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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Astro Feedback : Part 2

I was talking to a relative of a close friend. The horoscope had Moon in the first house which means the astrology predictions or analysis are a lot easier to do for him than the ones with Moon in the 6th house or the 8th house.

We discussed various things to start with: History of past 8-10 years, projections for next 10-15 years, new mahadasha start etc etc. Then I realized to check a few things to cross-verify if the horoscope itself is correct.

I ask: if there was any problem to his mom with next delivery after his birth? If not, then need to take care of the next siblings as there could be issues related to blood and overall longevity.

The answer : "No the trouble wasn't with the delivery but yes, the next sibling did have blood cancer and passed away within 7 years after birth...!!"

Despite being an astute analyser when having a horoscope in front of me, I had a bit of a shiver. Sometime the most basic principles of astro present some of the biggest events of the life!

There were a lot of things that I predicted were accurate but this thing which was not even known to my friend (his relative!) could be guessed from his horoscope!

He asked the reason for it: My simple(?) logic: Someone in his paternal family (1/2 generations back) had done some harm to some folks due to land/inheritance etc and had to pay that off by having these health issues!! The soul's history had a good match with his parent's horoscope and hence that soul chose their channel..! May be, these folks might have had some benefit out of that bad episode and hence the soul also made the parents suffer both emotionally & economically which was "equal and opposite" to what happened 2 or 1 generation back!!

So, it is HIGHLY advised NOT to do any harm to anyone anyways but especially when you have some land etc in the family, it is always IMP to check if some bad things happened there. You need to research the bad things and take corrective actions by donating it to those families that suffered there or their ancestors.

This corrective action will not only reduce/remove the (related to only that incident) bad karma of the souls that passed 1-2 generations back but also stop incidents such as blood issues, kidney failures, reproductive organ issues in the subsequent generations. (Health is wealth -- Is literally true, if you take away someone's wealth, well you/your family will lose that wealth thru health issues!!)

Newton's 3rd law of motion is nothing but the subtle yet omnipresent law of Karma. It is reflected in so many things in our culture: "Jaisi karani, Waisi bharani", Kar bhala to ho bhala, An Eye for an Eye and so on!!

It is always good and the recommended way of spirituality to pay off your bad karma by good deeds and not thru suffering always!! (Well, at times with an extreme past karma, you might not even have a choice but 80% of our karma has an option of kaarmic Healing -- i.e equal and opposite good deeds!)

The horoscope should be used (apart from future predictions, gemstones, color therapy etc) to understand WHY we were born in the 1st place and what are our obligations in this life.

ONLY Indian culture believes in the "progression of soul" towards "mukti" and these incidents "prove" this theory(?) time and again. Rather, EVERY religion and holy scriptures talk about this but the actual meaning of them is forgotten long back by their followers. An eye for an eye is taken as an excuse to take someone's eye whereas it is the reminder by the God that your suffering is your own work of art! (FORGET & FORGIVE)

We also happened to discuss his sister's horoscope: I looked at it and made a casual comment that She will/would have had a love marriage and Meen raashi people might appeal her a lot and also some April connection! This was again was correct on the dot. She indeed had a love marriage with a meen rashi person born in April! :) It was too acurate too be true! At times, some sentences come out without much thinking -- I guess thats what they call "intuition", progression of knowledge to a level which "seems/appears" to be an intuition!! :) :)


  1. Hello Milind Ji !!!! Nice to see you're back with a BANG !!! Nice /well written article . Missed not having to read your blogs in March . And more important A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ! GOD BLESS

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    Belated Happy Birthday. I hope all your Birthday dreams and wishes come true.

    Had missed your blogs in March, hope you complete your back log this month.

  6. @Ravindra: Thanks much!! :) For wishes and calling me Guruji! :) :)

    @Harsh: Thats quite a compliment...Thanks!!

    @Mahesh: Thanks much. YES, I plan to write more blogs..Actually I speak a lot about Astro when I meet friends on the weekends and then become lazy at times to type it in! :)

  7. BTW Milind, just today I thought I'll mail you and tell you that we have got out extension and will be staying in this country a little longer, like you said! And you came out with this blog, now it makes a perfect reply! :)

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  10. Milind...Belated Happy Birthday! And yes...I agree with the comments here...I too have been visiting your blog all thru March hoping to get to read something new!! :)
    One request ...When you get time...can you please write something abt how Guru's transit to Meen will affect all the rashis?

  11. @Deepa: Thanks for the feedback and hope thats what you guys wanted! :)

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  12. Hey, Nice one. I liked the explaination thru newton's law...Good analysis....Keep helping others n help will be in ur way...thanks for sharing....

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