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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3 minutes Analysis of a Horoscope!!

Well, I hope I never have to do this but if you have to look at the horoscope quickly here is what I would prefer to do:

If i had only 3 minutes to analyse a horoscope:
1. I would generate the chart and look at
(a) the exact degrees of planets and drushti/yuti/pratiyuti of close degrees.
(b) Planets in INTENSE nakshatras.
(c) Lot of planets in Wakri graha owned house...
(d) and MOST importantly Lagnesh and Lagna (HEALTH / Robustness)

2. KARAKATVA of each planet -- How each planets is placed and what KARAKATVA they have -- the Karakatva of a STRONG planet will affect COMPLETE LIFE of a person!! Say Shani -- Raahu and Mangal for Shivaji Maharaaj (Shani in 3rd house Uchcha, Mangal and Raahu in the 11th house in Mithun and Ravi in 7th hosue in KUMBH -- 19th Feb)

3. Current Dasha/Anatradasha and if some new maha about to start. How it looks. Shani and Guru's transit on horoscope planets.

4. Does the Navamansh Horoscope support the main horoscope or opposes it.

5. Numero Quick Analysis dates - Combination of b-date addition and also complete b-date addition. (Personality and the Life Purpose) This would be my 3 minuets analysis.


  1. Dear Milindji,

    Wish you & your family and friends a very happy makar sankranti and As always a very good stuff on quick look of astro charts.

    Maneesh Pathak

  2. Hi!
    You have talked about karmic debt in many of your posts. Can you elaborate on that sometime?


  3. Thanks much Maneesh-ji. Please keep visiting and reading.

    Purvi: Sure. Actually, I have written an article about a book called "What you need to know about Karma" by J P Waswani. Also, "What Is Astrology" article on this blog has a para from "Autobiography of a Yogi" which talks about the past karma...

  4. What I like about your writing is that its very well researched. BTW even I have read "Autobiography of a Yogi", very interesting read.

  5. Deepa -- Thats great to know that you have read it..Sometimes people feel that it talks a bit too much about "miracles: but Chapters like Outwitting Stars, Science/Rules of miracles, Resurrection of Sri Sri Yuktewar and the one on BOSE and Burbank are just too good...

  6. milind ji
    i know a friend who is a astagrahi born on 4th feb 1962 in mumbai,at 3.16 a.m. what about the effects of planets for them