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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yuvraj Singh : Will He...Won't he?

There has been a lot of talk about Yuvraj's form in IPL. When other folks are hitting mediocre attack easily, Yuvi wasn't able to get too far. I guess, it is more to do with coming out on injury more than anything else. Due to injury, you can't work out hard and it affects your weight as you can't control eating anyways! (Especially when you are Yuvi!) :) Taking Punjab captainship away didn't help to his moral either.

The astrological explanation is very simple: He has Shani-Mangal yuti in his horoscope in Kanya rashi. Shani with Mangal does show injuries and inconsistency from time to time (Inzamam Ul Haq one more example).

From Sept 2009, Shani entered Kanya (Virgo) and it is on his horoscope Shani-Mangal. Not the best period for any player. This Shani is also aspecting his Chandra-Raahu yuti (highly temperamental and arrogant yuti) which is testing his temperament QUITE a bit. ONLY way out of PATIENCE and HARD-WORK!!

Of course, GURU changing from May 1st, 2010 WILL CERTAINLY Help Yuvi. He should give MUCH better performance than the IPL 2010. This Guru in Meen raashi will aspect his Mangal Shani and should reduce the intensity of Shani's travel there. Again, Shani's travel does recommend shraddha, saboori and hard work anyways! But this Guru should help him quite a bit.

I am looking forward to some outbursts from Yuvi, from his BAT that is...Aren't you??

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lalit Modi: Horoscope Spotlight

Lalit Modi: Horoscope Spotlight

Lalit Modi has been in the news lately, he has helped congress move away from failure on difficult issues like Naxlite, inflation, Women Reservation etc and move focus to IPL : on person: Lalit Modi. He has been made a villain by the folks who are having bigger failures on their hands.

Let us look at Lalit Modi’s chart.

Right from 2008, I had assumed that he MUST be Moon Sign Aries (Mesh). The reason was simple: his bhagyoday like many Mesh rashi folks started in 2008 when Guru was in Dhanu i.e. in Mesh rashi’s 9th angle. 9th house is Bhagy-sthan, House of expansion, House of Dharma (Duty) and House of travel due to bhagyoday.

I have mentioned about this 9-10-11 bhraman effect of any planet in one of my previous article: (The Test of Success)

This assumptions of the MESH rashi is true as I find out today’s daily had his b-date as 29th Nov, 1963. (Date of 29!! Again a I have an article on 11/29 b-dates too!)
In 2009, he had more of the same and a lot of stress etc due to going to South Africa for IPL etc but in between for 2 months in 2009 he also had 11th house Guru which gave him a great success in RSA. Now again from Dec 2009 to May 2010 he was supposed to have a great time due to 11th Guru. As mentioned in the article has had all the LABH in this period for what he did from 2008 to 2009. The new teams fetched something which all 8 teams put together didn’t!

He is Mesh raashi and Vrushchik Ravi (Scorpio Sign): So Mangal becomes very important for him. Mangal is of course related to sports, blood, siblings, speed etc. His Mangal is in DHANU rashi and in MOOLA nakshatra. Rather, it is in the 1st navamansh in Dhanu which is MESH navamansh. This mangal is very strong and it shows Kaarmic links from Mom’s family and could show some cancer related issues in this family. (Imran Khan also has Mangal in the 1st degree of Moola, owner of the 4th house in his horoscope: Mom – His Mom Suffered blood cancer?).
So Lalit Modi’s CRICKET or SPORTS association is NOT THE START OF THIS BIRTH and his CERTAINLY has connections from Maternal family.

OK, So the BEST parts of his horoscope are: SHANI in Makar raashi and GURU in MEEN Raashi. These two BIG planets in their own sign show some big and well planned things and ability of a person. Specially, Shani in Makar shows perseverance, efforts, step by step progress, hard work etc. (Obama is also Mesh raashi and Makar Shani). The Guru 12th to Moon in OWN raashi shows great planning ability and bird’s eye view.

His Raahu is also in uchcha Mithun raashi and 3rd house from the moon. The best place for Raahu from Moon! (3, 6, 10, 11 -- 9 is not bad but not the best).

