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Monday, January 17, 2011

January 2011 and October 2011 amd Sept 2011: 8 and 4 / 4 and 8

Please beware that the January 2011 and October 2011 would be “8 and 4 month” i.e. they will have dates 8, 17, 26 that would add to 4 when total is taken. For example: 17th Jan 2011 is an 8 and total addition of 13 which is 4.

Similarly: Sept 2011 would be a “4 and 8” month. 4, 13, 22 and 31 would add to 4 and total would be 8

1. JAN 2011 and OCT 2011:

a. 8, 17 , 26 = 1 + 7 /2 + 6 = 8 ==> Date Addition

b. 01/17/2011 = 1 + 8 + 4 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4 ==> Complete Addition

c. 10/26/2011 = 1 + 8 + 4 = 13 = 4

2. SEPT 2011

a. 4, 13, 22, 31 add to 4

b. In Sept 2011: 4, 13, 22 i.e. 09/22/2011 would completely add up to 8.

Such combination dates are “fateful” to say the least. FATE is delivered to many folks in a sudden and drastic way on such dates. Please be careful with driving, wear Helmets etc.

I have written some articles on these fate numbers and especially when they appear in a pair they bring some issues with them. A Soul chooses to be born on such combinations and even on 8, 17, 26 if it wants to pay off some negative Karma of past life(s).

8 is Shani -> Orthodox, Conservative, Control, Paying Off, Practical, Cold – STATUS QUO!!

4 is Uranus -> Unorthodox, Ahead of the time, Change Agent, Electrifying, Uncontrolled – CHANGE!!

When the Personality (b-date addition) is 8 and Life Purpose is 4 it is quite a contrast. Similarly, Personality of 4 and Life Purpose of 8 is that much difficult to comprehend and master! These dates contrast each other quite a bit and advised not to mix in marriage etc. A marriage of 8 and 4 is as or worse than say Sinvha Makar or even 1 and 8! J One conservative – other one unorthodox –BOTH need to walk towards middle in order to go ahead. It is possible but it is not easy and not certainly very natural.

I see so many divorce cases when one is 8 and the other one is 4. There is of course destiny and past karma that bring them together and find different ways but still I guess at times not all Karma has to be fructified! J

Back to the topic: It is always better to be careful on such combination dates.


  1. on 17th jan there was a major mishap at belapur just before the kokanbhavan junction which blocked all the vehicles coming to and going from mumbai to pune and other places. a huge tanker was overturned at 11 am in the moning, the crane to lift it was not available, and by the time it was lifted, it was late night. vehicle movement was completely stopped on both the sides, vehicles were diverted and there was total chaos whole day..... people, traffic police and RTO - all of them had a tough time..

  2. Milind, on 8th ,a am told, our nephew( cousins son) met with tragic death in a horrific bike
    accident near N'gaon on Pune-Nashik Rd.In fact it so happened that it was 1st death anniversary of our cousin , his father.Sad though!

  3. Hi Milind, So does this date apply for 4/8 combination, or this applies for everyone...?

  4. Amazing Post!!

    My DOB is 27-11-1983, What's my number then? Is it 9?

    Its happening since last 1-2 years that I see recurring numbers 111,222,1212 before a loss. It is like some angel is warning me about an impending danger.

    Can you shed some light on this pls? I am so scared of these numbers.

    Best Wishes,

  5. (1) Sadhana:
    Although we should not connect everything to dates -- This does seem like an 8/4 or 4/8 kind of an event.

    It is not just due to these dates -- These dates are natural culmination of several days of incidents and developments I guess.

    I heard some 3-4 independent news (drastic) on 17th and hence calculated the complete total (wasn't paying attention until then).


    (2) Gajanan:
    This is very sad and is a tragic loss for the family! God Help them in the tough time! We will also pray for them.

    I heard VERY similar story which happened at 5 am on 17th and then heard 1 more independent oner and hence did the calculation etc and posted it on the blog. :(

    (3) KNaik: It is for ALL but most so for 8, 4 born folks.

  6. (1) Gajanan:

    Mistake!! :) While giving example wrote it in a flow -- 31 is a 4 and that's the point! :)

    Your personality is 9 and Life Purpose is 5 (14). This life purpose shows expression, trading, commerce etc the date of 27 -- 9 shows personality that is aggressive (lesser than say 18 and pure 9) initiative, lots of friends etc.

