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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Astro Feedbacks

So far I have not shared any astro-feedbacks yet here on the blog that came from some of the connections over the internet due to the blog or in person consultation. I will start doign that slowly but of course removing any references etc to names, place which could reveal identity etc.

I think most of you have read the post on my visit to a stranger at Tulsi Restaurant(? actually a chaay tapary) at Deccan:

I got this feedback on this article and when I checked the horoscopes did have a lot of similarities.

Here is the feedback:
Dear Mr. Milind, Saw your blog by chance and was quite intrigued and interested. ( i also am makar rashi - most of the things about that person also struck me as correct for me)"

When I checked the horoscope in details, I also saw Guru and Ketu VERY close in Kanya raashi. That prompted me to say that his kids would be rebirths from his maternal family and they could have birth marks on stomach.

This was again true with following feedback: as for kids yes my younger one does have a birthmark on his stomach (amazing).

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