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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Raj Thackeray -- Part 1

!!! Raj Thackeray !!!

He is Son of a great (relatively unknown) Shreekant Thackeray (younger brother of Balasaheb Thackeray). He is nephew of THE Balasaheb. He has a very good knowledge of Raagas/Music. His father named him “Swararaaj” which got changed to Raj slowly. He has an all-rounder persona and is very well read. He is a very good cartoonist which he inherits from his uncle.

He has created a lot of interest and “newness” in the Maharashtra politics. I knew his moon/sun sign and b-date for some time now but looked at his horoscope a few weeks back. Very interesting especially with the timing i.e. the era he is entering in his life – Mahadasha business!! This article is to capture a few aspects of his horoscope as every horoscope is an ocean.

I am posting the details here for frame of reference:

As 24:33 Sc Jyeshtha Me

Su 00:07 Ge Mrigsira Ma

Mo 20:59 Cp Shravana Mo

Ma 02:06 Ge Mrigsira Ma

MeR 06:18 Ge Mrigsira Ma

Ju 06:26 Le Magha Ke

Ve 28:31 Ta Mrigsira Ma

Sa 29:47 Pi Revati Me

Ra 22:43 Pi Revati Me

Ke 22:43 Vi Hasta Mo

Generic Information from horoscope:

He has certainly inherited the mass-communication ability from his uncle (Uncle 23rd Jan) as he is also a 5 (14). Cabala mentions for 14 as magnetism through communication with masses, media etc. The date of 14 also has some negative connotations due to 4 in there but 1 and 4 shows ego/self first (1) the then the change (4). His 5 side of expression and trading is accentuated by his Gemini (Mithun) Sign Surya Mangal and Budh. His complete addition is 8 (Shani) which shows success after age of 30 and goes well with his Makar moon sign.


He has Shani (masses, imp in politics) in 5th house in Revati nakshatra a VERY powerful degree which shows tremendous Karmic links of his past birth. The fact that this Shani is Raahu adds to the Karmic link of masses. There is a whole generation of folks born in mid/late 80s and 90s that is growing up to support him for next 19 years!! His Shani is last degree of Revati Nakshatra (Meen rashi): The last 3 degrees 20 minutes of Meen raashi are called as “Vargottam Navamansh”. The best qualities of Meen raashi are assimilated in these degrees. Any planets in these 3 degrees make person an all-rounder with interest in music, short writing, speech, theatre and astrology. (11, 12, 13th April born folks usually have Sun/Surya in these degrees).

Shani is important for him as Shani is Raashi-swami for Makar. Shani is also 3rd to his Moon sign which shows ability to influence/patronize masses, acute sense of mass mentality and ability to judge people thoroughly. (His uncle also has Shani 3rd to Moon in a uchcha navamansh.)

Raahu shows mesmerizing ability, Kaalaa jaadu etc. Raahu also shows aggression, agitation, anger and hedonism/materialism. He has Raahu and Shani yuti in the same nakshatra of Revati. Put together description for Shani and Raahu and you get a very good idea of his brand of politics or dealing with the masses. This yuti shows mesmerizing masses, people thru speech and as this yuti in the 5th house (House of achievements, inner will, Strategy Execution) shows success thru masses.

There is a great past karma with masses which will allow him to have a mahadasha of 19 years from April 2011 for 19 years!! He will tend to have BIG political rallies (Sabha) in these periods much the same way Balasaheb Thackeray had from 1980 to 1999 in his Shani mahadasha.

This Shani and Raahu in Revati could also show some flat-feet issues to his Santati. This is a good bit of a possibility. Some health issues (getting rid of fluids etc from body could be also an issue.)

[B] Surya Mangal and Budh

His Surya Mangal Budh yuti in Gemini (Mithun) shows aggression, ability to debate, mathematics, trading, reading, expression etc. Mangal in Mithun is a big issue w.r.t. being politically incorrect. Mangal in Mithun sometimes has too much of an aggression in thoughts than actions. This has to be controlled. The good part is that the Budh is also in Gemini and they all 3 are in close degrees.

Mangal is owner of the 1st house and also the 6th houseThis is in 8th house. These 2 have 2 very different effects. Being the owner of the 1st house Mangal asks to be careful with accidents especially as Chandra is in the 3rd house!! This Mangal certainly recommends avoiding 2 wheelers and if not been careful shows “Alpaayu yog”. But here Mangal is with Surya which reduced Mangal’s harmful side as it is “astangat”. i.e. EGO take precedence over Ego. (Australian fast bowler Dennis Lillee has Mangal in the same degree.)

Budh in 8th house and in Mithun raashi – This shows disproportionate income – owner of 8th house in 8th house like Bachchan (Kumvh lagna – Budh in 8th house in Kanya raashi) shows income which is much more multiplied to the efforts. To put it simply it shows “Easy Money”. But again this is due to past karma where these folks have done a lot of DAAN Dharma and hence they get easy money in this birth. The B-date of 14 (5) and 3 planets in Mithun shows good ability of trading.

