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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Raahu and Ketu Explained -- PART 1

Chandra-Ketu Yuti Effects:  (Reference Material)

Raahu and Ketu are often misunderstood by most of the Astrologers let alone the aam janata. The Western astrology is completely clueless and hence ineffective due to ignorance towards Raahu and Ketu. Raahu and Ketu are lot many things: Let us try to cover as much as possible with them in lay man’s terms and language. You can search n number of sites in order to get mythological information about the head (Raahu) and the tail (Ketu); the attempt in this article is to keep the discussion thinking that it is addressed to common folks.
Let address RAAHU in this article. We will reserve KETU for the next one.
In short:
1. The quest for Raahu & Ketu is search for your DNA!! It is the search of your forefathers and your family (both paternal and maternal). Backtracking of Rahau and Ketu from a horoscope can reveal some VERY interesting material facts about both the families.
2. Raahu also shows materialism, aggression, passion, agitation; Ketu shows spirituality, depression, negativity, pessimism.
In a horoscope of a person: It represents Paternal family – i.e. the history of father’s family is imbibed in the horoscope thru position, raashi, nakshatra, overall power of Raahu. You can deduce many assumptions based on Raahu’s position in the horoscope.
As you might not be aware of MOST of the births are re-births within the family. Due to joint family in Indian cultures, many folks have attachments etc with some specific folks in the family. You will see many such pairs and affection for some relation repeating across generations. I see countless horoscopes that show direct connection with someone from paternal or Maternal family in past 1 / 2 etc generations.
Here are the conditions when the person is rebirth from the Paternal Family:
1. Raahu in first house of the person. The Raahsi, Nakshatra and Yuti etc of Raahu will show if it is from father’s father side of Father’s mother side person in the past life! :)
2. The ascendant point is in one of the Raahu’s nakshatra – Mithun Raashi – Ardra Nakshatra; Tula raashi Swati nakshatra; Kumbh raashi Shatataaraka nakshatra and so on.
3. The owner of the 1st house is with Raahu (same sign same nakshatra, very close to Raahu).
4. Raahu-Mangal shows boiling of blood with anger; Ketu-Mangal shows slow speed of blood in the body: nervousness of some blood contents. Raahu Ketu shows lack of sportsman spirit, Ketu Mangal shows over-respect for the opponents.
5. Chandra Raahu yuti shows GREAT agitation, uncontrolled aggression / violation, display of power (narrow chin)
6. Chandra Ketu yuti shows utter depression, fear of unknown / dark; Fear of insects etc etc
Such placement of Raahu will show that the MOST OF THE DNA is inherited from Father’s family. In such cases the person also looks like father or some father side folks.

Other interesting bits:
1. If Raahu is very close to Mars – Blood history/DNA is inherited from Father’s family as-is. His siblings would also be mostly from father’s family.
2. If Raahu is close to Shani – Apart from health, it shows that approach of father’s family with Masses/workers was aggressive.
3. If Raahu is very close to Guru : The kids of this person would be rebirths from his paternal family. They will inherit good/bad things from father’s family.
The combinations are sometimes very difficult to decipher. i.e. Raahu is the 1st house but in Ketu’s nakshatra say Ashwini, Magha, Moola or in Budh’s nakshatra – Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati. This could shows father’s side but father’s mother side or Mama side! J
I have Chandra Raahu VERY close in the 1st house in Jyestha nakshatra (Vrushchik Raashi). Let us try to decipher this formation. (Neptune is also in the 1st house in Anuradha nakshtra).
1. Raahu is the 1st house – This is obviously a rebirth from the Father’s side. Paternal family
2. Raahu very close to Moon and 1st house: Abrupt chin (check the snap) – Also possibility of someone from Father’s mother side family rebirth?
3. Chandra Raahu VERY close in Jyeshtha nakshatra which is owned by Budh (Governor of “Mama” or Mom’s siblings/cousins) à This means this could be a rebirth from Father’s Mom’s relatives from Mom’s side! J
4. The Sun (11th April) is owner of the father’s house (10th) and is in Revati Nakshatra in Meen raashi. Revati is also Budh’s nakshatra – This means even Father is rebirth from his Mom’s relatives from mother side à Yup! – We will get to that later.
5. With so much of analysis: Let us look at my father’s horoscope! J
6. His owner of the 1st house is in 6th house – This is 3rd house (younger brothers) from the 4th house (Mom) in horoscope – or simply: 6th house is about Mother’s relatives/siblings or cousins!
7. So even my father is from similar lineage and that is also reflected in my horoscope!! Also, we must have shared closeness or unfinished business in the past live(s) and hence again chose “channel” of each other to come together??
8. This analysis would not have gone ahead in the 1st place if I didn’t look like my father – My structure, face, hairstyle; overall speech is all very similar to my father. Also, he has to look more like his Mom than his father – Again Ditto!!! His face, speech almost all features of the face are from his mom!! J
9. Again, all this is either very simple or very mystic!
Interesting? Huh!!??