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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Manmohan Singh, Yuvraj and Kanya raashi planets

Manmohan Singh and Kanya Raashi Planets

Currently Manmohan Singh (born on 26th of September – Kanya Surya) is having a lot of issues with his ego, self esteem getting hurt. Every Indian wants answers from him and can make him go quiet with only 1 question on 2G spectrum issue. (15th Sept to 15th Oct – Sun Sign is Kanya Virgo and currently Shani is in Kanya/Virgo). It is a very uneasy period for him.

Yuvraj Singh is also having some issues in his career where a lot younger folks who came after him are doing better than him. He has Shani and Mangal both in Kanya raashi.

Shani in Kanya just shows the “timing” of these issues to Manmohan and Yuvraj. Although, Manmohan finished sade sati in Sept 2009 and Yuvraj in July 2007 – Shani’s bhraman on Horoscope/birth-time Sun for Manmohan and on Shani/Mangal for Yuvraj is a testing period right now.

The respite is that GURU which is in Meen raashi from May 2010 to May 2011 will surely LIMIT the losses caused due o Shani in Kanya raashi as Guru has 7th drushti on Kanya raashi.

1. Shani travelling over birth-time (natal / horoscope) Sun shows issues with Ego, Self Esteem, Govt, Father, Back (spine), power of eyes and biggest – heart!!

2. Shani travelling over Mangal shows issues with brothers, sports, blood, wars etc.

Regardless of what is your Chandra raashi or Surya raashi if your horoscope (i.e. at the time of your birth) has planets in Kanya raashi you would have some issues when “current” (gochar) Shani is travelling as follows:

1. Shani in Kirk raashi (lesser extent) as Shani’s 3rd drushti will be on the Kanya raashi planets

2. Shani in Dhanu raashi (a bit more) as Shani would have 10th drushti on these Kanya raashi planets

3. Shani in Meen raashi (bigger still) would have 7th drushti on these planets and would have a bigger impact on planets in Kanya raashi

4. The biggest impact would be when Shani is in Kanya raashi i.e. exactly travelling on these kanga raashi planets.

The exact timing of the impact would be felt when Shani is exactly in the same degree in these 4 raashi above as your natal Kanya raashi planets. The biggest care or patience will be required during the month or two when Shani is around these degrees. When Shani becomes wakri (retrograde) then this impact would be there for a longer period in time as Shani will move very slowly on these planets.

For example, I do not have a single planet in Kanya raashi but I have Chandra Neptune and Raahu in Vrushchik (Scorpio), Surya and Budh in Meen and Shani & Mangal in Mithun à Currently Shani has drushti on all these planets i.e. Shani has drushti on ALL my planets except Guru and Shukra.

OBVIOUSLY, GURU’s Gochar travel will also have drushti on these planets and hence will reduce impact or the intensity of the Shani’s drushti on these planets.

Does this mean these folks cannot perform at all – NO!! It merely shows that they need to show patience and hard-work and pay for what they have done ASAP instead of not dealing with it. Yuvraj can still hurt opposition big time in crucial games as after Mat 2011 he has 11th Guru (Mithun raashi) which is a great support. But regardless he HAS to show hard work etc until Dec 2011 as Shani is in Kanya until that time.


1. Yuvraj having issues with sports as he has Mangal in Kanya raashi and his Surya (12th Dec?) is also under drushti of Shani. This temperament is also tested as he has ChandraRaahu very close (agitation, aggression) in Gemini which is also under drushti by Shani. He will lose some weight for sure in next few months.

2. Manmohan Singh 26th Sept Shani travelling over his Sun affecting ego, self esteem etc

3. Narendra Modi – 10th and 11th Shani to Vrushchik raashi got him more power but Shani is also travelling over his Sun (He is also born from 15th Sept 10 15th Oct –17th Sept??) He appeared for some inquiry for a commission – more such events could affect his ego also.

4. Sunil Gavaskar (10th of July?) has Sun in Gemini and Shani is aspecting his Sun too. I think he did have some tussle with BCCI authorities. As he is Dhanu raashi he is right time right place until March 2014.

5. There is a whole LOT of examples which I will keep posting. If you know famous folks born from Sept 15 to Oct 15 please post them in the comments section below.

6. Sonia Gandhi 9th Dec (Scorpio Sun) Shani in Kanya drushti on Sun in Scorpio

7. Rahul Gandhi: Despite Shani being 9, 10, 11 to his Makar raashi in next 2.5 years, currently, Shani aspects his Sun in Gemini Sign (I think he is born from June 15 to July 15)

8. Same with Raj Thackeray as his Sun is also in the 1st degree of Gemini.

9. Amitabh Bachchan has 4-5 planets in Kanya raashi – He needs to be careful with health, stomach, accidents etc.


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  2. Milind, I had to tell you a good news. For others who don't know the context, I had simply mailed Milinda out of frustration because everything was going wrong, and you have those moments when u lose it. Milinda asked me to stay patient and said things will work from Dec 6th. And I got an offer on 6th and its confirmed now! :)

    Although, being a Kanya raashi I know, its an uphill road for sometime, but its good that someone like Milinda is around and keeps telling you abt Shradhha & Saboori. :)

  3. Himanshu: I will certainly get back sometime this week.

    Deepa: That is a GREAT news... Keep on ndoing "Good Karma"...!!!

  4. @Milind
    Reading Himanshu's comments above made me a little sad. I don't know if you answer questions about "male child" etc. I find it unethical in these times to ask and answer questions about 'having a baby boy' I don't know when this discrimination is going away. Sigh.

  5. Vanessa:

    Frankly speaking it is almost impossible from the horoscope to give that prediction -- Only thig you could say is health of the kids. So I tend to answer thse questions in a more generic way -- As to what is the best time for him to have santati than gilr /boy etc.I have seen that some time sintuition works only if you know the people well but that too again is not reliable...

    From horoscope -- it is mostly answered "Santati" and not girl biy etc. Rule of thumb says that Even raashis have more girl santati and odd raashis have boys...but Moon Sun and Ascendant shoudl be considered....Also add panchamesh and Guru's sign 9odd even) to the equation! So overall VERY diff to predict anyways!!

  6. kanya is my lagna and I have mars and saturn in it. my moon is also in simha. I have no siblings, so what would this mean for me?

  7. I have sent a mail to you for my queries.. Please find time to respond...


  8. - Reading ur blogs for the first time..But let me tell u..could not get out of it...
    - Moving from one blog to another...
    - Since morning 11am till now it was reading n reading n reading...
    - good to know someone like u..
    Thank you for the blogs

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