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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mahadasha Antardasha Primer

There is a wide-spread lack of knowledge, misinformation or a mystery among common people about “Mahadasha”. When an Astrologer says “You are under Chandra Mahadasha” – The response is – “Oh, Am I under some kind of Mahadasha? What is the effect of Mahadasha – when it will be over?” J

That is, the word “Mahadasha” is taken with a negative connotation. This article gives you basic information about Mahadasha – Antardasha and their sequence and how a person starts his life with a specific mahadasha.

PART A: What is a Mahadasha?

1. Some or other Mahadasha is always ON for every person at a given point in time.

2. Each Mahadasha has multiple Antardasha in it of all the planets.

3. Sequence of Mahadasha for everybody is the same. Just the starting point is different.

4. There are various types of Mahadasha systems such as

a. “Winshottari Mahadasha” (The period of 120 years)

b. “Ashtottari Mahadasha” (Period of 108 years),

c. “Yogini Mahadasha” etc

5. Winshottari Mahadasha system is the most commonly used and the most reliable one. Winshottari Mahadasha will be the topic of this article.

6. By simple calculations it is quite obvious that almost 1/6th people on the face of the Earth are running Shani Mahadasha (19 out of 120 years of Wimshottari Mahadasha are under this one) and a little less than 1/6th are under Raahu (18 years) and Budh (17 years) Mahadasha.

7. Exactly 1/6th folks are under SHUKRA Mahadasha (20 out of 120).

8. Winshottari Mahadasha shows a period of 9 Mahadashas which add to 120 years as follows:

a. Ketu Mahadasha 7 years

b. Shukra Mahadasha: 20 years

c. Surya Mahadasha: 6 years

d. Chandra Mahadasha: 10 years

e. Mangal Mahadasha: 7 years

f. Raahu Mahadasha: 18 years

g. Guru Mahadasha: 16 years

h. Shani Mahadasha: 19 years

i. Budh Mahadasha: 17 years

9. Every Mahadasha has 9 Antardashas (Proportional 120:7 so 7:?; 120:20 so 7:?)

a. Ketu Mahadasha starts with Ketu Antardasha and the sequence of Antardasha is exactly mentioned as above bulleted list.

i. Each Antardasha is exactly proportional to its length in 120 years i.e. Shukra Mahadasha is 120:20 i.e. 1/6th. So in Ketu Mahadasha of 7 years, the Shukra Mahadasha would be of 14 months.

ii. Ketu Mahadasha will end with Budh Antardasha

b. Shukra Mahadasha will start with Shukra Antardasha followed by Surya Antardasha, Chandra Antardasha etc in the SAME sequence as mentioned above, ending with Ketu Mahadasha. Surya Mahadasha is 120:6 i.e. 1/20th. So in Shukra Mahadasha Surya Antardasha would be of 1 year.

c. And So on

10. These years have come from Sanskrit Scriptures.

11. I have not yet got enough chance to decipher why these years assigned to a specific planet. SO I have some questions which I do not (yet) have answers to:

a. Why not 18 years each for Raahu Shani and Budh?

b. Why Ketu and Mangal both 7 years

c. Why Shukra Mahadasha the biggest for 20 years and so on

d. What if a person lives for more than 120 years (Restart from top?)

PART B: For a specific Person, How the Mahadasha sequence is calculated?


1. At the time of the birth of a person: Moon is in some Rashi (Sign) and some Nakshatra. The person will start the Mahadasha on the birth-time Moon’s Nakshatra-swami.

a. The degree of the Moon will decide how much of the Mahadasha completed before birth and How much will be due after the birth.

b. This is also called as Mahadasha period which is BHUKT (period finished before birth) and BHOGYA (pending to be used after birth)

c. The circular sequence of Mahadashas will be the same for every person regardless of where you start it.


1. There are 12 signs that are divided in 27 Nakshatras.

a. Each Sign is 30 degrees.

2. Each Nakshatra is of 13.33 degrees or 13 degrees and 20 minutes.

a. Each Nakshatra has 4 equal parts called as a ‘Charan’ of 3 degrees and 20 minutes (There are also Charan-Swamis)

b. Charans are also called as Navamansh – As there are 9 (Navamansh/Charan) in one Sign! J

3. Every Nakshatra has a planet that is its Nakshatra-Swami (owner of the Nakshatra)

a. There are 9 planets that are Nakshatra Swami – Classic Term: Nava-Grahas

b. They are exactly the ones mentioned above in the Mahadasha sequence.

c. i.e. Nakshatra-Swami sequence is the same as Mahadasha sequence

d. i.e. There are 3 Nakshatras owned by 1 Planet mentioned above. (Nava-Graha)

4. The table at the end of the Article Summarized the Nakshatras and their Swamis:

5. For example: My Moon Sign is Vrushchik and Nakshatra is Jyeshtha

a. Jyeshtha is owned by BUDH.

b. So my 1st Mahadasha in life would be of BUDH.

c. If the moon was at the start of the Jyeshtha – I would have had 16.99 years of Budh mahadasha after birth

d. If it was exactly in the middle of Jyeshtha nakshatra – 8.5 years of Budh mahadasha before and after birth

e. And so on

Just imagine how difficult and time consuming it would have been to create a horoscope with all those Shodash-Wargas (16 charts) and Winshottari Mahadasha-Antardasha Tables! Today a very small software can give you all that information with a few clicks!



































