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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rashi Bhavishya 2010: MESH and VRUSHABH

1. [MESH]
a. 11th Guru until May 2010: Year of Swapna Purti, GAINS, Laabh. Every contact of past 12 years and especially past 3 years will bring in some gains. Good news on Kid's front. Getting good advice from elderly folks.

b. 6th house Shani: Testing for service folks, great for politicians/increasing importance (Shard Pawar saheb), Unrest by Workers or Employees but also increase mass-base or employee base. Increasing social status. Stomach related ailments. Some unrest or health/finance issues on Mama or Mousi (Mom's relatives) side. Not the best time for them to take big risks or not the best time until Dec 2011 to take BIG risks with them in any business.

c. 9th house Raahu: Paternal family elders might go on a "Teerth-Yatra" or tourism to abroad or long distance places. Good advice and natural support from paternal family elders. Paternal folks could have some heriditary issues with legs and maternal family w.r.t arms/shoulders/lungs etc.

d. Harshal going 12th house shows that increased expenditure on electronics things (cell phones/i-pods etc) or on higher education in modern scieneces.

e. 11th house Neptune might bring money from Event Management of some art related things. It will bring in GAINS due to spiritual things (Doesn't have to be material ones -- Gains that can't be quantified by materialistic yard-sticks)

f. Mangal is going to stay 4th in Kirk rashi for a long time and then 5th, 6th. 4th Mangal shows some unrest and issues on the HOME front. It shows less sleep due to stress at job and also at home. It indicates that you need to keep cool deliberately when there are tensions at home front.

a. 10th house Guru will give Satva Pariksha Until May 2010. After May 2010, read (a) for Mesh above! :) Until May, you may need to report to a person with equal abilities and that could cause stress at the workplace. You just need to keep working and continue doing the good work -- it will be acknowledged after May 2010.

b. Shani in the 5th house shows that there could be some challenges on Kid's front and they will need to do hard-work. There will be some delays in studies, certifications etc. (or would require more concentrationand efforts). What you define as "success" will be really tested and you will need to confirm your own beliefs and values. You will need to FOCUS and DECIDE your MAIN Interest and the TOPIC for next 15 years in life -- WHERE you want to spend most of the time in your next 15 years of life.

c. Raahu in the 8th house -- Elder folks in paternal family need to watch health aspects carefully. Your inherited land or wealth could create issues - there could be some tensions and struggle for the same in paternal family.

d. Harshal in 11th house for almost next 7 years : Some "chamatkari" folks will increase in your friend circle. Some absent minded genius people will increase in your life. Some "new-age friends with some spiritual/philosophical aspects" are quite possible.

e. Neptune going 10th will show that there are more efforts needed with spiritual matters BUT there could be a lot of "intuitive decisions" that are made at workplace. If there are planets in the 10th house -- This Neptune's travel over these horoscope planets could bring some "intuition messages" some "antar-dyan" etc apart from hard-core number crunching for analysis (Business etc). BUT the hard-core number crunching should NOT be ignored but Neptune's support should be used only occasionaly when there are multiple ways that have similar number-crunching support.

f. Mangal will be 3rd mostly and then 4th. The 3rd one shows a lot of short term travel of 6-8 hours away from the current place. The 4th house bring focus to home front as written above for Mesh rashi.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

KARK Rashi and KUMBH Rashi Bhavishya 2010

For complete Rashi Bhavishya 2011 please check:

For Kumbh Raashi Bhavishya for 2011:

I just replied to a very generic prediction request for Kark and Kumbh raashi! :) This could be useful to all Kumbh and Kark rashi folks! :)

a. Much better than new things in life will start in life. You will get new responsibilities now.
b. Water retention in body will increase and now you will gain weight now..! :) Unti May 2010
c. IMAGE enhancement -- Ur image will get a lot of enhacements until May 2010
d. From May 2010 you will see increasing income, property buy, share investments, Some good news in the family etc.
e. As Shani is 8th house -- You have to do hard work and not expect immediate results...UNTIL DEC 2011 -- It is a preparation for the 7.5 years from Dec 2011 to 2018 -- Which would be GREAT YEARS for you with a lot of success and good money!
f. Raahu is in the 11th house so some gains from Paternal family are possible in 2010. ELDER/Older people will help in 2010! :)

a. A very good period in life as Sadesati got over from Sept 2009 (Aamir Khan). Until May 2010 -- it is so so ..
b. After May 2010 -- It is GREAT period of 3 years of Guru's cycle...!! Bhagyoday in next 1 year from May 2010 and promotion/new role etc.
c. 3rd Shani will allow to play some politics/games at the workplace-- Setting some "fielding" and "Ganimi Kawa" etc.
d., Overall you are out of a great testing period of 7.5 years and now all set to take on the world.
e. The 6th house Rahu will help quite a bit to take care of the enemies or rather competitors. This will also help in social sectors or politics etc IF and Only IF the Paternal family / Grandfather has some political contacts.

