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Monday, February 1, 2010

Born on 8, 17, 26 or 4, 13, 22, 31 of any month and total addition of bdate also either 4 or 8

Hereby, I will refer all dates as 4s that are 4, 13, 22, 31 AND that of 8, 17, 26 as 8s.

WHEN a person (actually THE SOUL ITSELF) chooses to be born on 8s date with complete addition as 4 OR b-date of 4s with complete addition of 8s.....Then the soul wants to PAY OFF the kaarmic burden of past 2-3 births...!! This is a very difficult combination to live with or to cope with. Many mistakes in life, many unexplainable health issues, wrong decisions and coming to cross-roads too often are seen quite a bit.

For example:
(a) B-date of 4-Jan-1974 (The date of 4 and the complete addition 4 + 1 + 3 (1+9+7+4=21=3) == 8 !!
(b) Similarly 17-Dec-1973 === 8 (1+7) + 3 (1+2) + 2 (1+9+7+3) == 4 (8 and 4)
Every year has such dates that add to 4 and 8 OR 8 and 4.

1. Even just a 4 and a 8 either in the b-date or complete addition indicates some of other kaarmic burden
2. When both are 8 or both are 4, there is more kaarmic burden but there is some harmony to the karmic burden and less contradiction
3. BUT with 4 and 8 OR 8 & 4 , the karmic burden is a lot more serious and the SOUL chooses to harm itself by canscious pay a LOT OF Karma in one shot !!! :(

The ONLY WAT to reduce the issues is to START EARLY to do Good Karma. Get the horoscope analyzed by an expert/Guru and understand the Karmic Burden of the past birth(s) and try to find the root-cause and pay that karma by good deeds. You see Guru troubled in horoscope, donations to orphanages, spending time for kids, acknoledging Gurus/Mentors in life EVERY TIME. When Shukra is troubled in the horoscope, help marriage bearuas, help people get/stay married, marriage couselling etc etc...and so on.

There is something about the dates that add to 4 (4, 13, 22, 31) and 8 (8, 17, 26) that I would like to share. I have observed this in many horoscopes /case studies etc. The purpose of sharing this is NOT to plan anything by thinking in a fatalistic manner but to start GOOD KARMA ASAP when you observe these dates.

OK, so, to start with I see dates 4 (Uranus) and 8(Shani or Saturn) completely different and logically the opposite of each other. 1, the Sun and 8 the Saturn are also exactly opposite and couldnm't be more different physically, in attitude, in approach but they do not like each other anyways! There is no confusion with these dates: 1, 10, 19, 28 tend NOT to like 8, 17, 26. The chances of them ending together are very less.

However, the 4 and 8 are logically different without too much of an overt or easier to spot differences in their approach. They realise these different attitudes after some time. Sadly, in India, when we decide on marriages in a hurry without too much of an interaction, these dates can cause lot of discomfort after marirage. (i,e 1 of them 4, 13, 22, 31 and the other being 8, 17, 26).

4s: CHANGE Agents, Unorthodox, Dominted by absent minded genius planet Uranus which acts & thinks like a lightnening, Live 50 years ahead of their time, are FORWARD/Modern thinking, Rules Electronics, Advances sciences. Wierd and unorthodox ideas about many things in life. Do not want to bogged down by "rule of societies", "Rituals". I guess you get the ideas.

8s: Ruled by Shani (Saturn) STATUS QUO, Conservative, Depend on past data, tried and tested approach, step by step progress, do not like flashy behaviour (unless 17, 26 Auguts or 8th Sept born which adds LEO flavor which is exactly opposite to 8). These always go by the rules established by the society.

A soul chooses to be born on 4s, if it wants to CHANGE the direction of its evolution FAST in a short time span. The soul is GIVEN the birth-date/magnetic channel of 4 IF **it is mandated by higher powers** that they challenge the status quo and CHANGE the course/the PATH of their families, caste, religion, country in a different direction. Hence President Obama is taken more seriously when he talks about CHANGE (4th August). Hillary Clinton born on 26th(?) is an 8 and came across more like the status quo herself than a change agent!!

A soul chooses the channel of 8s when the soul now knows that it has gone too far and now needs to "stay put" in the logical state of mind/physique. Continue on the changed course with a conservatve atitude as the ship has been completely changed the course/path and it is imp to continue in the same direction for some time....

So yes, when a father is 4s -- Son could be 8s born. BUT the Son would not even realise that he is being conservative on a path which itself is decided by 4s! :) -- :) Other way round, if there are TOO MANY 8s in the family OR the family is VERY conservative -- OLD Fashioned -- A lot of people are born on the date of 4s in that family to change the course or modernize the family. The SADASHIV PETH in Pune would see a lot of folks born on 4s! :)

Obviously, it is not the best idea to get two people married when they are 4 and 8....One wants to modernize the family or life and the other one wants to be a conservative one. It is always good to avoid 4 and 8 numbers together.

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