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Friday, January 8, 2010

High % of Twins: Folks born from Feb 1975 to March 1976

In last 2 weeks I heard about a few couples either having twins, or expecting a twin santati in the coming 6 months. That reminded me of the detail blog-entry/article I posted a few weeks back:

There is a much bigger % of twins born in this period for folks born from Feb 1975 to March 1976. They had santati karak Guru in itws own sign and in a Dwi-swabhavi raashi of Meen / Pisces. (Neptune is co-owner of Pisces and 7th, 16, 25 born folks).

The major reason is that Guru was wakri in that one year in the last 3 degrees of the Meen raashi -- These 3 degrees and 20 minutes are called 9th Navamansh of Meen raashi and this also belongs/owned by Guru. (Meen raashi contains 9 navamansh -- starting from Kirk to Meen)

So we have Guru in Meen raashi in Meen navamans for major part of this period which indicates birth of twins ini that period and also the twins-santati to fokls born in this period. I have more than 10 acquaintances with twins that are born in this period (1 or 2 year juniors from engg!)

Part of this period also had Shani in Mithun rashi (again a DWISWABHVI raashi) and that too adds to ths twins effect. Guru and Shani together own 4 rashis and Guru is also Santati karak so whenever Guru or Shani are the owner of the 5th house (Santati sthan - buddhi sthan) of Horosocpe, this possibility increases further in the above mentioned period. (Sinvha lagna, Kanya lagna, Tula lagna, Vrushchik lagna)

As an astrologer this has been really interesting for me when I observe unusually high % of such cases for a specific period. I have analyzed more than 7000 horoscopes (including palmistry) in the past 18/19 years & some astrological patterns amuse me more than others. Chandra-Raahu and Chandra-Ketu is a GREAT psychological formation. (Will write something on it soon).

Now, from May 2010 to June 2011 (except 1-2 months when Guru comes back to Kumbh wakri) Guru will be in Meen raashi -- We might see the same effect!!


  1. You mean, the people born in in may 10- jun 11 will have chances of having twins when they grow up, right?

  2. I hope it does not mean that Meen rashi ppl will have twins during May, 2010 - Jun 2011 :)

  3. Yes -- there is a great possibility Rachana! :) As your Sun Sign is Gemini with Budh also there! :) :) Even your Hubby has 6 5/ planets in the Dwi-Swabavi raashi! :) :)

  4. hey, my moon sign is meen and sun sign is cancer (26th Jun). Hubby's sun sign libra (4th Oct) and moon sign Gemini.

  5. Yeah Moon sign is Meen but Sun sign is GEMINI -- From 14th June to 14th July is is GEMINI....YOu should read my blog entry for REAL Sun Signs !!!

    Also your Hubby is Sun sign Virgo -- 17th Sept to 17th Oct (aprx)