movement of ANY planet from 9, 10, 11 houses FROM MOON always brings following effects as per YOUR OWN Kriyaman Karma which is in line with your Mahadasha and Antardasha but (there are many things where pull of destiny is very weak due to no activity in the past birth, in these things Kriyaman affects you much more):

1. When a planet comes 9th to your Moon Sign: It brings logical profile change, one step up in job, some new things start in the job, it often requires some travel to some different location. Depending in if it is a fast moving planet or a slow moving one -- the effects are seen likewise. A planet in 9th house brings "Bhagyoday". The direction of these things depends on which houses this planets OWNS in your horoscope AND also the "Karakatva" of this planet. (For example: MOON is the "Karak" for a person's MIND/Emotions, Mom, Water, Silver, women in life; MARS: Blood, Siblings, Sports, Aggression, drive, Energy, SUN: Seniors, Govt, Authorities, FATHER, Backbone, Spine, Heart, SOUL, Self Esteem, EGO etc, Gold).

2. Next move for the planets is to change the sign and go in the 10th house from your Moon Sign: This brings "MORE OF THE SAME". The new work brought in 9th bhraman increases in magnitude as per your own efforts, actual hard work due to the new work -- increase in stress, activities -- overall happening but quite stressful without any direct Laabh/GAIN.

3. Now the planet is 11th to Moon Sign i.e. 2nd sign from the reverse side: Now, all the efforts, contacts, stress etc brings in Actual GAIN, Money, Accolades when the planet is in the 11th house/Raashi from your raashi. It is your OWN Karma of 9th and 10th house of this planet that brings you more and more gains in this period of 11th movement.

Now, the planets moves ahead to 12th house - i.e. the sign behind your sign (12th house: expense sthan, Wyay sthan, Planning sthan )---> NOW, You have to PLAN for the next 12 movements of this planet -- do new certification, reading, study etc w.r.t this planet and the houses this planet represents and also its karakatva.

The 12th movement seems VERY BAD due to glorious things of 9, 10, 11 movement of the same planet -- You are used to it but they have been leveraged completely like the cane that comes out of the machine. Now you need to plan and work for next 12 movements of this planet within your own sign , 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc and then again it comes to 9th house which bring LOGICAL change in your life depending on your efforts w.r.t this planet in the past 8 movements of this planet!!! :)

This is classic Kriyaman KARMA cycle -- Astrologer can only suggest when you are entering which planetary movement of 9, 10, 11.

The 12th movement of Shani is called as start of the sadesati (7.5 years) as it is LONGER etc. Guru's last for 3 years (1 year each in 12, 1, 2nd houses). Moon for 7 days (2.25 days in one raashi) and Mangal for 4,5 months and so on.

Popular--Well Known Examples:

1. Akshay got HERAPHERI When Guru was 9th to Moon sign of Tula -- Guru stays 1 years in 1 one sign -- So 9, 10, 11 movements of Guru were helpful to him until end of 2004.

2. BUT from Jan 2003 -- He also entered Shani's movement of 9, 10, 11 houses -- Which ended just now in Sept 2009. He has leveraged the COMEDY pattern completely and needs to plan new things now. Shani stays in onew sign / house for 2.5 years so this period is loonger 7.5 years -- compared to 3 years of Guru.

3. In 2005 He had to replan and regroup due to 12th house Guru for a year and not from Sept 2009 to Dec 2011 -- He will have to regroup due to 12th house Shani -- Saadesati 1st 2.5 years!!

4. Aamir Khan had GREAT Shani support until Jan 2003 -- Later 12th house Shani until May 2005 -- Not much happened there except planning/study etc.

5. Vrushchik raashi folks had 2003, 2004 2005 as Guru's 9, 10, 11 bhraman -- after that immediately Shani's 9, 10, 11 bhraman from May 2005 to Dec 2011 ....But 2006 was of issues due to 12th Guru and after Dec 2011 it will be start of Saadesati itself (12th shani).

Every year, the Sun becomes 9, 10, 11 and 12 so do the Budh & the Shukra -- EVERY MONTH (27 days) the MOON goes 9, 10, 11 houses bring in similar effects but very fast, quick ones. So these are studied for that kind of things -- Guru Shani (Raahu, Ketu are reverse 11, 10, 9) are slow moving hence their effects are seen more slowly and long lasting.


  1. Hi Milind, please do a blog on 2010 predictions for all rashis.

  2. hiii

    read this once again in context of the guru change on may 1st. really very interesting..

    ofcourse, you have told me several times about my rashi and my own chart, still cant resist asking once again..

    what will be the direction of this change in my case? karakatva etc??