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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Raahu and Ketu Explained -- PART 1

Chandra-Ketu Yuti Effects:  (Reference Material)

Raahu and Ketu are often misunderstood by most of the Astrologers let alone the aam janata. The Western astrology is completely clueless and hence ineffective due to ignorance towards Raahu and Ketu. Raahu and Ketu are lot many things: Let us try to cover as much as possible with them in lay man’s terms and language. You can search n number of sites in order to get mythological information about the head (Raahu) and the tail (Ketu); the attempt in this article is to keep the discussion thinking that it is addressed to common folks.
Let address RAAHU in this article. We will reserve KETU for the next one.
In short:
1. The quest for Raahu & Ketu is search for your DNA!! It is the search of your forefathers and your family (both paternal and maternal). Backtracking of Rahau and Ketu from a horoscope can reveal some VERY interesting material facts about both the families.
2. Raahu also shows materialism, aggression, passion, agitation; Ketu shows spirituality, depression, negativity, pessimism.
In a horoscope of a person: It represents Paternal family – i.e. the history of father’s family is imbibed in the horoscope thru position, raashi, nakshatra, overall power of Raahu. You can deduce many assumptions based on Raahu’s position in the horoscope.
As you might not be aware of MOST of the births are re-births within the family. Due to joint family in Indian cultures, many folks have attachments etc with some specific folks in the family. You will see many such pairs and affection for some relation repeating across generations. I see countless horoscopes that show direct connection with someone from paternal or Maternal family in past 1 / 2 etc generations.
Here are the conditions when the person is rebirth from the Paternal Family:
1. Raahu in first house of the person. The Raahsi, Nakshatra and Yuti etc of Raahu will show if it is from father’s father side of Father’s mother side person in the past life! :)
2. The ascendant point is in one of the Raahu’s nakshatra – Mithun Raashi – Ardra Nakshatra; Tula raashi Swati nakshatra; Kumbh raashi Shatataaraka nakshatra and so on.
3. The owner of the 1st house is with Raahu (same sign same nakshatra, very close to Raahu).
4. Raahu-Mangal shows boiling of blood with anger; Ketu-Mangal shows slow speed of blood in the body: nervousness of some blood contents. Raahu Ketu shows lack of sportsman spirit, Ketu Mangal shows over-respect for the opponents.
5. Chandra Raahu yuti shows GREAT agitation, uncontrolled aggression / violation, display of power (narrow chin)
6. Chandra Ketu yuti shows utter depression, fear of unknown / dark; Fear of insects etc etc
Such placement of Raahu will show that the MOST OF THE DNA is inherited from Father’s family. In such cases the person also looks like father or some father side folks.

Other interesting bits:
1. If Raahu is very close to Mars – Blood history/DNA is inherited from Father’s family as-is. His siblings would also be mostly from father’s family.
2. If Raahu is close to Shani – Apart from health, it shows that approach of father’s family with Masses/workers was aggressive.
3. If Raahu is very close to Guru : The kids of this person would be rebirths from his paternal family. They will inherit good/bad things from father’s family.
The combinations are sometimes very difficult to decipher. i.e. Raahu is the 1st house but in Ketu’s nakshatra say Ashwini, Magha, Moola or in Budh’s nakshatra – Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati. This could shows father’s side but father’s mother side or Mama side! J
I have Chandra Raahu VERY close in the 1st house in Jyestha nakshatra (Vrushchik Raashi). Let us try to decipher this formation. (Neptune is also in the 1st house in Anuradha nakshtra).
1. Raahu is the 1st house – This is obviously a rebirth from the Father’s side. Paternal family
2. Raahu very close to Moon and 1st house: Abrupt chin (check the snap) – Also possibility of someone from Father’s mother side family rebirth?
3. Chandra Raahu VERY close in Jyeshtha nakshatra which is owned by Budh (Governor of “Mama” or Mom’s siblings/cousins) à This means this could be a rebirth from Father’s Mom’s relatives from Mom’s side! J
4. The Sun (11th April) is owner of the father’s house (10th) and is in Revati Nakshatra in Meen raashi. Revati is also Budh’s nakshatra – This means even Father is rebirth from his Mom’s relatives from mother side à Yup! – We will get to that later.
5. With so much of analysis: Let us look at my father’s horoscope! J
6. His owner of the 1st house is in 6th house – This is 3rd house (younger brothers) from the 4th house (Mom) in horoscope – or simply: 6th house is about Mother’s relatives/siblings or cousins!
7. So even my father is from similar lineage and that is also reflected in my horoscope!! Also, we must have shared closeness or unfinished business in the past live(s) and hence again chose “channel” of each other to come together??
8. This analysis would not have gone ahead in the 1st place if I didn’t look like my father – My structure, face, hairstyle; overall speech is all very similar to my father. Also, he has to look more like his Mom than his father – Again Ditto!!! His face, speech almost all features of the face are from his mom!! J
9. Again, all this is either very simple or very mystic!
Interesting? Huh!!??


