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Monday, January 17, 2011

January 2011 and October 2011 amd Sept 2011: 8 and 4 / 4 and 8

Please beware that the January 2011 and October 2011 would be “8 and 4 month” i.e. they will have dates 8, 17, 26 that would add to 4 when total is taken. For example: 17th Jan 2011 is an 8 and total addition of 13 which is 4.

Similarly: Sept 2011 would be a “4 and 8” month. 4, 13, 22 and 31 would add to 4 and total would be 8

1. JAN 2011 and OCT 2011:

a. 8, 17 , 26 = 1 + 7 /2 + 6 = 8 ==> Date Addition

b. 01/17/2011 = 1 + 8 + 4 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4 ==> Complete Addition

c. 10/26/2011 = 1 + 8 + 4 = 13 = 4

2. SEPT 2011

a. 4, 13, 22, 31 add to 4

b. In Sept 2011: 4, 13, 22 i.e. 09/22/2011 would completely add up to 8.

Such combination dates are “fateful” to say the least. FATE is delivered to many folks in a sudden and drastic way on such dates. Please be careful with driving, wear Helmets etc.

I have written some articles on these fate numbers and especially when they appear in a pair they bring some issues with them. A Soul chooses to be born on such combinations and even on 8, 17, 26 if it wants to pay off some negative Karma of past life(s).

8 is Shani -> Orthodox, Conservative, Control, Paying Off, Practical, Cold – STATUS QUO!!

4 is Uranus -> Unorthodox, Ahead of the time, Change Agent, Electrifying, Uncontrolled – CHANGE!!

When the Personality (b-date addition) is 8 and Life Purpose is 4 it is quite a contrast. Similarly, Personality of 4 and Life Purpose of 8 is that much difficult to comprehend and master! These dates contrast each other quite a bit and advised not to mix in marriage etc. A marriage of 8 and 4 is as or worse than say Sinvha Makar or even 1 and 8! J One conservative – other one unorthodox –BOTH need to walk towards middle in order to go ahead. It is possible but it is not easy and not certainly very natural.

I see so many divorce cases when one is 8 and the other one is 4. There is of course destiny and past karma that bring them together and find different ways but still I guess at times not all Karma has to be fructified! J

Back to the topic: It is always better to be careful on such combination dates.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Real Sun Signs, Additional 13th sun Sign, FoxNews, Pune Daily Mirror, the Serpent Holder and other Chaos

!! HAPPY Makar-Sankranti to all of you !!

Real Sun Signs, Additional 13th Sun Sign, FoxNews, Pune Daily Morror, the Serpent Holder and other Chaos

Even Pune Daily Mirror has joined band-wagon of folks writing articles on Sun Signs! J I did not read the article although my wife said that they also now have 13th Sign of some Serpent holder etc – My response to this article: BS!! (No offense meant) J

Indian Predictive Astrology is mostly driven by Moon Sign – So whatever sign you know from your “Janma-Patri” or ‘Horoscope’ in India is your MOON – Sign. Do not confuse talks about signs here! J

The talk here is about the REAL Sun Signs.

I have explained Real Sun Signs in the article I published on 17th July 2009 which I recently updated to include more information! I am including relevant articles that explains Sun Signs, What Is Astrology, What is “Karma” and how Astrology is ‘useless’ without knowledge/awareness of “Karma”.

Also added is an article below about “NO CUSP” in Astrology. Change of signs have real Karmic Links / repercussions – You cannot be a CUSP of Aries and Pisces or any other signs. You are either this or that and NEVER a CUSP!!

1. Your Correct / Real Sun Sign:

2. What is Astrology:

3. The Mysterious Arrangement of Zodiac and our Solar System:

4. Karma:

5. No Cusp in Astrology:

6. Makar Sankranti: Contents from Wikipedia

(The Wikipedia articles also illustrates that the Makar Sankranti would be in Feb after thousands of years. i.e REAL Sun Sign would keep rolling to further dates due to “procession of equinox”)

Everybody in media and their brothers have joined this march of publishing ill-researched, ill-advised and publicity hungry articles. Indian Astrology uses correct Zodiac and accounts for Earth’s axis rotation in a gigantic circle. (Sayan – Nirayan – Ayanansh etc are the words very familiar in Indian Astro-Circles)

There are fights within astrologers on which “ayanamsh” to use is a different story. J I have ‘experienced’ that LAHIRI Ayanansh are the most trustworthy – I observed some close cases to check their behavior etc.

