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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Palmistry: The Rule of THUMB (Readings from the Thumb)

The Rule(s) of THUMB
The thumb has the biggest importance of any finger as far as Palmistry is concerned. The thumb houses the Venus (Shukra) Mount at the base which is significant part of the palm and is usually much more pronounced/big etc than other mounts i.e. of the other fingers.
The Thumb shows certain characteristics that match 100% of the times. This always works. Most of the things mentioned below apply to the individual “as-is”. Thumb is the single-most important aspect of art of reading hands.
Bent (Flexible) or Straight?
The thumb that is straight and does not bend shows a person unwilling to compromise with his thoughts, principles which could border on being adamant. These people are always seen not looking at anybody while participating in a group discussion/debate.:) These people usually end up with positions that do not need much adjustment/flexibility on their part. These people usually have issues/friction with authority as they can’t seem to take orders very easily.
The thumb that bends outwards shows a flexible, group person who usually wants to take middle ground and find practical solutions. These people will try to pacify two uncompromising people by finding a mutually acceptable solution. These people tend to be the lubricant that is crucial for normal operations. These people manage relations with authority quite well. Too much flexibility in the thumb shows lack of principles or lack of standing up for what one believes. They tend to become push-overs.
The Thumb has 2 phalanxes and the Mount of Venus:
1. The base is Venus mount which signifies the
a. Vitality, s drive,
b. Personality
c. Love of Art, Music
d. Worldly pleasures
e. The love the person receives in this life etc.
f. This mount also has the “connections” or the “sensors” from the reproductive organs – ill formed mount with some bad marks (crosses, internal black spots, lines forming a mesh etc) shows some issues with kidney or other reproductive organs/system.
g. The Film stars, some of the most attractive folks have a very pronounced, well formed and a healthy mount of Venus
2. The Middle phalanx is the
a. Logic and
b. Planning ability the person posses
c. Strategy
3. The Upper phalanx is
a. Execution
b. the Will-power,
c. the initiative or rather the actual action
The Upper Phalanx: Will Power, Execution, Force
Usually the middle phalanx will always be a little bigger than the upper one. Normal proportion would be 60 – 40 to middle and upper phalanx (not adding the Venus mount – only the length of the finger). So longer and shorter below is relative.
1. A very long/pronounced upper phalanx
a. It shows that the person gets very bored with strategy and planning. They want to jump into action directly.
b. These people do well in early part of career where execution is important. Where they know what needs to be done and they do it very well.
c. They tend to struggle in later part of the career where one needs to strategize their moves and chose in different career paths etc. They need a strong mentor who will do that for them.
d. These people come across as over-zealous to the rest of the world and it is difficult to push them down easily. They are fighters and do not go down easily.
e. People who plan well come across cold to them (side-effect of positive personality).
f. No wonder that most fast bowlers would have longer upper phalanx (head strong)
2. A smaller upper phalanx
a. shows pessimism and lack of will power
b. lack of energy to achieve or execute one’s plan.
c. These folks succumb to situations or destiny easily.
d. They do not have the attitude to fight back or they are just too dull by choice. Perseverance is not what they are born with and sheer brute force is completely lacking.
e. Even if they have longer middle phalanx, the lack of enthusiasm also affects their planning ability too.
The Middle Phalanx: Logic, Planning, Strategy – The Policy Makers
1. A longer middle phalanx is less common (2nd from top) shows very good logic, planning, strategy. They plan completely before jumping into action. Provided execution phalanx is not too weak, this phalanx shows success in management at upper level positions – Policy makers are born with longer middle phalanx. Reserve bank chief I guess must have such formation and also the chief of planning commission of India – Rather they should / better have such formation! J Successful coaches /captains would have such formation as strategy is their nature.
2. The longer middle phalanx also shows great foresight.
3. The smaller middle phalanx and longer upper phalanx shows easily excitable creature like Shreesanth! J These people are trigger happy. They jump into various things without even hint of planning or thinking about the consequences.
4. In IT industry Technical Architects and Solution Architects would have longer middle phalanx or let me say that the “successful” TA and SAs would have it! J
5. The programmers would also do much well with longer middle phalanx.
The Mount of Venus: Love, Art, Personal Impact, Materialism
1. The well formed / pronounced mount of Venus
a. Shows love of art, music and good life.
b. This mount shows good attractive personality which is not only useful for an actor but also even for Doctors who need to have good drive and a pleasant personality.
c. This mount is directly “connected” to reproductive organs’ nerves/sensory etc ends. Mesh, or various cross etc on this mount could show issues later in the life.
d. Controlled usage of worldly pleasures
2. The “Excessive” Mount of Venus
a. This could show overdose, abuse of substance, wine etc
b. Abuse of worldly “pleasures”, indulgence etc
c. This could lead to disaster, fatal incidents if there are some bad signs on this mount – mesh, too many cross lines etc
d. Other qualities of the hand (the brilliance of Sun, intelligence of Mercury mount, imagination, and creativity of Moon mount) are overshadowed due to excessive Venus mount. All those qualities take a back seat which is often observed in case of many actors.
e. This mount can be balanced ONLY if there is pronounced mount of Jupiter which is quite unlikely but still possible. The person who is at ease in a night club and also equally honest and at ease at a Math.
3. Irregularities, spots etc on this mount could show health issues with reproductive organs and also Kidney/renal system etc
The Thumb of a person can give you a QUICK insight which you can validate by multiple examples. Please do not jump to conclusions with 1, 2 examples which could be symptoms/front-end and not root-cause or actual attitude of a person.
The Art of Palmistry can be used VERY effectively by people who are in people contact, sales, marketing etc. You can always depend on it as the Palm is the mirror of your personality, past – current and hence future (not all of it.) The brain can project maybe next 10-12 years but I doubt if it can project beyond that. Of course, your past karma has already decided major structure of your 3 major lines and the brain itself! J
The 5th house of the horoscope and Sun/Mars planets in the horoscope (Execution) are directly related to the upper Phalanx. The 12th house (and to some minor extent the 9th house) and the Guru/Neptune are directly related to the middle phalanx.
You can read this in my Article on the 12th house where I think, I have made a brief mention of the Thumb.


