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Saturday, April 3, 2010

!! Numerology Explained with a simnple example of IPL T20 !!

Date of 1 ORIGINATE / PIONEER: is ruled by the Sun which shows entrepreneur abilities, pioneering etc: Sun originates light/energy by burning himself, the Sun STARTS something. And that is why on the 1st day or year you START something new. (Tata, Dhirubhai, Gates etc)

Date of 2 SPREAD /Populist is ruled by Moon: The Moon carries and transfers what is originated by the Sun even when the Sun is set! That is why people born on 2 are about people contact, passing new / good information around, networking, sales etc. So the date of 2 makes sure to pass around and spread what is started on the 1st day!!

Date of 3: ACHIEVEMENT Ruled by Jupiter: This is the date when the idea started on 1 brings great achievement and result. This is the date which is chosen by individual achievers (Schumacher, Lara etc). So on the 3rd day, year or month, the idea brings in the maximum results.

Date of 4: CHANGE!! Now the idea which has brought a lot of results now needs to be "changed" / tweaked in order to keep what is good, delete what is unnecessary and change what needs further polish. This is the date of CHANGE AGENTS like Kishore Kumar, Obama and such. It is ruled by the absent minded weird planet of Uranus which is known to be 50 years ahead of their time.

Date of 5: EXPRESSION / TRADING, Incremental benefits: Is the date of traders, the folks that make things better and get some profit in between. i.e. selling something of 5Rs for 7 Rs etc. Obviously, when you have "changed" something on 4th date, you will have "incremental gains" on the 5th day.

Date of 6: BEAUTY: The 6th day which is ruled by Venus : Initial thought is: Maybe on the 6th day you try to make the idea which has spread, achieved, changed to give incremental benefits, will now be made more attractive, rough edges will be smoothened out and more of a feel good, artistic approach would be brought in. That is why maybe #6 is ruled by VENUS.

Date of 7: INNOVATION: My thinking has not yet gone ahead that much on this to explain the 7th day. This date chiefly represents innovation, wild imagination, something beyond articulation like raining on a mountain with a little bit of sun light the dark clouds at the same time! :)
This date/year is certainly to innovate, think out of the box and bring appropriate changes.

Date of 8: SATURN!! Day or year of a Hard Scrutiny, Review, Conservatism, either stopping the idea completely and making a lot of changes that will get rid of "unwanted excesses" of the idea, this is date if Control...!! This doesn’t have to be bad etc it is just that it is NECESSARY and mostly long-pending Karma that every system or every person needs to do. After this AUDIT
the outcome is a lithe form ready to move ahead with great zeal. But while the AUDIT is being done – it brings stress, tension and hardships. But the 8 – SHANI is IMPORTANT part of the life cycle which makes you do the changes that are NECESSARY for your survival. A Blessing in Disguise if you may!!

Date of 9: SPEED / COMMITMENT TO CAUSE: Rebel, Aggression, taking forward the completely scrutinized, honed, controlled, lithe form coming out of AUDIT of 8 forward with a great aggression and speed. It is also the date of charity, rooting/fighting for a poor/weaker guy.

Now apply that to IPL T20:
A great idea that started in 2008 (it adds to 1 is a good coincidence) which spread in 2009 and will achieve the most revenues, most 6s, most runs and most wickets in the 3rd year. In the 4th year the format will be changed with addition of 2 new teams and further a few more "administrative changes" to it...!!
The 5th year will bring in incremental benefits (?) due to the changed format and so on...The 6th year in 2015 could be the most attractive IPL ever with maximum celebrity participation. It will be interesting what innovation is brought to the party in the 7th year

Most of the astrology or numerology is a common sense much like economics. It is just that what we do not understand, we call it a mysterious!

Is it impossible for a 2 born (2, 11, 20, 29) to be a pioneer -- NO -- It is a certainly difficult than a 1 born. Also, for a 1 born person it is quite difficult to be friendly and populist, it is much easier for a 2 born and so on...!!!


  1. very well written Milind. At first i was thinking where is IPL in this, but the last two paras summed it up beautifully! I sometimes feel I am in these moods where I feel torn between options is bcoz I am a no. 3 and a no. 8 at the same time.


  2. Please write something for date of 7, my birthday is on 25