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Saturday, April 3, 2010

hawa bahoit tej chalata hain Bachchan sahab, thoda sambhalo: Shani in Kanya raashi until Dec2011

Amitabh Bachchan sahab has Kumbh lagna with a bunch of planets in the 8th house (peeda sthan) in Kanya raashi. The 8th house which is a peeda sthan and Kanya rashi which “represents” or “Governs” stomach. This means Bachchan sahab will have some or other issues with stomach in his life-time, espeically when Shani is in Kanya, Dhanu, Meen raashi aspecting these planets.

For him, these 8th house planets are more important as the moon is in the 9th house, which means these planets are 12th (wyay sthan) to the moon which adds to their nuisance value.

The major accident he had on the sets of Coolie was in the 1st 2.5 years of sadesati, well it was NOT due to sadesati but the travel of then Shani in Kanya raashi went over so many planets in his horoscope. The sadesati gets blamed wrongly for such things.

Bachchan sahab has Shukra, Mangal, Ravi, Budh, Neptune in Kanya rashi. Kanya rashi owned by Budh represents theatre, drama, language, expression like Gemini which is also owned by Budh.

Mangal represents blood, siblings, sports, speed, accidents, cuts, wars, swords etc etc. Mangal with Ravi increases the boldness and aggression of mangal. Shani’s travel over these two is the astrological explanation of the timing of the accident he had which was near-fatal.

Now, from Sept 2009 Bachchan saab has again entered sadesati but more importantly Shani is again travelling over his multiple planets in Kanya raashi. This will continue until Dec 2011. So, he needs to be careful with his stomach: Eating habits, care with action/adventures scenes, driving etc. He will also need to take care of his siblings too.

Guru will change to Meen rashi from May 1st and this will certainly help him with health although 6th Guru for Tula will increase issues with career etc. 5th Guru (current) is good for achievement etc for Tula but it is not helping with reducing the issues of sadesati with health. The Guru badal will help Bachchan sahib with health.

It’s been a long time since the last article on b-dates of 8 and 4. I thought of publishing something this weekend for sure.

I will post one more article on the 12th house planets. The 12th house represents “Planning” especially apart from many other things (like Moksha, spirituality, expenditure, Big picture). Also, I would like to comment on 5th house’s “execution/actual achievement” abilities apart many other things (like Kids, Buddhi, Forecasting, Playground success and overall success). The 12th house and 5th house are shad-ashtak to each other; they show different things and are out of sync. That is why it is very difficult to find someone who is brilliant in BOTH planning and also execution! For a corporate to succeed, they need both types of folks to work together without undermining importance of their counterparts. Planning/strategy is not a substitute for execution and execution cannot guarantee success unless preceded by better planning/strategy!


  1. Nice post.

    Whole life of Amitabh is full of adventures. Its so rare to find an actor with equally great literary skills.Just wondering 'How many times in a Life-Time one goes through sadesati?' (I know SHANI comes to same rashi every 30 years).

    Regarding Planning and Execution, whats your opinion about the success of Narayan Murthi, Bill Gates etc who are Techies (Both wrote Compilers and OS) as well as great visionaries?

  2. I guess it took some time for Gates to move away from execution and complete planning. Netscape had gone actually quite ahead in the game. Same with what Google has done. You cannot ignore 12th house which is a 5000 feet view of the business and planning based on various inputs.

    Narayana Murthy: With FULL credit to him, I don't know how much of it was the IT wave/tide which took them ahead much like TCS, Cogni, Wipro etc. They are not too different actually!!

    Visionary would be successfully compepting with Accenture on their own turf.

    Why we did not see something as simple as "InfyZip" like WinZip??? :)