  1. During my childhood, teenage etc. I had very flexible thumd. it bent way back. Most people were surprised when I showed them how much backwards my thumb could go. I was just what you mention. Bending acc to other's wishes with no opinion/ stand of my own.
    Never checked that thumb for years. Tried it now after reading your post. I is still flexible but way less than before.

    After college, around age of 20 I changed myself. I decided to be a more confident person, learnt to say NO. Made me feel confident and people stopped taking me for granted.

    I wonder which came first, change in my nature or the change on my palm :)

  2. Vanessa:
    Good question! :) I think it is a parallel process and 1 doesn't precede other I guess.

  3. Hello,

    Recently I have started following your blog. I've read most of your posts.

    I have a question regarding shani-mangal yuti I have in 12th house of my patrika. Could you please tell me what does it signify?

  4. Milind,Very interesting, as usual.BTW,seems have a better rewarding opportunity and wonder whether should jump over.Pls advise.

  5. Manswita:
    Sure -- I will check it out. Have you sent me your complete details?


  6. Gajanan: Need to check the chart -- Will do late in the evening...

  7. I didn't share my complete details? As I was particularly curious about the 12th house didn't think it would be required.

  8. Ok Manaswita:
    Sign, Nakshatra, Degree, closeness are very imp. 12th house shows left eye and ankles/feet. Some issues there possible. If Shani Mangal too close then Mama /Mousi side health issues /accidents possible.

    But they do give a very good planning ability of end up in a marriage with a very high society etc person or the person itself is born in a high class society.

  9. Shani Mangal yuti or Kendra or pratiyog affects 2 houses of Kundali VERY badly. apart from blood related issues and also Mom could have suffered msicarriage after your birth (next pregnancy) -- Just a strinig possibility and not a certainly.

  10. Thank you very much. I have a slight squint in my left eye.. :)
    Actually I was curious because someone had told me that I should not own a property on my name and I should not be gyarter for someone...
    In case you think for further info I should share my more details please let me know. I'll send u an email.

  11. Manaswita -- send an email...yes Mangal 12th so this life you are supposed to donate the land and not use it! :) :)

  12. Me and my friend used to ponder over this Cheiro's book we had on palmistry in college days. And at that time my lines used to change drastically every 15 days. They still change a lot. She had a clean cut hand, and I have a messy hand. Well formed mounts, fingers and thumb but numerous thread like lines. I could never make sense of my lines because, they were very strange. I used to feel so bogged down after reading the book, that I stopped reading it. In about 300 illustrations that he had, I never found the meaning of few lines that I have extra on my hand! :)

  13. Deepa:
    Every Astrologer HAS to get past that stage and then only you can emerge witrh some benefits from this "science" / metaphysics.
    Too many lines show a very happening and a BUSY mind. It shows a bit nervous temperament.

    A disciplined life with a good timetable and regular habits - Reading of GOOD POSITIVE / optimistic material (Vivekanand/Chicken Soup) and YOGA will certainly help to MAKE WONDERS using this BUSY mind...

    It should be channeled and not feared!

  14. Busy mind it is. If I don't have enough things to do, I almost go mad. I have to take up activities and project to shut my brain up! :)

  15. :) yeah then better find some interest in Geeta which stays for LIFE...and it has great things too (very interesting)

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. My left thumb is significantly shorter than right thumb. Which thumb should i use for interpreting.

  18. Its a very interesting article.. but..
    How do we diffrentiate between overflexible or bent?

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  20. Heyyy.... What does it means as I have five phalanges on my thumb ...