Here are some of the article that will help you gain awareness about Astrology quickly with spending on books or wondering helplessly by reading worthless articles or interviews on TV! J Any mistake, unclear content – Please leave a note/email etc.


Happy Makar Sankranti:

The SUN entered Capricorn Sun Sign on JAN 14, 6.26 p.m. Indian Standard Time -- As Per Lahiri Ayanansh. It was in Sagittarius until then.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Swami Vivekanand and Dhanu Connection

When I mentioned Swami Vivekanand in DHANU rashi bhavishya post for 2011, I had no clue of his actual moon sign etc but just by his photographs, description of his health, idealism and overall "charitra" I thought that he would be "dominated" by Dhanu rashi like Samarth Ramdas Swami. Today is his Jayanti 12th Jan. So he is indeed, Sagittarius Sun Sign ie. Dhanu Ravi/Surya. (Western Sun Sign dates are WRONG:
Also, 12 (& 30) born folks are supposed to be principals/professors, philosophical writers etc. Or other way round great souls who want to be in this stream (scholars) take birth on these dates.
Swami Vivekanand’s Sun is in the most expressive section on Dhanu rashi (Vargottam). This is also the section where Rafael Nadal and Shane Warne have their Mangal (Sports). Swami-Ji might be born late in the night as it shows Sinvha/Simha rashi in 1st degree after 9 p.m. (12 Jan 1863). I would be surprised if he was born in Kirk rashi with Rahu and Mangal in there! After 9 p.m. his nakshatra would be Magha which is known to be disciplined but also princely. Will need to check on that. (Kirk moon sign would mean his mom would have suffered some issues with lungs hereditary – Mangal Rahu and Chandra in Kirk rashi would mean hereditary issues with lungs).
Also, a few days back I had posted an article (on b-date of 3, 12, 21, 30: There, I had commented by J Krishnamurthy should have been 12 / 30 born due to his entire philosophical writings.
Anyways this article was just to highlight this great soul’s connection with Sagittarius/Dhanu Sun/Surya (12th Jan).
I guess his following bold quote has to be attributed to Sagittarius Sun Sign!
Quote on Physical Strength by Swami Vivekananda:
“Be strong, my young friends, that is my advice to you. You will be nearer to heaven through football than through the study of Gita. These are bold words; but I have to say them, for I love you. I know where the shoe pinches. I have gained a little experience. You will understand the Gita with your biceps, your muscles, a little stronger.”

These folks are idealistic & have childlike purity. With strong Mars they tend towards sports, with strong Jupiter, towards academic/education field. They have robust bone structure & a big forehead which shows thought leadership and broad vision. They are outspoken and cannot lie. Even a kid would know if they lie! J Idealistic/positive speech is their forte. As they are fire sign their response to any event is action – what do I need to do and not “Why it happened to him/me”. They are often termed as “Role Model Student”. They have a “can-do” attitude which can move mountains without the passion/prejudice or "khunnas" of Scorpio. There is NO NEGATIVITY in their approach and always a sense of a greater good! Moon in Moola nakshatra is intense and serious/disciplined & shows some Karmic issues with Mother. Poorvashadha is a milder one. A soul that wants to be a GREAT sportsman takes birth on Sagittarius Moon Sign (Sachin, Sunil), Sun (Kapil Hadley, Schumacher) or ascendant (Don Bradman). Although Saints are born under this ascendant or Sun, they are more towards religion / action / DHARMA - The Sense of Duty is more their Cup of Tea (Samarth Ramdas Swami) than spirituality (Saint Dyaneshwar, Saint Tukaram). Great professors are also born under this rashi. (Sachin T, Gavaskar, VVS Laxman, Aishwarya, Dharmendra, Sun Sign: Kapil Dev/Schumacher/Hadlee/AB Wajpayee)

