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Saturday, April 3, 2010

More on Past karma : B-dates (4 and 8 Combination) and Harmony of Past karma of many folks

It is just that sometimes we observe a few things in life it further underscores our beliefs and our desire to help folks as much as we can. One such experience I had recently when we got an email from Corporate about sad demise of one of our employees at the age of 32 due to cardiac arrest. The mail also mentioned that he recently had twin daughters (date was also given in the email).
I added the date 22nd Nov (4) and the complete addition was 8!!

Some observations:
1. It is NOT due to the daughters having the b-dates of combination 4 and 8 that this event occurred.
2. Not that 4 and 8 creates any issues to parents etc. There are thousands of 4 and 8 or 8 and 4 where everything is alright but their own choices have gone wrong.
3. It is just that the births happen due to a mathematical harmony of the past karma. i.e. these girl’s past karma with parents and this guys past history with santati had a match here and hence these two souls chose to take birth thru this guy.

The actual horoscope and detailed analysis will reveal which area of life the past karma is not the best. In this case the date of birth for the girls shows that there are some bad aspects on the Sun in the horoscope (reflects in some issues with the father). But rest of the horoscope is of HIGH quality.
Again, their souls have taken a conscious decision to take birth on 4 and 8 combinations to pay off some of the karmic burden in one shot/birth. It is NOT that their birth that has caused any harm to the father BUT their past karma with the father was in line with the longevity that was on cards for this wonderful man (again related to the past karma).

Disclaimers: For many many years, astrologers in India have said things which made lives hell for the folks…So let me say VERY clearly that EVERY individual’s karma is responsible for their own fate/destiny and NOT some daughter/son making some issues. Rather, it is due to this karma, the soul which is not supposed to have father’s love take birth thru such channels.

Example1: "Isake janam ke baad mera accha huwa -- Is a WRONG statement, Rather Aap achchaa kar rahe the isi liye ye soul ne jisaka past karma achha hain, aap ke thru janam liya!!" :)
Example2: Ye mere liye unlucky hain, isake janam main hi meri biwi mar gayee. NO -- Rather, you wife anyways had a short longevity and hence this poor soul which was not supposed to have mom's love due to the past karma took birth thru your wife!!

This also suggests that our this life’s karma will also affect what kind of souls/friends will come in our lives and not just past life karma. It is quite possible that our past life karma is THE BEST with some things and VERY BAD with a few other things. Out actions in this life may not affect such 20-30% things in our life BUT rest of the 70% things in life will get affected equally by past and THIS LIFE Karma!!

This post is to underscore need for good karma in this life for EVERYBODY but more so when 4 and 8 numbers are combined in the birth-date and not rely on fate/destiny/past life karma for all the things.

What this also means is that: Had Saddam Husain and Iran had chosen path of peace in early 80s, they would have souls with peaceful past karma taken births in these countries but when you choose path of violence, the souls with very violent history would take birth and die for the country!! Maybe Saddam and company gives a opportunity to take birth for souls that might have waited from downfall of Rome or even 1st or 2nd World-war who have to die 2-3 times in order to pay off their bad karma during the wars.

So MAKE NO MISTAKE: Your Karma of this life WILL affect which kind of souls yet to be born or human beings already born will take births thru your family, society and religion!!

Two weeks back I read in the news paper about Prophet Muhammad Paigambar: He once said that "1000 rozha and 100,000 namaaj would give as many credits to you but developing LOVE between two people who hate each other will bring lot more credit".

HATE is a direct ticket to hell. Whom you hate doesNOT matter...LOVE is something God loves and supports.


  1. Awesome post Milind. I usually don't trust people discussing astrology and horoscope easily. I can relate to people who talk with examples and speak in a common man's language! It has to make common sense! This one really puts things in perspective. You are on an upward track buddy!


  2. x'lent work.. with full proof examples.. * lifes reality explained in so simple & meaningful words... thnx for such wondrful.. thoughts...
    looking foward to c muchmore like this from u... in coming day's

  3. by the way ... hw to know the past karma.. & it's intsity... towqards our current life...
    if it's BAD... for what reason...
    & if it's GOOD...for what reason...??

  4. very nice article...
    please write about other number combination also...

    and answer the question by Ravindra too :)
    how to know the past karma??

    also, what is good karma?? how does one define good karma?? certain things that i do are justifiable from my point of view but it may not be so from others' point of view. so how do i know whether i am doing good or bad?? in my heart i know i am just, but its totally unacceptable to some others..

  5. Milind,
    Have searched that Karma book from JPV in Mumbai,Pune n could not find it.Perhaps you can
    lead in right direction!Thanks

  6. @Gajanan:
    Check on internet...It is available. I got it in Nashik...

  7. Read this old post after getting hooked to your blog. Exactly my thoughts, now more finetuned. I have held some greviances against some people because of this love/hate issue. It's really tough to come out of it, but gives some solace to know that it was destined to happened due to my own conduct in past life probably. Thanks Milind, you are truly a divine soul.

  8. Thanks for comments Rishabh!!


  9. Milindji,

    Fantastic - as usual