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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Definite Past Karma Direction for Scoprio (Vrushchik), Aries (Mesh), Aquarius (Kumbh) lagna or Moon Sign

This topic struck me the other day I was discussing some astrological aspects with my friends Rahul and Madhur (Parihar Chowk, late night I guess it was around mid-night, discussion followed by a cup of T at Shivajinagar bus stand!) J

I have mentioned previously how a soul chooses a specific numerological channel of the b-date and the total addition combination (personality and life purpose) for the birth. The choice of the Lagna Raashi (Ascendant sign) is also significant. Every lagna raashi denotes something significant but this article will focus on very specific houses and things for a specific lagna.

[1] Scorpio Ascendant (Vrushchik Lagna) – & Scorpio Moon sign

1. The 7th house is (marriage, partnerships) owned by Venus (Shukra) – The Venus is also (“Karak”) the Governor of marriage

2. The 10th house (Father, Workplace) is owned by Surya/Ravi (Sun) and the Sun is also Governor of one’s father

3. The 5th house (Santati and Buddhi sthan) is owned by GURU (Jupiter) and Jupiter is also the Governor of Kids and broad level intellect (Budh owns basic analytical intellect / Buddhi). (The Guru the owner of the 2nd house also adds to the Governor or owner of the kids’ house.)

This means that anyone who is born on Vrushchik lagna has some definite karma with respect to Partner, Father and kids & education (Santati). i.e. 1 planet dictates the quality of these things for the Vrushchik lagna person. Now imagine Scorpio ascendant and Scorpio Moon sign like me. The outcome for these 3 things brings a lot of certainty.

In short: Scorpio ascendant people have a very definite Karma with these 3 things in life and hence to fructify this Karma they are “allowed” to be born on this ascendant.

[2] For Aquarius (Kumbh) Lagna or Raahi:

Someone with very definite karma with younger brothers (3rd house), very definite karma for basic intellect/education (5th house) and significant karma for income (11) or expenditure (12) is likely to take birth on Kumbh lagna.

1. The owner of the 3rd house (siblings, short term travel) is Mars (Mangal) which is also Governor of siblings (younger siblings) apart from other things. They have very specific karma with the siblings and it would be reflected in their life (& chart).

2. Owner of the 5th house is Budh and also the Karak of the basic intellect is BUDH

3. 12th and 11th house – Not as significant but still:

a. The owner of the 11th house (GAINS / LABH / Optimism) : Is GURU which is also karak for all gains and optimism etc for a person.

b. The owner of the 12th house is SHANI: Expenditures (Wyay sthan: Wyay or decay of all things including wealth energy etc) and Shani is also karak of slow decay or wyay / expenditures.

[3] For Aries (Mesh) Lagna or Mesh raashi the similar observation can be made on the

1. 4th house (Mother) which is owned by Moon and also karak of Mom is Moon. A well placed Moon will show great influence from Mom and badly placed will certainly show some bad karma for him and also hi mom in their previous life.

2. Also, the marriage house (7th house) owned by marriage karak Venus. A well placed Venus will show great marriage and badly placed one will show – well a mess! J

3. The owner of the 6th house is BUDH which is house of Mom’s relatives (Mama Mousi) and Budh is also Karak of Mama/Mousi. So, someone with very definite good/bad karma w.r.t Mama/Mousi will take birth with Mesh lagna.

4. The 9th house is owned by Guru and it is the karak of the 9th house also.

5. Similarly the 12th house which is owned by Guru /Ketu and they are also karak of those houses. (Spirituality aspect).

I will post for other ascendant signs later.



  1. Milind, there is one person with scorpio lagna and scorpio moon.

    3rd house makar rashi shani in kumbha navamansh! - poeple are crazy for him! :)

    5th house meen sun (like you) expression, creativity, art.

    Vargottam Venus very beginning of aries. in navamansh venus is with mars and Jupiter.
    venus mahadasha 1985-2005.- Again art and initiative, aggressively pursued. Mars in mithun in main chart.

    kumbha rashi budha. mithun navamansh - talking, sense of humor

    navamansh fifth house dhanu moon

    Guess who it is? :)

    Prashant Damle!!