Sagittarius sun sign folks born from 16th Dec to 13th January also show these characteristics. Folks born from July15 to Aug15 CANCER Sun Sign oppose these characteristics; Folks born from Nov16 to Dec15 Scorpio Sun Sign also oppose Sagittarius characteristics.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

AstroMNC: CHANDRA RAHU Yuti (Moon Rahu Conjunction)

Voluntary Payments: (1) https://PayPal.Me/AstroMNC  (2) From India: UPI is milind.chitambar@icici OR AstroMNC@UPI (From BHIM APP or even many bank apps) Will help with posting more articles with objective analysis without fear mongering with purpose of de-mystifying astrology as a probabilistic science or better yet "art of probabilities".

Examples (will add lot many here): Yuvraj has Chandra-Rahu yuti in Mithun rashi. Aishwarya Rai; VVS Laxman, Sachin Tendulkar have Chandra Rahu in Dhanu rashi; Salman Khan has Rahu in the 1st house in Vrushabh rashi. Ponting has Rahu-Mangal yuti in Vrishchik rashi! Pete Sampras has Rahu Mangal in uchcha Makar rashi. Rajesh Khanna had Chandra-Rahu in the 3rd house Singh rashi. Greatest of all ---> Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had Rahu and Mars in Rahu's uchcha rashi Mithun!

