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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Budh (Mercury) and Mama Mousi or Mom's Relatives

Budh in a horoscope has a direct relation with Mama/Mousi or in short Mom's siblings. i.e. Budh is a KARAK or Governor of these people in one's horoscope.

Many charts I have seen, Budh badly placed -- their mama has some issues, it can traced even before the birth of these folks! :)

1. Budh in Moola nakshatra (Dhanu raashi) in the 8th house and wakri -- that too in 1st degree --- Mama/Mousi would have headache, Critical issues with legs and overall health issues.
2. Budh in last degree of Jyeshtha nakshatra (Vrushchik raashi) with Mangal and in 8th house -- It is also owner of the 6th house...Mama had a great issues in 2002, even before the birth of this kid (when Shani was in last few degrees of Vrushabh rashi directly opposite to this Budh).
3. Budh in 1st degree of MESH in the 6th house with Mangal and Shani...Mama brain issues/operations and even Mom had the same issues.

On the other hand Budh, well placed in Mithun drushti by Guru -- Mamas are doing GREAT. Even MP/MLA etc etc. Many examples of such cases where Mom's family and relatives are doing exceptionally well.

AND So on. Hope this helps analyse charts to upcoming astrologers and also folks visiting here (myself included -- Please pardon the abruptness of posts due to lack of time -- I am NOT an expert!! And I am not a humble person at all). :)

Please note that, it is NOT due to the horoscope something bad happens to Mama or Mousi! :) It is MERELY reflected in a horoscope. Rather, someone's horoscope could give very good dos/donts to their Mama/Mousi etc. We, Indians being so superstitious and so fearful -- tend to blame everybody else than ourself for our own situation. Rather, Mama/Mousi's past karma is reflected in the horoscope for every person. The nervous system of a person and structure/memory areas of the brain largely depend on the state of Budh...

And One more thing -- ALWAYS use Lahiri ayanamsha --- ALL other are incorrect !! Take it from me and save some pain and agony! :) (I read someone stating respected/GREAT B. V. Raman here -- but the Astrological magazine uses wrong Ayanamsh...Rahul Gandhi becomes Dhanu instead of Makar raashi due to this!!??) :)


  1. wow..great 2010...:-)

    my budh is not good and my masi and mama both have gone thru lots....are also going thru struggles.It feels bad that my horscope has(??) made thir life such a pain.Just if anything that can be done,,,

  2. NO -- No Harsh!! :)

    It is not due to your horoscope. .that is the universal mistake we do. Rather it is merely "REFLECTED in your horoscope.

    Rather, your horoscope if analyzed the way it should :: it would indicate and help them to take corrective measures!!


  3. nice artical milind..keep it up

  4. Brilliant Milind!!
    Just happened to land here while browising around...and have already spent good 2 hours here...u write gud stuff and in such a lucid manner....hats off to u!! look forward to many more interesting ones from u.

  5. Megcool: THANKS much !!! PLease keep visiting!!

  6. SpkDillon:
    Now, thats a compliment!! Thanks much....Please keep visiting...


  7. thanx for sharing your analysis/observations with everyone .
    Also what is Lahiri ayanamsha . I am curious n wud like to know a lil abt basic astrology, the houses etc. could you suggest a book for layman , not too complicated . Thanx.
    Also I have sent my DOB , but haven't got a feed back from you , could you pls check ? Thanx

  8. Lahiri ayanamsha -- this is difference between the Western Calendar (which is wrong) for SUn signs and the Indian calendar which is right (Basically the one also endorsed by Astronomers)

    Western Sun Sign Aries starts on March 20 or so. ACTUAL Sun Signs starts on April 14th. Every 72 years it goes ahead by 1 degree.

    You can check "procession of equinox" topic on the Wikipedia.

    I will get back about the book and also the email (if you cud pl resend)

  9. Thanx so much for sharing your knowledge ,expertise with us . Even for a novice like me ...I always felt our hindu calender is more superior for horoscope
    .I have sent an email to you from my yahoo a/c . Pls see it does not go in the junk . Thanx a lot !

  10. Lavinat87: Sure. Will check out the email soon