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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sade sati and also B-date of 28 Traits / Destiny

The Tula Raashi in Sade sati and B-date of 28 Traits / Destiny

My previous article on B-date of 28:

I think recently I am seeing 2 very good examples of 28 born folks getting to trouble by what exactly Cabbala says about them. (The sade sati also has its effect but only related to timing of these events). The 3rd one seems to be Tula raashi for sure but do not have his birth-date. He also took Yoga to the masses.

I had written in my article in July 2009 about 28 born folks as follows:

“The biggest problem with 28 is that they are deceived many times by their own people with the intention. Their folks become over-enthusiastic / zealots and want to help them by doing a few things that are against the law etc. Courts, friction with the law are a common thing for 28 personalities. 2 is moon and 8 is Saturn and these two combine to give 1 (the Sun) -- So you can understand how completely different things are adding to come up with something totally different”

You can see following recent 2 examples. One of them has already happened and one of them is in the making:

[A] Ashokrao Chavan

1. ex-Maharashtra CM Ashokrao Chavan. He is 28th Oct born (same as Bill Gates) and does have mass production side (Sugar Mill) to him.

2. He was going ultra-strong in 11th Shani (July 2007 to Sept 2009) and 5th Guru in 2010.

a. His media projected success (?) of My Name is Khan Release was at least liked by Congress top leadership.

b. And later on his support of Rahul Gandhi stunt in Mumbai (for Bihar elections) was also highly liked by the top echelons of his party.

3. He was completely deceived not by opposition party but his own party-men and (maybe Mitra-Paksha?).

4. Very similar to other 28 born folks like Bill Gates and Dhirubhai Ambani who has to sustain prolonged legal battles due to some of the things that their own people might have done (allegedly) to suppress their competition.

5. Most of the times, these legal battles coincided with their Sadesati Bill Gates was in Sade sati (Meen raashi) from aprx Mid 93 to Dec 2000. Dhirubhai (Dhanu raashi, Dhanu Lagna) started sad sati aprx 86 to 93.

6. Ashok Chavan is Tula raashi Tula Lagna and entered Sade sati from Sept 2009.

He had to go and make way for Prithviraj Chavan (17 Born – Martyrs – As per Cabbala People who want to leave a great name behind them.)

[B] Honorable Ratan Tata: 28 B-date example in the making

1. Honorable Ratan Tata Sire also seems to be Tula Raashi (Need to confirm though, b-date of 28th Dec – Just like Dhirubhai - -i.e. Dhanu Sun Sign). He made a categorical statement that Tata will never bribe anyone for any corporate gain etc etc.

2. Now such statements also take responsibility of ALL the people who act on behalf of Tata! J Which is a daring thing to do? There could be overzealous person in Tata who acted on behalf of them with something which was say not the best moral thing to do – maybe not exactly illegal.

3. Upon accusation of BJP MP of 19,000 Crore+ profit – Ratan Tata has now accused BJP back on 2G. This has gotten worse with someone from BJP accusing back Tata group on Madhu Koda for Tata Steel benefits etc.

4. In my opinion this will only get Ratan Tata in troubled waters – Sade sati (Yes it is Tula raashi -- I checked 28th Dec 1937) and B-date of 28 will certainly have its effects. Sade sati shows only the timing fruits of his own or /his people’s actions.

5. The past 7.5 years like felloe TULA Moon Sign Folks: Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar, Ashok Chavan has been great for him due to Shani 9, 10, 11 to Tula raashi until Sept 2009. These years were of increasing impact and growth for Tula raashi including Maruti Udyog. Now, we will need to see how these folks and companies perform under sad sati – Shani’s close Audit or Scrutiny.

6. Usually in Sade sati an entity becomes victim of their own success.

7. Shraddha (on hard-work) and Saboori (patience) are the only virtue that work in Sade sati especially for 1 (1, 19, 28, 10) and 2 (2, 11, 20, 29) born 9 (9, 18, 27) folks.

I would advise/request (not as an individual, I am too little a person from ability or experience point of view) as an Astrologer to Ratan Tata Sir to be patient – talk less and do what you do best – Business with ethics and social awareness as Tata Sons has been doing from a long time.

I hope Tata Sir avoids further public statements and shows SABOORI!!! Saturn is our own reflection in the mirror – The only thing a (wo)man can do it to pay it off and STAND there, take it with courage but NO arrogance please.

[3] Baba Ramdeo – Do not know B-date but he “appears” to me as Tula raashi

1. I do not know Baba Ramdeo’s birth-date but he has recently attacked 1st Family of Congress using very explicit language – He in all probability is TULA raashi (my intuition looking at his speech, laugh etc).

2. Can he be sure that the folks that work with him are all spotless?

3. His abuse of Congress 1st family will certainly put Govt of India machinery and Congress folks to find “something” against him to lessen his credibility. You need to be Jayprakash Narayan before you start with something like that.