Chandra-Ketu Yuti (Related Article):
I am THE authority on this topic as I have Chandra Rahu yuti in the 1st house that too Chandra approaching Rahu and only 1 degree away from Rahu! J Believe me it is may be J for me but L is for my parents and friends in childhood! J J My mother could kill you with examples of my childhood rage, aggression, sportsman spirit (lack of), “unfriendly attitude”, getting lost for hours doing 1 thing (Grahan kaal effect on mind), climbing up a building or jumping from top of the building in construction sand with little provocation etc etc! J
Chandra (Moon) Rahu (North-Node) yuti is considered the most malefic in astrology (even more so than the “unhealthy” Mangal-Shani yuti). This Chandra Rahu yuti is considered by most of the Sanskrit granth as a curse (shrap) from past life. This article deals with effects of this yuti. These are very one-sided views as some sanskrit words are not supposed to be as extreme as they turned out to be in all Indian languages! :) 
Rahu or Ketu in the 1st house of the horoscope have similar effect of respectively Chandra-Rahu or Chandra-Ketu sans the effect on their mind/Mother or water in the body.
Physical Effect: This yuti or Rahu/Ketu in the 1st house of a person results in an abrupt chin – i.e. narrower/smaller chin compared to forehead.
There are some reasons a Horoscope MUST be checked early in life when you see some extreme traits, behavior in a kid. Chandra Rahu yuti or Chandra Ketu yuti folks are one such breed. These folks need special attention and care for them to keep on track. Not understanding the root-cause can lead to very troublesome early life for them as well as their parents. Let’s see Chandra Rahu yuti in this article which is more on the side of aggression/agitation, outward expression. Chandra Ketu will address in a separate one which is more on pessimism, inward looking.
The Chandra Rahu yuti shows TREMENDOUS desire or a passion of the past life which was incomplete in the past birth. The house shows which area the passion is for: 1st: Image, popularity; 2nd house finance, 3rd: Travel, Expression; 4th: Farming, Mom; 5th; Kids, Education, Inspirational things; 6th: Service sector, Mom’s relatives; 7th Partnerships/Marriage; 8th: Gupta-dhan, Yoga, Occult, Wealth Inheritance, 9th: Dharma, Travel Religious; 10th: workplace, power; 11th Income, friends; 12th Moksha, Expenditure, immigration.
The Moon with Rahu has a great psychological effect. This makes a person especially in childhood to have a great anger, a dreamer, very less differentiation between the real life and the dream world, unexplained aggression, fear of unknown, high temper, lack of sportsman spirit. There is a great agitation from time to time which is totally uncontrollable. They get very scary dreams. Their mind keeps creating images of everything they see in life. These images are their own interpretations based on their interpretations! If they are manglik, it adds to the aggression/agitation and makes them also take some actions. They always have some “bhut” (ghost) on their head: it could be some interest in something like sports, politics, study some subject etc and they will pursue it with GREAT PASSION, Force and Energy and CONVICTION. The ghost thing is not only sued as a metaphor: These folks often seen with some “badha” from outside and are always recommended wearing Hanuman locket. Chandra Rahu is often considered as targeted by asantushta aatma (a troubled soul) whereas Chadra-Neptune is seen as a channel for a great soul!
There is a great fear of unknown (dark, unknown places etc) but at the same time there is a HERO that is always lurking in them. Fight or Flight question always results in FIGHT for them.
Chandra Rahu yuti is a limitless energy and power. The owner of the Chandra-Rahu rashi decides the complete channel of this energy. The owner in 8th house and the person will pursue Gudh-shastre like astrology, yoga etc. In 5th house it will be sports (in Mangal or Guru rashi) or inspirational / creative art in Shukra’s rasshi.
Chandra-Rahu is limitless energy that BEGS for proper focus and channel. This yuti allows person to recognize patterns and sport them in each and every occurrence in life later on. Occult is VERY easy for these folks. They are made for occult or gudh-things. They are just natural at them.
These folks often have a very different image in different circles. Different circles have completely different approach towards them which they are acutely aware of. They are at ease dealing with these very different groups of people at different occasions. The fun? Starts when these groups start to collide / mix.
Invariably, this Yuti shows a VERY troubled & a hectic life for the mother. The sign shows the body part which would cause issues to Mom’s health. (Dhanu: legs, Sinvha: Spine/heart, Kirk: Lungs / breasts, Makar: Knee; Vrushabh: Neck, throat and so on).
1. The Hanuman Sadhana helps this energy spent on constructive things. The Hanuman Sadhana is THE biggest thing for Chandra Rahu and Chandra Ketu folks especially kids. Sanskrit Ram-Raksha and Hanuman stotra and Hanuman Mukh Darshan for daily 3 minutes on a well formed Hanuman poster makes wonders for these folks.
2. In their childhood, they should always be told stories of GREAT folks like Hanuman, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Veer Savarkar, Lokmanya Tilak, Samarth Ramdas Swami, Swami Vivekanand until the start identifying their own role models. This makes sure their energy goes in right direction.
3. Peace, calmness quietness etc is NOT for them. Do not try to keep petrol cool – rather, use it in a constructive way so that it creates warmth, energy and creates some positive work!
4. Even in adult life these folks should read great stories and always identify ROLE MODELS and follow them like there is no tomorrow! (I have always looked upon folks like V. D. Bhat, Balasaheb, Dilip Kumar, Bachchan, Imran Khan as role models in their spheres).
The effects mentioned above are seen more when the Moon is closer to Rahu say in 5 to 7 degrees. The Moon going towards Rahu is more of an issue than leaving it (i.e. Moon 26 degrees and Rahu 27 degrees than say Moon 28 and Rahu 24.) i.e. Moon that is going in Rahu’s mouth (eclipse) than say Moon that is out of Rahu’s mouth (eclipse).
But even when the Moon and Rahu are apart by 15 degrees the effects although not as dramatic and aggressive they still exist. Even if Moon in 1st degree and Rahu in 30th degree of a sign shows very less issues --- It WILL shows all of the following issues albeit with reduced intensity.
Trivia: Most of the biggest Caroms and TT players either have Chandra Rahu, Chandra Ketu or Mangal Rahu, Mangal Ketu yuti.
Some basics:
1. The moon goes thru all 12 signs aprx 28 days. (26 hrs 52 minutes per Nakshatra – 27 nakshatras)
2. Moon is never wakri etc J
3. Rahu and Ketu are the mean of the intersection points of the Earth’s orbit (around the Sun) and the Moon’s orbit (around the Earth)
4. Rahu and Ketu are 180 degrees apart and always in opposite houses in the horoscope
5. Rahu and Ketu are always wakri due to the progression of Moon’s and Earth’s orbit.
6. Rahu and Ketu travel for 18 months in a sign.
7. That means Chandra goes to and past Rahu and Ketu once in every 28 days.
The Moon in the horoscope represents or is Governor of mind (not intellect), emotions, water in the body, and your mother apart from several other things. The position of Chandra in your horoscope shows which area of life you are most interested in. 1st house Chandra shows self/image/appearance-conscious person. In the 2nd house – family, wealth, jewelry, investments etc. 10th house work place, career, father. 4th house Mother, Sukh-sthan, farming, home etc.
Rahu represents materialism, hedonism, aggression, insatiable desires and also Paternal Family (Grand-parents). Rahu and Ketu could be closely related to DNA stuff and planets around them show which area of health/body etc would carry either strengths or weaknesses of either paternal or maternal family.