Surya in 8th house: This shows that he will be at odds with authority and figures of Authority could affect his interests from time to time. Surya also shows Govt. i.e. Raj will have much more tussles / tensions with Govt /Authorities in his life than other leaders. (Mahatma Gandhi had Sun in the 12th house – He was always at odds with Govt – This doesn’t have to be a bad thing – it just shows the path of the life.)

[C] Surya and Guru

Shukra is in Vrushabh raashi and in 7th house (partnerships) in own Raashi. Shukra is also owner of the 12th house. I think this part of his life is now mostly gone at the age of 42, so there is no need to get into that as it is not significant part of his life now anyways! But this certainly shows a lot of women will be attracted to his overall personality etc. Also there is drushti of Shani on this Shukra which shows that there is a great control anyways.

Guru is well placed in the 10th house and in Sinvha raashi in Magha nakshatra. His Guru mahadasha is from Apr 1995 to Apr 2011. This mahadasha like Guru Mahadasha of others like O.P Nayyar and Balasaheb shows high optimism, contact of various experts (SMEs) from various fields, getting a GURU or multiple GURU in life. More importantly this period of Guru mahadasha prepares a person for Shani Mahadasha. In the horoscopes of some influential folks, this mahadasha has been a preparation for significant deeds of Shani mahadasha.

As His Guru is in 10th house (House of Potential, Stress, Production, Karma etc.) it shows pressure cooker, also reporting to a person of “similar/equal ability” while he prepares for his Shani Mahadasha. I have often seen this when Guru is 10th to certain moon sign – They HAVE TO report to a person in that 1 year to equal ability and later in 11th Guru they get the same or better post. Now, Raj saheb has 10th Guru in his horoscope – so the complete Mahadasha of 16 years is a similar period for him. Optimism, stress, happening, learning, sahawaas of multiple Guru(s) but reporting to folks with similar/equal ability. He will get the same/similar post in his Shani Mahadasha from April 2011.

Surprisingly the Kini episode happened when his Guru Mahadasha started – This means it was hardly anything to do with the Destiny etc as Guru Mahadasha and Guru Antardasha was of great optimism for him as Sena had got power in the state where Raj had also taken great efforts in election along with Balasaheb and Gopinath Munde. This issue was more like a Gochar graha issue – Shani was in the Meen raashi that time going over his Raahu and Shani. Guru was unfavorable 12th to Makar raashi in close degrees.


NOW he is at the end of his Guru Mahadasha and will enter Shani mahadasha in April 2011. Makar raashi folks (Raj, Rahul Gandhi, Shah Rukh Khan, India) already have great 7 years lined for them until July 2017 as Shani is 9, 10, 11 to Makar raashi until then. These folks will see increasing power and increasing charisma for Raj in the next 6/7 years before sadesati hits the Makar raashi folks in 2017.

HIGHLY favorable Shani Mahadasha and Shani 9, 10, 11 to Makar until 2017 mid is great news for Raj and his followers. Uddhav Thackeray (Sinvha raashi) gets out of Sade Sati in Dec 2011 and Guru 9th to hism from May 2011. These two brothers will have a great clout from Dec 2011 in Maharashtra politics. Together they will be able to control major stakes in Maharashtra as Uddhav getting out of Sade Sati and Raj having double Shani support can only mean issues to congress as their Sade Sati leader Ashokrao Chavan saheb has left power, VilasRao and RR Patil will get in sadesati in Dec 2011 (along with Narendra Modi.)

From mid 2017 immediate Sade Sati coupled with Shani mahadasha needs caution for Raj. More later on that.

[E] Uddhav and Raj relationship factor

This is a real issue not only to their followers and Sena-Lovers but also Astrologers. J

1. Raj’s Makar raashi (Shani) and Uddhav’s Sinvha (Surya) raashi are of course out of synch

2. Numero

a. Raj’s 14 (5) and Uddhav’s 27 (9) are again out of synch

b. But Uddhav is total 5 and Raj is total 8 which could help.

3. Their Sun Signs are not greatly in synch

a. Uddhav Cancer (27th July) and Raj (Gemini 14th June)

4. Shani

a. Uddhav’s Shani is in a idealistic Dhanu raashi and in uchcha navamansh: Giving a good direction to masses and being constructive etc.

b. Raj’s Shani is with Raahu which shows mesmerizing, influencing masses.

So basically they will need to find some CMP (Common Minimal Program) I guess!! J This is quite complimenting actually as their strengths are different but let us leave it to them: When and How they want to come together! J It is my HUMBLE opinion that they WILL have to come together for larger interests!!


  1. Best...It is really very interesting.....Sir waiting for you to add more details on this....

  2. Heman: Sure.. Will certainly add. Might even get to meet him in near future -- when not sure exactly..! :)

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    I have emailed you my birth details on 13/02/11 and request your views/comments which will be much appreciated.

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  4. awful piece of information, I had come to know about your blog from my friend vimal, mumbai,i have read atleast 13 posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your blog gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, i'm already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! Thanks a million once again, Regards, Raj Thackeray cars

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