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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Meen (Pisces) Rashi Folks --- Bhulakkad?

This post applies to: Moon sign of Meen / Pisces or Sun Sign Pisces i.e. Birth date from 14th March to 13th April.

Whenever you see a person who can give you phone numbers of 10 friends but can’t remember his/her own – they are most likely to be Meen dominated! You would not believe how much bhulakkad these folks can get. They even forget what they have forgotten.

Here are some examples:

1. They usually keep their stuff on top of car before opening it up then and get in the car and drive off by living the stuff there!

2. They will say that they met “this person” the other day – they will end up remembering names of all his friends and their parents –except the person himself!!!!

3. They will always keep saying that this particular person is exactly like you!!

4. God help when they come to India after some time or go to USA after a gap of a few years! They end up driving on the wrong side of the road every now and then!! They are more miserable when there is no traffic – they have nobody to follow in order not to make a mistake.

5. We have a person who had a manual gear (stick shift) car and used to rent a car every weekend to meet his wife working some 200 miles away.

a. He used to have nightmare in 1st 10 minutes every Friday to figure out location of wipers/turn indicators/Gear etc and used to keep pressing left foot every time he used to break (clutch pedal).

b. Every Monday morning he used to forget that his is manual and used to wonder why it doesn’t start – it is battery or some problem with the car – (Simply forgetting to press the clutch or bringing to neutral before starting.)

c. After driving car for the whole weekend for 400+ miles – he used to come to office – and try to pull the belt!! J

6. One of our friends: We are walking out of office for lunch on a Friday.

a. He sees a friend coming in the office at the opposite end of the corridor:

b. He LOOKS BACK and says “Sandeep is coming” I ask him “Are boss Sandeep to aage hain – why you looked back?” –

c. He was embarrassed but upon insisting he said – “I thought, I saw him rear-view mirror”

7. One of the friends used to always turn on the wrong electric burner/coils and put milk etc on the wrong one! Almost always!!

8. Once he was preparing “pithala” – it caught fire – He threw some water on the electric burner! J The fire alarm near the kitchen went off – After 3 minutes Fire-Truck would be on its way automatically. He was trying vehemently almost for 2 minutes to shut it down by using a towel etc. BUT à He was trying the wrong alarm – the one a bit away was actually making all the noise!! J

9. NEVER give Meen rashi folks a Map – NEVER EVER make them navigators! J Else, GOD help!

a. Many examples – They will shout LEFT LEFT when their hand is actually point to the RIGHT turn. (It has happened several times)

10. Driving Test in USA: 4 lane two-way changing to 4 lane one way and then 4 lane two way again – it is too much for a Meen rashi person!! It is almost unfair actually!!! J J J Which way wheel should turn when parking on an incline – God!!!!

I think at least this article doesn’t need knowledge of astrology!! J



  1. I can call myself a Meen Sunsign, based on this article itself. (Although I know you would say, my DoB is 12th March). Turning on one burner and cooking on another one, is something that happens everyday. And the left vs right hand drive in US has driven me nuts. I speak out loud to myself before starting, 'stay on the right'. I can remember my 5th standard sanskrit shloks to perfection, but as me the name of a person I met yesterday! :P :) My husband says, Good hard disk, good processor, but useless RAM.

  2. One amazing example is Albert Einstein. 14 March, Meen Sun and Budha. He had very poor memory of directions and got lost on his way home quite often.

    I don't consider myself bhulakkad really, but I do forget where I kept the keys etc. And I don't remember certain thigns/ words when they are most needed. Next day I remember and wonder how I forgot in the the nick of time.

    Do any of these things happen to you?

  3. Deepa:
    I forgot 1 paragraph in there.
    (1) The 1st Nakshatra in Meen Raahi is Purva-Bhadrapada for 1 charan only i.e. 1/4th of Nakshatra is in Meen raashi

    (2) The first 3 charans of this nakshatra are in KUMBH raashi. i.e. 3/4th nakshatra. So from 4 or 5th March -- SUN is in this Nakshatra for next 13/14 days.

    In KUMBH raashi -- it is ABSENT MINDED GENIUS that is displayed (Einstein) so there is this quality of forgetting something in this nakshtra but in KUMBH it is due to thoughts -- in Meen it is pure BHOLSAT pana and WENDHALE pana.

    You I would call you a absent minided person deep in thoughts etc than Bholsat Wendhali meen Sun sign! :)

  4. Vanessa:
    I always believed him Eeinstein as a 13 (4) born -- maybe he was 13th March -- i.e. ruled by Harshal and also Sun Sigbn Kumbh -- owned by Harshal -- Harshal rules Electricity and Nuclear power along with OVERT Mangal.

    YES -- I (11th April) do tend to do this albit lesser extent as I am Scorpio Moon and Lagna rashi. Double Scorpio -- BUT YES THE ALL MIGHTY SUN always shows its characteristics..So even if I forget due to Pisces Sun -- I will have Scoprio Ego to say -- Whos going to remember this anyways! :) :) Self fulfillling!!

  5. Kumbha does make more sense indeed. Budha meen aahech tari pan I think. :)

    Btw, Last 7 years Harshal was in Kumbha. My daughter and I guess your son too, in fact almost a full generation has this Kumbha harshal. If its good by position/ drishti etc. pora barech dive lavtil (no pun intended) ashi aasha karuya :)

  6. Yeah -- My boy has Mangal and Harshal ini Kumbh in the SAME degree --- Baghuya kaay Nuclear Diwe lawato! :) Sun Sign Aries and Ascendant Leo so Mangal is the most imp planets -- Raas KUMBH aahech -- So Harshal imp -- Shani in Mithun vargottam -- Chandra in KUMBH Vargottam... 3rd May !!