Monday, January 3, 2011

MEEN Rashi Bhavishya 2011

MEEN Rashi Bhavishya 2011

This article applies to Chandra Rashi MEEN and also to larger extent PISCES Sun Sign i.e. people born from Mar 14 to April 13. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:

Let us look at the individual Chandra Rashi predictions / patterns for 2011. This time it is MEEN rashi. The Chandra rashi plays a significant role in deciding the “Kriyaman” i.e. instant karma. (Some well known moon sign MEEN personalities: Abhishek Bachchan – I will add later here)

This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same bhavishya category. This topic can only talk about the Kriyaman karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time planets).

MEEN Rashi in 2011

Meen Rashi Characteristics: Meen rashi folks are very mild mannered, with limited mental and physical energy. They are most happy when they are “giving” away something (info, knowledge, money etc). They are born millionaire or live like one. They will not show great urge to achieve materialistic success. They are born to plan for others and plan for themselves. They have wisdom acquired from every Sign and have traits of every sign and can relate to all types of personalities without much effort. They are like the fish who can see at both the sides but ever straight-ahead! J They know what would happen if you take this decision or that decision but would find it taking a decision themselves. But on very broad and long term issues they will be able to decide very easily. They do things with utter ease which could come across as the lack of interest or vigor. They are far better in planning than execution. They can give a very selfless advice. The word selfless is probably made for them. IPR (Intellectual Property Right is something they are not aware of). They give away the most important of their wisdom / information easily. (Unless Makar rashi) J It is almost impossible to surprise them. They can digest any news and can put it in perspective very quickly. Staying in completely in a comfort zone, going with the current/flow or swimming completely against the tide is their real destiny or a choice! Folks born from March 14 to April 13 are Sun Sign Pisces / Meen and also show this trait. Sun Sign Meen / Pisces: Charlie Chaplin, Linda Goodman, Kundanlal Saigal, Leonardo Leonardo Da Vinci.

Summary for 2011:

Like Mesh rashi folks (2010) you have also come out of glorious 11th Guru by end of 2009. You must have had the best year of all 12 past years in 2009 due to 11th Guru. A very good period that started from 2007 bhagyoday.

12th Guru 2010 until May 2010 was stagnant, same old. From May 2010 Guru came in your rashi. Guru in the rashi increases your social as well as physical weight and enhances your image. It starts the era of new responsibilities in life. You are asked to “grow-up” now and not linger around in the “glorious 2009”! J

Guru in your Chandra rashi is an important force as your moon shows your passion for this birth. Guru increases your image in the circle where this passion is the most visible.

Guru will change from May 2011 to 2nd house – This will bring in monetary gains due to efforts in 1st Guru. It will also allow investments to flourish, give rewards or start new investments.

Until May 2011, 10th Rahu in Dhanu Rashi has been supportive by increasing your power at work-place. It enhances image at work place by allowing finishing or taking over some high-image projects/activities. Rahu would be 9th from May 2011 which could bring some travel for you. You might need to go away from current place and especially after May 2012 when Guru would also be 3rd. This change would be at better and bigger profile which you would appreciate. (You would be back at the same/original place after July 2013 in 4th Guru.)

