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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rashi Bhavishya 2010: MESH and VRUSHABH

1. [MESH]
a. 11th Guru until May 2010: Year of Swapna Purti, GAINS, Laabh. Every contact of past 12 years and especially past 3 years will bring in some gains. Good news on Kid's front. Getting good advice from elderly folks.

b. 6th house Shani: Testing for service folks, great for politicians/increasing importance (Shard Pawar saheb), Unrest by Workers or Employees but also increase mass-base or employee base. Increasing social status. Stomach related ailments. Some unrest or health/finance issues on Mama or Mousi (Mom's relatives) side. Not the best time for them to take big risks or not the best time until Dec 2011 to take BIG risks with them in any business.

c. 9th house Raahu: Paternal family elders might go on a "Teerth-Yatra" or tourism to abroad or long distance places. Good advice and natural support from paternal family elders. Paternal folks could have some heriditary issues with legs and maternal family w.r.t arms/shoulders/lungs etc.

d. Harshal going 12th house shows that increased expenditure on electronics things (cell phones/i-pods etc) or on higher education in modern scieneces.

e. 11th house Neptune might bring money from Event Management of some art related things. It will bring in GAINS due to spiritual things (Doesn't have to be material ones -- Gains that can't be quantified by materialistic yard-sticks)

f. Mangal is going to stay 4th in Kirk rashi for a long time and then 5th, 6th. 4th Mangal shows some unrest and issues on the HOME front. It shows less sleep due to stress at job and also at home. It indicates that you need to keep cool deliberately when there are tensions at home front.

a. 10th house Guru will give Satva Pariksha Until May 2010. After May 2010, read (a) for Mesh above! :) Until May, you may need to report to a person with equal abilities and that could cause stress at the workplace. You just need to keep working and continue doing the good work -- it will be acknowledged after May 2010.

b. Shani in the 5th house shows that there could be some challenges on Kid's front and they will need to do hard-work. There will be some delays in studies, certifications etc. (or would require more concentrationand efforts). What you define as "success" will be really tested and you will need to confirm your own beliefs and values. You will need to FOCUS and DECIDE your MAIN Interest and the TOPIC for next 15 years in life -- WHERE you want to spend most of the time in your next 15 years of life.

c. Raahu in the 8th house -- Elder folks in paternal family need to watch health aspects carefully. Your inherited land or wealth could create issues - there could be some tensions and struggle for the same in paternal family.

d. Harshal in 11th house for almost next 7 years : Some "chamatkari" folks will increase in your friend circle. Some absent minded genius people will increase in your life. Some "new-age friends with some spiritual/philosophical aspects" are quite possible.

e. Neptune going 10th will show that there are more efforts needed with spiritual matters BUT there could be a lot of "intuitive decisions" that are made at workplace. If there are planets in the 10th house -- This Neptune's travel over these horoscope planets could bring some "intuition messages" some "antar-dyan" etc apart from hard-core number crunching for analysis (Business etc). BUT the hard-core number crunching should NOT be ignored but Neptune's support should be used only occasionaly when there are multiple ways that have similar number-crunching support.

f. Mangal will be 3rd mostly and then 4th. The 3rd one shows a lot of short term travel of 6-8 hours away from the current place. The 4th house bring focus to home front as written above for Mesh rashi.


  1. Good one !
    Read this in esakal today "मंगळ ग्रह येत्या २७ जानेवारीला पृथ्वीच्या सर्वात जवळ येणार असून त्या दिवशी तो सर्वाधिक मोठा आणि सर्वाधिक तेजस्वी दिसेल. तर ३० तारखेला सूर्य आणि मंगळ पृथ्वीपासून बरोबर विरुद्ध दिशेला असतील." Do u forsee any effects ?

  2. Thanks waiting for the 'chamatkari' ppl to cum in my life..i need them badly!!

  3. Thanks Milind, just wondering if you could do one for Simha
    thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Milindji , would like to know if there are lucky initials for certain rashis (esp. for starting business ). Like our community , the bride changes her name for good lena -dena like 10-4,9-5 .2-12 & 8-6 are bad . Pls enlighten n also could u let me know good business initial for Vrisabh rashi . Thanx

  5. Mesh\Vrushabh rashi it also applicable for Mesh\Vrushabh lagna folks?

    About your other articles of "Twin Probalities" this year due to Shani in Kanya and Guru in Meen after May, does the twin birth probality applicable for conception after May or birth after May...

  6. Its amazing Milind,your readings above.Can certainly vouch for Mesh.But you didnt state how long that LONG will be for 4th Mangal and any remedy apart from keeping quiet, will those
    issues resolve at all?

  7. my name is mamta DOB 27/09/1986
    Time 17.04 love marriage hogi ya nhi


  9. everytime creating problems in my life