  7. Yes, Milind 26thJan was bad...I mean married life had a huge swing...Will write to u in person...

  8. Milind,
    A friend has chandra in 6th house.
    She is very money minded and always comes up with ideas which win-win/profit-making for both parties. She always thought of saving/investing since a very young age (not out of necessity as she comes from a well-to-do family). Since she has chandra in 6th house and that reflects service sector, I was wondering if she could be a successful businesswoman? She also has shani as the owner of 10th and 11th houses in 5th house, venus as owner of 2nd in the 7th house and at present is working with a good company.

  9. Hey Milind,

    It's being more than a month blogs...
    Please do post , waiting for it ..

  10. new articles please

  11. agree with people above!! no blog for feb and march??

  12. Is there any significance to both personality and life path number being the same? (Both my P and LP no. is 4). Thanks

  13. hi milind u said 12 guru is bad and you are aries moon sign. i am also aries facing tough time myself. r u ok just worried no blogs in feb and march.

    sachin saraf

  14. Deepa:
    Have posted on Mahendra Singh Dhoni Kanya rashi Sadesati :)

    YES - There is a great significance. My example: I am 11 born (2) - People Contact, Balancing 2 things(Suns!) in life (1 1) etc. My total # is 9 (18) -- Sports, Comittment to cause, Short Temper, Aggression, Propel ideas with force, Anger, Blood, Siblings etc. So life purpose is 9 charity, anger, sports, and personality is 11- People friendly.

  15. Anonymous continued:
    BOTH 4 means you are a maverick and you are also supposed to be a maverick in your life -- Taking family FORWARD by 30-40 years in your Mandate / Life purpose and also personality! UNORTHODOX is your personality and also life purpose. You are a CHANGE AGENT -- to family, company, sociaety -- .e. your isphere of influence!!

    Yes Mesh folks are in transition due to 12th Guru and 6th Shani -- Look at Lalit Modi, Anil Ambani and the likes. This is the time for PLANNING next 12 years, acquire new knowledge, certification and READ READ and READ more...Time for brooding and not leveraing...!

  16. I agree with no. 4 being very unorthodox but I have married into a family that is anything but! I emailed you twice and am hoping will get third time lucky and get a reply. Will send another email very soon, hope you will find some free time to go through it. It would be of great help. Thanks, A

  17. hi milind, when u say the total of 8 & 4 doesn't match..., do u take the total of only date or total of date. month n year...??

  18. (1) 8 & 4 -- I mostly talk about just the b'date of 4 and 8 not matching as "personality" are different.

    (2) But when I tallk about 8, 4 and 4 & 8 in the SAME person -- I mean born on b-date that adds to 4 and COMPLETE addition of 8 including month and ccyy. or bdate addidtion of 8 and total addition of 4. FOr such a person the soul purposely takes birth to pay off karmic burdens on the combiniation of 4 and 8. But a 4,8 person is VERY VERY different than 8,4 person ---- Although th esoul has taken birth for pay off -- they are VERY different.

    (4) If the Personality is matching or in harmony -- then total addition of 4 and 8 for 2 people -- I woudl still advise caution in marriage etc but they are not that drastically an issue.

  19. PLEASE do not misunderstand me -- There are HUGELY popular -- successful -- GREAT - GENIUS peopkle born on 4 and 8 and 8 & 4 etc etc -- It is just that the soul wants to PAY BACK something.

    Muthaiah Muralidharan is also an 8 and 4 person as per his formal b-date available on the internet. He has 800 wickets in test! :)

  20. hi milind
    this is dharmesh
    since you have explained so deep about Numerology (number efect in our life)
    i have long time observed one thing every where matter what if india or any where in world.....
    #8 is always associated with some bed news or related to some accidents ..or some crash..or even some houses make number 8 give some wronng effect...
    what is that meen in ourlife?
    i have observed when there is some accident or plane crashed or something there is #8 is presented by number of people died 8 or 17 or 26 or 134 ..etc !!!!
    or some dates thats makes #8 also show some big event or something related to earthquak or Tsuniami
    is this just happans or is really there some connection with this dates or number of people makes #8 ?

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