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Monday, July 5, 2010

CUSP? Nop!! Rather Raashi Gandaant are very important

Cusp is the biggest misconception in modern or rather Western astrology. There is no mention of cusp in Indian astrology or rather; Indian astrology uses the 1st degree and last degree of many raashis (Raashi-Gandaant) for very specific kaarmic indications!! With the cocept of cusp such extreme karmic links would not be possible.

With a sign change the element changes drastically and hence the concept of cusp would never be applicable. (Hell, even last degree of Taurus (Mrug nakshatra) is a highly stable, calm, methodical environment whereas 1st degree of Gemini is bakbak bakbak and quick multiple actions, trial-errors.)

In past 19 years, I have observed that there is NO cusp in Astrology or "Sandhi-lagna" when it comes to chart-reading. You are either a Sun Sign Pisces (13th April) or Aries (13/14 April), you are NEVER a Cusp. It is very easy to identify a person is Pisces or an Arian.

The last degree of Kirk, Vrushchik and Meen raashi have a great importance in Astrology. The planets in the last navamansh and especially, the last degree of these signs in Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revatee nakshatra (resp) show some or other specific Karmic history.

Kirk means small water ponds, cannals etc. Vrushchik means rivers, big ponds/lakes and places of hiding etc. Pisces means oceans, extra large water storages (I guess the great lake in Duluth should qualify under Pisces instead of Scoprio!) :)

The last time (2005?) when Shani was in Ashlesha and Sun was in Cancer and mangal was having drushti on Kirk from Mesh raashi: The well-known Prince episode happend. One of my friend was surprised that I had mentioned to be careful about kids etc getting into open manholes etc some 4-5 days before this happened. My other comment on Price's b-date was also true..I thought he might have some planets in last few degrees of Cancer!! He was pulled out of the hole on his b-date --13/14 August??!!

The Titanic thing happened around 14th April or so? Which is last degree of Pisces & 14 to April 18 first navamansh of Aries. I.e. Titanic is spread across Sun in last navamansh of Meen and 1st navamansh of Mesh.

Similarly, the 1st degrees of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are known to be serious Kaarmic indications. The nakshatras are Ashwini, Magha and Moola. Ravi and Mangal in these degrees show cruel or extreme tough temparaments leading to extreme success/failure in life. These degrees are action oriented where as last degree of Cancern, Scorpio, Pisces are water-sign-- emotional. The 1st degrees are fire signs are owned by ketu and they do have tendency to show some or other thing about Cancer (the desease). The first degree of the fire-signs asks for actions from the person.

Imran Khan having Mars (Sports, Blood, Fights) in 1st degree of Moola nakshatra in Sagittarius in the 5th house. 5th house -- Last birth -- purva punyai: Mangal in Ketu's Moola nakshatra -- He might be re-incarnation of his maternal grandfather's shortlived younger brother or his Mom's shortlived younger brother! Mangal is also owner of 4th house (Mom) in his horoscope and also 9th house Mom's relatives!! 5th house Santati : His kids, especially the 1st one also need to careful with blood contents. (Mom had blood cancer but aspect of Guru on Mangal and Chandra Guru yuti inidicates long life for his mother?)

Bharatratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had Sun in the 1st degree of Ashwini (Mesh rashi). Everyone is aware how strong his career was and how positive attitude and affirmative "action" his decisions reflected. (His 12th house Guru is already mentioned in the last post.)
This topic deserves a very big article but will post it sometime later.

One of the articles where I mentioned something about Mama -- near a lake etc -- was based on Budh being the last degree of Jyeshtha (last degree of Scoprio) apart from other reasons in that horoscope, this was the major decision maker. One of the horoscope from early 60s came and asked out of curioisities if any miscarriages -- as Guru was wakri in Moola that times for some time in early 60s. There were indeed a few and santati karak Guru was in the 1st degree of Moola and that too wakri in this horoscope.

Any planet in the last degree of water signs or 1st degree of Fire Signs show definite & specific karma with respect to the Karakatva (Governance) of that planet in our life.

We can start early and re-pay that karmic burden by self less good deeds instead of paying by sufferings. There are many things that can't be changed in life like lineage, siblings or many events surrounding us -- but how we respond is our own choice!! Despite, tremendous pull of destiny, yor free-will has a choiuce to avoid a very obvious (but harmful) choice.