SHANI has not been helpful from Sept 2009. This will continue until Dec 2011. This shows issues with life and business partners. Long term difference of opinions with partners is quite possible. Shani will expose all the mistakes you have done with the partnerships in the past 15 years! This Shani also shows decay in your circle or people reporting into you i.e. the number of people working under/for you. Reduction of circle so that you can get out of leveraging your skills to more acquiring new skills mode is what Shan is trying to do. Do not resist much else Shani teaches by examples and not kindly like Guru.

Shani will only degrade after Dec 2011 (8th Shani) and further push you towards learning new things and re-group, re-profile etc.

1. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would be VERY favorable from

a. Nov 15th to Dec 15th à 9th house Sun in Scorpio (Support from Seniors/Govt)

b. Dec 15th to Jan 14th à 10th house Sun in Dhanu/Sagittarius (Power, Stress, Happening feel)

c. Jan 14th to Feb 14th à 11th house Sun in Makar / Capricorn (Gains, Money)

d. Aug 15th to Sept 15th à 6th House Sun in Leo: Success in competition, better results that colleagues etc

Tact and diplomacy with seniors is highly recommended in the following months in every year:

2. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would not be good for

a. Feb 14th to Mar 13th : 12th house Sun – Adversity with seniors & authority, Govt, Father

b. Oct 15th to Nov 15th à 8th house Sun – PEEDA from seniors & authority, Govt, Father etc

I will add to the post later for sure. Please revisit in next 2 – 3 days.

Makar Rashi Bhavishya 2011

MAKAR Rashi Bhavishya 2011 (Capricorn)

This article applies to Chandra Rashi MAKAR and also to larger extent CAPRICORN Sun Sign i.e. people born from Jan 14 to Feb 13. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:

The Chandra rashi does play a significant role in deciding the “Kriyaman” i.e. instant karma for all folks that come under this category. Let us look at the individual Chandra Rashi predictions / patterns for 2011. This time it is MAKAR rashi. (Some well known moon sign Makar personalities: India, Indira Gandhi, Raj Thackeray, Bruce Willis, Rahul Gandhi, Shah Rukh Khan, Gopinath Munde, Laxmikant Berde, Urimal Matondkar?: I will add more later)

This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same bhavishya category. This topic can only talk about the Kriyaman karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time also called as natal-chart).

MAKAR Rashi in 2011

Makar Rashi Characteristics: These are very conservative people. They are very serious in early life. These folks do not share easily and are greedy in a good way. They are the hardest working folks around. They are very industrious. They display all Shani’s characteristics like seriousness, self control, proven approach, slow but steady, hard-work, perseverance. The negative side is too much self control leading to depression, lack of action etc. They tend to like black color. They like their own kids and family and are selfish in that way. They believe in Karma-Kand and using old ways (old is gold). They are a step by step person i.e. do not like big bang. Their tomorrow is ALWAYS better than today. They are not very popular and do not even try as their purpose is to achieve personally, self-growth etc. They treat material success and growth much more than any other growth. Sun Sign Capricorn also exhibits these traits: Folks born from Jan 14th to Feb 13th are Sun Sign Capricorn (Balasaheb is moon Sign Kanya but Sun Sign Capricorn.) Mangal in Makar is considered uchcha / exalted. Guru is considered neech (debilitated).

P.S. Some astrologers in Maharashtra seem to make fun of Kanya rashi and also portray Makar as a very unfortunate sign!? I do not know why. They might not have a very good experience with some Kanya/Makar folks! J The fact that Shivaji Maharaj and Balasaheb Thackeray are Kanya rashi (apart from Indira Gandhi, Raj Thackeray and from Shah Rukh being Makar) should be good enough as an argument! J

Summary for 2011:

You are one of the 3 signs currently highly supported by Shani: Makar, Dhanu and Vrushchik. Either 9, 10, 11 Shani to your signs indicates that you are at right time right place unlike Tula, Kanya, Sinvha rashi folks who are under sade sati currently. You can read my article to check the effect of 9, 10, 11 house Shani to any rashi.

The 8th (peeda) Shani from July 2007 to Sept 2009 was troublesome and the period of consolidation, regaining health, struggle, re-grouping, consolidation etc. 2008 was a VERY bad one actually with Guru 12th and Shani 8th – Makar was not doing well at all.