Purva Phalguni



Uttara Phalguni
























Purva Ashadha



Uttara Ashadha












Purva Bhadrapada



Uttara Bhadrapada





~Milind N Chitambar


  1. A little too technical except for the first para which can take the sting out of the word, 'mahadasha' Glad you chose example of chandra mahadasha rather than SHANI! :)

  2. :) Actully Shani Mahadasha usage gets more hits to the blog! :) But I thought to start with myself to avoid easy publicity -- which is not needed as anyways Mahadasha itself is a feared word! :)

  3. :D :D LOL on your comment abt "hits to the blog". With a rough calculation I should be in my Guru Mahadasha right? (Mine is Chitra nakshatra). what is tickling my brain is, it will be followed by a "Shani Mahadasha". So imagine, roughly when I'll be done with my 'Shani Saade Sati', I'll have a quick break and start doing my time under Shani Mahadasha! :) :). I think by the end of it all, I'll become immune to everything! Correct me, if my random deductions are silly! :) :)

  4. @ Deepa
    Don't go through all the trouble to calculate. Give that tickling brain a break. :)
    There are many websites which do that. Just enter your birth details and you have all you dasha-antardasha details down to the hour sometimes. Just chill. Leave the complicated stuff to Milind :)

  5. Yes Deepa: You are under Guru mahadasha from Mar 2004 to Mar 2020. Guru is in 4th house and hence you will have luxuries, ghode/gadi/house etc etc in this period. Good life overall but not the best for achievements etc. i.e. You will be in your comfort zone in this period.

    However your Shani mahadasha would be quite good despite Shani Mangal yuti as Shani is in the 3rd house and VARGOTTAM despite being Wakri. SO you would achieve good stuff in Shani mahadasha by moving out of comfort zone.

  6. Vanessa:
    Yeah -- Nopw a days S/W makes life much easier -- Only analysis is left to us.

  7. @Milind- Thanks! :)

    @Vanessa- He already is designated advisor. My only concern was, I was thinking my life will be full of Shani saade saatis and shani mahadasha or wht!! :) :) But like u said, the expert has spoken and cleared the doubt!

  8. Hi Milind ji,
    I have sent you an email. Just hoping you will reply this time.

  9. @ deepa and Milind:

    Shani is always SOMEWHERE for everyone. It is either ashtam, ardha ashtam, sadesati. Then add the shani mahadasha, antardasha, sukshma dasha. Enough to drive you crazy. But hey, its not all bad. When I open my chart and see all the past dashas carefully, I can see that every shani antardasha/ shani position has taught me something or the other and made me a better person. So I am all for shani mahadasha. Bring it on! :)

  10. Strangely depsite my Shani and Mangal and shani and Ravi Kendra (with Vrushchik lagna and Vrushchil raashi) -- My Shani mahadasha although is tough, shows a great support from many folks...

  11. Your shani antardasha was feb 2009 to feb 2010. Shani mahadasha starts 2063 which you may not see, if you do you will be 89 :)
    Right now Sun-Mer should be very good for expression/ creativity/ social circle and friends due to 11th shani.
    How was your mangal antardasha in first half of 2007?

    Its almost like meri hi billi mujhpe hi myaun :) But I would like to know how you think about your own chart.

  12. Thank you so much Milind ji for replying to my email. Just coming to my mind that its my good karma that I came across to your blog and getting valuable information.

  13. Vanessa:
    I guess the Lord wants to to be as away from masses as possible (politics) as Shani mahadasha doesn't come until late and Shani is in 8th house -- pretty useless anyways! :) But it does mean that good karma with masses will be paid off in the next birth itself...