If you do some assumptions on b-time, he would have his Raahu mahadasha currently in (Mahadasha of “Insatiable Desires”. As Raahu is uchcha and Shani, Guru , Sun are VERY WELL placed in STRONG Signs. This mahadasha is of course going to bring in a LOT of LAABH. ALL HIS PATERNAL family has donated etc to a lot of people OR They have earned a lot of good will of folks by their good deeds?? Anyways.....

So now from May 2010: Guru going 12th to his Moon Sign of Mesh (12th), he needs to plan for the next 12 years, it will be mostly an OFF year for him. The 6th house Shani to Mesh raashi puts you under a CLOSE SCRUTINY at the work place where you need to work with HIGH ATTENTION TO DETAILS.

As mentioned in precious article on this blog: 4th year of IPL will be the YEAR OF CHANGE. I hadn't imagined that this will also be one of the change! :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Guru Changing on May 1st :Guru Badal

Guru Badal on May 1st, 2010

Actually, almost all planets have changed their signs starting from September: Raahu Ketu moved to their neech raashi Dhanu/Mithun. Shani moved from Sinmha to Kanya. Guru moved to Kumbh. All this in Sept/Oct 2009. Later onNeptune moved to Kumbh. Harshal/Uranus moved to Pisces & so on.

Guru has taken tremendous speed since entry in Kumbh in Dec 2009 and will move to Meen on May1st, 2010. This could bring in following changes:

1. Weather cooling down a bit; some solace in this hard summar?

2. Kanya rashi folks getting much needed breather after tough 6th Guru. Sadesati effect to reduce quite a bit.

3. Tula: 5th Guru was supportive, 6th will not be, competitors will get ahead. BUT this Guru will help with health or issues of 12th house Shani which at times defames you.

4. Mesh: After glorious 11th Guru, time to plan for next 12 years in the 12th Guru.

5. Vrushabh: Time for fruits. After happening but HIGHLY tense 10th Guru, getting the place which is similar/equal to your senior.

6. Mithun: 9th Guru was great, now entering stressful period but a happening era of the 10th Guru.

7. Simha: Increase in sadesati effects but help on the health front.

8. Vrushchik: 5th Guru.. Period of Swapna-Poorti -- fulfillment -- achievement.

9. Dhanu: After travel and hectic 3rd Guru in -- Stay at home and enkjoy luxury in 4th Guru!

10. Kumbh: Increase in cash/shares/investments etc

11. Meen: Gain social and physical weight. New challenges that will bring out areas of improvements.

12. Kirk: Entering glorious poeriod of Guru's 9, 10, 11 movements. Great period.

There could be a lot of twins being born in next 1 year across the globe. More % than a normal year.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

BORN on 3 i.e. 3, 12, 21, 30 of any Month

BORN on 3 i.e. 3, 12, 21, 30 of any Month

I thought of writing something on this as I had a few request from some of the friends. Why I have not written much so far on 3: Will address that in the last line of this article! :)

You will NEVER find these opinions/observations in ANY numerology book (unless I write one!) So there is the 1st disclaimer, what you are reading are solely by observations in past years and also many famous personalities.

Summary of 3:

If 1s are pioneers, entrepreneurs, starters, 2 are viral, people contact, moody, People leaders etc – The 3s are Thought Leaders and Fierce Individual Achievers. They are NOT about Groups but they are about individual achievement. It is not important for them as to how many friends they have (like 2s) or how many ideas/ventures they started but it is imp for them as to how much “they” achieved individually.

Either they are not good at giving credit to others (if not taking credit for other’s work) or their standards are very high (for other that is!) :) It is almost impossible to have a 3 (3, 12, 21, 30) acknowledge other’s knowledge, achievement etc unless they are completely unrelated to their area of interest/work.

These folks often have the line of head/brain and life line away from each other – not touching to each other as almost all 2s have. At times, they can be branded as adamant, selfish by folks around them.

