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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Palmistry 1 - GURU KANKAN

Palmistry: Guru Kankan or shall we call it as an SME (Subject Matter Expert) Curve or Thought Leadership Curve?

Although the Title of my Blog contains Palmistry, so far I have not posted any article on the subject. I thought I would start with none other than GURU Kankan. What better aspect to start on which I have acquired since 1991/1992 when I started in Astrology seriously.
This Guru Kankan is my own observation based mostly on the palms of Indian people and some Westerns which I get to observe in movies, videos, TV interviews etc. This article might not have much mention in existing books on Palmistry.
Guru’s mount is located below the base on the Index finger (2nd from the thumb). The bigger mount shows hard-work, ambitious nature. Well endowed mount (right from childhood) shows wisdom of past birth(s). Any line that goes to this mount or originates from this mount (even a CROSS which is thought as the worst sign anywhere else on the palm) shows Thought Leadership / Vision etc in some subject.
A brain line that starts from Guru’s mount is considered as the highest order. These people control others thru their Thought leadership. If the brain line touches the life line – they are subtle / diplomatic in controlling others. If the brain line and Life line have a gap in between these folks control others directly, arrogantly by establishing and harping their higher ability. (This obviously shows its side effects / problems in Sadesati!) J
Overly developed and high raise Guru Mount shows negative obvious side-effects of ambitious nature (insecure, fiercely competitive, Loss of integrity to get ahead – they are best in Education field where there is a clear master-disciple relationship – These folks often observed as 12th born).
That was a Primer on the Guru’s mount – Let us get back to the topic that I started with J.
Every person has some passion or should have some passion! J This passion makes a person do a few things, read a few books/magazines and more importantly -- constantly observe related things. Consistent observation, reading etc makes you accumulate information, process it so that it becomes knowledge and further progress allows you to judiciously use it so that it becomes – WISDOM.
Once you acquire this Wisdom (mind you: it is a continuous process and not a milestone) in any subject – You start practicing it. This is the time when you start developing (thru signals of your brain-activity) the CURVE on the Guru-Mount. The area of Guru Mount under this curve is directly proportional to the broadness, audacity, brilliance, transparency, selflessness of your mind and of course your subject itself. If you get ‘THE’ GURU in that field --- Better still – The curve will encompass the complete Guru Mount.
Quick examples:
(1) A Metal music interest could develop a smaller curve – an interest that gets into basics of music, tones, octaves, melody, symphonies and then to Metal by choice would result in a bigger Curve.
(2) Interest in fast bowling would result in smaller one – Interest in dynamics of bowling (all types and left /right, Spin, Swing, Sheer fast etc) would result in a bigger /expansive curve.
(3) The more you SHARE & DISCUSS – The bigger and Finer the Curve would be – Sharing and discussions hone your knowledge to never imagined levels.
Such people are called as SMEs, Go-To persons when the curve is relatively smaller – They are called as a GURU when the Curve is bigger – They are called as THE GURU by several Guru(s) of that Subject if the Curve is expansive enough to get complete Guru Mount within. Usually, such Guru Kankan starts at the start of the life line and curves into the space within the Guru and Shani (middle) fingers.
Of course, there could be more than 1 lines on an artistic (long, narrow fingers) or a mixed type of hand (more on the type of hands later) but maybe only 1 on a Square hand (useful hand). The most the interests more such lines. Usually, 1 of them is large one and others that show hobbies that turn in to major interests. The smaller ones start at the upper side/middle side and curve upwards – IF there is no practical usage (money matters) of this passion.
Artists or People whose passion is their Career:
When your passion becomes also your work – Poets, Painters, singers etc folks would have a Guru Kankan that starts in the middle of the Guru mount with 2 forks – 1 goes up towards the base of the finger and the other one towards the brain line or life line. The fork that goes towards brain line or an offshoot of the brain line shows selfless use of the knowledge which still gets great income but the one which goes in an upcoming offshoot of a life line shows personal growth (Usually the 3, 12, 30, 21 born folks but it is not a rule at all as many of the artists tend to be 6, 15, 24, 5, 23, 14 folks).
Hope this was an interesting, informative and a knowledgeable read – It better be! J

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Meen (Pisces) Rashi Folks --- Bhulakkad?

This post applies to: Moon sign of Meen / Pisces or Sun Sign Pisces i.e. Birth date from 14th March to 13th April.

Whenever you see a person who can give you phone numbers of 10 friends but can’t remember his/her own – they are most likely to be Meen dominated! You would not believe how much bhulakkad these folks can get. They even forget what they have forgotten.

Here are some examples:

1. They usually keep their stuff on top of car before opening it up then and get in the car and drive off by living the stuff there!

2. They will say that they met “this person” the other day – they will end up remembering names of all his friends and their parents –except the person himself!!!!

3. They will always keep saying that this particular person is exactly like you!!

4. God help when they come to India after some time or go to USA after a gap of a few years! They end up driving on the wrong side of the road every now and then!! They are more miserable when there is no traffic – they have nobody to follow in order not to make a mistake.

5. We have a person who had a manual gear (stick shift) car and used to rent a car every weekend to meet his wife working some 200 miles away.

a. He used to have nightmare in 1st 10 minutes every Friday to figure out location of wipers/turn indicators/Gear etc and used to keep pressing left foot every time he used to break (clutch pedal).

b. Every Monday morning he used to forget that his is manual and used to wonder why it doesn’t start – it is battery or some problem with the car – (Simply forgetting to press the clutch or bringing to neutral before starting.)

c. After driving car for the whole weekend for 400+ miles – he used to come to office – and try to pull the belt!! J

6. One of our friends: We are walking out of office for lunch on a Friday.

a. He sees a friend coming in the office at the opposite end of the corridor:

b. He LOOKS BACK and says “Sandeep is coming” I ask him “Are boss Sandeep to aage hain – why you looked back?” –

c. He was embarrassed but upon insisting he said – “I thought, I saw him rear-view mirror”

7. One of the friends used to always turn on the wrong electric burner/coils and put milk etc on the wrong one! Almost always!!

8. Once he was preparing “pithala” – it caught fire – He threw some water on the electric burner! J The fire alarm near the kitchen went off – After 3 minutes Fire-Truck would be on its way automatically. He was trying vehemently almost for 2 minutes to shut it down by using a towel etc. BUT à He was trying the wrong alarm – the one a bit away was actually making all the noise!! J

9. NEVER give Meen rashi folks a Map – NEVER EVER make them navigators! J Else, GOD help!

a. Many examples – They will shout LEFT LEFT when their hand is actually point to the RIGHT turn. (It has happened several times)

10. Driving Test in USA: 4 lane two-way changing to 4 lane one way and then 4 lane two way again – it is too much for a Meen rashi person!! It is almost unfair actually!!! J J J Which way wheel should turn when parking on an incline – God!!!!

I think at least this article doesn’t need knowledge of astrology!! J