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Monday, April 19, 2010

Guru Changing on May 1st :Guru Badal

Guru Badal on May 1st, 2010

Actually, almost all planets have changed their signs starting from September: Raahu Ketu moved to their neech raashi Dhanu/Mithun. Shani moved from Sinmha to Kanya. Guru moved to Kumbh. All this in Sept/Oct 2009. Later onNeptune moved to Kumbh. Harshal/Uranus moved to Pisces & so on.

Guru has taken tremendous speed since entry in Kumbh in Dec 2009 and will move to Meen on May1st, 2010. This could bring in following changes:

1. Weather cooling down a bit; some solace in this hard summar?

2. Kanya rashi folks getting much needed breather after tough 6th Guru. Sadesati effect to reduce quite a bit.

3. Tula: 5th Guru was supportive, 6th will not be, competitors will get ahead. BUT this Guru will help with health or issues of 12th house Shani which at times defames you.

4. Mesh: After glorious 11th Guru, time to plan for next 12 years in the 12th Guru.

5. Vrushabh: Time for fruits. After happening but HIGHLY tense 10th Guru, getting the place which is similar/equal to your senior.

6. Mithun: 9th Guru was great, now entering stressful period but a happening era of the 10th Guru.

7. Simha: Increase in sadesati effects but help on the health front.

8. Vrushchik: 5th Guru.. Period of Swapna-Poorti -- fulfillment -- achievement.

9. Dhanu: After travel and hectic 3rd Guru in -- Stay at home and enkjoy luxury in 4th Guru!

10. Kumbh: Increase in cash/shares/investments etc

11. Meen: Gain social and physical weight. New challenges that will bring out areas of improvements.

12. Kirk: Entering glorious poeriod of Guru's 9, 10, 11 movements. Great period.

There could be a lot of twins being born in next 1 year across the globe. More % than a normal year.


  1. Ohh Milind! Can't tell you how relieved I am to read this! :) Now just waiting for the times to change!

  2. Just as curiosity, how much will this apply to Sun sign and lagna raashi? eg. Will 'Meen' (my sunsign) & Kirk (lagna) will have some effect on me also?

  3. @Deepa: :)
    This is more to Moon sign but yes also applicable to Sun and Ascendant signs. But Sugn Sign should be the REAL one as per Indian calendar: i.e. April 14th to May 14th will be Sun Sign of Aries.

    I think your Sun Sign is Kumbh? 12th March? Check my "Your REAL Sun Sign" article! :) That will apply for sure.

  4. Also I think you have some two big planets in Kanya raashi -- Where Shani is travellign - This Guru will certainly help there too (health)

  5. Hey! Not fair! Fakta makar raas mentioned nahi :(

  6. Awesome!! Feels great to see you back.. :)
    Too late i guess. but still .. belated Happy Birthday!

  7. Good article Milind n feeling much better that the Guru Badal would hopefully have a +ve effect . I really really hope for it !:-)
    Cheers n Thks for the post !

  8. @Vanessa: :) Yeah I realised that and also expected the exact same comment from you! :)

    @Mugdha: Thanks much...!!

    @Ashwini: YEAH -- 3 gr8 years ahead for you!

  9. Hello Milind,
    Thank you for writing this nice article. Will you please explain following, i am not getting it...
    9. Dhanu: After travel and hectic 3rd Guru in -- Stay at home and enkjoy luxury in 4th Guru!

  10. Hey...why simha gets more sadesati effect(btw good or bad)
    in this last leg am just hoping all the goods that saturn can give me...though its not very much come out that way in my "promotion"aspect in last few days during our yearly review results.anything to look fowd to in this aspect during new guru???

  11. @NJ: 3rd Guru bring inshort term travell, 4th Guru makes you stay at home..

    @Harsh: Well, after May 8th Guru will ask you to prepare for the 9th Guru which will bring iin BHAGYODAY from July 2011...


  12. Hey Milind...Good news thnks.
    would you elaborate more on the effects of GURU Badal on KIRK n TULA.

  13. @mitsob25: Yeah Posted a quick one as often do not finf time to elaborate every Raashi.

    Thanks!!! :)

  14. मिलिंद साहेब नमस्कार.

    गोचर गुरुचे मुळ गुरुवरुन ( मीन रास ८ वे स्थान ) भ्रमण होत असता काही विशेष फळ अनुभवास येईल का ?

    उत्तराच्या प्रतिक्षेत

    अमोल केळकर

  15. hiii

    read yr article on 9-10-11once again in context of the guru change on may 1st. really very interesting..

    ofcourse, you have told me several times about my rashi and my own chart, still cant resist asking once again..

    what will be the direction of this change in my case? karakatva etc??


  16. @Amol:
    Guru varun Guru : In Moksha Trikon: You will get very good advise from various experts in their own fields (at least 2) say Yoga, Astrology, Investments etc.

    Basically you wiull get a new Guru/mentor in life.

    @Rakhee: Makar will have travel and HALF-Bhagyoday...Good stuff.

    @Sadhana: Pravasachi shakyata it is laos going over Sun --- Support from Govt Authorities, Father's health improvement/relief as Shani is against it etc.

  17. Hi Milind,
    i have been following ur blog since dec. 2009
    mala tumachi sagli articles awadtat but i liked "Born on 8, 17, 26 or 4, 13, 22, 31 of any month an... "
    the most.. (my mother is 4th born n sis is 8th born)
    i have sent u a mail yesterday regarding some queries providing mine n my frnds birth details..
    we will be glad if u could help us..

  18. Half- Bhagyoday sounds really funny. I can't even fathom the meaning. Please give examples of it :)

  19. @Nikhip : Thanks for the feedback. Will surely check the email, currently not finding any time! :(

    @Vanessa: Ardha bhagyoday 3rd Guru: 9th Guru Purna-Bhagyoday.

  20. Hi Milind,
    Kumbh - you said increase in cash. I see lot of problems with current assignment & lot of expenses as of now. will it change atleast for 3months?

  21. @SunShine: Yes, 11th Raahu and 2nd Guru will show increase in "wealth", not just cash flow.

    Shani is in 8th house until mid 2012....Until then there will be some crunch as expenditure will be also quite a bit.

  22. Hi milindji,

    Guru badal for mesh good or bad ?

    Time to plan for next 12 years.

    Got additional responsibility in office on 30th :)


  23. @Mahesh: Good bad is just a persptive! :)
    But in normal terms -- You need to learn new things and plan instead of benefitting from immediate stuff Like Lalit Modi. 9, 10, 11 movements of any planets are glorious!! 12, 1 and 2 are usually period to reprofile and acquire new skills..

  24. dhanu baddal After travel and hectic 3rd Guru in -- Stay at home and enkjoy luxury in 4th Guru!- Does this mean that literally ata "ghari basa"??

  25. :) Not literally, but it is the year to consolidate and decorate/polish what you started in 3rd Guru in 2009.

  26. Look forward to a post on Shani transit effects on rashis

  27. Milind,
    I dont know if this is true...but just read on some site that Sanjay dutt's wife is expecting twins in jan 2011. Remembered your comment about thought of putting a note :)