The 21 and 30 to some extent could have the brain line and life line at least a bit touching indicating that they can share their ideas and opinions (thought leadership) without indicating or implying others as nonworthy/incompetent! :)

These are the folks who often get scholarships in the 4th and 7th standard or first 50 in the board etc exams. They fight with their teachers for a single or half a mark to out-score others! :)

Obviously, these are not the most popular or populist or party animals around! Rather they don't want to be one. :) :)

Pure 3 are the fiercest of individual achievers: Like Michael Schumacher, they will not hesitate to make the most dangerous maneuvers even when their brother is on the track and among the affected parties! The 1st prize is more imp than anything else and others just need to be good enough to compete. These are the folks that go for scholarships and certifications that will make them stay apart from others. They will always like group activities as far as there is a ranking at the end! :)

21s are lucky, the soul chooses this numerological channel in order to achieve a lot in this life but priority is to 2 first (People) and then the SELF (1). People come first and then their Ego …So they end up achieving much more than say 12 or 30. 21s are as comfortable with seniors as they are with peers and the juniors. 21s are also perceived as people friendly but their circle is directly related to their personal achievements and not the contacts like 2s have for no apparent reasons! :) This is the channel the soul chooses to achieve after 1-2 births of hard work etc.

The 12s have a certain arrogance of having the best thoughts/ideas around. They have academic excellence as good as 30s. They are most comfortable when they are around juniors: The folks who would listen to them without any questions or challenges. Obviously, these are the perfect people for the position of a headmaster or principal etc. The EGO (1) or SELF is more important to them than others (2). Obviously, they find themselves without too many friends in corporate ladder and they are better off changing to training department or working in a job/position where they need to work alone. This is the # of the MATSER (1) and the disciple as described by the holy scripture of Cabbala. (All the observations apart from this sentence are my observations!) :) Peers for them are DIRECT competitors and they don’t like peers in the 1st place. (Same for 3s but 3s want peers in order to defeat them! :) ).

The 30s are like the 3s but with some philosophical aloofness. They have certain wisdom which makes them calm and sincere. They achieve a lot in the initial life/age (lie 3s) but later realize the fruitlessness of the competition and differentiate themselves based on maturity/wisdom or some deep knowledge of a subject (any 2!). They can be all that 3, 12 and 21 can be, rather in much more multiples but they often choose not to. You could say that most of the philosophical books/thoughts have emerged from the folks born on 30s. I don’t know J Krishnamurthy’s b-date but would not be surprised if it was 30/12. There is of course some similarity between 12 and 30 but 12 have an aggressive/assertive streak that is not always in 30s. Great souls that want to be principals, professors etc are born on 12/30.

Why I didn’t write on this number yet: Well, these folks would read it and not leave a good comment appreciating or acknowledging the contents! :) :) Just Kidding. Well, they will realize the value of the contents as they are great thought leader themselves but acknowledging others is not what they are born for!! :) :)

Sachin Tendulkar's total addition is 3: We need not talk about his individual achievements. :) :) The life purpose for him is 3. The Personality is Venus (6): 24

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Astro Feedback : Part 2

I was talking to a relative of a close friend. The horoscope had Moon in the first house which means the astrology predictions or analysis are a lot easier to do for him than the ones with Moon in the 6th house or the 8th house.

We discussed various things to start with: History of past 8-10 years, projections for next 10-15 years, new mahadasha start etc etc. Then I realized to check a few things to cross-verify if the horoscope itself is correct.

I ask: if there was any problem to his mom with next delivery after his birth? If not, then need to take care of the next siblings as there could be issues related to blood and overall longevity.

The answer : "No the trouble wasn't with the delivery but yes, the next sibling did have blood cancer and passed away within 7 years after birth...!!"

Despite being an astute analyser when having a horoscope in front of me, I had a bit of a shiver. Sometime the most basic principles of astro present some of the biggest events of the life!

There were a lot of things that I predicted were accurate but this thing which was not even known to my friend (his relative!) could be guessed from his horoscope!

He asked the reason for it: My simple(?) logic: Someone in his paternal family (1/2 generations back) had done some harm to some folks due to land/inheritance etc and had to pay that off by having these health issues!! The soul's history had a good match with his parent's horoscope and hence that soul chose their channel..! May be, these folks might have had some benefit out of that bad episode and hence the soul also made the parents suffer both emotionally & economically which was "equal and opposite" to what happened 2 or 1 generation back!!

So, it is HIGHLY advised NOT to do any harm to anyone anyways but especially when you have some land etc in the family, it is always IMP to check if some bad things happened there. You need to research the bad things and take corrective actions by donating it to those families that suffered there or their ancestors.