Now, from Sept 2009 you have entered a golden period of 7.5 years until almost mid-2017 of Shani’s massive support. Makar folks would see incremental increase of power

1. 9th Shani from Sept 2009 to Dec 2011: Start of a few new initiatives. Support from senior/elderly folks at workplace and life. Getting some serious mentor in life/career. A long term travel or change of job location is possible in this period. You will get a new profile in life and career which would bring in success, feel of happening etc right until Oct 2017.

2. 10th Shani from Dec 2011 to Nov 2014: Increase in power and status. STRESS, Issues with authorities, established older folks; need to find a middle ground between young aspiring and old established with Saboori / patience! Increase mass-base or mass-support, political clout. The business would see stress but increase in steady manner.

3. 11th Shani from Nov 2014 to Oct 2017: Peak mass time of –support (like Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi have right now in 11th Shani to Vrushchik rashi). A great increase in income or cash flow. All the hard-work and effort done in 9/10 Shani will bring in some “gain” in 11th Shani. Every contact acquired in past 5 years will bring in some gain.

You will see Raj, Rahul, Shah Rukh etc increasing their clout in coming years as they are “right time right place” now to do so. The key is NOT to abuse the power of 9, 10, 11 Shani else the Sade Sati that starts after this 11th Shani is highly detrimental and can put you behind bars or into oblivion depending on your own karma of this life. Sade Sati is to pay back Karma of THIS life and Shani Mahadasha, Antardasha is to pay back from past life(s) (destiny).

Similarly INDIA as a country is right time right place and will see increasing growth, real estate, rising incomes until Oct 2017 for sure. After Oct 2017 we could see something like Harshad Mehta in the next 3-5 years! (Rahu until May 2011 will trouble a lot as we have a lot of baggage as a country – especially the partition!)

Guru has been 3rd from May 2010 to May 2011 (Travel, Recreation, publishing, expression) – This shows Ardha-bhagyoday! J After 3 years of dull Guru Movements, this Guru starts something NEW in life which is very much welcome. This will keep you going while 3rd Shani takes shape. This Guru could being in travel to a place that is 6 to 8 hours away and then you might come back to the same place after May 2012! 3rd house any planet especially bigger ones are very good for white papers, publishing etc. (I started my blog in 3rd Raahu I guess.)

After May 2011, Guru will be 4th (Sokhya sthan) which means some stagnancy and saturation until May 2012. Need to keep learning, BEST time for certification, academic qualification (to score well in exams). This is also time to revamp your house, make investments in property or best yet spend on interiors / home décor etc.

Rahu continues to be 12th () until May 2011: This is bad publicity, adversity and peeda/expense wrong decisions etc. Your own temperament and flares of aggression/frustration could cause issues & losses in the short term. Be careful not to react – Remember there is a difference between “reaction and response”.

Rahu will be 11th (House of Gains, Income, Elder Siblings, and Friends) from May 2011 for 18 months: As you can see, this is the house of gains, monthly cash flow / income etc. This will increase quite a bit. This Rahu will compliment the 9th house Shani quite well. Ketu 5th for 18 months will show kids doing well & getting awards etc or you doing well in academia, bouddhik kshetra (intellectual circles). Rahu is very good when in 11, 6 or 3rd house – So this is not an in-significant period at all!!

Please check below for Support from seniors and when to use Tact and Diplomacy with seniors/authority/Govt.

1. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would be VERY favorable from

a. Sept 15th to Oct 15th à 9th house Sun in Virgo (Support from Seniors/Govt)

b. Oct 15th to Nov 15th à10th house Sun in Libra (Power, Happening, Support/Stress from seniors)

c. Nov 15th to Dec 15th à 11th house Sun in Scorpio (Gains, Money, Senior Support)

d. June14th to July 14th à 6th house Sun Gemini -- Success in competition, better results than peers

2. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would NOT be good for

a. Aug 15th to Sept 15th à 8th house Sun – PEEDA from seniors & authority, Govt, Father etc

b. Dec 16th to Jan 14th à 12th house Sun – Adversity with seniors & authority, Govt, Father