    1. Hello, Milindji can you put some light on Rahu Mahadasha, Saturn Antardasha, Rahu Pratyantar Dasha, Guru Sookshama Dasha

  14. A Sharma:
    That is a BIG compliment which I am not sure I am woorthy of -- But we can always TRY honestly to make a difference -- regardless of results (soemtime we succeed, somoetimes learn from failures)

  15. Mangal Antardasha was VERY good and it surprised me too! :)

  16. The above blog discussion reminds me that my so called"Best" mahadasha of MAngal is coming to an end in APril 2011 and Rahu is about to begin for 18yrs.
    I was told by you since i am mesh lagan and simha rasi my Managl dasha would be the best of i need to be a bit cautious and may be sad as some of the imp aspects are still undone and my BEST dasha to is going over to not so good/dreadful mahadasa.....Pls suggest

  17. Harsh
    Why do you think Raahu Mahadasha would be bad? :) Raahu with Shani in 2nd house in Sinvha raashi? Just checking...The results depend on the power of Sun...

  18. Raahu acts(!?) as per the power of the owner of its raashi or the planets close/Yuti/Opposite to it. Raahu shows hednism, materialism and akraal-wikraal -- insatiable desires.

  19. LOL akraal wikraal. hahaha
    Haven't heard these words in years and they sound really funny.

  20. :) Vanessa: Raahu cha jabada asato Akraal-Wikraal -- Agitation, Santaap, Hedonism, Materialism, Upabhokta, IMAGES etc etc

  21. Good article. Interesting to read how your nakshatra determines the starting mahadasha. Hope you write an article some day about what each mahadasha tries to teach us. I guess the mahadasha effects depend on the placement of the planets on your chart but is there a common lesson that each mahadasha/antardasha teaches you?

  22. Modified the article -- some typo and also added generic information.

  23. Yes SEEMA:

    Will certainly write an article what each Mahadasha signifies for a person.

  24. sir!
    I got some of this but got confused with how do one knows which mahadasha means yogini,winshottari or ashttotari would be present in ones kundali?
    my question can be confusing too!:(
    please guide!

  25. SunShine:
    Forget about other Mahadasha --- Folks use only Wimshottari mahadasha but some or other mahadasha is always on for everybody at every time.

  26. Dear Milind Sir

    Which software do you use for horoscope analysis?

    Kindly recommend me some good books to read on astrology that explains everything conceptually..


  27. please help..i am in shani mahadasha and from april my sun antradasha will will that effect on ketu antra dash got me lot of physical pain date of birth dec 19 1974 at 9.15pm..will appreciate your response

  28. How does Ketu Mahadasha and Budh Antardasha impact one's career. I have repeatedly had issues during the whole of Ketu mahadasha since 2005 and it seems things end in march 2012. but till then hoping for sime relief

  29. Actually I got most of benefits and losses in Shani's mahadasha ....I got job when shukar was in antardasha ..I got court cases when chandar was in antartdasha ..Now I am facing rahu's antar and mangal in Yogini dasha ...few signs were very nice but a few are again making me scared I just wanted to know how would shani's mahadasha in rahu 's antar and mangal in yogini dasha will effect for next one there is fear of loss of job and debit etc ...

  30. my shani is also 8th, and i am in the shani mahadasha now (upto 2023)...can feel the disconnect with the masses...somehow i can just not get on the right wavelength with anybody. guess its going to be a lonely life. (doesn't sound too bad though, i like solitude.)

  31. dear sir i am searching for a good book with the deep study of jyotish sukshm dasha vinshotari, but i could not find any in the market, i request you to suggest any book on the above subject in your knowledge, i will be greatfull to you, please help me out. you can please contact me at

    thanks & regards
    himanshu ratnakar

  32. Currently in chandra mahadasha (sco 26° 2nd) &antradasha ketu (libra 13°)
    8th 24° mercury 8°sun taurus ... I am proactive with my health, I know who my enemies are, I have no weath to lose, enrolling in massage school with interest in reflexology, single & staying that way. I eat organic & take vitamins & taking care of my health of yrs of kidney stones, taking chlorella sun pills, drinking lot of water, studying vedic daily joyshi, praying, purged & donated many of my belongings, simplified my life, letting anger go, accepting others for who they are, finding balance and putting principles into action-doing the proper good things & speaking peacefully. I am isolating from others, ecept my children. Finding peaceful balance. Staying grateful. There are always remedies & solutions to all challenging issues -i believe. Thank you /7 life path # with 5,6&11 main energy vibrations.... Thankful for saturn in 6th & mars in 12th

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  34. Bumped in to your blog today..and totally impressed with the detailing. As i'm trying to figure out my Dasha..I guess my Chandra Mahadasha is running..(Bharani - Nakshatram)...but the question do we know where exactly moon was to know how much of the dasha was Bhukth/Bhogya

  35. I'm referring to the example of your Dasha calculation c) and d)

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  37. Hi Milind

    i am going through Shani Mahadasha since 2014 and will be in same till 2033 ,antar dasha also shani till sept 2017 , i am facing lot of issues in career can your please guide