  1. Its really very mysterious. I read this book, "Many Lives, Many Masters". Its an experience of a well known psychiatrist with one of his patients. He was trying to cure her of her phobias and she went into many of her previous lives under hypnosis. It makes you think deep.

    Someone asked me to wear a Gomed once, what do you think it might be for?

  2. Wow! Interesting! Its really strange to know how things work!!! What happens if chandra, mangal and Rahu are together in kanya rashi and in 12th house?

  3. Deepa:

    Katherine -- was the name of the girl -- Many Lives Many Masters. Yes, that book is an interesting read -- that is what is so good about western folks -- their way if studying and researching a given topic...

  4. Chandra Mangal and Raahu together in 12th house : 1978 born? I think this is most likely a rebirth from Paternal family -- Father's shortlived brother or grandfather's shortlives brother is something we need to check. But assuming that teh owner of the 1st house : Venus is not with Ketu ! :) Else we have complications there! :)


  5. OMG! You are genius!!! You've got some special talent I must say...!!!! How did you know the person was born in 1978!!! Venus is in first house. Ketu is all alone :)

  6. @ A Sharma : Rahu was in Kanya rashi in 1978. Moved to sinha in 1978 end. Your birthdate must be 4th or 5th of September. Right Milind? Milind has studied thousands of horoscopes, he can build the whole chart in his mind with just one bit of info.

    @ Milind
    This article is a good read. A little haphazard tidbits of info is what I felt. Would be good to read more about the re-birth connection of Rahu-Ketu. More about which houses should be looked at. How exactly to go about it. You have enlisted only a few nakshatras, what about others?

  7. One doubt - In your own chart analysis, you have said you look like your father, your father looked like his mother. So, Can we say that you look like the parent whose family rebirth you are? No need to see chart then :)

  8. My Rahu is in pratham sthan in janma-lagna kundali and my lagna rashi is Vrushabha (Janma Rashi Kanya, uttaraa nakshatra) Owner of Vrushabha, Shukra is in navam sthan. What does that mean? As you said I should be a rebirth from my paternal side (my dadi used to say that her daughter has taken rebirth as me, because I have a same birthmark as her daughter). How about that?

  9. Hello Milind, I would like to get in touch with you. I have tried sending an email to but I havent received any response. Can you please let me know is there is any other email address I can send you an email at? Thanks

  10. @Vanessa: Wow! How do you know? Are you also an astrologer? Yeah you are right about the date its 5th.

    I must say you guys are really amazing! I mean just with one piece of info you can find out whole kundali :) How is this possible I am wondering!!!!

  11. Hi Milind ji,

    I have sent you several emails but did not get any response. Today I have sent again. Please do reply this time.


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  13. Hi!

    Ascendant lord Mars and Rahu are in the 9th house in Kirk for me. What does that say? I think It means that I am actually some ancestor from My Father's side. Could it be I am from my Father's mother's side, since owner of 9th house is chandra? Also my brother is a Kanya Lagna with Rahu in 9th house, but ascendant Budha with ketu and shukra in Vrishchik is he likely to be from My mother's side, especially some maternal uncle etc?

  14. Hi Milind ji,
    I have sent you several e-mails but didn't get any response. I have sent again yesterday. Please do reply this time.

  15. @Venessa:
    Yeah, but how do you know for sure from which family father comes from his Mom's mom or Mom's father? :)

    My Raahu is in the 1st house which would show that I am from Paternal family -- usually father's father but the nakshara is of Budh both Raahu and Chandra -- and hence!

    Although my Mangal and Ketu are in different raashis, they are in the same Nakshatra Mrug -- My sports inclication comes from my Mom's father...He was highly into it. Mangal in proximity of Ketu, that too in Sports nakshatra.

    Pete Sampra: Mangal Raahu in Makar raashi.

  16. @Shruti:
    Raahu in 1st yes Paternal -- This Raahu in Rohini woudl incliine me towards your dad's mom but in Krittika it could mean Dad'd Dad side..But looking at owner of the 1st house in 9th -- again it could be in Shravan or Uttar-Sadha -- Again Mom or Dad but I guess -- there is a very big chance of being from Dad's mom side as Shukra is in 9th house which is not in synch with Dad's house...

