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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

KARK Rashi and KUMBH Rashi Bhavishya 2010

For complete Rashi Bhavishya 2011 please check:

For Kumbh Raashi Bhavishya for 2011:

I just replied to a very generic prediction request for Kark and Kumbh raashi! :) This could be useful to all Kumbh and Kark rashi folks! :)

a. Much better than new things in life will start in life. You will get new responsibilities now.
b. Water retention in body will increase and now you will gain weight now..! :) Unti May 2010
c. IMAGE enhancement -- Ur image will get a lot of enhacements until May 2010
d. From May 2010 you will see increasing income, property buy, share investments, Some good news in the family etc.
e. As Shani is 8th house -- You have to do hard work and not expect immediate results...UNTIL DEC 2011 -- It is a preparation for the 7.5 years from Dec 2011 to 2018 -- Which would be GREAT YEARS for you with a lot of success and good money!
f. Raahu is in the 11th house so some gains from Paternal family are possible in 2010. ELDER/Older people will help in 2010! :)

a. A very good period in life as Sadesati got over from Sept 2009 (Aamir Khan). Until May 2010 -- it is so so ..
b. After May 2010 -- It is GREAT period of 3 years of Guru's cycle...!! Bhagyoday in next 1 year from May 2010 and promotion/new role etc.
c. 3rd Shani will allow to play some politics/games at the workplace-- Setting some "fielding" and "Ganimi Kawa" etc.
d., Overall you are out of a great testing period of 7.5 years and now all set to take on the world.
e. The 6th house Rahu will help quite a bit to take care of the enemies or rather competitors. This will also help in social sectors or politics etc IF and Only IF the Paternal family / Grandfather has some political contacts.

OVERALL, the CHANGE AGENT HARSHAL or URANUS is changing to Meen rashi now and it WILL bring a lot of changes to EVERY PERSON BUT more so to water transport or especially EVERYTHING TO do with the OCEANS. More on this later in a separate article. Last 7 years Harshal / Uranus was in a R&D and Electronics sign of Kumbh. (Its own rashi) -- This brought the mobile remvolution (telecom). Now in Pisces or Meen rashi it will bring REVOLUTION in the SPIRITUAL SECTOR. So I guess people like me who are NOT ORTHODOX are going to influence the Astrology world quite a bit? :)


  1. Nice Articel....hope rest of the signs follow.

    am still waiting for your reply to my mail...thanks

  2. ohh cool! my hubby is kumbh! :)

  3. mast article.. i am kirk, so feeling very happy to read this..

    as it is, you have already told me that i am going to have a great life ahead... your these words give me lot of strength to fight the current hardships - whatever they are - imaginary or real....

  4. please write about makar and vruchchik also.

  5. abuot your last comment on spiritual revolution, i think its right. i see many young educated people turning to spiritual things. and when educated people talk about spiritualism, astronomy and other things which were hitherto assigned to babas and sadhus, it makes a different impact on the mind also. in this today's age of science, if someone who has an applied knowledge of science talks about such things which cannot be proved by today's science, one starts thinking that there must be something in it.. then he also start thinking about it.

  6. Harsh: Thanks..Will surely take a look at the emails. They are quite a few! :( or :) I don't know!!

    -- Can't stop this thing we started -- Is the song that comes to my mind!!


  7. Deepa:

    Kumbh is associated with height/being tall. When Kumbh and Kanya is combined in one person then it becomes a case like Bachchan Sahab -- much taller than parents. :)


  8. Sadhana: Thanks for BOTH The posts...

    1. Yes, Kirk/Kark folks WILL see much better times ahead -- especially those with multiple planets in Kark -- they had a tough sadesati!


  9. Sadhana,

    2. YES -- Spirituality is not about long beard and serious looking face NOT Kundalini is about that..These things are thought as miracles as they are not understood by common folks. Initially even a Car/Automative felt like a miracle..! :)

  10. Hey Milind...nice nice...hope other rashis would also follow:)
    I know wid ur work n all, time must be a constraint, but wud love to see a write up what combinations makes certain ppl attract wrong kind of companions....??? trust me i venture into hopeless relationships and have never been able to get "WHY"?????????
    Anyways keep the good work on!!

  11. Sukirat:
    1. Yes, will post a few more raashis today.
    2. Attracting wrong folks shows ill-affected Venus in the chart and also owner of the 7th house.. When Venus itself is the owner of the 7th house OR in the 7th house with Moon in the first house of horoscope -- The chances increase multi-fold. (If Venus is ill-aspected or in some intense Nakshatras)

  12. oh i know y i end up where i sudnt be in the first place....leo lagna and taurus rashhi..7th lord, saturn wid mars in lagna( btw there happens to be planetary war and saturn loses it too)..n poor venus is wid arch enemy jupiter is 11th bad can it get now!!
    sob sob!!

  13. :) Sukirat: Venus with Jupiter in 11th is not bad at all but Shani and Mangal drushti on 7th house is an issue... :)

  14. Hi Milind

    Thanks a ton for your reply to my mail.I am aquarian moon sign and under shani mahadasha.Spend 17 years under shani's chahhya made lot of changes in me.All set for next 2.5 tough years.But my question is what temps me to take risky decision.I have tried but never able to take control it.

  15. Dear Milind

    Nice thing written for kark. I am alos kark but having a very though time in my job. I am side tracked and i dont know what to do.
    my details are : dob = 07-04-1948; Time = 9.00 am; bith palce = Belgaum.
    please let me know whether things will improve for me.



  16. hi millind
    I and my husband face lot of problems.v hav arguments evry nw and then.i lov him lot but he is got upset with me and it was my fault i apologised but no response from his side.i am meen rashi and he is kark us with are compatibility.

  17. Diya : please send an email with bdate time and place for both and I will analyse..

  18. my husband is kumbh. but form last 5/6 month, he is working hard, but things are not happening on time and got delayed. due to this we r facing huge financial problem.
    my husband name : Mahesh
    DOB : 5th april 1967
    Birthplace : osmanabad (MH)
    please show me the way....

  19. Sushma:

    I just posted the new articles on Kumbh raashi for 2011. Please check it out. Also please send me an email so that I can reply in private.