OVERALL, the CHANGE AGENT HARSHAL or URANUS is changing to Meen rashi now and it WILL bring a lot of changes to EVERY PERSON BUT more so to water transport or especially EVERYTHING TO do with the OCEANS. More on this later in a separate article. Last 7 years Harshal / Uranus was in a R&D and Electronics sign of Kumbh. (Its own rashi) -- This brought the mobile remvolution (telecom). Now in Pisces or Meen rashi it will bring REVOLUTION in the SPIRITUAL SECTOR. So I guess people like me who are NOT ORTHODOX are going to influence the Astrology world quite a bit? :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3 minutes Analysis of a Horoscope!!

Well, I hope I never have to do this but if you have to look at the horoscope quickly here is what I would prefer to do:

If i had only 3 minutes to analyse a horoscope:
1. I would generate the chart and look at
(a) the exact degrees of planets and drushti/yuti/pratiyuti of close degrees.
(b) Planets in INTENSE nakshatras.
(c) Lot of planets in Wakri graha owned house...
(d) and MOST importantly Lagnesh and Lagna (HEALTH / Robustness)

2. KARAKATVA of each planet -- How each planets is placed and what KARAKATVA they have -- the Karakatva of a STRONG planet will affect COMPLETE LIFE of a person!! Say Shani -- Raahu and Mangal for Shivaji Maharaaj (Shani in 3rd house Uchcha, Mangal and Raahu in the 11th house in Mithun and Ravi in 7th hosue in KUMBH -- 19th Feb)

3. Current Dasha/Anatradasha and if some new maha about to start. How it looks. Shani and Guru's transit on horoscope planets.

4. Does the Navamansh Horoscope support the main horoscope or opposes it.

5. Numero Quick Analysis dates - Combination of b-date addition and also complete b-date addition. (Personality and the Life Purpose) This would be my 3 minuets analysis.

Mention in PuneTimes on Jan 11th, 2010

I just wanted to share that there is a mention of my name in Pune Times of Jan 11th, 2010. There is an article on the upcoming eclipse (on Jan 15th) and I was quoted along with a few other Astro-Enthusiasts. The last names is spelled Chiidambar instead of ChiTambar. :)

Does the date of 11 ring a bell? :) I hope it is not taking it too far!! (I am April 11th Born!)

Puneites will get a great opportunity to witness an annular eclipse in the city. PT reports
SANAT SAVANAL Times News Network
IT is a moment that takes place once in a lifetime. On January 15, the city will be privy to a phenomenal event. The longest annular eclipse of the sun will take place this Friday from 11.17 am to 3.07 pm. This event takes place once in 40 years. And astrology enthusiasts in the city are very excited about the occurrence.

Film producer and director Rajendra Prabhu, who has also learnt astrology, explains the importance of the occurrence. “Normally, an eclipse is considered an unlucky phenomenon. The surroundings tend to seem very negative and unhygienic. The eclipse does affect a person to a certain extent. Most importantly, the eclipse should be looked at from a scientific point of view, without giving having any superstitious notions.” With such a rare occurrence taking place, a lot of astrology enthusiasts are taking steps to pass on the information regarding the phenomenon to others.

Project Manager for a software company and amateur astrologer Milind Chidambar explains, “Nothing happens without karma. The eclipse is very important as it delivers karmic effects on a particular person. It is always important to play it safe during this time.”

Astrology enthusiast Kiran Munagekar gives us the lowdown on the eclipse’s effect on our daily lives. “According to the Hindu astrology system, the eclipse will be coming during the period of Makar or Capricorn. The eclipse will have significance in certain areas. People may seem to be more distressed, especially in crowded functions. Accidents are likely to take place during this period. The weather will also be more erratic during this period till February 1.” Kiran also shares the effects on the signs. “Mesha (Aries), Sihn (Leo) and Brishchik (Scorpio) may observe some positive effects. The signs Tula (Libra), Mithun (Gemini), Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbha (Aquaries) may observe some negative effects from the eclipse.” Chartered Accountant Rupam Tripathi, who has a great interest in astrology, is interested in knowing about the effects of the eclipse in her life. “I would really like to know how the eclipse will affect my astrological chart and my daily routine in general. I have a close friend who is an astrologer by hobby, and I am going to consult him on how to make the best of this situation.” But one thing is for sure. This is an amazing phenomenon that shouldn’t be missed by anyone.