  17. @Vanessa: Additional point:
    Looks are subjectice -- Raahu in 1st house and owner of Raahu's sign in 7th house very close to Ketu --- ?? :) This gets very interesting when Raahu itself is in Magha! :) :)


  18. OVERALL: My purpose to post on this is to show VARIOUS AND THOUSANDS of aspects of some life that a Horoscope can touch -- It is like an ocean - using it for forecast is C class D category use of a Horoscope!!

    1. Medical Astrology
    2. Kaarmic Healing
    3. Ayurveda is incomplete without horoscope analysis
    4. A person's passions / his-her "Waasana" or purpose of life.

    and MUCH MORE.

  19. Herieetta:
    Will need the horoscope to look at. But stil will think over the things you have given and come back.

    Lagnesh and Raahu in 9th house I guess it drives me towards more towards dad faimily but it could mean Mom's dad side?

  20. Hello Milind,just back home from India visit for Brahmmagiri parikrama followed by meditation retreat,I must say what an experince! The whole atmosphere get divinely charged up by that sea of people walking barefeet,chanting,singing all along in that darkness n heavy rain at times.Thanks anyway for the post from where I must have taken the inspiration.

  21. Thats GREAT -- I cudn't this time due to workload! :( Its great to hear about your experience !!! Do post a blog etc on your experience and send a link.

  22. Hello Milind, I would like to get in touch with you. I have tried sending an email to but I havent received any response. Can you please let me know is there is any other email address I can send you an email at? Thanks

  23. Milind ji, Can you explain karmic healing and purpose of life aspects of astrology.
    One more question Where can a newbie in astrology learn about basics(about nakshtras, grahs, degrees of planets etc). Can you post links.

  24. Samar:
    I have just started to reply to the gmails. Will surely get back. Soryr about the delay. Haven't been hme much lately! :) or rather :(

    @A Sharma:
    Kaarmic Healing as I understand (partially) is doing something that you "owe" as per your horoscope. i.e. donations to orphanages could help you from kids point of view. Adopting and raising a child would pay-off you sins w.r.t kids in the past birth and so on.

    If Shani is in the 7th hosue shows delayed marriage. Help 2-3 couples to get marriage. Help a marriage bureau etc..

    Selfless help is primary aspect of Kaarmic healing.

  25. OK, I get it. Selfless help is a great idea. Also I read your post related to karmic burden.Very nicely explained. But the problem is to know about karmic(burden + healing) thing one should be able to read difficult kundali system which needs a talent like yours :)

  26. Thanks Milind. Take your time.

  27. Hi Milind ji,
    Amazing write up as always with a very nice topic :-) this i had been looking for since a long time wondering whom and what to ask.
    Request if my chandra,shani,rahu in 5th house tells me if i am from my dad's family with a prominent chin.I do have look and nature of his(more or less)Which a kid of 4-5 yrs i recalled some strange true aspects of details from my mom's father's house and astonishingly some other details too from my father's mom's house ......Everyone wondered how as the details of both happened years before i was born and not really talked about.I WONDER WHICH ANCESTORS I BELONGED TO:MOM's or DAD's...Pls help sort this....thnaks

  28. Milind, my husband's mama died before he was born. In 1977 first half. 6th house mars-venus-harshal aahet Tula rashi madhe.
    He has Jupiter-Venus dasha in 77. Jup-ven-mer in Jul. I have a feeling he is a rebirth of that mama.
    Because he lost his mavshi in sat-mar dasha. Failed kidneys. And lost his ajji in Mer-Ven dasha in 2007. Tyanna purna angawar chatte uthale hote. It was immune deficiency which attacks own skin cells. 2011 is his Mer-Mar dasha, I am a little worried about his 2 mavshis.

  29. @Harsh:
    Will check the horoscope and get back. Mesh lagna -- Where is the Mars? :) But mostly likely this is from FATHER's side. But the complete horoscope is required in front...which I do not have right now! :)

    You are moving very fast with the astro studies! :) Ye sit is quite possible but we need to check snaps of his Mam and also his horoscope etc. Also Mama seems right as Mom's family (6th house) and SWATI nakshatra planets would show Mom's family but male - -or mom's father side.

    Interesting stuff!!

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  31. Yep, I asked my MIL if she has her brother's snap. She does not. But my husband looks exactly like his mother.
    While, I look like may father and more like my ajji. father's mom. I have no planets in 6th house, though my navamansh chart has ketu-mar-mon. And my mars dasha/ antardasha has been bad for my maternal relatives. As I had told you some time back.

  32. Hi ,Just for a quick and curious turn are my details:5th house has shani,moon & Rahu and Mangal is in 2nd house....4th has guru,budh ,sun & Venus.
    i was born in Purva Phalgunis

    May be it helps....Regards

  33. Milind, Can you please reply to my email I sent you. Thanks

  34. Hi Milind ji,
    Waiting for your reply for months :) Mera number kab aayega!! Please do reply.

  35. a very informative article.. thanks milind for this.

    after reading your articles, i sometimes get tempted to start studying astrology :) i am sure one day i will start that..

    by the way, why are you not replying to mails on your gmail account??