  2. I always thought of him as Kanya raashi -- do not know why!! Actually, Mangal in Mithun (is also like me!!) This Mangal in Mithun has directed the Shukra mahadasha more in my opinion -- expression, talking (mithun), short-writing (Mithun) than PhD kind (Kumbh).

    So omany planets and lagna etc in Mangal owned signs and Mangal in Mithun has directed the outcome I guess. Where is Guru??

  3. His budh is in Kumbha, but in very last degree of purva-bhadrapada. And in this nakshatra, bouddhik peksha sahityik kshetra jasta aahe, mithun navamansh aahe, tyat magal mithun. kumbha budha, mithun navamansh- fast bolane aahech.
    Another important thing is, Neptune in Libra opposite venus in Aries. What more can we ask for? :)(mars directed the venus dasha makes sense, venus being vargottam in ARIES. With Mars in Aries navamansh!)
    Guru is somewhat a mystery to me, deb with saturn in makar. Mangal drushti from mithun, and harshal in ashlesha right opp guru!
    Birth details: 5 April 1961, Mumbai, 9:56PM

  4. Milind ji, On what basis you are finding houses for past karma direction? I mean for example its 7,10,5 for scorpio but 4,7,6,9,12 for Aries. why?
    If planets for past karma direction house is bad, does that means something bad will happen to its associated things/whatever that house represents?

  5. Milind:
    Ek interesting analysis sangte.
    Kahi divasa pasun majhya dokya ek idea khulkhultye. Of writing a novel. Subject aahe dokyat. Vel aahech :) Research chalu aahe majha. Library madhun dheeg bhar pustaka antye. About fiction writing, publishing, plus research on subject matter

    Aaj sahaj patrika pahili, if its supporting and I was pleasantly surprised.
    1. Guru-shani dasha aahe May 2011 pasun.
    2. May madhe Guru will be in Mesh, 11th from lagna. Aspecting my 3RD HOUSE of writing/ communication. With shani rahu in the natal chart already there.
    3. middle of 2012, Guru will be in taurus! 5th from moon and shani in Libra 5th from lagna.
    5th house authorship aahech. :)

    I think I should just go ahead with my plan then.
    To be honest, agdi sahaj chart pahila. I want to write irrespective of how much money I will earn/ If I will be successful etc. :)

  6. A Sharma:
    The WHOLE horoscope is a reflection of the past karma -- and not just a few places -- It is just that for these lagna raashis the specific houses have defnite good or bad past karma as their owners are their Karak...i.e BHavesh and Karak graha are the same.
    5th house has multiple karak planets : Budh, Guru, Sun

  7. Vanessa:
    Yes why not of course yes -- Anyway Guru is 3rd to Moon (Gochar) and of course the Harshal is also 3rd - So OFCOURSE kahitari lihayachi urmi yenarach...

    JARUR liha..!!!!

  8. Haha. Guru/ harshal is already 3rd.
    My deb mercury makes me miss the obvious facts a lot. And I keep digging deeper :)
    Thanks for the encouragement

  9. Hi,

    my daughter is moon sign scorpio. what is her past karma? 18th april,95/4.13am/mumbai.

    also, what book do you suggest for beginners who want to understand astrology.palmistry? (pref in marathi??)

  10. Sadhana,

    Start with Sulabh Jyotish by Soman Shastri but at THE SAME time start with V. D Bhat's Kundali Mangtra Tantra part 1 (qualitative) and part 2 (objective like maths behind kundali etc)

    Read every word from V. D and M.D Bhat & observe people..

  11. Vanessa:
    :) Harshal 3rd to Vrushick came in March 97 or so -- I had a GREAT urge to write as around same time Guru was in Makar ---! :) :)

    Somehow I didn't write much in that time but emails and related commmunication was amazing iin that period!!

  12. Basically Harshal 3rd alaa ki ZATAKE yetaat EXPRESSIOn che...! :) :)

  13. thanks milind. this study looks really interesting...