This corrective action will not only reduce/remove the (related to only that incident) bad karma of the souls that passed 1-2 generations back but also stop incidents such as blood issues, kidney failures, reproductive organ issues in the subsequent generations. (Health is wealth -- Is literally true, if you take away someone's wealth, well you/your family will lose that wealth thru health issues!!)

Newton's 3rd law of motion is nothing but the subtle yet omnipresent law of Karma. It is reflected in so many things in our culture: "Jaisi karani, Waisi bharani", Kar bhala to ho bhala, An Eye for an Eye and so on!!

It is always good and the recommended way of spirituality to pay off your bad karma by good deeds and not thru suffering always!! (Well, at times with an extreme past karma, you might not even have a choice but 80% of our karma has an option of kaarmic Healing -- i.e equal and opposite good deeds!)

The horoscope should be used (apart from future predictions, gemstones, color therapy etc) to understand WHY we were born in the 1st place and what are our obligations in this life.

ONLY Indian culture believes in the "progression of soul" towards "mukti" and these incidents "prove" this theory(?) time and again. Rather, EVERY religion and holy scriptures talk about this but the actual meaning of them is forgotten long back by their followers. An eye for an eye is taken as an excuse to take someone's eye whereas it is the reminder by the God that your suffering is your own work of art! (FORGET & FORGIVE)

We also happened to discuss his sister's horoscope: I looked at it and made a casual comment that She will/would have had a love marriage and Meen raashi people might appeal her a lot and also some April connection! This was again was correct on the dot. She indeed had a love marriage with a meen rashi person born in April! :) It was too acurate too be true! At times, some sentences come out without much thinking -- I guess thats what they call "intuition", progression of knowledge to a level which "seems/appears" to be an intuition!! :) :)

Astro Feedbacks

So far I have not shared any astro-feedbacks yet here on the blog that came from some of the connections over the internet due to the blog or in person consultation. I will start doign that slowly but of course removing any references etc to names, place which could reveal identity etc.

I think most of you have read the post on my visit to a stranger at Tulsi Restaurant(? actually a chaay tapary) at Deccan:

I got this feedback on this article and when I checked the horoscopes did have a lot of similarities.

Here is the feedback:
Dear Mr. Milind, Saw your blog by chance and was quite intrigued and interested. ( i also am makar rashi - most of the things about that person also struck me as correct for me)"

When I checked the horoscope in details, I also saw Guru and Ketu VERY close in Kanya raashi. That prompted me to say that his kids would be rebirths from his maternal family and they could have birth marks on stomach.

This was again true with following feedback: as for kids yes my younger one does have a birthmark on his stomach (amazing).

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More on Past karma : B-dates (4 and 8 Combination) and Harmony of Past karma of many folks

It is just that sometimes we observe a few things in life it further underscores our beliefs and our desire to help folks as much as we can. One such experience I had recently when we got an email from Corporate about sad demise of one of our employees at the age of 32 due to cardiac arrest. The mail also mentioned that he recently had twin daughters (date was also given in the email).
I added the date 22nd Nov (4) and the complete addition was 8!!

Some observations:
1. It is NOT due to the daughters having the b-dates of combination 4 and 8 that this event occurred.
2. Not that 4 and 8 creates any issues to parents etc. There are thousands of 4 and 8 or 8 and 4 where everything is alright but their own choices have gone wrong.
3. It is just that the births happen due to a mathematical harmony of the past karma. i.e. these girl’s past karma with parents and this guys past history with santati had a match here and hence these two souls chose to take birth thru this guy.

The actual horoscope and detailed analysis will reveal which area of life the past karma is not the best. In this case the date of birth for the girls shows that there are some bad aspects on the Sun in the horoscope (reflects in some issues with the father). But rest of the horoscope is of HIGH quality.
Again, their souls have taken a conscious decision to take birth on 4 and 8 combinations to pay off some of the karmic burden in one shot/birth. It is NOT that their birth that has caused any harm to the father BUT their past karma with the father was in line with the longevity that was on cards for this wonderful man (again related to the past karma).

Disclaimers: For many many years, astrologers in India have said things which made lives hell for the folks…So let me say VERY clearly that EVERY individual’s karma is responsible for their own fate/destiny and NOT some daughter/son making some issues. Rather, it is due to this karma, the soul which is not supposed to have father’s love take birth thru such channels.