Kiran suggests, “The annular eclipse is called the ring of fire. Observe the event with safety, make sure you’re wearing proper glasses. Most importantly, enjoy the event and appreciate it for its beauty and magnificence.” Milind will be sharing his knowledge with his friends and family. “I will advise my near and dear ones to be careful during this period. They should drive safely, don’t hurry to get work done etc. I will do my best to defuse any negative situations amongst friends.”

Rajendra also advises, “There is no need to panic in such a situation. One should understand that astrology should be taken as a guideline, and not as a complete prediction. Be safe, go about daily work with gentle care, and you can enjoy this day like any other.” While one may never truly know what the future holds for us, at least one can take the opportunity to observe a rare event.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Budh (Mercury) and Mama Mousi or Mom's Relatives

Budh in a horoscope has a direct relation with Mama/Mousi or in short Mom's siblings. i.e. Budh is a KARAK or Governor of these people in one's horoscope.

Many charts I have seen, Budh badly placed -- their mama has some issues, it can traced even before the birth of these folks! :)

1. Budh in Moola nakshatra (Dhanu raashi) in the 8th house and wakri -- that too in 1st degree --- Mama/Mousi would have headache, Critical issues with legs and overall health issues.
2. Budh in last degree of Jyeshtha nakshatra (Vrushchik raashi) with Mangal and in 8th house -- It is also owner of the 6th house...Mama had a great issues in 2002, even before the birth of this kid (when Shani was in last few degrees of Vrushabh rashi directly opposite to this Budh).
3. Budh in 1st degree of MESH in the 6th house with Mangal and Shani...Mama brain issues/operations and even Mom had the same issues.

On the other hand Budh, well placed in Mithun drushti by Guru -- Mamas are doing GREAT. Even MP/MLA etc etc. Many examples of such cases where Mom's family and relatives are doing exceptionally well.

AND So on. Hope this helps analyse charts to upcoming astrologers and also folks visiting here (myself included -- Please pardon the abruptness of posts due to lack of time -- I am NOT an expert!! And I am not a humble person at all). :)

Please note that, it is NOT due to the horoscope something bad happens to Mama or Mousi! :) It is MERELY reflected in a horoscope. Rather, someone's horoscope could give very good dos/donts to their Mama/Mousi etc. We, Indians being so superstitious and so fearful -- tend to blame everybody else than ourself for our own situation. Rather, Mama/Mousi's past karma is reflected in the horoscope for every person. The nervous system of a person and structure/memory areas of the brain largely depend on the state of Budh...

And One more thing -- ALWAYS use Lahiri ayanamsha --- ALL other are incorrect !! Take it from me and save some pain and agony! :) (I read someone stating respected/GREAT B. V. Raman here -- but the Astrological magazine uses wrong Ayanamsh...Rahul Gandhi becomes Dhanu instead of Makar raashi due to this!!??) :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

High % of Twins: Folks born from Feb 1975 to March 1976

In last 2 weeks I heard about a few couples either having twins, or expecting a twin santati in the coming 6 months. That reminded me of the detail blog-entry/article I posted a few weeks back:

There is a much bigger % of twins born in this period for folks born from Feb 1975 to March 1976. They had santati karak Guru in itws own sign and in a Dwi-swabhavi raashi of Meen / Pisces. (Neptune is co-owner of Pisces and 7th, 16, 25 born folks).

The major reason is that Guru was wakri in that one year in the last 3 degrees of the Meen raashi -- These 3 degrees and 20 minutes are called 9th Navamansh of Meen raashi and this also belongs/owned by Guru. (Meen raashi contains 9 navamansh -- starting from Kirk to Meen)

So we have Guru in Meen raashi in Meen navamans for major part of this period which indicates birth of twins ini that period and also the twins-santati to fokls born in this period. I have more than 10 acquaintances with twins that are born in this period (1 or 2 year juniors from engg!)

Part of this period also had Shani in Mithun rashi (again a DWISWABHVI raashi) and that too adds to ths twins effect. Guru and Shani together own 4 rashis and Guru is also Santati karak so whenever Guru or Shani are the owner of the 5th house (Santati sthan - buddhi sthan) of Horosocpe, this possibility increases further in the above mentioned period. (Sinvha lagna, Kanya lagna, Tula lagna, Vrushchik lagna)

As an astrologer this has been really interesting for me when I observe unusually high % of such cases for a specific period. I have analyzed more than 7000 horoscopes (including palmistry) in the past 18/19 years & some astrological patterns amuse me more than others. Chandra-Raahu and Chandra-Ketu is a GREAT psychological formation. (Will write something on it soon).

Now, from May 2010 to June 2011 (except 1-2 months when Guru comes back to Kumbh wakri) Guru will be in Meen raashi -- We might see the same effect!!