4. Baba Ramdeo also had a great success since Shani entered in Mithun around Jan 2003 for past 7.5 years.

I love Scott Adams – His statement (not an exact reproduction): Fighting with Boss (here politicians) is like fighting with a pig – While you get down and dirty in the mud, the Pig actually enjoys it.

Moral of the Story:

Isn’t it amazing that the folks that are at the top of their game around the world are the folks when Shani is travelling for 7.5 years in 9, 10, and 11 from their Moon Sign?

The period when any planet travels in 9, 10 and 11 house (or raashi) from your moon sign is the period when you are the RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE. Your own Karma of these planets movement from 1 to 8 is delivered when these planets are 9, 10 and 11 to your moon Sign! J The Taste of Success:

1. Vrushchik raashi: currently Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar(?), Nitin Gadkari, Manohar Joshi have 11th Shani. They will enter sadesati in Dec 2011. (I am in this list too!) L or J I don’t know! J

2. Makar raashi folks Raj Thackeray, Rajiv Gandhi, Shah Rukh Khan have 9th house Shani from Sept 2009 and they will see increasing influence until Mid 2017.

3. Dhanu raashi folks (Sachin T) have 10th house Shani. 9, 10, 11 bhraman of Shani from July 2007.

Shani Sade sati Article for a quick reference:


  1. Makar rashi 9th shani, woo hoo!
    I am looking forward to 2012-2013, 5th Guru and 9th/ 10th Shani. Have to keep my book 'ready to publish' by the middle of 2012 :)

  2. Yeah, Baba Ramdev is really great doing a good job. But he speaks too much :).
    Is this Sadesati going on tula lagna also or just tula rashi? Rashi is according to birthdate right? People born in Sept 21 - Oct 21 are tula rashi?

  3. Wow! I just read this and have a question for you.
    I am 28 born - September - Share my b'day with famous people like Lata Mangeshkar and Ranbir Kapoor...( umm and apparently confucius also. But must say, Confucius thing tallies.).:D

    I have had this notion at theback of my mind always that I try too hard - almost compulsively,to please people - friends, bosses, relatives etc and eventually feel disappointed that they dont usually reciprocate - and now I have explanation about it from your post - its the KARMA of 28 born people!!! May be we guys were not appreciative of our friends in past life or something :)

    Well, my question is this - I am 28 born and Kanya Rasi. So Sadesati is still on! AND a Vrishik lagna (so Shani is in 11th) AND Makar Navmasa, where shani is in 11th in Vrishik (as I understand Navmasa is how your life will be eventually). So which part will be more applicable to me? 28 born-Kanya sadesati or the benefits of Vrishik and Makar?

  4. 1)I am supposidly born on 27th night just 5 mints to 12(mid night) and as one cant be as SURE on time given by doctors...i am skeptical.ANy sure shots to know if i am 27 or 28 as i also try to please ppl around family and frens but end up getting (....)from them :-(

    2)also when u say"The period when any planet travels in 9, 10 and 11 house (or raashi) from your moon sign is the period when you are the RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE"...i get curious if any of my planet is travelling thru 9,10, am in a verrrry sad phase of life and really looking for some hope (if any).

  5. A Shamra:

    1. Saadesati is counted for Moon Sign.
    2. Lagna raashi will also affect a little bit etc especially if there are planets in 1, 2 or 12 th house of the horoscope.
    3. basically CURRENT Shani's travel on Horoscope (Birth time planets) shows a reality check or issues with that planets and what that planets indicates in your life...

  6. Henrietta:
    (1) Pleasing people is NOT a 28th born trait! :) It would be 2, 11,20, 29 born folks! :)

    (2) Kanya Ravi -- is from Sept 15/16 to Oct 15/16 (exactly need to check). Western calendar is wrong for sun signs.

    (3) I think Moon is Mind and teh Sun is EGO so Shani travelling near bnirth time Moon and Sun is more troubelsome but again whenever Shani is travelling over SOME birth time position of a planet -- It WILL show your OWN issues w.r.t that planet.

  7. Harsh: I guess you are a Sinvha raahsi? Guru woudl be 9th from June 2011 so that time is just around...

  8. Btw, the addition of my ddmmyyyy works out to 2 if that is relevant...
    Something totally off the topic - have you realised that a host of scams and wikileaks etc have come out only in last 2-3 months? Not only India, but world over... do you believe from mundane astrology viewpoint that some transiting planet must have impacted etc? Also how do you see 2011 for India?

  9. 2 shows people contact, connection with water etc. I think ALL the planets including SLOW moving ones like Neptune and Uranus, Shani Rahu Ketu Guru changed signs from Sept 2009 onwards....Allmost everything has changed since then!

  10. Hi Milind, Your article have acted like a mirror. I am Tula rashi Tula lagna. Born on 28th Jan 1981 (so Aqua by Sunsign), I am totally seeing the effects on Sadesati. I emailed you even before. Can you tell how the 2011 is going to be?

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