Example1: "Isake janam ke baad mera accha huwa -- Is a WRONG statement, Rather Aap achchaa kar rahe the isi liye ye soul ne jisaka past karma achha hain, aap ke thru janam liya!!" :)
Example2: Ye mere liye unlucky hain, isake janam main hi meri biwi mar gayee. NO -- Rather, you wife anyways had a short longevity and hence this poor soul which was not supposed to have mom's love due to the past karma took birth thru your wife!!

This also suggests that our this life’s karma will also affect what kind of souls/friends will come in our lives and not just past life karma. It is quite possible that our past life karma is THE BEST with some things and VERY BAD with a few other things. Out actions in this life may not affect such 20-30% things in our life BUT rest of the 70% things in life will get affected equally by past and THIS LIFE Karma!!

This post is to underscore need for good karma in this life for EVERYBODY but more so when 4 and 8 numbers are combined in the birth-date and not rely on fate/destiny/past life karma for all the things.

What this also means is that: Had Saddam Husain and Iran had chosen path of peace in early 80s, they would have souls with peaceful past karma taken births in these countries but when you choose path of violence, the souls with very violent history would take birth and die for the country!! Maybe Saddam and company gives a opportunity to take birth for souls that might have waited from downfall of Rome or even 1st or 2nd World-war who have to die 2-3 times in order to pay off their bad karma during the wars.

So MAKE NO MISTAKE: Your Karma of this life WILL affect which kind of souls yet to be born or human beings already born will take births thru your family, society and religion!!

Two weeks back I read in the news paper about Prophet Muhammad Paigambar: He once said that "1000 rozha and 100,000 namaaj would give as many credits to you but developing LOVE between two people who hate each other will bring lot more credit".

HATE is a direct ticket to hell. Whom you hate doesNOT matter...LOVE is something God loves and supports.

!! Numerology Explained with a simnple example of IPL T20 !!

Date of 1 ORIGINATE / PIONEER: is ruled by the Sun which shows entrepreneur abilities, pioneering etc: Sun originates light/energy by burning himself, the Sun STARTS something. And that is why on the 1st day or year you START something new. (Tata, Dhirubhai, Gates etc)

Date of 2 SPREAD /Populist is ruled by Moon: The Moon carries and transfers what is originated by the Sun even when the Sun is set! That is why people born on 2 are about people contact, passing new / good information around, networking, sales etc. So the date of 2 makes sure to pass around and spread what is started on the 1st day!!

Date of 3: ACHIEVEMENT Ruled by Jupiter: This is the date when the idea started on 1 brings great achievement and result. This is the date which is chosen by individual achievers (Schumacher, Lara etc). So on the 3rd day, year or month, the idea brings in the maximum results.

Date of 4: CHANGE!! Now the idea which has brought a lot of results now needs to be "changed" / tweaked in order to keep what is good, delete what is unnecessary and change what needs further polish. This is the date of CHANGE AGENTS like Kishore Kumar, Obama and such. It is ruled by the absent minded weird planet of Uranus which is known to be 50 years ahead of their time.

Date of 5: EXPRESSION / TRADING, Incremental benefits: Is the date of traders, the folks that make things better and get some profit in between. i.e. selling something of 5Rs for 7 Rs etc. Obviously, when you have "changed" something on 4th date, you will have "incremental gains" on the 5th day.

Date of 6: BEAUTY: The 6th day which is ruled by Venus : Initial thought is: Maybe on the 6th day you try to make the idea which has spread, achieved, changed to give incremental benefits, will now be made more attractive, rough edges will be smoothened out and more of a feel good, artistic approach would be brought in. That is why maybe #6 is ruled by VENUS.

Date of 7: INNOVATION: My thinking has not yet gone ahead that much on this to explain the 7th day. This date chiefly represents innovation, wild imagination, something beyond articulation like raining on a mountain with a little bit of sun light the dark clouds at the same time! :)
This date/year is certainly to innovate, think out of the box and bring appropriate changes.

