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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lalit Modi: Horoscope Spotlight

Lalit Modi: Horoscope Spotlight

Lalit Modi has been in the news lately, he has helped congress move away from failure on difficult issues like Naxlite, inflation, Women Reservation etc and move focus to IPL : on person: Lalit Modi. He has been made a villain by the folks who are having bigger failures on their hands.

Let us look at Lalit Modi’s chart.

Right from 2008, I had assumed that he MUST be Moon Sign Aries (Mesh). The reason was simple: his bhagyoday like many Mesh rashi folks started in 2008 when Guru was in Dhanu i.e. in Mesh rashi’s 9th angle. 9th house is Bhagy-sthan, House of expansion, House of Dharma (Duty) and House of travel due to bhagyoday.

I have mentioned about this 9-10-11 bhraman effect of any planet in one of my previous article: (The Test of Success)

This assumptions of the MESH rashi is true as I find out today’s daily had his b-date as 29th Nov, 1963. (Date of 29!! Again a I have an article on 11/29 b-dates too!)
In 2009, he had more of the same and a lot of stress etc due to going to South Africa for IPL etc but in between for 2 months in 2009 he also had 11th house Guru which gave him a great success in RSA. Now again from Dec 2009 to May 2010 he was supposed to have a great time due to 11th Guru. As mentioned in the article has had all the LABH in this period for what he did from 2008 to 2009. The new teams fetched something which all 8 teams put together didn’t!

He is Mesh raashi and Vrushchik Ravi (Scorpio Sign): So Mangal becomes very important for him. Mangal is of course related to sports, blood, siblings, speed etc. His Mangal is in DHANU rashi and in MOOLA nakshatra. Rather, it is in the 1st navamansh in Dhanu which is MESH navamansh. This mangal is very strong and it shows Kaarmic links from Mom’s family and could show some cancer related issues in this family. (Imran Khan also has Mangal in the 1st degree of Moola, owner of the 4th house in his horoscope: Mom – His Mom Suffered blood cancer?).
So Lalit Modi’s CRICKET or SPORTS association is NOT THE START OF THIS BIRTH and his CERTAINLY has connections from Maternal family.

OK, So the BEST parts of his horoscope are: SHANI in Makar raashi and GURU in MEEN Raashi. These two BIG planets in their own sign show some big and well planned things and ability of a person. Specially, Shani in Makar shows perseverance, efforts, step by step progress, hard work etc. (Obama is also Mesh raashi and Makar Shani). The Guru 12th to Moon in OWN raashi shows great planning ability and bird’s eye view.

His Raahu is also in uchcha Mithun raashi and 3rd house from the moon. The best place for Raahu from Moon! (3, 6, 10, 11 -- 9 is not bad but not the best).

If you do some assumptions on b-time, he would have his Raahu mahadasha currently in (Mahadasha of “Insatiable Desires”. As Raahu is uchcha and Shani, Guru , Sun are VERY WELL placed in STRONG Signs. This mahadasha is of course going to bring in a LOT of LAABH. ALL HIS PATERNAL family has donated etc to a lot of people OR They have earned a lot of good will of folks by their good deeds?? Anyways.....

So now from May 2010: Guru going 12th to his Moon Sign of Mesh (12th), he needs to plan for the next 12 years, it will be mostly an OFF year for him. The 6th house Shani to Mesh raashi puts you under a CLOSE SCRUTINY at the work place where you need to work with HIGH ATTENTION TO DETAILS.

As mentioned in precious article on this blog: 4th year of IPL will be the YEAR OF CHANGE. I hadn't imagined that this will also be one of the change! :)


  1. Milind, does his horoscope also show signs of 'chhal kapat'? Because right from his entry into the game, everything is questionable. There is a case of impersonation pending against him. He filed for elections under Rajasthan cricket board under the name of Lalit Kumar, who is actually some other guy! There are many real estate legal cases against him all over the country. And there is some legal case in USA also.

    Accepted that he brought IPL to such a status, but the idea is stolen from Kapil Dev's ICL. He played politics in defaming them and then using the same 20-20 format in IPL and starting this money spinner thru BCCI. The whole motive behind IPL is commercial, nothing great is happening to cricket. If someone really wants to be an A class cricketer, he should work hard to play in Ranji and come in team. But now, mediocre players, just want to play for a couple of IPLs, make money and go! I personally find it disgusting to see the dropped catches, mis-fielding, stupid run-outs. Its so obvious that these players are not serious about their game! Such low level/standard of game is worst than match fixing for the game of cricket!

  2. completely agree with deepa.

    watching ipl is like bringing one hindi masala movie cd from cd shop and then wasting three good hours of our life in watching nonsense stupid things. but sometimes this dose of nonsense is also needed to take our mind away from worries of life...

    what is played in ipl in not cricket. that game is on a deathbed and after retirement of sachin, whatever little bit of life remained in it will also die its natural death....

  3. @Deepa:
    Only a 12 born can write such a meaningful and thoughtful post!!

    I completely agree to you completely. As I update on facebook, IPL is a mediocre tourney.

    And yes, when Moon Sign is Mesh, Sun Sign is Scorpio and the owner of these signs in 1st degree of MOOLa-- It certainly shows some or other intense/aggressive etc actions which might not conform to law etc.

  4. @Sadhana: Yup!

    Ouot of countless games in IPL2010 --- Only 3-4 had real competition and close fights...