  14. Sadhana,
    Ani basic vachoon jhala ki read Milind sir's writings/analysis...hopefully site war ajoon asteel, apart from this blog. I have learnt a lot from him,by only reading his analysis over the last 2 years. Basic concepts phakta mahit hote before that like houses/owners..
    Sorry Milind Sir, never gave you any credit for that! But guess I bumped into your writings when Gochar guru was aspecting my patrika guru ;) ;) ;)
    Also have very strongly started believing in the theory of "karma of the past" and doing good karma.

  15. Samradnee:

    Thanks for the appreciation -- not sure if I deserve it -- But YES I do observe if people get in touch with me when Gochar Guru is aspceting their Guru -- that means they are supposed to get good advice -- indirectly it means I am good for them..and not an adverse effect! :) :)

    I would suggest V. D Bhat and M.D. Bhat -- every word of it to SHAPE The thinking -- Once you reach the state of self-awareness w.r.t astro -- like the Sun in Spiderman 2 -- You will be able to sustain just based on your observations of the real world events and of course people!!

  16. Like Samradnee, i got in touch with you when Guru was in Makar, in 2009. Aspecting my patrika Guru and over my patrika Moon :)

  17. Could you please provide some details on this

    I am an aquarius : as you mentioned.. some part Karma realted to siblings.. I have 2 younger brothers one has birth date 22 july and addition 5 and youngest has birthdate 11 May and addition is 3 and I am 4 and 8



  18. Vanessa: That's really encouraging to me! :) Thanks!!

  19. Knaik_44:
    Siblings: Both master numbers 22 and 11 -- these both the dates show some mixed Karma (I am an 11 myself -- Kabbalah calls its "A Lion muzzled"). :)

  20. I would agree with the fact that you will meet good people due to the past good karma. I do not know much about details but I also came across to Milind ji's writings during my guru mahadasha.I do not have knowledge of gochar etc:). I would like to add one thing that His advice is really showing results already Thank you Milind ji for your valuable advice. God bless you!

  21. A Sharma:

    Thanks much -- I am not sure I am worthy of this praise but your intention is good enough for me to feel good! :)


  22. very informative indeed!please!i would request u to please write something about singha(Leo) lagna and vrushabh lagna or moon sign also!

  23. SunShine -- Sure -- Will write about Sinvha lagna and Vrushabh lagna next.

  24. Scorpio ascendant people have a very definite Karma with these 3 things in life >>
    yacha artha kaay? hya 3 barobar kahi hishob chukte karyache ahet? changle/ waiit?

    Mi vruschick lagna,dhanu raas. maze mazya vadilanarobar, husband barobar patat nahi.vaad hotat.aaj mazya life madhya mukhya trasala he ddoghe jan khupach jababdar ahet.tumche likhan khupach patle.pan varil vakyacha artha nakki samjla nahi. kaay kele mhanje he karma nahise hoil??

  25. Dipti:
    "Definite PAST karma" is what I mean. You have done some very specific things to these folks in past livbes and hence this birth \on Vrushchik lagna. Forgove and Forget is what I woudl advise which is VERY VERY difficult for Vrushchik lagna...But possible! :)

  26. Wow! How accurate, Milind! I am a Scorpio Ascendent and an Aquarius Moon. Yes, plenty of Karmic debt. Your analysis about Karma regarding younger siblings for Aquarius is verrrry accurate - have only one brother - who has never been part of my active life! :) Evident from both Lagna & Moon. Sent you an e-mail as well. Wonderful to have found your blog. Thank you!

  27. Thanks much for the comment on an off bit article!!! Usually I get comments on Rashi Bhavishya post! :)

    This post is totally my thinking like many other posts on this blog. When you seat down and start thinking WHY a SOUL would take a birth on such and such horosocpe -- the things alwyas become simple!! :)

  28. I meant "off-beat" - typo in the last comment.

  29. Milindji,

    When you say "karmic burden" with regards to father/partner/kids education- for scorpio what do u think the effects are? I am a scorpio ascendant with venus in 11th house adn sun in 10th. Jupiter in third house- what does that say for me?