Date of 8: SATURN!! Day or year of a Hard Scrutiny, Review, Conservatism, either stopping the idea completely and making a lot of changes that will get rid of "unwanted excesses" of the idea, this is date if Control...!! This doesn’t have to be bad etc it is just that it is NECESSARY and mostly long-pending Karma that every system or every person needs to do. After this AUDIT
the outcome is a lithe form ready to move ahead with great zeal. But while the AUDIT is being done – it brings stress, tension and hardships. But the 8 – SHANI is IMPORTANT part of the life cycle which makes you do the changes that are NECESSARY for your survival. A Blessing in Disguise if you may!!

Date of 9: SPEED / COMMITMENT TO CAUSE: Rebel, Aggression, taking forward the completely scrutinized, honed, controlled, lithe form coming out of AUDIT of 8 forward with a great aggression and speed. It is also the date of charity, rooting/fighting for a poor/weaker guy.

Now apply that to IPL T20:
A great idea that started in 2008 (it adds to 1 is a good coincidence) which spread in 2009 and will achieve the most revenues, most 6s, most runs and most wickets in the 3rd year. In the 4th year the format will be changed with addition of 2 new teams and further a few more "administrative changes" to it...!!
The 5th year will bring in incremental benefits (?) due to the changed format and so on...The 6th year in 2015 could be the most attractive IPL ever with maximum celebrity participation. It will be interesting what innovation is brought to the party in the 7th year

Most of the astrology or numerology is a common sense much like economics. It is just that what we do not understand, we call it a mysterious!

Is it impossible for a 2 born (2, 11, 20, 29) to be a pioneer -- NO -- It is a certainly difficult than a 1 born. Also, for a 1 born person it is quite difficult to be friendly and populist, it is much easier for a 2 born and so on...!!!

hawa bahoit tej chalata hain Bachchan sahab, thoda sambhalo: Shani in Kanya raashi until Dec2011

Amitabh Bachchan sahab has Kumbh lagna with a bunch of planets in the 8th house (peeda sthan) in Kanya raashi. The 8th house which is a peeda sthan and Kanya rashi which “represents” or “Governs” stomach. This means Bachchan sahab will have some or other issues with stomach in his life-time, espeically when Shani is in Kanya, Dhanu, Meen raashi aspecting these planets.

For him, these 8th house planets are more important as the moon is in the 9th house, which means these planets are 12th (wyay sthan) to the moon which adds to their nuisance value.

The major accident he had on the sets of Coolie was in the 1st 2.5 years of sadesati, well it was NOT due to sadesati but the travel of then Shani in Kanya raashi went over so many planets in his horoscope. The sadesati gets blamed wrongly for such things.

Bachchan sahab has Shukra, Mangal, Ravi, Budh, Neptune in Kanya rashi. Kanya rashi owned by Budh represents theatre, drama, language, expression like Gemini which is also owned by Budh.

Mangal represents blood, siblings, sports, speed, accidents, cuts, wars, swords etc etc. Mangal with Ravi increases the boldness and aggression of mangal. Shani’s travel over these two is the astrological explanation of the timing of the accident he had which was near-fatal.

Now, from Sept 2009 Bachchan saab has again entered sadesati but more importantly Shani is again travelling over his multiple planets in Kanya raashi. This will continue until Dec 2011. So, he needs to be careful with his stomach: Eating habits, care with action/adventures scenes, driving etc. He will also need to take care of his siblings too.

Guru will change to Meen rashi from May 1st and this will certainly help him with health although 6th Guru for Tula will increase issues with career etc. 5th Guru (current) is good for achievement etc for Tula but it is not helping with reducing the issues of sadesati with health. The Guru badal will help Bachchan sahib with health.

It’s been a long time since the last article on b-dates of 8 and 4. I thought of publishing something this weekend for sure.

I will post one more article on the 12th house planets. The 12th house represents “Planning” especially apart from many other things (like Moksha, spirituality, expenditure, Big picture). Also, I would like to comment on 5th house’s “execution/actual achievement” abilities apart many other things (like Kids, Buddhi, Forecasting, Playground success and overall success). The 12th house and 5th house are shad-ashtak to each other; they show different things and are out of sync. That is why it is very difficult to find someone who is brilliant in BOTH planning and also execution! For a corporate to succeed, they need both types of folks to work together without undermining importance of their counterparts. Planning/strategy is not a substitute for execution and execution cannot guarantee success unless preceded by better planning/strategy!