  36. Hi Milind, I have written an email to you on your gmail account. Can you please reply. Its a little urgent. Thanks

  37. Sadhana,
    it will always a good time to start! :) I wil lsurely start checking the emails from this weekend for sure.

    Yes, this weekend I do plan to spend time on this.

    A Sharma:
    SORRY Sir !! Will get back this weekend for sure...

  38. Thank you in advance Milind ji , Its madam not sir :)

  39. Thanks so much Milind for your reply. The emotional roller coaster I am going through right now, your emails mean much more to me than what they say....

  40. Hi Milind, I have sent you an email about the dates.Thanks

  41. A Sharma: :)

    Sure...I am checking and clearing the emails...!

  42. Hi Milind, I have sen you an email about the new date. Thanks Samarpita

  43. My son has moon & rahu together in chitra nakshatra in 12th house. what does that show?

  44. Deepak: One should not comment based on this ino only without a complete chart.

    Chitra is in 2 Raashis -- Kanya and Tula - which Raashi is his? If Kanya then there is more certainty in logic:

    Tula lagna -- Owner of 10th house Moon is in 12th house with Raahu -- 3rd house from 10th i.e. father's younger siblings -- also Moon Raahu in Chitra i.e MANGAL's nakshatra which is again about Siblinigs/blood etc. So this would mean -- He is rebirth from your grandfather's younger sibliing or your own younger sibling. I tend to believe it is your own. Hi slagna nakshatra should be in Swati (Tula lagna) -- that shows rebirth from paternal family...

    But if Lagna is Vrushcik and Raashi is Tula -- I will have to analyse differently...

  45. Milind: He is Tula lagna (Vishakha Nakshatra in lagna)
    Kanya in 12th house. Maybe grandfathers younger sibling as you said (rest all alive)

  46. Milind: moon is in uttarphalguni and Rahu is in Chitra . Both in kanya in 12th

  47. Yes -- That sounds more like it-- Thanks God I was on right track! :) With Vrushchik lagna there is a more likelyhood of Chandra Ketu in the 12th house but you never know -- CHadra Raahu in Swati is still possible.

  48. I was just surfing for budh mahadasha n shani antar n came across this article ..very interesting aspect of astrology !!!

  49. amazing to see ur article ! i have rahu in 5 th house ,with libra ascendent n moon in leo ! what does this say abt ?

  50. I have moon and rahu in 1st house/ mars and ketu in 7th house born on 25-dec-1980 @ 8:18 PM. some marital problems and very slow growth in career, pls advice ....

  51. Dear MilindJi,
    I have moon and rahu in 1st house (in cancer lagna) & mars and ketu in 7th house born on 25-dec-1980 @ 8:18 PM (Aligarh-UP) . some marital problems and very slow growth in career, very much advice required .... i had faced very bad time in last 3 years. i want to go foreign country. pls advice.

  52. Hi Milindji,
    I have rahu and sun in lagna in karka rashi. undergoing thru rahu mahadasha mangal antardasha to end on may 2012. My guru is in second house leo sign guru dasha starting on may 2012. my major concern is that guru is in leo sign whose lord is with rahu in lagna , how would be my guru dasha. what upay can i do? i also want to know about chandra and ketu yuti in seventh house in makar rashi. Is it effecting my husband's career and income negetively what remedy can i do for same?
    kindly help, I am very much worried.

    1. I have similar planet position as urs.. my dob is 27.07.1980 may b same as u... only timing may b different as my ascendant is sagittarius... pl share u contact details mine is 7799 77 8252.. saroj

  53. You must be so overwhelmed with all the requests you get. I do not understand much more than mesh=aries, kark=cancer, etc. Still, I read your article devoutly trying to understand. This article just makes me think you are some sort of a genius (though I hardly understood majority of the article :()! Very interesting! Great post

  54. Hi Milindji,

    Great article... I am little confused so if you could help me understand. if husband has Rahu in 4th house and guru, shani, surya and pluto in 6th house whereas wife has budh and guru in 4th house and rahu and shani in 5th house then kids will be from whose paternal side? they both have have rahu close to guru and shani and as per your article if rahu is close to shani and guru kids will be rebirth from paternal side of the family. Now will the paternal side be of husband or wife?

  55. can you please help me i can not decide my career, i am very confused.
    my name is mehul, irthdate is 1 sep 1989 place dhrangadhra and time is 6:15am