  7. My daughter has 7th house kumbha harshal, guru ani mangal drishti aahe. Pan mangal gandlela aahe, 12th house in karka. Guru drushti - expansion - kumbha rashi- networking. For her its more about people and relations I think. She is already very kind to everyone, animals, insects. Bhoota-daya. Non-violence. Ani US madhe schooling, so overdose of manners. (We call her the next Mahatma Gandhi.) Pahila Guru aahech. Chandra Ashwini nakshatra- laghavi swabhav. People love her wherever she goes.

    So I am counting on a innovative PR personality here rather than technical.

  8. :)

    Tanish is typicla Leo ascendant with 11th house Shani -- Has a great connect with Masses (Labh sthan). Kumbh raashi mhanaje Jagad-Mitra. Very broad view of life...3 born shows some individual achievement for him -- which is good in my opinion! :)

  9. Mahatma was 2 born -- He has the best Marketing in the last century!! Meeth uchalale and got 40 Crore folks included in the andolan...Now a days we hear fortune at bottom of Pyramid etc..

  10. Shreya is 10 born, 10th house is stron vrushabh shukra. 11 mithun shani like Tanish. Very close to Sun though.
    Aaj school madhe student council cha voting aahe, and she is running in the election. Future possibilities chi ek jhalak. :)

  11. Hi! My sun sign is Pisces n yes I m BHULLAKAd!:)...well astrology has always been my subject of interest but u also keep it very interesting make it really enjoyable.good job, dude!Keep it up!LOL:)

  12. Yes I am a proud Meen person and many times act as meer stupid cupid :D On my last Birthday, my close friend called up to wish me. I thanked her and after some informal conversation I asked her plans for dat day as I forgot that was my B'day and not her... :D :D :D My Husband always worries anout me as he is Vrushchik guy ;)

  13. As per ur sun signs ... I'm meen rash and god this so true abt me. But my moon rashi and the famous zodiac sign ... both are mesha... My dad is a moon rashi mesh.... But very very little mentioned above applies to him.....

    To figure out which is right hand side... I have to gesture eating to figure it out with confirmation... ;)

  14. Hi Milind
    I guess you just spoke about me in this article .I am meen rashi (Revati Nakshatra) and yeh my mother do call me bhulakkad sometimes.

    Also it has happened with me that I forget what I have forgotten.

    Great to read your article as always and thank you for there is someone(you) who understands why Me(en) like this.


  15. Dear Sir, i am Rajesh Kumar
    My Date of Birth 23-05-1976 Time: 07:35 A.M Bilasipara(Assam). i want to know about my marriage.When will i got married???

  16. woww...superb...i am a pisces..and this is 100% true sir..hats off to all you write :)


  17. By the time I reached the bottom of this article, I was almost rolling on the floor laughing. Outstandingly hilarious! Too good boss!! :-) :-) :-)

  18. Milind sir i agree with u that meen rahi people are bhullakad.
    In my horoscope there is moon+rahu conjunction(pisces)(Revati Nakshatra)in 6 th house.

  19. Hi Milind,

    My birthdate is April 06, 1981. So, as per above article my moon sign should be "Meen". But actually it is "Aries/Mesh". How's that possible?

  20. KIRAN:
    Your SUN SIGN is MEEN and your moon sign could be Mesh

  21. AR:
    Your dad is MESH so how this artilce wud apply to him? :) Also your Moon Sign is MESH but you Sun and manybe BUDH is also in Meen so this wud applpy to you.

    IRFAN KHAN the actor comes across as MESH SUN SIGN to me April 14th to May14th BUT his BUDH must be in MEEN rashi -- he comes across MEEN BUDH to me from time to time...also BUDH sepearate from Sun...

  22. Hi Milindji

    After reading your post I learnt that why me and my mom are so visarbhole. I forget what I have forgotten. I keep important documents or things at such a safe place so that I can find them and then I forget and I have to search whole house. While talking to someone in family I suddenly stop and ask where was I? My birth date is 2nd August and in my janm patrika my sign is meena. As per your other post for meena rashi I am waiting for July 2014 as my last 3 years have changed my life upside down so hoping to see good and normal times ahead. Do you also suggest name change I think my name Menaka has a problem and it should be changed. Thanks for your posts and guidance.

  23. Sir maza tar moon +rahu aahe meen madhe @6th house

  24. I am Meen Sun and Moon both :)

  25. I have this kind of bullhakadness.but no connection with meen rishi which falls in 2nd house but budh in vrishchik at 29 degree's,gandant.also budh mahadasha running

  26. Does combust mer. give similar results? Eg mer combust in ashlesha nakshatra?

  27. Same with me ....I am Pisces sun, mercury n mars. As a result I am very absent minded. This article is awesome !! Is there any solution ??

  28. I am Meen Ascendant and most of the things said above are correct for me too :(. Left Right is always a pain, remembering names are nightmare. Remembering correct words at the time when they are badly needed is other one.

    I wanna know is there any remedy?

    BTW My Wife on the same time is also Meen Ascendant, but has fairly good memory.

  29. Fake, this is wrong and bullshit